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Man Flu: The Sorrow and the Suffering of American Flu Politics

AG mF 1

By Adriana Gamondes

 Have you ever tended to a guy with the flu or encountered  the dreaded “man flu syndrome”?  I was accused of reverse sexism by an online troll for daring to mention it, but it really is a “thing” and it’s mostly mocked by guys themselves.  Striking almost exclusively in English speaking countries, man flu has inspired many audiovisual tributes. 




And a post-alternative punk cult band from England!

Actually I couldn’t find any man flu spoofs coming out of the US, where we have no sense of humor at all about influenza.  Here, we take man flu dead seriously.  And deadly it is—to family harmony and marriage anyway. According to many a mom, it’s even worse than “angry dad on vacation.” The sorrow and the suffering. The cries and whispers. And the woe.

Has anyone also noticed that an overwhelming percentage of online biotech stealth-marketing trolls are male?  They can be found in gaggles in every media comment sections following articles even lightly brushing on biotech, usually trailing after Dorit Reiss like little ducklings from their Skeptic front group hubs, spouting pseudorational catchphrases and Latin legalese such as “cum hoc ergo propter hoc!”  defending GM crops, psychiatric drugs and shot mandates till the cows come home.  I could provide a thousand examples of male-dominated comment threads on the subject of vaccines but anyone can look for themselves. Both genders are represented on either side but men lead the Skeptic charge hands down and they tend to hang around the longest to get in the last word. With the exception, again, of Omni-Dorit.

And you have to ask yourself, at what other time in history have so many red-blooded, twenty- and thirty-something males been so fixated on any communicable disease other than the clap?  I’ve wondered if that’s what’s really driving the front groups beyond money:  man flu. Or just the idea of it.  In any event, as much as the trolls crow about the suffering of little children, could it be more to the point that some believe herd immunity will spare them personal agony?

As if man flu sufferers needed science on their side, now they’ve got it: as far as flu goes, a new study reportedly argues that men suffer more.  

For years women have cried “man flu” when men make a fuss over a few sniffles.

But a new study suggests that men may actually suffer more when they are struck down with flu - because high levels of testosterone can weaken their immune response.

The study by Stanford University School of Medicine, examined the reactions of men and women to vaccination against flu.

It found women generally had a stronger antibody response to the jab than men, giving them better protection against the virus.

Men with lower testosterone levels also had a better immune response, more or less equivalent to that of women.

Get that, guys? Real men fall to pieces over flu. Unreal men—like those in post-alternative punk bands who prance around in kimonos— take it lightly, make jokes about it in the same breath that they poke fun of country music and… Nazis. Unreal men don’t even make basic sense:

It seems the only time “low T” is a good thing is when it comes to flu. And women— this is why you have to get your damned vaccine as Nancy Snyderman commanded: to protect the manliest of men.

If it seems like the vaccine mandate push is promoted most visibly by men with a few token female beards like Reiss and Snyderman thrown in, it’s equally obvious that women make up the bulk of the resistance movements, such as consumer medical choice groups and professional collectives like Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines  which fight the increasing healthcare worker mandates.  

Online biotech trolls are often bullies and the idea of mandates is commandingly macho, sort of verging on S&M if you ponder on it: being bound by force of law to get poked with something. Ew. The Skeptic front group has been accused of creating just another old boy’s club more than once and it’s clear that pushing shots provides the right kind of protection racket construct to tempt any control freak  with the thrill of power over others, particularly errant “mommies” who just don’t know what’s good for ‘em or their disposable little drug receptacles.

AG 2 inches of twisted fury A Gamondes

Then again some commenters seem genuinely frightened of the flu season.  But more detailed reports on flu and testosterone admit that hormones only impact the vaccine’s effectiveness and have little bearing on natural immune response to the virus.  So at least for seasonal flu, it may feel worse for men but it isn’t.  But it feels worse.

In mid-January, my own family came down with the flu. Did we catch it from an unvaccinated person? It wasn’t just regular flu but curiously types A (swine?) and B combined according to the pediatrician’s swabs—the same combination that’s in the live nasal flu vaccine that’s given in Walgreens and school lunchrooms and then potentially “virally sheds” for up to four weeks.  An epidemic of coincidences! Since my husband caught it on the plane from Boston while seated in a clot of coughing businessmen, I think it was officially man flu—as well as possibly man-made— and he definitely got the crap end of it compared to the rest of us, with a fever that got stuck at 103.6 even after taking ibuprofen.

