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AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

If Katie Couric's show on HPV vaccine side effects -- you know, fainting, permanent disability, painful injection sites, death, stuff like that -- didn't convince people that the vaccine is not worth the risk, the comment threads on Katie's blogs surely should have.

Any reasonable person, reading story after story by parents and teenage girls alike about the amazingly similar onset of amazingly similar problems, would set aside the "correlation is not causation" defense and realize what we're really dealing with here: vaccine injury and vaccine injury denial.

That makes it all the more unfortunate that obvious pharma pressure led Katie to take it all back on the Huffington Post. In retrospect this has been The Year of Taking It All Back. Age of Autism was invited to be part of a journalism blog conference at Columbia School of Journalism. Then we were disinvited. A House hearing was planned on the vaccine injury compensation program. Oops, postponed indefinitely.

But word is out, and it can't be unsaid. For that, Katie still deserves our thanks.


The Gardasil story is so powerful because many of the victims are able to speak for themselves. But that doesn't make vaccine injury in infants any less convincing. I was struck by this comment this week on AOA by Warrior Mom:

I am a convinced mom that my son has regressive autism because he too had reactions after getting his vaccines. He had full body convulsions within 10 minutes of getting his shots at 3 months and 12 months. At 6 months he was hospitalized about 6 hours after getting his vaccines for respiratory issues (he had a slight cold the day he was vaccinated).

At 15 months he got his MMR with other shots and screamed for three days straight. I believe this vaccine was the most damaging. Each time we lost a little of him. By 22 months his language skills had REGRESSED to that of a 2 month old.

Our son's pediatrician kept telling us after each event that our son was fine. Our son is 14 yo now and we've worked hard to gain back some language, although to most people it is unintelligible. He struggles severely with his attention which makes it near impossible for him to focus to learn.

Our son's pediatrician never filed a VAERS but I did once I realized and linked all of the vaccine reactions together. I know our son will never be compensated for his vaccine-inflicted, lifelong disability because of the massive cover-up by our government and vaccine manufacturers.

What needs to happen to make our voices heard LOUDER? I'm so incredibly frustrated that we (the families and supporters) have not been able to get vaccine manufacturers and the CDC to compensate us for damages and lifelong care costs for our beloved family members damaged by vaccines.


Any reasonable person can see what's going on there, too.

Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.


Christina Waldman

The Columbia School of Journalism is bought out. They advocate one-sided journalism. After all, "Why waste time telling both sides of the story when you already know which one is right?" Journalists are excepted from lobbyist rules, but journalism by definition is supposed to play fair and be objective, like the standards for the Associated Press (unless they've changed them!)

The New York Times had run an op ed from Columbia Journalism Review on this awhile back; I can't find it today. Here's one from 2 days ago: http://www.cjr.org/united_states_project/political_centrism_is_not_objectivity.php

The Skeptics, of course, see no need for objectivity in journalism.

Here are a few links on how objectivity is still important:

Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Dan Burns, I think you would like this near-quote from Dr. Boyd Haley (mercury toxicologist) at the IAOMT convention : "If anyone here is from the American Academy of Pediatrics....You people should be ashamed.....History is going to come and get you " (Referring to injecting babies and children with mercury )

Dan Burns

RAISING THE BOULDER. Yes, it’s been a year of now done darkness, but the Sisyphean boulder doesn’t roll all the way back. The blind see, the deaf hear, and the voiceless speak. Thank you, Dan Olmsted, Mark Blaxill, Kim Stagliano, John Stone, and the other saints at Age of Autism and beyond. No one can take back what’s been said, seen, and heard.


I am seeing incremental change... more and more families are inquiring into vaccines, clean food, toxins and many environmental factors. I recently had my teen with autoimmune disorder tested and results showed residual issues with MMR, DPT with Thimerosal, and Aluminum. Keep spreading the word - we need to be mindful of what we breathe, drink, eat and inject into our children's bodies.

Michael Mustelier

Red alert! Paul Offit in NY Times with his bs, this time attacking supplements.

There is just no stopping these people. The presstitutes are on the march!

Paul S

Poor Katie, she might NOT ever be able to use her arms again, after ALL THAT TWISTING!!!

