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Babies Respond To Tom Insel and IACC's Decision To Abandon Them

Tom InselIf you listened to or participated in yesterday's IACC full committee conference, please share your POV/analysis in the comments here at AofA.   IACC voted AGAINST including the words immunizations or vaccines in the strategic plan despite the link to immune response in ASD. Many of us have already had our children. Elvis has left the building. And wella, wella, wella now we have a lifetime to try to help our vaccine injured kids. But our kids have siblings, younger parents are still having babies and there are generations to come - babies who have been damned by Dr. Tom Insel.

Thank you to those who participated and did their best on behalf of our kids.  Katie Wright has summarized previous IACC meetings for us.  Her write up from the November 2013 meeting is below.  We'll have further review of yesterday's meetings soon.

By Katie Wright

Thank you to Lisa Ackerman for her recent post on the last IACC meeting, she inspired me to get my act together and finish this.

I have fallen behind because my son Christian has started developing grand mal seizures and must now be watched every minute of the day. I also have to stay on top of his twice-monthly IVIG sessions. We are waging a battle royale for insurance coverage, but it is infinitely worth it because Christian’s autism is thoroughly and completely immune mediated. That is why I found this meeting particularly infuriating, but more on that later.

OK, so our story begins at the NIH, in a jam-packed committee room filled with about 30 people, maybe 1 or 2 actual parents of someone with autism. There are 3 IACC members with very, very, very HF aspergers. The rest of the special committee are comprised of geneticists, brain imagers, psychologists and a few odds and ends.  So there you go: the autism research Stone Age. Am I giving away the whole story already?

The group was to first discuss question #1 of the Strategic Report, “When Should I be Concerned?” Frankly, I have no idea why they even need to ask this question in 2014! We really, really, really know the signs of autism now. There are over 11,000 studies on the signs of autism and probably just as many on the importance of early intervention.

Thank you to Dr. Paul Wang of Autism Speaks for pointing out that we have plenty of “learn the signs of autism” research. Dr. Wang stated that the real problem is dissemination- in my view this means getting pediatricians and associated child health workers to actually read the studies.
There was also a tremendous amount of self-congratulations about the progress in brain imaging research. Newsflash, toddlers with autism have big heads! It is called brain inflammation people.
I mean it was unbearable. Dr. Karen Pierce, brain imaging specialist, monopolized so much of the discussion with arcane and irrelevant MRI stats. Dr. Pierce was deaf to all imaginable concerns except her own. At one point Idil Abdul asked a poignant question about why son never slept through the night and how hard this was. Not allowing anyone else to give an actual answer Dr. Pierce jumped right in and started spouting lengthy and completely unrelated brain size statistics to Idil. More non-help from the “experts." Thankfully Lyn Redwood snuck in an aside about GI pain (in the form of reflux or food allergies) often being the trigger of night wakefulness.
Do you know there are already 1,600 published studies on brain imaging and autism? Additionally there are 1,000 more in the pipeline. Consumers and taxpayers must demand and end to brain imaging insanity. Studying the brain in isolation of all environmental factors is getting us n-o-w-h-e-r-e.

So many of our kids are suffering with Pediatric Autoimmune Neuro-Psychiatric Disorder and parents are on their own to figure out treatment. How about studying PANDAS? Guess how many PANDAS/autism studies there are? FOUR. Most autistic kids show mild to severe autoimmune abnormalities. If we had research on actual treatments interventions to help these 100,000s ASD people, they would not be sick all the time. Guess how many studies there are on autism and autoimmune interventions? FOUR. Approximately 25-50% of ASD people suffer, daily, with GI disease. Guess how many autism/ GI treatment studies there are? 24.

Why on earth were there 10 brain imagers working on the NIH Strategic Plan for Autism Research? Why 10 geneticists? One or two of each would have sufficed. Yet there was not 1 GI expert at that table? Not 1 expert on the issue affecting almost half of people with autism, yet 10 MRI researchers? Why was there just 1 environmental scientist on this committee? And why was that person on the phone? There are dozens of top quality ASD environmental scientists, at least 2 should have been sitting at that table.

Ok on to the second question, “How Can I Understand What is Happening?”

Dr. Walter Koroshetz is my hero! Dr. Koroshetz is the Deputy Director of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders. He gave the best, most comprehensive, most thoughtful answer to a Strategic Plan question. In fact, Dr. Koroshtez gave the best overview of question two ever. Phenomenal! Dr. K spoke about the importance of studying immune and metabolic markers, oxidative stress and regression! Dr. K advocated researching associated biomedical treatments asap. Actual NEW ideas at IACC, NEW ideas for the Strategic Plan! I was riveted; in fact I backed up the video to hear this twice.

