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Weekly Wrap: The Year Ahead

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaEditor's note: This week Contributing Editor Dan Burns and I discuss the year ahead at Age of Autism and in the parent-led vaccine injury advocacy movement. Thanks to Dan B. for facilitating this. And thanks to all of you for your readership in 2013. The image from the cover of Kyoto magazine is one I reference in the video. It represents where the medical-industrial complex and mainstream media are right now -- thinking that they've fired winning salvos in their total war on microbes (and people like us!), but in line to receive an unpleasant surprise of their own making. -- Dan Olmsted

Kyoto Journal



Dan Burns

Bob, I received another reply from Brendan McBride, Andy's attorney, regarding the libel case against BMJ, Godlee, and Deer. He writes, "This is an unusually long delay from a Texas court of appeals addressing a single issue appeal. We could hear any day. I believe that court issues the bulk of its weekly opinions on Wednesdays."

Eileen Nicole Simon

Thank you for this conversation. I looked up From Dictatorship to Democracy by Gene Sharp. I looked at the table of contents online, and see chapters on finding the achilles’ heel, and attacking the weaknesses of dictatorships.

The medical establishment is a dictatorship. Its achilles’ heel is medical error.

Evidence that asphyxia at birth damages the auditory system in the brain was published in many articles by William F Windle, most prominently in the October 1969 issue of the Scientific American. Look in PubMed for the paper by Seymour S Kety published in 1962 showing higher blood flow in nuclei of the auditory pathway than anywhere else in the brain. This paper is free online. Why has this seminal research been so disregarded?

Look in PubMed for toxicity auditory, or better toxicity colliculus, or even mefloquine auditory, etc. Toxic and/ or anoxic injury of nuclei in the auditory pathway are likely to interfere with language development. This should have been recognized decades ago. Clamping the umbilical cord before the first breath, and neonatal injections should never have become standard procedures. We need a strong grassroots efforts to promote loud discussions of these errors.


With the cancellation of the ..."Katie Wakefield".... show this week on ABC it was great to see that the "Dan and Dan" show is still going strong. Of course this cancellation was only a few weeks after Katie Couric's HPV vaccine show in early December.

Should she have an interest in other vaccine shows (taping until June to finish out her second season) I would guess there are plenty of vaccine/SIDS parents who could be interviewed, Dr. Wakefield would be good for a full hour, and an endless amount of Autism parents could fill every show until June.

Anne McElroy Dachel

This was a good summary of where we are. The fact that people like Dan Burns are out there is very significant. None of us are ever going away and we're never going to stop talking. What else can we do? The unstoppable message that vaccines so have serious side effects that we're not told about by doctors and officials does have an impact. This slowly chips away at all the safety claims and the controversy shows no signs of going away.

And as more and more people talk about the impact of the coming adults it will become obvious to everyone that this is not better diagnosing of a disorder that's always been around. Someone will have to explain what's happening. Why can't autistic young adults go where autistic adults have always gone? And just where are the 40, 50, and 60 year olds with autism? The cost of autism is going to be the most critical issue in the coming years---and that will get national attention because EVERYONE is going to be paying for this disaster.

I have no words to express how grateful I am to Dan Olmsted for all his YEARS ADVOCATING FOR OUR CHILDREN.

Bob Moffitt

Thanks for the update on Andy Wakefield.

I have heard the "wheels of justice turn slowly" .. but .. Andy's case ought not be THAT difficult to decide. No?

Dan Burns

Good questions, Bob. Regarding Andrew Wakefield’s libel case against BMJ, Godlee, and Deer … the Texas Third Court of Appeals, an intermediary court, heard oral arguments on May 22, 2013. Andy advised me to expect a decision in one to six months. It’s been seven months, but the Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure does not indicate any time frame for an decision. There is no news.

For background on the case, see http://www.ageofautism.com/2013/06/the-wakefield-appeal-beast-at-the-courtroom-door.html#more

John Stone and I are in touch on this topic and will keep you posted regarding Wakefield. Maybe someone else can bring everybody up to date on Poul Thorsen.

Bob Moffitt

Hopefully, the "year ahead" will provide some answers that remaine from the year just past. Such as ..

What happened to Andrew Wakefield's litigation against Brian Deer in Texas? Did I miss that decision?

What actions are being taken to pursue Poul Thorsen .. indicted along with "unamed co-conspirators" in defrauding the CDC? Indeed, is ANYONE pursuing this common thief?

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