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Dachel Media Review: Anti-Vaccine Free Loaders?

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

Jan 10, 2014, Our View: Anti-vaccination Freeloaders Endanger Us All

Idaho ranks second-to-last in the nation for vaccination levels among its kindergarteners, behind Oregon. Less than 60 percent of Idaho's 2-year-olds are vaccinated, reports the Annie E. Casey Foundation, 11 percentage points below the national average.

It's a cultural epidemic in the American West - Alaska, Washington state, Colorado and Arizona also top the list. It's a trend founded not in science but in fear.

Six percent of Idaho's youngest public school students haven't been through the standard vaccination regime before entering school, says the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. Just 52 percent of incoming students in Filer's district have been inoculated. . .

Non-vaccinators can thank vaccines for giving them the privilege to behave irrationally.

The rise of the anti-vaccine movement stems from a since-retracted 1998 British study in The Lancet, which linked the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine with autism. Dr. Andrew Wakefield, the study's primary author, has been accused of rampant fraud and discredited in scientific circles because of ethical violations and financial conflicts of interest. But Wakefield empowered skeptics and contributed to a wholesale rejection of science, a phenomenon present throughout the American political fringe.

The press in ID is pushing for the end of exemptions. This is the second op/ed piece about exemptions this week.  Still blaming the controversy on Andrew Wakefield.


Cynthia Cournoyer

The irony here is that vaccine compliance has never been higher.

There is no actual rise in exemption rates. People who do not vaccinate at all remain around 2% of the population. The confusion is that if a person refuses just one vaccine, they are counted as exempt. So if you think Hep B at birth is not a good idea, or HPV, but you vaccinate for everything else, your decision to exclude just one vaccine (which many other countries do not require) then the numbers go up.

Also, the rates of compliance for DTap is as high or higher than ever before, yet when there are cases, "exempters" are blamed, even though they may have only refused one vaccine for some other disease.


Hi Benedetta,
I was only pointing out the fallacy in the author's statement that historically, 35 was considered old age, implying that no one lived past 35. Baloney!


Linda let us include King George - Englands king during the Revolutionary war.
King George III (born 1738, died 1820).
HE was a very lovable king - level headed - loved his wife and children and then when insane.

Lancet in 2005 found he had significant arsenic levels in his hair -- no doubt from his doctors treating him for some minor element.

In spite of this he went on to live many more years -- insane.

So how do we include stuff like that - when we are averaging out life expectancy.


Gee Linda;
If we average in child mortality rates -- Sids, still births, abortions; the averae lif expectancy right now in modern day America - is probably 16 years old. Even though a lot of people are way above that.


I never agreed to the terms of the "social contract."


Medicine seems to be the only field where bullying is still acceptable.

Interesting quote from Tim Field, author of "Bully in Sight" Commentary in BMJ (
"Bullies are attracted to the caring professions by the opportunities to exercise power over vulnerable clients and over vulnerable employees, ..."

"When a serial bully is present, competent staff (the majority) become disempowered and disenfranchised. No one dares speak up for fear of reprisals."

Vaccine Information

I daho is the 12th healthiest state 2013

Infant Mortality vs vax rates 2011


What is the autism rate in Idaho? How does the rate of acute and chronic illness among Idaho's children compare to states like Mississippi, West Virginia or New Jersey?

All those children going without vaccinations according to their parents' wishes. Start recruiting for the vax-nonvax study there. No breach of ethics involved. Those parents have already opted out. See how they're doing.


According to Dr Mayer Eisenstein:

"....40 years ago when I started my practice only 1 in 10,000 children had autism. Today it's 1 in 100. What is the only difference we have seen? The inordinate number of vaccines that are being given to children today. My partners and I have over 35,000 patients who have never been vaccinated. You know how many cases of autism we have seen? ZERO, ZERO. I have made this statement for over 40 years: "NO VACCINES NO AUTISM"...."

Why is a vax-nonvax study even needed? When Homefirst Medical Services already has the smoking gun.


"Romanticizing bygone days — when living to 35 was considered a ripe old-age.."

I cannot let that whopper go. Yes, people died young and they still do. But plenty lived well past 35 documented going back to ancient Egypt. This list could go on indefinitely (sorry it is so long), this is a sampling of people from different continents and centuries (I have subtracted the years without regard to the months, so the ages might be off a year). A little romanticizing:

Ramesses II 1303 BC - 1213 BC 90 years

"...many ancient Greek philosophers are thought to have lived over the age of 90 (e.g., Xenophanes of Colophon, c. 570/565 – c. 475/470 BC, Pyrrho of Ellis, c. 360 – c. 270 BC, Eratosthenes of Cirene, c. 285 – c. 190 BC, etc.)"

