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NY Authorities Find Remains: #FindAvonte

Avonte FindHuman remains are undergoing DNA analysis to see if they might solve the heartbreaking mystery of 14 year old Avonte Oquendo's disappearance after being allowed to elope from school last October 4th.  We wil bring you updates as available.

From CBS New York.

By Crimesider Staff

COLLEGE POINT, N.Y. - The attorney for the family of Avonte Oquendo gave a news conference Friday addressing reports of human remains found along the shoreline in Queens, N.Y. possibly belonging to the autistic boy who has been missing since Oct. 4, reports CBS New York.


Police boats, helicopters, detectives and water units are searching for additional evidence Friday after the remains were discovered around 7:15 p.m. Thursday.

David Perecman, attorney for Avonte's family, said he spoke to the boy's mother, Vanessa Fontaine, about the new developments 2 a.m. Friday.

Officers responding to a 911 call found a possible arm and legs on the rocks in College Point, police said.

Police also found a torso, some clothing and a dark-colored sneaker in the water, sources told CBS New York.

"It's a size five-and-a-half Nike Jordan sneakers and a size 16 jeans, which are both what Avonte was wearing on the day he left, which are troubling things to hear," Perecman told reporters Friday at the scene in College Point.... Read the full article HERE.



From Jim's article re Chuck Schumer's Avonte's Law:

“The technology will allow parents of all children with autism, no matter how much or how little money they have, to enjoy the benfits of a high-tech solution to an age-old problem.”

Wandering children with autism is "an age-old problem"?

Jim Thompson

"Schumer: ‘Avonte’s Law’ Would Offer Tracking Devices For Autistic Children"

See http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2014/01/26/schumer-avontes-law-would-offer-tracking-devices-for-autistic-children/


we love you avonte...and family...my heart breaks for....


Ah, sorry to hear it.
They have looked for him so long and so hard these past couple of months.
Our own community had been onced again rocked; to its core..
The only grandson belonging to such a nice couple - a former high school librarian and the former county extension officier - was arrested today. The grandson robbed the bank last night.

I went to school with his mother -- that was the last thing I thought would be in her future as we ran around my little yellow bug.

This has happened so much that I think we all have become numb to it all.


How many children have died this year as a direct result of their autism? How many have died from the "so called" vaccine preventable diseases? Autism is disabling , autism can be fatal. The political lines are being drawn, democrats and I'm embarrassed are saying "trust your fda don't listen to the vaccine nuts"..No one wants to read their own fda material, that which suggests vaccines are far more dangerous than even they could have imagined. Now, we wait and wait and wait, while our children lose the chance for life liberty and that pursuit of happiness once promised..while moneyed people take our failing vaccine program around the world to poison far and wide, and at home we hope to save our babies , hide them from the needle, no matter that they lose the right to a free education. Turn them over to autism, or leave them uneducated, these are our choices. Politicians, media, those of the least science lie daily to mothers. No that child with the vaccine carried whooping cough, there is scientific evidence proving this fact, that mother who was vaccinated 20 yrs ago carried it to her infant,as well, if we could just make them tell the damn truth.


This poor family, prayers for their beautiful son.


Truly Heartbreaking. I am a very realistic person but I always held on to hope. I am so sorry. So Tragic.

Jim Thompson

Radio frequency child tracking systems are available to help schools keep children within the school building perimeters.

See http://www.utahparentcenter.org/autism-tracking-devices/

lisa Sullivan

Heartbreaking. So sad for the family of Avonte. Angry at the negligence of the school!

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