He rarely gets sick and, other than a few scary fever readings, not badly. The fever seems to go with the illness being generally short lived. I used to think he got unusually high fevers (for an adult) because, being from Argentina, he wasn’t adapted to American bugs. After a while, it was clear it’s just him. On this round, he lay prostrate in bed for the first day of it, coughing, burning up and making text requests for Last Rites. 

  AG Viva la Revolucion

For some quip-background, the Argentine revolutionary Che Guevara was called “The Pig” in medical school because he wore the same stinking shirt every day… But never mind, no one cares. Aren’t we cute?  Real man symptoms. Unreal man entertainment. Plus on the day I got the worst of it, he made all the same bedside ministrations that I had for him and the twins.  I got homemade Italian wedding soup and ginger tea.  How’d I ever get so lucky? Anyway…

The health benefits of laughter aside, it might sound strange that my husband doesn’t take the flu seriously enough to get the shot since disease-mongerers in the US frequently point to contagion in Latin America as proof of the deadliness of disease and the dire need for 118 doses of 16 vaccines between birth and 18. But like most middle class South Americans in my husband’s generation, my husband had had only about three vaccines from age two to three but had never been life-threateningly ill. He and his generation grew up automatically understanding that the secret to lethal infection was poverty, severe malnutrition and living year round in sewage. This is why former Chilean president Dr. Salvador Allende published a book proposing mostly non-medical interventions to address outbreaks in the slums in 1939 entitled La Realidad Médico Social de Chile . But disease politics are nothing new: when Allende attempted to institute these nonmedical interventions as democratically elected president in 1970, out of concern for lost revenue, the Chilean medical association backlashed violently and withdrew support from Allende, an event which directly contributed to Allende’s downfall and death at the hands of the CIA and Pinochet in 1971.

In any case, none of my husband’s well-fed university peers even feared disease from visiting the barrios.  For his architectural thesis, he and his grad group went into the poorest area of the South American outback for several weeks to develop an entire town center from the ground up using only local resources.

AG 4 thesis

Though the students spent weeks hacking down shrubs for beams with machetes, digging in the muck from dusk till dawn to make bricks to construct a brick factory and demonstrating construction techniques for the locals by building sustainable infrastructure, there was never a discussion of getting shots to ward off the scourges of the slums. Though the area was mosquito-ridden, there was apparently little concern about malaria. Anecdotally, healthy South Americans with at least some Indian blood tend to be resistant for various reasons—possible genetics, periodic exposure since childhood and nutrition. Only the two students from Europe got malaria during the course of the project.

But despite his rugged history, when we first got married, the fact that my husband occasionally got such high fevers from routine bugs used to freak me out.  The first time it happened, I dragged him kicking and screaming and acting slightly drunk to ER where they proscribed ibuprofen, declared he would live and sent us home. After humoring me once, my husband said, “See? Not worth the co-pay.” and refused the next time.  But after being inundated with flu hysteria via NPR from 2003 to 2006,   we broke down and stupidly got a few flu shots and the infections and fallout that followed were a horror show. 

Neither of us had ever experienced illness like that in our lives. From the time the twins were one year old and over the course of the next few years immediately following the shots, we were struck down one after the other like the murder medley from The Godfather. We found out the hard way that we weren’t “Round-Up Ready.” My husband ended up in ER twice with a pneumothorax and with allergies for the first time in his existence.  During one period in his childhood, he’d lived on his uncle’s ranch in the country with thirty dogs and cats, macaws and monkeys on the veranda. But immediately following shots, suddenly our cats and pollen began making him wheeze. At the same time, I ended up in ER with exploding ear drums, “mild” Guillian-Barré twice and quickly developed a gluten allergy despite formerly being a goat who could eat anything. Though I’d trained in dance for 15 years, for months after flu jabs I couldn’t walk upstairs without hauling myself by the banister.  We were the lucky ones and, save for the rotten allergies, eventually recovered. But our twins developed gut disorders, multiple allergies and autism— not so much from the post-vaccine infections but from the same vax-triggered immune system overdrive that induced the illnesses. And my father got it the worst of all: after developing a Guillian-Barré-like progressive paralysis from a final, fateful flu shot, he died.  He knew what was killing him too. After he lost speech, he wrote that the pharmaceutical industry and other corporate abusers wanted nothing less than “the divine right of kings.”

We later learned that at least the post-shot infection scourge had been officially recognized and had a name. Swabs were taken at the time of infection and it wasn’t influenza: it was likely something now known as “vaccine-associated enhanced respiratory disease” or VAERD.