Dr. K, I love this guy, also spoke frankly about the problem of over-promising in the area of genetic and genomic research. Thank God someone at the NIH has the courage to address this. I don’t know about you but every time I read a study that promises, “genetic therapy” or “genomic scans for all” (as if that is the answer?) or “breakthroughs in Retts Disease than will uncover the cases of autism” I want to throw my computer out the window.

The large fortune of our tax money spent on Fragile X research has not translated to any breakthroughs for the other 95% of people with autism. We have got to move on.

While Dr. Koroshetz’ presentation was a wonderful surprise the comments of “special guest” Dr. Carolos Pardo – Villanizar were dreadful. Who invited this guy? Dr. Pardo is an MS specialist at John Hopkins. God knows, IACC needed to invite an immunologist (especially if they were inviting 10 psychologists to the meeting), but why this guy? Pardo’s last real autism paper was published 8 years ago. There are dozens of cutting edge ASD/ immune system researchers: Jynounchi, Toruner, Ashwood, Geng, Quraishi, Ashwood…..For heaven’s sake why invite an MS specialist to serve as an autism expert when there is so much real talent available?

Incredibly, get ready for this people, Dr. Pardo starts out by basically saying that the autoimmune connection to autism is no big deal. Based upon his extensive experience with MS science (I suppose) Pardo firmly believes ASD is not immune mediated. At the very moment I was listening to these asinine comments I was sitting next to Christian as he received his IVIG. He used to be so sick and miserable all the time but IVIG changed everything for him.

I mean where did IACC get this guy? I get the sense Dr. Pardo is a contrarian guy who, apparently, has purposely not read ANY autism-immune system literature in the past 8 yrs.

Then Dr. Pardo goes on the red herring tangent about how autism is all prenatal and the only immune issue we need concern ourselves with is prenatal infections. Ah, those prenatal infections! The crux of all that is bad! Those ubiquitous prenatal infections, the cause of all autism! Yet where exactly is evidence of this epidemic of maternal infections? I mean, really, this is an absurd argument. We are not in the midst of an epidemic of toxic pregnancies (however convenient that would be to imperceptive people like Pardos).

Clearly what is actually happening is that pregnant women with suboptimal immune systems give birth to babies who are also more genetically susceptible to infections/ assaults on their immune systems. 30 yrs ago this would be no big deal. People get sick, they get over it. But what is different now is that these high risk infants are immediately (and I mean immediately – hrs after birth) vaccinated for a disease only prostitutes have, Hep B. I know, so crazy, you just could not make this up. Before they reach age two, these infants are virtually carpet bombed with vaccines, 35 more vaccines before they reach the age of 2. Every vaccine challenges their already fragile immune system until disaster. This is often the cause of regression….

I cannot listen anymore right now, I have to pace myself to protect my sanity. Part 2 coming up soon!



I highly recommend everyone here watch the IACC meeting on the GAO review. This is important. I know I was one of the many parents that contacted my Congressman to overhaul the IACC and that parents were underrepresented and that so much of the money is being wasted on the same genetic studies over and over again which has not amounted in any gains in preventing and treating Autism. The GAO report was issued in November 2013. They found that there was too much duplication. Tom Insel defended IACC by stating that most science is dismissed because it cannot be replicated. The committee bashed the GAO because they do not know about science. This committee should be bashed because they cannot distinguish between replication and duplication.

On a side note, Ms. Abdull was present.


I thought I post my thoughts and observations while watching the IACC meeting. The first observation are the members attending. The Federal Members that did NOT attend were Francis S. Collins, Laura Kavanaugh, Sharon Lewis, John P. O'Brien, Linda K. Smith and Michael Yudin. The public members that did NOT attend were Idil Abdull. Geraldine Dawson was not there for the roll call but did show up later. James Battery was also not there but Judith Cooper came in to represent him. Donna Kimbark and David Mandell were on the telephone. Also, Larry Wexler (Dept of Ed - IDEA) was there but I do not see him listed as an official committee member.

The next was the discussion regarding the November Full IACC meeting minutes. I think it was Lyn Redwood that brought up the fact that the minutes for the July Meeting had not been made public. Apparently they decided to just email the minutes to each other vs. making them public.

At the beginning, Insel is going on about the greatest latest research which involves eye tracking, Feinberg's whole genome methylation (the same finding which is not much and we have known for several years) and a microbiome paper which sounds exciting but it is caused by mothers with faulty immune systems. Instead of producing mice with challenged mothers, they should just give those mice babies some vaccines and their check the microbiome.