Liu Bang 256 BC - 195 BC - 61 years
Thales 624 BC - 546 BC - 78 years
Pythagoras 570 BC - 495 BC - 75 years
Socrates 469 BC - 399 BC - 70 years
Plato 427BC-347BC - 80 years
Cheng Yi 1033-1107 - 74 years
Xu Heng 1209-1281- 70 years
Dante 1265-1321 - 56 years
Timur 1336-1405 - 69 years
Leonardo da Vinci 1452-1519 - 67 years
Michelangelo 1475-1564- 89 years
Cervantes 1547-1616 - 69 years
Shah Jahan 1592-1666 - 74 years
Huang Zongxi 1610-1695 - 85 years
Sir Isaac Newton 1642-1727 - 84 years
Benjamin Franklin 1706-1790 - 84 years
James Watt 1736-1819- 83 years
Black Hoof (Shawnee) c. 1740-1831 -91 years
Thomas Jefferson 1743-1826- 83 years
William Blake 1757-1827- 70 years
Noah Webster 1758-1843 - 85 years
Frederick Bianchi, Duke of Casalanza 1768-1855 -87 years
William Wordsworth 1770-1850- 80 years
Bahadur Shah II 1775-1862 - 87 years
Franz Sacher 1816-1907 - 91 years
Herman Melville 1819-1891 -72 years
Mary Baker Eddy 1821-1910 - 89 years
Li Hongzhang 1823-1901 - 78 years
Leo Tolstoy 1828-1910- 82 years
Geronimo 1829-1909 - 80 years
Mark Twain 1835-1910- 75 years
Karl Benz 1844-1929 - 85 years
Mary Cassatt 1844-1926 - 82 years
George Eastman 1854-1932 - 78 years
Booker T. Washington 1856-1915 - 59 years
Rabindranath Tagore 1861-1941 - 80 years
Robert Frost 1874-1963 - 89 years
Winston Churchill 1874-1965 - 90 years
Carrie C. White 1874–1991 - 116 years 88 days
Jeanne Calment 1875–1997 - 122 years 164 days
Sam Goldwyn 1879-1974 - 95 years
Marie-Louise Meilleur 1880–1998 - 117 years 230 days
Sarah Knauss 1880–1999 - 119 years 97 days
Edward Hopper 1882-1967- 85 years
Georgia Totto O'Keeffe 1887 – 1986 - 99 years
Walter Lippmann 1889-1974- 85 years
Norman Rockwell 1894-1978 - 84 years
Andrew Wyeth 1917-2009 - 92 years
George Gallup 1901-1984 - 83 years
Margaret Mead 1901-1978 - 77 years
Benjamin Spock 1903-1998 - 95 years

"... an 1871 census in the UK (the first of its kind) found the average male life expectancy as being 44, but if infant mortality is subtracted, males who lived to adulthood averaged 75 years."

Wikipedia list of living centenarians

I'll take the improvements in sanitation and hygiene that have enabled more to live to be old. They can take the toxins out of the environment that are the modern scourge. I reserve the right to decide what medications, including vaccines, I'll take.

The article also flat out lies in stating that countries with the highest vaccination rates also have the best outcomes. Wrong. The US infant mortality rate is abysmal. The real question is, how will the lives and life spans of future generations compare to their ancestors because of the damage done by vaccination as currently recommended and practiced?


And the truth is - vaccines spread infectious diseases, but NOT protect against them. They are weapons od mass destruction. Our mafia-politicians collaborate with mafia-corporations to destroy American population, which to a large degree they already succeeded. There can be no doubt that present collapse (economical, political, social, scientific, and moral) of the US is largely a result of massive poisoning of Americans by the govt serving genocidal corporate criminals.

Carter's Daddy

To call nonvaxers freeloaders is to admit that there is a danger associated with the procedure, and to whine, "Who do they think they are that they should not bear the risk when everyone else has to?".
Every nonvaxer(or even just vaccine questioner) will answer thusly:
"I'll tell you who I think I am: Someone given the heaviest responsibility ever given to anyone, namely seeing to the safe care and nurturing of a child. It's one I take seriously."


There is also the possibility that the Idaho vaccination rate stats are completely false and presented only to lay the groundwork for legislation.


"Romanticizing bygone days — when living to 35 was considered a ripe old-age.."
Ah, yes, I remember back in the 1970's when there were far fewer vaccines than now, and we all died by age 35! Wait, how am I able to post this comment from the after-life?


It will be a cold day before I EVER vaccinate my children again. Having one regress within 24 HOURS of his mmr shot, and another almost DYING from the menactra shot we are DONE!

Carter's Daddy

Just watch, the state with the lowest compliance is gonna have the healthiest kids the fewest special needs kids, and the best performing students.

Jeff C.

I wear the freeloader slur as a badge of honor.

The public health zealots say it's not fair that we don't share the risk of vaccination yet we benefit from herd immunity. They accuse us of putting the health of our family above that of "society". Yeah, well no shit, Sherlock. My family does come first.

As they say in tech speak, that's a feature not a bug.


Idaho is also a state of the weakest govt influence, it as lower that US average infant mortality rate and is in the group of states with higher life expectancy that US average. Hawaii has highest life expectancy and very low immunization rate. Generally, the is a positive correlation between immunization rate and mortality.


And I want to add - It would be interesting to compare the non vaccine pharmaceutical sales of Oregon and Idaho to high vaccination states.


What is the autism rate in Idaho? How does the rate of acute and chronic illness among Idaho's children compare to states like Mississippi, West Virginia or New Jersey?

All those children going without vaccinations according to their parents' wishes. Start recruiting for the vax-nonvax study there. No breach of ethics involved. Those parents have already opted out. See how they're doing.

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