Two times was not only the charm, it’s also the gold standard for determining cause: we figured out the mysterious connection between simultaneous family symptoms and never got flu shots again.  We also later learned that the CDC’s reports of “36,000” to “50,000” yearly flu deaths that fueled the media harum-scarum were largely a hoax. Not even that many have died from flu in the US in the thirty-something years that the CDC has tracked the flu.  The actual number, according to that radical bastion, the American Heart and Lung Association, averages about 1,300 annual flu deaths with children consistently making up the smallest number:

AG 5 American Heart and Lung Association

Something else the statistics bring to light is that, although the number of yearly flu deaths in the US is relatively small, with 85% occurring in those over age 70 (who, according to the CDC and FDA, have the strongest flu vaccination rates), females face nearly twice the risk of dying from it. It’s unclear whether this is because women tend to live longer—long enough to come to an age where they’re more susceptible to dying directly from flu—or because females are somehow more susceptible or are receiving lower quality medical interventions (or post-infection interventions that are particularly toxic to women). Without more detailed information, it’s hard to say.

  AG 7 AHLA flu deaths gender


So much for man flu.  

As a side note, also interesting is how much lower are the flu deaths among African Americans, a group which had traditionally been “resistant” to getting flu shots.  Diseases, like drugs, aren’t one size fits all. As with malaria, there may be genetic factors at play in how severely someone might be stricken by a particular disease or environmental factors that differ between ethnic groups. If you read African American history, jaundice towards organized medicine traces back even before the Tuskegee syphilis experiment and it’s unclear whether low vaccine uptake is a cause or result of lower African American flu mortality rates.

Since rejecting flu shots, we don’t get that sick anymore. Or I should say the kids don’t get that sick anymore and the adults in the house don’t get that sick again since we’d both had entire lifetimes of relatively mild infections to compare to the post-flu shot disaster. All the same, we don’t take this for granted. We take the kids to the doctor if they get spooky infections, though fortunately we go to non-drug-pushing doctors and the kids haven’t had antibiotics or ear infections in 8 years while they’ve significantly recovered from autism.  Also, usually at the same time people start avoiding flu shots, they begin learning about boosting  immunity naturally: staying hydrated, avoiding toxins,  getting enough sleep, cranking up methods of sanitation (washing hands, carrying nontoxic hand wipes),  vitamin D and  C and fish oil;  organic diet, etc. When bugs strike, you make a lot of bone broth, swallow a lot of elderberry syrup, whip up things like “fire (flu) cider,” and consume enough turmeric root and fresh garlic to kill the entire Twilight series. Certain mainstream medical interventions are viewed as last-ditch, particularly in light of the new wisdom on fever  and overuse of antibiotics. 

Our leeriness doesn’t come from an “anti-vaccine” position, more an anti-specific-corporation position and an anti-repeat-experience position.  Vaccines in theory are fine with me but the practice and production of shots in reality is something else entirely. Just like “music” as a conception is not owned by RCA or Sony, the concept of preventive medicine isn’t owned by Sanofi-Pasteur, Medimmune, Merck, Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline—except Island Records and Justin Bieber never killed anyone with schlock music whereas the pharmaceutical industry annually kills hundreds of thousands worldwide. Still, I like to think that somewhere in an alternate universe where biotech giants don’t have a stranglehold on research, development and marketing, some enterprising green biotech company has come up with extremely low-risk and highly effective novel prevention methods for a few actually deadly diseases. But that’s not this universe even if the voluntary vaccine programs in certain countries are generally safer than the bloated, toxic and mandated US schedule. Plus, once you or close family member have experienced adverse reactions, it’s wise to use caution.

All the same we don’t take illness for granted in general because there’s a chance—and potential reasons—why common illnesses may be getting more serious. First there’s the effects of rising pollution on human immunological  health, like the LA Times investigation which found that Bill Gates oil holdings in Nigeria were causing increased rates of the very diseases his organization vaccinates for. Also we don’t take lightly the warnings that climate change may generate pandemics. We know that factory farming generates novel illness due to filthy and inhumane production practices. Then, also stemming from overuse of antibiotics in factory farming and human medicine, there’s less reassurance in the fact that the real cause of death in the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic was secondary bacterial pneumonia  (that could been treated by modern antibiotics had they existed) if we’re now facing an increase of antibiotic resistant bacterial strains.  This may be the most common “real cause” of mortality in today’s flu cases as well—secondary pneumonia— but the point is moot if antibiotics are increasingly ineffective on some strains and death is death.