Andrea Capone

Just heard in New York they are making flu vaccines mandatory for children from 6 months to 5 years...or they can't attend daycare of school. How is this allowed??? So scarey.


While shopping the other day I struck up a conversation with a lady who out of nowhere (we weren't talking about vaccines or HPV - we were talking about wireless hazards) told me that her niece died after receiving the HPV vaccine. I was so taken back, then she said that the girl died again some months after. Then I realized that she meant that the previously healthy girl went into an arrest on 2 separate occasions without warning or provocation that they could tell and needed resuscitation to be saved. She said that her family can't think of any cause other than the HPV vaccine and were trying to figure it out. She said the girl's doctors didn't attribute these episodes to the vaccine - didn't deny it, but said they weren't sure, if I understood her correctly. This lady did not know about VAERS or VICP or the 3 year statute of limitations. She did say that she had watched and taped Katie's program, but she didn't know about all the politics surrounding the airing, and didn't catch the reference to Sanevax. She knows now! I gave her a bunch of stuff to look up including all the articles here, especially Mark and Dan's chapter in Vaccine Epidemic, "License to Kill".

Bob Moffitt

"In retrospect this has been The Year of Taking It All Back. Age of Autism was invited to be part of a journalism blog conference at Columbia School of Journalism. Then we were disinvited. A House hearing was planned on the vaccine injury compensation program. Oops, postponed indefinitely."


Jeff C

I believe most media types truly don't understand the nature of the vaccine debate. They think it's just another subject to be explored; sure it's controversial but what isn't in a polarized country. They are completely unprepared for the backlash from the "public health" establishment. How dare they even bring this subject up, it's highly irresponsible to do so, they gave a megaphone to the dangerous "anti-science" quacks, "people will die" because of their actions. Once subjected to the critical firestorm, they fold like a cheap suit and fall all over themselves apologizing.

It has been very interesting to see almost the exact same thing take place over the last few weeks on another topic unrelated to vaccines. The Australian media show "Catalyst" (similar to 60 minutes) produced an extremely well-researched program that questioned the conventional wisdom regarding widespread use of statin drugs for heart disease prevention. The show was compelling and made a strong case that the drugs were largely ineffective, side effects were much more common and severe than portrayed, and that the prescribing guidelines were driven by medical experts with extensive ties to the pharmaceutical industry. Sounds familiar.

I was struck by the immediate backlash against the show and its producer/host, Dr Maryanne Demasi. Irresponsible, dangerous, "people will die" came from all the usual suspects. Just like vaccines, one is not allowed to in any way question the prevailing dogma and it's $20 billion/year pharma revenue stream, it's just too dangerous to do so we are told. Dr Demasi is unapologetic and sticking to her guns, good for her.

No surprise to the readers here, but one is not allowed to publicly question pharma's cash cows. To do so invites a furious pharma-coordinated counterattack, with plenty of "useful idiots" happy to pile on. Katie Couric found that out the hard way.


About 75% of America's advertising budget is related to pharma products. Katie Couric would have to be aware that she is crossing a line that could put her off the air & out of business. If the links to her HPV (Help Pay for Viox) show stay up, it will be a small step forward.

Sadly with the cancelation of the "Vaccine Court" hearing, Congress will once again be required to jump though hoops for months or years before the simple matter is investigated.

As you may know, it is similar with the liquor industry, where Congress first has to get the blessings for any changes by the very powerful, .... "Drunks Against Mad Mother's" group.... DAMM / similar to ECBT

John Stone

Although generally I side with Casey Stengel about not making predictions "especially about the future" I believe it was possible to predict the outcome of the Katie Couric episode to a millimeter, but nevertheless she let the cat out of the bag.

Dan Burns

Right, Dan. Katie's retraction reminds me of veteran Merrill Newman's apology for "war crimes," made no doubt with a gun to his head, about the time North Korea executed 80 people in 10 cities to try to quell dissent. But the reign of terror only highlights the regime's fear. So with Pharma. If ten thousand people were herded into a stadium and made to watch the execution of vaccine dissenters, it wouldn't undo what the parents and victims of vaccine injury said.

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