Another thing that was mentioned was a Cochrane Paper that showed that they do not support the use of SSRI's in Autism. I will link that report below.

Martin Matthews

Roger... I'm unsure of your bent on the GFCF Diet, though DO see that the "study" (online questionnaire) published in the Journal concluded MORE research is needed...i.e. there's something to this.

A significant factor inhibiting the improved well being of millions of children has been the undo vilification of dietary intervention for autism. The "powers that be" control the narrative, mostly unabated...forcing the notion that the "GFCF Diet" is a "treatment" that requires the same scientific rigor to support its efficacy, as a pharmaceutical drug. That is wrong.

Improving the quality of inputs to aid the health of ANY sub-optimally functioning system makes definitive sense. IMHO, overtly telling parents to NOT consider diet/nutrition inputs while aiming to improve the health of their ill child (with GI issues, food reactions, immune system challenges, etc.) should be akin to malpractice. We the people must stop playing this game and push back with straightforward scientific insight... ala Hippocrates 101.

Years continue to fly by while the notion of giving strategic consideration to food/nutrition for autism is ignored...because "THEY" deem PARENTS choice to be intentional about diet, a "treatment." That is bogus!

The "category" of intervention here is Dietary Intervention, or what Julie Matthews has coined "nourishing hope" (using scientific research, practical knowledge, and individualized insight to help discern and apply the most supportive food and nutrition plan for each child).

Is there any other intervention for autism that has greater scientific rationale than "Dietary Intervention?" i.e. going from NOT being strategic about food/nutrition intake, TO being strategic. Hundreds of studies implicate physiological matters that relate to what is put INTO a child, why this is not a default inquiry for autism is baffling. Kids are ill…and it's being routinely ignored because it is not in the consciousness…

Consider this story of a boy that landed in the hospital - fully preventable if nutrition and autism were in the same discussion -

Roger Kulp

For all the dismissing of a GFCF diet in autism,it hasn't been studied as much as you might think.

J Autism Dev Disord. 2013 Sep 1. [Epub ahead of print]

Parents' and Child Health Professionals' Attitudes Towards Dietary Interventions for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Winburn E, Charlton J, McConachie H, McColl E, Parr J, O'Hare A, Baird G, Gringras P, Wilson DC, Adamson A, Adams S, Le Couteur A.
Author information

Parents of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) use a wide range of interventions including poorly evidenced dietary interventions. To investigate parents' and professionals' experience of dietary interventions and attitudes towards a proposed trial to evaluate the gluten free casein free diet (GFCFD). Survey of UK parents of children with ASD, and professionals. 258 parents and 244 professionals participated. 83 % of children had received a range of dietary manipulations; three quarters of professionals have been asked for advice about GFCFD. Respondents identified an inadequate evidence base for dietary interventions in ASD and suggested modifications to a proposed trial design. Both parents and professionals supported the need for further evaluation of dietary interventions in ASD.

Eileen Nicole Simon

Katie, I am so sorry to hear you are having to deal with seizures. I do hope you can keep this under control.

The “Devil’s Due” movie reminded me of a movie from long ago, “Rosemary’s Baby” that came out when we first came to recognize the devil’s work behind the facade of smiling pediatricians in the 1960s.

The IACC is certainly part of the devil’s work of today. I watched some of the meeting. I was glad that Dr. Insel hounded Dr. Ami Klin for yarning on way past his allotted time, but was then totally turned off when he said something to the effect that it is time to move from disability to diversity.

Not an MD

Katie, I don't know which picture used in your article disgusts me more, but I will venture a guess that it is not the one of the evil baby.

God bless you for attending these meetings. You must have an iron gut and nerves of steel. You are a wonder and a marvel. All the best to you and your family, but most of all to Christian.


Roger; it is Lyn Redwood - the one that serves on the IACC.



Thank you for the link to the TACA blog. I needed some help to find ways to be more constructive rather than complain about the IACC here (which will do nothing to further the cause). The IACC has developed into a political animal that is hindering the research in Autism. Tom Insel and other committee members need to be removed and we need to replace them with people that want to move Autism research forward.

Roger Kulp


Yes gender equity in autism research and advocacy is important,but I think this is something a woman should handle.Autism advocacy is a big job,far too big for one person to handle everything.We need to work from our experiences,and what we know best.For me,this means the medical problems and regressions.There only seems to only have very high functioning anti cure neurodiversity advocates on the IACC to represent people with autism.This is neither right nor fair.There needs to be a woman,there needs to be a parent of a child with autism and intellectual disability,and there needs to be someone who has both autism,and the serious medical problems that go with it.I have read there is at least one vaccine activist on the IACC.Katie Wright,is this you?We all leave our email address with these comments.If you see mine,please contact me,if there is a chance I might be able to get on it,and who I might contact at NIH.Also if there is a chance I might be able to work with Generation Rescue,TACA,Autism Speaks in some way,please let me know.


