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Vaccine Side Effects: What Every Mom Should Know.

CDC side effects
By Cathy Jameson

For the last few weeks most of my posts here have been about vaccines and vaccine safety.   Some of you may be missing my usual hopefully-ever-after writing, but vaccines have been bugging me lately.  When that happens, I don’t feel very hopeful or very happy.  

No matter what I’m reading–a magazine, a mainstream newspaper, or a blog, I can’t escape mention of vaccines these days.  Sure, I subscribe to a few places that typically highlight only vaccine news, but I’m reading about them in other places, and the news isn’t looking good. 

I can’t shake the disappointment I feel after seeing these stories.  Most of what I’ve read lauds vaccines claiming that they are safe despite their side effects, and that they’ll work if we give them a chance, and what’s the big deal, anyway?  Oh, when they don’t work?  Well, we’re sorry, let’s move on.  I know I speak for many when I say that that kind of news reporting is depressing and unacceptable. 

Can you imagine if vaccine news stories across the mainstream channels would actually reveal all there is to know about the vaccine--including the bad stuff?  I’m talking about the side effects, the lingering pain and the secondary illnesses that turn into everyday struggles after receiving a vaccination.  That information should be discussed more openly in the exam room and in the news but hardly seems to be.  I know this because I’ve been there in that exam room before and never got that sort of information.  People I speak to today about their vaccine encounters say the same thing.  When I hear from them, as they reach out to me for help, it’s clear that the right things are still not being said: “When do I worry about this rash?  The doctor didn’t tell me anything!” “What? I never knew you can still get the chickenpox after getting the chickenpox vaccine!”  “What should I do about this fever?  It’s so high, and it won’t go down!”

Side effects aren’t being mentioned in the articles I’ve viewed lately, and the moms I run into are still unaware of them, so it’s time to expose them for what they are.  Side effects are dangerous.  Side effects happen.  They can, and will, a last long after a vaccine is administered. 

Now, some people may be aware of side effects if they’ve done any kind of basic research.  The CDC tells us that side effects can be mild, moderate or severe.  Basic information might also come from a medical provider who takes the time to have a conversation about them.  Information may also come from the VIS (Vaccine Information Sheet).  This handout, usually a two-sided piece of paper, is required by law to be given to someone receiving certain vaccines. 

Basic is good, but getting as much information as possible is better. 

With as many things that can go wrong with vaccines, you’d think reading each of the package inserts  would be required reading.  Maybe then people would understand more about them like who it’s been tested on (or not tested on), how long it was studied, what it’s made of and what it’s been known to do to the body.  But, since that document isn’t the one that is usually shared with patients, here’s a quick recap of the side effects that can happen post vaccination (note: this is not a complete list):

Swelling at injection site






Sudden Infant Death Syndrome




Guillaine-Barre Syndrome

Brain swelling



Cardiac arrest









Upper respiratory tract infection





Besides having to disclose that side effects happen, I wonder, though, if in listing them that those promoting vaccines believe that side effects could be viewed as a good thing.  Side effects mean that the body is reacting.  It shows that the body recognizes that something’s been injected or inhaled.  The body’s trying to figure out what to do with these toxins that make up the vaccine.  It may show that the immune system is responding.  As the body responds, some might say that the side effects are part of the vaccination process. 

A response from the immune system means that the immune system works, right?  We want our immune system to work.  What does that mean, though, when the vaccine kicks the immune system into overdrive which may lead to complications which then leads to death?  The vaccine did something.  It may not have guaranteed immunity or helped prevent a disease, but instead it elicited a different response:  death.  What’s at fault:  the vaccine?  the toxic ingredients? the body’s ill response? 

Many factors will surely need to be investigated.  Unfortunately, though, when side effects occur, that person’s family can’t find fault with the vaccine manufacturer or their doctor, which is why it’s important to understand fully not only what a vaccine can do and but what a vaccine will do.  When considering vaccines, there is much to consider. 

So, if this information about side effects is news for you, and it scares you, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news.  If this information sounds old and like I’ve become the most annoying broken record ever to exist about vaccines and vaccine safety, it’s because this information needs to be said over and over again until more people are aware of it. 

Why do people like me feel the need to keep repeating this?  Because I care.  I care about what is being said about vaccines and what is not being said about vaccines.  Because the VIS barely scratches the surface.  Because two pages is hardly enough space to truly inform someone about the supposed benefits as well as reveal the countless documented side effects every vaccine on the market carries.  Because side effects and adverse events aren’t just a one-time thing.  Because vaccine injury is real.  Because it lasts longer than you can imagine.  Because it will rob you of your abilities, your health, your time and your money as you try to reverse the affects. 

Those who might be profiting from vaccinations may not being saying what needs to be said very clearly.  But if we who’ve witnessed the side effects can say it clearer, better and louder, then so be it.   

Know your rights.

Do your homework. 

Ask your questions.

Weigh the pros and cons.

Look things up on your own.

Read the package insert. 

Really read it.