And finally there’s the “conspiracy theory” that the pharmaceutical industry isn’t content to wait for serious flu epidemics to break out and scare the public into vaccine compliance:  theoretically, according to the popular Halliburton/disaster capitalism profit model, industry could generate more serious flu and compel more shot mandates simply by creating a Frankenstein strain and spreading it via viral shedding through the hapless “vector” of those who get the attenuated (live) intranasal flu vax. 

AG disaster capitalism1

Could happen, you never know. Could be happening right now.  

AG Viral Shedding

The above study concludes that little is known about viral shedding between adults and more needs to be investigated.  But it’s enough to make you think and there’s always the model event of flaccid paralysis or vaccine-derived poliovirus (VDPV) outbreaks following Bill Gates polio vaccine drive in the third world. As we’ve seen, the third world is generally our experimental playground where we try out things like deadly drugs and police state tactics before bringing them home. As conspiracy theories go, the “viral shedding flu outbreak” theory is among the more plausible.

 The fun fact about the term “conspiracy theory” is that it was coined by J. Edgar Hoover in his campaign to convince the public that organized crime didn’t exist.  It hasn’t been particularly reassuring to the public that Hoover and the CIA launched an actual conspiracy to stop conspiracy theories, so  whenever anyone calls something a “conspiracy theory,” you have to at least consider the original source for a moment and the fact that this source is basically in the dictionary under “epic, whopping, conspiratorial freak.”

AG Hoover Tony Soprano

What’s not so funny is the report that, in California this year,  up to 146 individuals under age 65 may have died from H1N1 virus—or, more accurately, mostly from pneumonia and other complications preceded by swine flu— which suddenly began recirculating this year after it had been “replaced” by last year’s reportedly less serious H3N2 virus. I learned recently that the cousin of a friend died after everyone assumed he’d nearly recovered from the flu. The belief so far was that he died of secondary pneumonia like Matthew Walker in California, but that doesn’t make these losses less tragic.

Among this year's victims were 23-year-old Matthew Walker, of Santa Rosa, a healthy young man who enjoyed windsurfing and skateboarding. The experience of losing a son, his father, Cliff Walker, told NBC Bay Area, was "a ragged roller coaster ride, with a bad ending."

All but one of this year's deaths have been linked to the H1N1 virus. Most occurred in Californians who, unlike Walker, had a pre-existing medical condition, such as chronic heart disease, asthma or a suppressed immune system, or were pregnant, according to Chavez… Some scientists think the genetic structure of H1N1 targets the lungs, while H3N2 tended to attack the upper respiratory system. A mutation in an amino acid called D225G might allow H1N1 to bind more effectively to lung cells, making us more susceptible to pneumonia and death. This year, more than 95 percent of the circulating flu viruses are H1N1, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention That's much higher than in any of the previous three flu seasons.

"It has knocked the other strains off the map," said [Dr. Anthony] Fauci.

It is here to stay, he said. "It's not a pandemic any more. It is a familiar virus," said Fauci.

"It's ours now. We own it."

Or maybe someone owns the patent for it. Dr. Anthony Fauci is director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases division of the National Institute of Health (NIAID). Though it’s not clear that this year’s flu mortality rates are really significantly higher compared to previous years, it’s typical that the public figure quoted above runs an agency which has  financial and development arrangements with MedImmune to produce attenuated (live) intranasal flu vaccines.

The NIAID has joined forces with MedImmune to develop potential pandemic influenza live attenuated vaccines by preemptively developing at least 1 vaccine for each of the 16 HAs.

Time will tell, the truth will out and, in the meantime, the screaming conflicts are par for the course. From pertussis, to measles to flu, there are questions about the sources, accuracy and agendas of “outbreak” propaganda invariably pushing shots and failing to mention that this year’s flu vaccine has already shown a high rate of adverse events (23 post-trial deaths among the elderly) and may carry a  deadly toll even for young and healthy individuals.

Something else never mentioned in the outbreak alerts is that factors like metal toxicity or simply getting a seasonal flu shot the year before  can predispose people to increased risk of serious infection with swine flu.  If the point is really protecting health, it’s unclear why these warnings and others are omitted in the mainstream media except that they fail to promote media sponsors’ profitable vaccines which, as the Cochrane Review reported last year, are highly ineffective in preventing flu and pose risks.