The lead story here is what Dr. Walter Kororhetz said at a major federal meeting. Buried. Journalists, where are you? Dan Olmsted, where are you? Have you given up trying to get anything out there?



Thank you for your continued efforts and I am so sorry to hear about your son. This was a huge fear for us due to my brother developing epilepsy at age twelve and our son did have some episodes when he entered puberty and experienced a long period of regression. It's a difficult time for many reasons for many of our children.

For folks that want information on where to write a letter, or the GAO report that shows the IACC is not following their designated mission, I wrote a blog for TACA on this and how to take action. This was to do so for the January 14th meeting and I'd urge you all to consider writing comment for the April 8th meeting. It is imperative that the GAO also know that the autism community does not feel the IACC is fulfilling their mission.

Thank you!

“If the IACC’s Strategic Plans were IEPs, would they be in non-compliance?”

Maureen McDonnell,RN

Katie, I mean this with the utmost respect....You are the Tina Fey of Autism.

These IACC meetings are ludicrous! How thinking individuals (especially parents who have been through living hell and know so much more than these idiots) can maintain their composure is beyond me!

But somehow you find a way to cloak the miserable facts from these meetings in humor. I can tell you that after 20 years on this insane trail we need that! Your writings although incredibly informative and factual are sprinkled with sarcasm and levity which I believe contribute to building camaraderie (as well as help to keep us from going stark raving mad!)
Thank you!

Jonathan Rose

Cia, the phrase "given up" implies that at some point Obama really wanted "to make things better for underserved Americans". He promised he had a "plan" for autism in 2008, and he promised it again in 2012. So where is the plan? He got quite a lot of campaign money (more than Romney) from Pharma, which has done very well out of Obamacare. Does anyone really expect him to shake up IACC?

cia parker

Can you give an email address where I could reach them with my opinions? Has Obama just given up trying to make things better for underserved Americans? I wrote him last year about why Tom Insel should be fired, got no reply.


Mr. Kulp,

John Elder Robison is still a sitting member of the IACC via an appointment. He resigned from his advisory position with Autism Speaks.

Just wanted to let you know.

I'd love you to try to replace the other two guys however or make a suggestions that a female with ASD be appointed to discuss gender issues related to ASD. I'm amazed at their obvious indifference to females with autism needing representation or the self-advocacy groups not pointing that out.

Hope this assists!


Christine Thompson


My husband and I refer to IACC as "I yak." How many times can parents say 'help us we're drowning" only to have them offer us a nice glass of water?


I noticed the video is not available yet on the IACC website. Is there a c-span video of it available?

Roger Kulp

A little more about MS

This PubMed entry was posted in the blog post above.Proving that like in CFD,the answer to a lot of cases of autism can be found in the history,immunity,mthyation,and exposures of the mom.

Mol Psychiatry. 2013 Nov;18(11):1171-7. doi: 10.1038/mp.2013.101. Epub 2013 Aug 20.

Brain-reactive IgG correlates with autoimmunity in mothers of a child with an autism spectrum disorder.

Brimberg L, Sadiq A, Gregersen PK, Diamond B.

Author information


It is believed that in utero environmental factors contribute to autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The goal of this study was to demonstrate, using the largest cohort reported so far, that mothers of an ASD child have an elevated frequency of anti-brain antibodies and to assess whether brain reactivity is associated with an autoimmune diathesis of the mother. We screened plasma of 2431 mothers of an ASD child from Simon Simplex Collection and plasma of 653 unselected women of child-bearing age for anti-brain antibodies using immunohistology on mouse brain. Positive and negative plasma from mothers with an ASD child were analyzed for anti-nuclear antibodies and for autoimmune disorders. Mothers of an ASD child were four times more likely to harbor anti-brain antibodies than unselected women of child-bearing age (10.5 vs 2.6%). A second cohort from The Autism Genetic Resource Exchange with multiplex families displayed an 8.8% prevalence of anti-brain antibodies in the mothers of these families. Fifty-three percent of these mothers with anti-brain antibodies also exhibited anti-nuclear autoantibodies compared with 13.4% of mothers of an ASD child without anti-brain antibodies and 15% of control women of child-bearing age. The analysis of ASD mothers with brain-reactive antibodies also revealed an increased prevalence of autoimmune diseases, especially rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus. This study provides robust evidence that brain-reactive antibodies are increased in mothers of an ASD child and may be associated with autoimmunity. The current study serves as a benchmark and justification for studying the potential pathogenicity of these antibodies on the developing brain. The detailed characterization of the specificity of these antibodies will provide practical benefits for the management and prevention of this disorder.

