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Media Bullies Can Suck It

Troll sparyBy Zack Gonzales

The rumor mill goes round and round - autism is just being diagnosed more; recovery isn't real; nothing but quack treatments; Jenny McCarthy's son never had autism. It's exhausting. Autism is an epidemic. Recovery IS real. There's nothing quack about the treatments for it, other than the people spreading the rumor. And Jenny McCarthy's son WAS diagnosed with autism. She herself has even come out and shot down the rumor with an official statement through Generation Rescue.

I don't understand why there has to be constant negative media about the REAL HOPE that dedicated activists and organizations are trying to provide for people with autism? It's simply ignorance. If you want to be miserable in your life, go be miserable, but don't take hope away from a family in need. Sometimes, hope is all we got! 

As a sibling of a boy with autism, I know what it's like to have hope and I know what it's like to not have hope. And guess what? I'm choosing to go with the hope. And despite what anybody says, autism is treatable. I have seen my brother on biomed improve. And I have seen my brother regress when it was taken away. 

I, myself, have received a lot of shit from trolls online about my brother and about myself. I don't care. I stand by what I say and I support the people that continue to get the message across. I will also do everything in my power to make sure my brother gets to live the best life he possibly can. And no greasy, mid-aged man with a keyboard that has nothing better to do than trash a message of hope is going to stop me. 

Don't get caught up in the senseless nonsense that floats around the internet. Educate yourself and make informed decisions. Does that mean listen to me and everything I say? No. It means READ and pay attention to what you're reading. Get the facts, not the troll Facebook comments. And from there, listen to your gut. And don't lose hope. Without it, what do you have? 

Tweet me @JustPlainZack - let's keep each other motivated. Let's keep the media bullies down. 



Carter's Daddy

The more the trolls say it's wrong, the more right I know it is.

Susan Stibb

I wish that we all...and I mean families with a member on the spectrum can just all come together. Whether you believe in recovery or not. Jenny McCarthy fans or not.
Let's support each other, and try to understand that whatever degree we each stand at, we need each other. Supporting each other can strengthen our families to help our member to become a better member in the community. We all know this is what we all want for our loved one on the spectrum.
Too many families are struggling a lot. And a friendly, understanding smile, a pleasant comment, or a friendly phone call to someones day. Coming together can make a difference...

Heidi N

Since autism is so prevalent, all the naysayers will have a chance to experience it, and then they will know. It's shameful that many can only learn the hard way, but it's reality. What's worse is those who have children with autism who refuse to believe that recovery is possible and even use the media to proclaim their anti-recovery antics. Shame, shame, shame.

Ginger Taylor

Suck it, indeed.


Questioning Jenny's sons diagnosis seem pretty low unless they are Jenny's doctor or have access to his medical files. I'm glad she has clarified this.


Thanks Zack; for this advise. I have learned to lean on other bloggers on this website.

I find that when I read a study; The guys writing it can make it sound reasonable, and so science like --. I have to sit back and think about how it relates to real life.
Many times; the study does not fit in with common sense and then can be dismissed as nonesense. But it is easy to get confused.
I think so many readers on this site do the same thing and then blog about it.

Thanks to ever last one of the bloggers on this website, and you too Zack.

RN mommy

Love it!! Thank you Zack! I also choose hope and biomes has changed our lives!! I am so grateful for AoA and also the GR website. (That is where I first learned about dietary changes.) Keep on keeping on and pushing for all truth to be revealed!

Pamela Feres

Wonderfully said! Grateful for all who fow a higher power and speak truth and loving light!

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