Again, I find it curious that, within the battle for flu vax mandates, it’s mostly women (moms, the most visible activist healthcare workers) making up the rank and file of the backlash. The sincerity of this resistance for the sake of child and family health or out of concern for side effects can be measure against the fact that women seem to have more to lose regarding flu mortality risk. Meanwhile the fact that it’s mostly men (online viral marketers and front group soldiers, executives, policy makers) promoting compulsory shots has a shooting-one’s gender-in-the-foot appearance. According to developmental disability rates, this is where males likely have the most to lose and, due to the synergy of testosterone and mercury, male susceptibility to the thimersoal that’s still in most injectable flu vaccines represents another tech risk factor.  

“Man flu” makes a grabby title but I really don’t know what, if anything, flu has to do with gender, though it’s not that much of a strain to dredge up gender relevance for vaccine politics and general and developmental disability specifically.  Autism: 4-5 x as many boys affected. There’s always the fact that the countries with the highest number of women in government and science—Sweden and Norway—also have among the best child mortality in the world, among the best longevity,  completely voluntary vaccines, no routine childhood flu shots, no thimerosal and among the lowest rates of autism.  Maybe women should have more equal voice in policy instead of the current American token gender system where, like any token system, only the few women who most viciously reflect the dominant “corporatist/war paradigm” seem to be allowed to rise. And maybe autism—which has sent generations of often-working mothers back to 50’s-style childrearing, sometimes in perpetuity for adult children who will never be independent and in an era when it mostly takes two incomes to keep a family afloat—is a “feminist issue”—which makes it ironic that autism and forced vaccination haven’t become issues for mainstream feminist groups. 

But in that same un-funny disability-family scenario, there are single parents and dads working themselves into early graves to pay for scarce services and health resources. I didn’t mention my husband’s head-slapping moments of terror realizing that, due to illness, he could miss work deadlines and that there’s no net because he runs his own firm (and there was only the illusion of a net for the 16 years he worked for corporate firms).  I didn’t mention that he worked straight through a 104 fever from home or my own waves of panic just thinking about what could happen to the kids if even one of us became disabled or died.  The despair of “man flu” and what makes it seem to be a kind of break-through protest emitted by those who generally remain too self-defeatingly silent for the rest of the time is that, down among the slave-laboring “99%” who struggle with ailing kids, ailing economy, failing immunological health and no sick leave, there’s no such thing as heeding normal cues to slow down and take a break because no one’s ever allowed off the merry-go-round until they drop dead. Toxic preventive medicine is a hostage crisis even without mandates.  So medical force and all the industrial plagues and environmental wreckage destroying the planet, the economy and human immunity are about a much more general inequality—an imbalance of power between the public and corporations. In a period when justice is only for those who can pay for it, the corporate lobbies win.  In the final analysis, there’s a certain crappy equality in flu shot politics in the US and all and sundry interrelated topics: in terms of the general population, it pretty much gives everyone something to cry about.  Maybe we all need to cry louder.

Adriana Gamondes is a contributing editor of Age of Autism. She lives with her husband and recovering twins, commuting between Massachusetts and Florida.



"I will not say these people are Nazis"

I will. I don't think it's going too far. People historically fall into two groups: those who see what's happening and what's coming and those who don't for whatever reason. During WWII many Germans understandably couldn't wrap their heads around the evil in their midst. I think we're in a similar place. No, actually, I think this is worse.

Let's not forget what they're after, what they claim, what they deny, the power propping them up and what they do to those who dare to question or pursue the truth.


Loved you poem.
Maybe some of the guys in the You tube would set it to music.
Some seem to have a lot of time on their hands.


Dr. Oz had four guest.
In Part 2 the first guest spoke
Dr. Peter Doshi Phd
Vaccine Effectieness Research
John Hopkins University
He spoke at the beginning and he spoke at the very end.
He said his piece in the most benign way he could - in a camp full of enemies.


After all there is Dr. Oz who rolls up his sleeves on TV to get his flu shot and then gives everyone in the audience a flu shot without asking about any medical history.

Then there was the CDC doctor in his silly - uniform looking every ounce the Nazi; who said we should vaccine everything under six months old -- that includes pregnant women - - I guess the 0 to 6 month old babies are too busy getting the Hep B and the other 39 vaccines in that six month period to be bothered with the flu vaccine.
Then there was another pretty blonde doctor that said to vaccine only the old and those with immune problems -- now there is a genius.