PMID: 23958959 [PubMed - in process]


Katie you have been to all these meetings - Good bless you for doing it and God help you for doing it.

I must say that any time it is videos and I am biting my fist with anger - it is always nice to see you cross your legs, arms, roll your eyes and shake your head. Oh God bless you for that.

Seizures; I am so sorry and the very best of luck to you on that. My son is 26. I think he always had seizures -- some times they are hard to pinpoint - and docs unless they see them for themselves in the 15 minute visit don't believe us.
But yeah the closer they get to the teen years the more pronouced those seizures get.
My son has been seizure free since 2007. 7 years. He is on Kepra, and a low glycemic diet - all kinds of supplemnets and no vaccines since 5 years old.
But maybe that IVIG treatment - might be the ticket?

Roger Kulp

I just want to say,that after John Elder Robinson resigned from the IACC,I tried to see if there was a way I could possibly get on there to replace him.I have a much more applicable history,as I have posted here.
I have the medical issues a lot of the kids do.I've had many regressions.I spend a lot of time online reading about the newest research.I have gotten diagnoses that are a direct result of research done in the last eleven years.And I have been recover,as an adult,from autism severe enough to have put me in a group home.I am in a much better position to be on the IACC than the other "autistics" they had on the IACC.I tried for months after Mr.Robinson resigned,but could never reach anybody at NIH/IACC who might tell me about how I might be considered to replace Mr.Robinson.Eventally I gave up.

There is quite a connection between MS and autism in some families,but it comes from the fact that people with MS have been shown to have inherited methylation disorders as a result of epigenetic changes,just like autism does.A lot of mothers with MS have kids with autism,but from what
I have seen of Dr.Pardo-Villamizar's study,he is just looking at an isolated finding or two,that looks like an interesting thing,but not a big deal in the overall scheme of things.You need to connect all the dots in these families to have an answer for this subtype of autism.

kathy blanco

Katie, you know? When the president speaks, there is always a counter argument of what should be done with the state of our nation...why not rent a room next door and have our own summit in response to theirs? Then we hand them our conclusions...all parent panel, a few of the good docs and researchers, parent would be a slap in their faces, really....oh...and less I forget...we fund studies that show our conclusions...all autism organizations pool our money to do such, no more one agenda studies ....united front? I wonder who would walk away from this pseudo concern meeting and actually join ours?


Thank you so much Katie! I am so sorry to hear that Christian has grand mal seizures now. I think I lost several years of my life when my son experienced his first grand mal seizure at age 9. It took several years to get the grand mal seizues under control. I have been concentrating on my son's constipation. Since I have had that under control (somewhat), his grand mal seizures have stopped. He has been grand mal seizure free for 3 years now but he still has to be watched every minute of the day. I will attempt to watch the IACC meeting after work today.

Son In Recovery

For those of you that have children suffering from seizures:


I listened to most of the meeting and it was pretty depressing. Lyn Redwood is the only voice of reason on that committee. I've given up any hope that the IACC will do anything effective to address the autism epidemic. It appears they are working hard at NOT uncovering anything of significance....they're just turning their wheels & trying to look busy. To those brave souls who continue to provide public comment I applaud you. I don't think anyone is listening but at least your voice is heard and your comments recorded.


Great write-up. Katie, especially concerning the inanity of Question #1. Sorry to hear you guys are dealing with seizures. Sam developed catamenial seizures when she started (precocious) puberty. Any chance that Christian is experiencing a similar phenomenon? All the best to you and your family.

Son In Recovery

At least PANDAS was mentioned... it took me close to 18 months and 2 different doctors to get my son's strep titers run. And guess what - he has PANDAS. It took 2 more doctors to get to the root of his PANDAS - Lyme Disease. Good thing I didn't attend this meeting! I'm sure I would have gotten up in my chair and laughed hysterically when Dr. Pardo said that the immune system has little to do with autism. Let's all give Dr. Pardo a call this week why don't we and Explain the ABC's of what we have done to make our children better. Seriously... I'm looking up his office phone number now... Bottom line - they want our children to continue to be sick because it makes more money; just like cancer. I'm still calling Dr. Pardo because he needs a kick in the ass!

Maurine Meleck

Thanks Katie for taking time out to write this. Waiting with abated breath for part 2. I know just where you are at. We are dealing with the seizures here now too. Wish they would do more studies on IVIG and then make it available to those that need it and have no insurance that covers it.

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