Realize that side effects can be worse than the “disease-preventable” vaccine itself. 

Remember, too, that when you vaccinate you can never UNvaccinate. 

If more people knew about vaccine side effects and how devastating they can be, I’d expect we might see much less vaccine injury and death. I’d expect more people would do one of two things also:  really begin to question vaccines or start to decline them.  Neither of those are a bad thing. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


Jeanne J

Truthful (not) MD,

It does not take 7+ years of college education to read a vaccine insert, manufacturer safety data sheet, CDC list of vaccine side affects, CDC list of substances present in each vaccine, or the list of injuries from each vaccine compensated for by the vaccine injury compensation court rulings. Try it some time with your (stated) 7+ years of medical education!


No need for ignorance! about measles or meal-times?

Fish farms under investigation for allegedly breaking enviromental rules .
By Rob Edwards May 20, 2019.

Panorama, Season 2019 Episode 14 , Salmon Farming Exposed, YouTube, 20 May 2019.

emamectin - pesticide marketed by Merk and Company.
Another, basic, health and safety risk assessment " Implosion -in -Motion!"
After 40 yrs of on -going ,failed, risk assessments . " Time to call it a day , and move on from it!"

cia parker

James Schmidt,

You need to cite measles deaths rather than cases. Getting measles is a good thing, the best possible thing for the lifetime health of a child. Measles stopped being a dangerous disease (with rare exceptions) almost a century ago in developed countries. And it reduces all-cause mortality and prevents cancer and many other diseases. Allows women who had it growing up to protect their infants with their own immunity.

cia parker

There's no penalty if they don't report the adverse reactions, and most of them don't. Most of them don't even recognize it as an adverse reaction.

Grace Green

This writer is definitely not an MD, and it follows is not truthful either. What do these trolls take us for? He can't even write intelligent sentences, and the content is demonstrably untrue. Can't the opposition put on a better act than this?

susan welch

Truthful MD--a least you displayed how profoundly ignorant you and your colleagues are and wish to remain. We will not be seeking your services, thank you.

My thoughts exactly, Michael.


Truthful MD--a least you displayed how profoundly ignorant you and your colleagues are and wish to remain. We will not be seeking your services, thank you.

Beleaguered Autism Mom

TruthfulMD, What year/decade did you complete medical school, and what continuing education courses have you taken lately?


NO! Vaccines don't actually contain toxic substances or make you more prone to any medical conditions. They are unrelated subjects. Yes, people can still get diseases with the vaccines. But vaccines reduce the chance of this largely. They also reduce side-effects. You may think your belief doesn't hurt anyone, but it does! Even if the kid doesn't get sick or infected, they can spread the germs much much more commonly. Most deaths from a common disease are unvaccinated children. Nothing but vaccines prevent diseases. Vaccines contain many different ingredients, but they definitely don't have any of those side effects! All of the ingredients are carefully created. And unlike previous vaccines, no existing vaccines contain any doses of any disease. People try to force you to have vaccines, because, without, your kid can lead to the death of many others. I have heard many anti-vaxxers say "so what if some kid dies of cancer. It's not my kid!" Not only that, but doctors, surgeons, and every medical physician agree with vaccines. All of these people have gone through at least 7 years of medical school. Doctors go through 14 years or medical practice. They see these articles too. But don't try to tell me how 14 years of medical training match up to your 5 minutes on google. Some have even stopped taking in anti-vaxxers. Believe it or not, your kid isn't "special" or "different." Just think how one child dies of malaria every 30 seconds - just for not having access to the vaccine. VACCINES SAVE LIVES!!!!


Hi Pete Bucha,

Military members receive a lot vaccines too. And they may be a more studied group.Despite being initially selected for both health and physical fitness,( those with diabetes etc can't even get in) after multiple vaccines and other exposures, here are some of the health challenges they face.
Some of them are life threatening, many involve cancer or autoimmune problems.

However, it seems like you might be inaccurate in your information about vet and doctor required vaccines. ( please correct me if you have other sources.) Just checking as an example, Brown Uni requirements for med school, only very basic vaccines are listed or apparently needed.
Texas does require a rabies shot for vets as well as usual vaccines, but apart from the rabies vaccine, actually it appears both sites want less TDP for example, than a kid needs to go to school in California. ( 5 TDP shots for the kids)
Here is Texas health and vet requirements.
Here is the California school list
Hope this is useful to you. Now about the many health challenges in military members; that is a whole different post...

Pete Buchta

All doctors and veterinarians receive a host of vaccines and inoculations, above and beyond what the general public receives. In fact, on the average by they start med or vet school they have received over 20 to 40 different types of vaccinations. I have not seen any reports by the NIH or NCBL where there is a statistical difference between that group and the general population. Here's a short list. Combo measles, mumps, rubella, Hep B, Hep A, Varicella, TB screen, Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis, Rabies, Flu, and if you happen to work overseas there are a few more, like yellow fever, and such.

susan welch

Oops! I should have said VICP (National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program). VAERS is the system for reporting injury and, apparently, only somewhere between 1-10% injuries are reported.