I am sorry your father died of the flu shot. My own father kept getting them year after year until one year he ended up with the flu, and I was able to talk him out of getting anymore. Except by then he had Parkinson; nothing more pituul to see him scoot his feet across the pastures to see his cows. People say he is old that is what you expect. That is so wrong and not at all compassionate. An illness maybe more tragic to a young person, but an illnessis still a illness that should be regretted at any age.

John Stone

Actually, there is a terrifying anthology of comments from the vaccine trolls compiled by Sandy Lunoe in a recent article on Vactruth.


I will not say these people are Nazis but there is something deeply troubling about the expression of uninhibited hatred supported by chopped logic. I know we are not flawlessy restrained on our side but I don't thing we've got to this yet.

John Stone

This a re-post of my comment below which I have corrected and altered:

I think Cia is right that in the Katie Couric episode particularly we saw a large contingent of women ranged on the other side, borrowing their strategy from Dorit Reiss but without the superficial courtesy. They just wanted to rip to shreds anyone who reported the adverse effects of HPV vaccine based on simplistic statistical arguments mistaken for science. The basic strategy in the face of people who reported harm was the common rejoinder "You haven't shown any proof". It was very cheap. The question is, would you ever be able to show proof in their terms if it had happened, and the answer is of course not. Moreover, this illustrates the defectiveness of a system which is biased towards denial - it is not scientific, it is institutional. And as ever in human history the groupies who line up on the side of power are inherently repulsive.


David-- thanks for the info and insights. The CDC also attempts to spin the death stats which it publicly attributes to flu (the 36K, etc.) by arguing that the individuals who died "had flu" some time before they passed though these individuals, according to the CDC, officially died of something else. Then there's no more hard data. The odd thing is that even the pneumonia deaths when added to flu deaths on the CDC's own tables never add up to anything close to "36K" much less "50K." The numbers seem vaguely borrowed from past flu pandemics which consistently involved secondary pneumonia as the actual causes of death-- another seemingly borrowed modern extrapolation without data to back it up.


Pardon me, "bollocks." Rhymes with Jackson Pollocks. ;)


John-- It's all so interesting. I saw that too following the Couric airing and would never, ever question the obsessive dedication of the she-trolls from groups like Voices for Vaccines, etc. Furthermore, since the Skeptic org multiple-rape-allegation scandal and the internal power-grab by Skeptic Phil Plait, who campaigned on the gimmick of bringing more Skeptic women to the table in response to years and years of reports of women being marginalized, it definitely looks as if there's been a shift. It depends on the media forum though. For some reason we see a lot of Australian Skeptics at the AofA FB page. It's about 7 to 2 male to female-- precisely the gender imbalance that the Skepchicks complain about as they also curiously discuss the "career track" of involvement with the Skeptics and how the alleged ongoing sexual harassment threatens this ("Career"? Who's paying?). Makes you wonder if the Australian influx is some twisted legal indemnity strategy to avoid domestic tort or legal disclosures? Who knows but we see a lot of hysterical Australians quoting Latin and howling "Bullocks!"

david m burd

Adriana, Terrific piece, thanks! Particularly for actual mortality data exposing the propaganda lies spouted for decades now.

What is true for both U.S. and Canada national agencies (CDC and PHAC) they say in their fine print "flu-associated" deaths are listed that way based solely on the deceased testing positive for flu - even though pneumonia (or such) actually caused death. Here is the latest PHAC late January weekly report: Everybody please note the very last line. (Also, earlier paragraphs cite Canada having zero pediatric flu-associated deaths so far this season)

Everybody can easily access Canada's flu reports by googling: "phac fluwatch weekly reports 2013 2014"

Provincial/Territorial Influenza Hospitalizations and Deaths

In week 04, 302 laboratory-confirmed influenza-associated hospitalizations were reported from participating provinces and territories.* The majority were cases of influenza A (293, 97.0%), of which 169 (57.7%) were A(H1N1)pdm09, 11 (3.8%) were A(H3N2), and 113 (38.6%) were A(unsubtyped). Among the 20 ICU admissions reported in week 04, 14 (70%) were adults 20-64 years of age. Twenty-six deaths were reported, half of which were adults 20-64 years of age. The number of new influenza-associated hospitalizations and deaths reported for the current week may include cases from Ontario that occurred in previous weeks, as a result of retrospective updates to the cumulative total.

