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Here we have another great interview with Coy Barefoot. Earlier this week we brought you his interview with AofA's Mark Blaxill. Great to see Dr. Wakefield here. Enjoy.

Dr. Andy Wakefield, physician, medical researcher, and author of Callous Disregard and Waging War on the Autistic Child.

TOPIC:  Coy Barefoot talks to the British physician who was vilified, demonized and attacked from all sides, and who sparked a firestorm of controversy over vaccines, autism and public health.

ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE:  Tuesday, January 14, 2014.




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Your question:

Dr, Wakefield found that Kids that came down with autism; at the same time also had inflammatory bowel disease - which points to immune problems.

If it gets link to immune problems and it occurs around the time of vaccines-- this links it to vaccines.

Remember when the host tales about patterns -- looking for patterns.

Dr. Wakefield goes on to say now his study had been duplicated in Canada, Poland -- Italy --it is a pattern -they can try to claim autism is a psych problem, but what about the bowel which is inflammatory which is immunity which leads back to vaccines.


Thank-you for posting this.
And thank-you, Chrissy D, for posting those links. In the first link, I see on the charts depicting overlapping health conditions in ileo vs colon both the condition of schizophrenia and reference to Sjogren's. Not surprised given recent conversations on AofA re: schizophrenia and research from the past of schizophrenic patients responding to meds faster and being released from facilities faster when on a gluten free diet. And Sjogren's being autoimmune in nature - interestingly the opposite of autism in male to female ratio. Would be interesting to see the results further broken down into male vs female groups and see where the rest of the overlapping markers fall - could indicate the need for more individualized approaches for boys vs girls.

John Stone


I am sure there is:





If Dr. Wakefield prevails in his appeal, is there any clear plan as to how he might prevail in an anti-SLAPP suit?


What a great man justice deserved ..he could walk tomorrow but he doesn't ..standard of the man..

God Bless..



I believe Dr. Wakefield said that pharma and minions deny the bowel disease in autistic children because this bowel disease points back to vaccines. (I think that was the gist.) What specifically is he talking about?


Thank you Dan Burns. To me, the problems with EMF/RFR are similar to vaccines. In both industries, good citizens are to do what we're told and buy what is sold. To question is unpatriotic. Non industry scientists are marginalized. A new vaccine comes out - roll up your sleeve. Too many new vaccines? Not to worry, they'll combine them all into one shot for our convenience. This way we won't miss our favorite reality TV shows (distractions from the reality that our freedoms are being taken from us) by having to go to the doctor (or pharmacy or five and dime), so much. No one votes on these new vaccines. No one votes on these new technologies. The CDC/FDA/NIH are paid off to approve vaccines with inadequate safety studies and despite all the harm, and the FCC and whoever else is in charge of radiation emissions are paid off to be industry friendly.

I don't remember being asked if I was ok with being exposed to high EMF/RFR. No one voted on whether they wanted to fundamentally change the way that children are educated. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerman take out their checkbooks and it's done - just like that, boom - the end of books in the classroom. Their inventions are installed, together with the dangerous emissions. No one gets to question. No one votes. Non industry scientists are ignored - experts in electromagnetic fields and in brain development (who appreciate how our brains are wired according to our experiences and how a child staring at a screen during most waking hours will alter the wiring of his brain in potentially not good ways). The ones with the checkbook determine how it's going to be. Doesn't matter what you think (if you think anymore) or what you say. There is no vote, and if there does happen to be some kind of an election of representatives, those elected will be bought and in the unlikely event that that proves to be difficult, they will be replaced with a more cooperative model.

The bottom line is to listen to the non industry scientists while we still have some to listen to (they may be a dying breed), support them in their efforts to conduct and communicate real science, value them as the precious resource that they are, not only with vaccines, and as with vaccines, do not go along with every new invention and technology without first doing extensive research and when your research is inconclusive, always err on the side of caution.

Dan Burns

For those bewildered by the discussion of EMF and RFR and their relation to autism, think "brainwaves." Martha Herbert writes, "EMF and RFR at very low intensities can modulate glutamate, glutathione and GABA, and affect mitochondrial metabolism." She goes on to write that "effects of EMF/RFR can be reduced by supplementation with antioxidants and radical scavengers." See her paper, "Findings in Autism (ASD) Consistent with Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and Radiofrequency Radiation (RFR)."


Thank you so much for the links Chrissy D!
That was so nice of you to take the time to get them for us.


Thank you for the link to this interview. I'm impressed with how Dr Wakefield continues his interest in the health of our children despite the great personal losses he has endured for noting his observations. 

His point that his findings in the 1998 Lancet paper have been replicated time and time again is an important one. It further demonstrates that for many children, autism is a medical disorder associated with inflammation and immune dysfunction. He mentions recent research published by Dr. Stephen Walker et. al., which I hadn't yet seen--

This study provides evidence in support of a novel ASD-associated enterocolitis. 

Other important publications he mentions are the recent article in the journal Cell which describes how gut microbes can regulate metabolites that alter behavior in animals. 
(the full article is no longer available for free.)
and the important study by Dr. David Geier, Dr. Brian Hooker et. al., evaluating the relationship between thimerosal-containing vaccines and the risk of ASD diagnosis. This study is important because they use data accessed from the CDC's own vaccine safety datalink. The key difference from prior studies was the interval of time allowed for follow-up, to adequately evaluate outcomes from exposures. 
Dr. Hooker goes into more detail on this in the Autism One interview you referenced here earlier this week. 
My hope is these significant findings do not go ignored by my medical colleagues. Even though I don't work in the field of pediatrics I plan on sharing widely these important publications. 


Dear Dr. Wakefield,
Great interview. I have been posting a lot in the past week or so about scientists linking EMF and RFR to many ills, including autism. These world renowned scientists have been facing the same tactics that you and your partners have faced. I don't think any have come out and said point blank that these things are known to definitely directly cause autism (with regard to EMF I believe they are sure there is a definite link to childhood leukemia going back many decades), but they have found compelling links and clues that they are saying should not be ignored and warrant further research and revised precautionary safety standards that the government so far has not responded to (I hope that my interpretation of what they've found is correct).

My question is, is it possible that EMF/RFR exposures set children up for autism from vaccines in a way similar to what is seen with antibiotics? EMF/RFR is known to have biological effects and to impact (among others) the immune and endocrine systems. In the home and workplace, people are unknowingly being exposed to a wide variation of levels. Scientists are saying that the safety standards are far too high to be protective and each country has its own standards.


Dr. Wakefield was very excited about the research on changing out microbes in the guts of sick rodents and they became better.

Bacteria the stuff that ferments - likes to takes carbohydrates and eat them leaving the host with the proteins, fats, and more B vitamins - more than what was in the food due to their metobolic actions.

Thank You Dr. Wakefield for mentioning the research.
Thank You for mentioning Dr. Hooker and what is going on wih him.

And I am glad that you feel liberated about things - -For I have felt just terrible about what happened to you and your career.

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