To date this season, 2,298 influenza-associated hospitalizations have been reported, 97.7% with influenza A. The majority (58%) of hospitalizations have been cases 45 years of age of older (Table 6). A total of 217 ICU admissions have been reported this season: 77% were among adults 20-64 years of age. One hundred and thirteen deaths have been reported. The highest proportion of deaths has been among adults 20-64 years of age (51%), followed by adults ≥65 years of age (37%). Influenza B has been detected infrequently among severe cases of influenza to date this season: in only 2.3% of hospitalizations, 1.1% of ICU admissions, and 1.0% of deaths. It is important to note that the hospitalization or death does not have to be attributable to influenza, a positive laboratory test is sufficient for reporting. Detailed clinical information (e.g. underlying medical conditions) is not known for these cases.

John Stone


I think Cia is right that in the Katie Couric episode particularly we saw a large contingent of women ranged on the other side, borrowing their strategy from Dorit Reiss but without the superficial courtesy. They just wanted to rip to shreds anyone who reported the adverse effects of HPV vaccine based on simplistic statistical arguments mistaken for science. The basic strategy in the face of people who reported harm was the common rejoinder "You haven't shown any proof". It was very cheap. The question is, would you ever be able to show proof in their terms if it had happened, and the answer is of course not. Moreover, this illustrates the defectiveness of a system which is biased towards denial - it is not scientific, it is institutional. And as ever in human history the groupies who line up on the side of power are inherently repulsive.

Donna K

Amazing piece as are all of your posts. Though my following comment is an aside to the subject of your post, I wanted to address your mention of the possibility of genetic protection from malaria in South America. For lack of time to dig up the source, I recall a Scientific American article published about 6-8 years ago discussing the difficulty with genetic engineering and fixing a genetic disease such as sickle cell anemia. It's tricky because this same gene is very close to the same gene that provides protection from malaria among Africans. Fixing one could mess up the other.

Similarly, I recall watching a NOVA episode years ago that reported on a New York man who was unable to contract the AIDS virus due to something like a genetic mutation delta 36(?). He genetically did not have the cell receptor configuration for the AIDS virus to have access to the cell. They learned that his ancestors in England were not susceptible to the Black Plague and after exhuming some of them, they found that they held the same gene that protected this man from AIDS. So there is a genetic protective effect among humans and specific infectious diseases.

Rev'ing up the immune system by way of vaccination in people who already are genetically predisposed to a robust inflammatory response and thereby causing runaway inflammation that kills people, not the infectious disease itself


Thanks for this compelling exposition of the many biological gender factors affecting flu politics. I agree that the cowardly, toadying Skeptics derive a sick wife-beater satisfaction from repeating trickle-down government shot orders from behind symbolic shields.

Your explicit position phrases are realistically on point -- "anti-specific-corporation" and "anti-repeat-experience" -- and thus make mental work for simpletons who buy into the lazy one-note "anti-vaccine" PR polarizing.

Apropos of Jedgar, a veteran Midwest TV journalist once told a group of autism parents that he and his producer had a theory -- that almost all conspiracy theories are true. Also in the Midwest is a large contingency of blinkered public health matrons content to follow CDC marching orders unquestioningly. More mindless stumblers in the zombie army ensuring the autism apocalypse continues.


Not an MD-- I was bracing for some educational data correction and then awwwww, thank you. I'm a proud Midvale grad (Far Side), ha ha. The front group arena is definitely getting weirder by the minute. Wondering at what point they'll be issued uniforms and achievement badges for "best group stalking," etc.

Laura-- reading about the Trans-Pacific Partnership recently. Awareness of "toxic globalization" is consolidating more these days but not fast enough.

Cia-- There's always "Lilady" and the AS and Voices for Vaccines mom patrols, true. But there's no question that Skeptic tech defense squads and social media pages are pretty dude-dominated. Even female members complain about it openly. It's like extended childhood games for 12 year olds-- they play "enemy camp invasion" and seem to think children's health issues are a video game.


Glad to see Anthony Fauci mentioned in this context. He appears to live at the nexus of emerging, politically-inconvenient disease and the corresponding bureaucratic injustice and dissembling used to cover it up. One usually doesn't have to look too hard to find his grubby finger prints.


I enjoyed reading this article which covers everything from A to Z, just as any person faced with a vaccine injury or autoimmune disease ends up knowing almost too much about everything in order to get a little bit better. Scary stuff about the nasal flu vaccine shedding viruses...also apparently the whooping cough vaccine sheds viruses... and apparenly the measles vaccines can cause atypical measles disease in the gut, although we all know that is disputed. The only thing you didn't cover was the rumor that if Congress really did end the unjust vaccine court or seriously challenged the legal free ride of big pharm that they might take their companies overseas and crash the economy. I've only read this once and so it could easily be a false rumor but my first reaction to it was good, go away, and we'll put a extra charge on your products sold in the U.S. and you'll have to deal with the less friendly courts of other countries, etc. Somehow we'll rebuild a more health based pharmacy system--maybe like the old fashioned compounding pharmacies where one side doesn't fit all. And in the meantime we'll live without and be a whole lot healthier for it.


Maurine... ha ha... thank you, that poem needs to be published!

cia parker

I thought the statement about healthy (well-nourished) Indians being less susceptible to malaria was interesting. I had a Mexican friend who looked Aztec and had studied Náhuatl, played Vïctor Jara's Plegaria a un Labrador (from the movement to support Allende and resist Pinochet's CIA-sponsored murders) very movingly at a peña where he worked in Ciudad Satélite, who told me: "Cuando el indio encanece, el español ya no parece." When the Indian gets grey hairs, the Spaniard is no longer around. Good nourishment, clean water and safe handling of sewage, as you say, are the keys to addressing contagious disease in the Third World, not vaccines. Halvorsen has studies showing that the pertussis and TB vaccines cause more death and destruction than they prevent in the Third World. The measles vaccine does prevent a lot of deaths there, but causes so much autism etc. that many parents, like AoA writer Abdulkadir Khalif, believe that it would be better to lose your child to measles than the vaccine-induced autism. Third World parents are not any more accepting of vaccine-induced disease than First-World parents are.

cia parker

To be fair, I have seen so many pharma shill females commenting all over the Internet, that I really don't think it's a particulary male thing. I read Hitler's Furies last week, and am hollow with grief and anger. Tens of thousands of women actively murdered Jews and other innocent human beings, but very few of them were ever brought to justice, as courts just couldn't bring themselves to believe that women could have done what they were correctly charged with doing. Did you not see the hundreds of comments (besides DR's) by dozens of contemptible women on Katie's blog article about her HPV show, dozens of women insulting and stomping on the families of vaccine-damaged girls?


My family and I haven't had the flu since I made sure they all kept their serum vitamin D levels optimized with vitamin D3 (> 10 years).

Not an MD

Adriana, I have one problem with your contribution. Please make one correction to it as I am sure many others have noticed your glaring omission, also.

Please correct your last statement to:
"Adriana Gamondes is a positively brilliant contributing editor of Age of Autism. She lives with her husband and recovering twins, commuting between Massachusetts and Florida."

Bravo! What an amazing piece you have written. I could very much relate to this particular comment about the skeptics,"...spouting pseudorational catchphrases and Latin legalese such as “cum hoc ergo propter hoc!” " They don't realize how ridiculous they sound when they start pontificating such baloney.

Maurine Meleck

Enough joking from me. This is a brilliant post from a brilliant friend. Way to go,Adriana.

Laura Hayes

I am left speechless by your powerful article, Adriana. It covers issues which I talk about and discuss daily, with other moms in the know, but which I have never seen compiled into one such wonderfully-written piece. I will be sharing it immediately, hoping that people have the interest and fortitude to read your article in its entirety. The level of apathy in the general public about how we are being poisoned on so many fronts, often without our knowledge or consent, is shocking to me. Perhaps it has gotten to the point of being so overwhelming to think about how we are constantly being poisoned by vaccines, vaccine-shedding, pesticides everywhere, GMO-laden foods, toxic drinking water, polluted air, dangerous and deadly pharmaceuticals, and goodness knows what else (I just learned about "chem trails", so we can add them to the list, too), that people just want to act like it's not happening...almost as if it's so bad it can't possibly be true. Well, guess what my fellow Americans, it's that bad and worse, as Adriana has so eloquently pointed out. Thank you for taking the time to write such a brilliant and compelling piece, Adriana.

beth johnson

So, more than twice the death rate from the hi-dose shot, compared to the regular one. This surely reaches statistical significance. How many doctors know THAT?

Maurine Meleck

The Man Flu is only a plane ride away,
said Nancy Snyderman the other day.
Just one sneeze of solid snot,
no bigger than an ounce of pot.
A handshake with the Pres. Obama
and you'll go running home to mama.
A drop of saliva from someone's tongue,
you could lose your left lung.
The man flu is deadly; that's my reason,
so just stop breathing the whole flu season.

Just get the damn flu shot!

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