Both may, or may not, be of interest to you, Olivia

susan welch


Olivia, your cognitive dissonance is slightly overwhelming. I would just point out that I was born in mid 1940s and at that time anything between 0-3 vaccines were administered. My generation were extremely healthy and I did not know of any child who died. We did have all the childhood diseases, that everyone freaks out about now (we didn't freak out, they were part of growing up) and, for the sake of discomfort for a week or so, received lifelong immunity and strengthened immune systems.

Compare that to my grandsons, who were vaccinated, and now have the lifelong disability of being on the autism spectrum.

Measles these days in the western world does not kill. Vaccines do - they also disable. Naturally, you will not believe me but I don't ask you to. Just check out payments on VAERS.


Hi Olivia,
generally most comments with a wide variety of views get through here, as long as they are reasonably polite. Those who are aware of vaccine injury don't need to silence other viewpoints, since the truth/facts are on our side.
I'm not sure what kind of "licensed medical professional" you are, as that spans many different types of education/careers; massage therapists, for example can be a licensed medical professional.
However, I am assuming from your comment that you are not any kind of professional in charge of providing medication?
You don't seem to be aware of what a package insert is, or of the basic requirements needed to give a medication to someone.
Before you give a medication, it is required that you know what the dosage should be, (safe levels versus an overdose) what the side effects of the medication are, what medicines the and who the medication is contra-indicated for. You should have read the packaged inserts and familiarized yourself with the information on them.Without that , you are risking professional censure.
If you are giving a vaccine, I would also expect you to be familiar with the CDC table of acknowledged vaccine injuries.
I would expect you to be aware of these vaccine injuries, and what they mean. I would expect you to know that encephalitis and encephalopathy are describing brain damage. I would also expect you to know that guilliame barre is a type of paralysis, sometimes requiring a ventilator, that is very similar in outlook to polio. I would also expect you to be aware of the risk of vaccine derived measles from the MMR vaccine. You should know that the measles virus can be tested to see if it is wild measles or the vaccine derived measles. Normally if it is wild measles that is behind a series of measles infections, the CDC will shout it from the rooftops; if it is vaccine derived measles they tend not to mention it, as it makes it hard to push the vaccine while having to admit it is actually causing illnesses.. Have you heard anyone in WA state identifying the type of measles virus involved?

It seems unlikely that you are a medical professional who gives vaccines but knows nothing about contraindications or side effects; if so however, apparently your educators didn't even cover the basic requirements for medication administration.

Heres one of many websites that cover the basics of medication administration from a nursing perspective, including the right to refuse..


You are welcome to ask more questions and get more information.
Wishing you all the best


“Comments are moderated, and will not appear until the author has approved them.” Well, this comment probably won’t be ready by anyone, then. Because this comment is being made by an actually trained health professional. Let me tell you something. The age range when a child receives the most vaccines is the natural age range when a child is the most likely to develop random symptoms such as fevers, nausea, insomnia, everything you can imagine up until SIDS. This is because they are a new human being. They have never, not once, experienced the world. Their immune system is completely blank. It decides what to react to. No human being in the world can change these facts. Take vaccines away from every infant and they will still randomly experience symptoms. They will still randomly die. It’s what our species does. From the dawn of humankind our specie’s infants have been horrifyingly weak. Vaccines give infants the ability to survive and thrive as adults. If an unvaccinated child is exposed to the diseases they could have been vaccinated for at full strength, the child will die. Vaccines contain DEAD or SEVERELY WEAKENED forms of diseases. A child can handle these relatively harmless forms of diseases with minimal side effects. I remember getting my meningitis vaccine and having a fever for three days. So preferable to being paralyzed, deaf, or dead. Yes, the injection sight swelled. Better than death. Yes, I felt gross for a little while. Better than death. Not only are the symptoms far better than dying, but they are FAR better than killing others by exposing them to the same disease. If a baby is going to die from SIDS or from a fever, they will do it regardless of whether their parent made the intelligent decision to vaccinate them or not. Your arguments are all based on fallacy and coincidence. There is not a single statistics calculation anywhere on any “evidence” for vaccines being inherently harmful towards a person of any age. Present me with a study with statistics calculated properly (which I can double check easily through my training) and I might slightly consider a small portion of your argument to be true. But, you cannot because there is no REAL science behind your claims. I know this comment will not be permitted to be posted, but I hope you learn something from reading it. I hope your children don’t visit Washington any time soon, because I believe that if a child dies from an easily preventable disease due to a parent being, “antivax,” then the parent should be charged with manslaughter (:

For James

That’s cases, not deaths. But btw in the developed world the era of high child mortality was over before the vaccines were introduced (measles 1968?). But we haven’t succeeded very well if we exchanged neurodevelopmental impairment and chronic disease for infectious disease. There is probably no stable way of recording measles - counted cases may be an artefact of looking for them. The vaccine has limited efficacy, it will never eliminate the disease.

James Schmidt

To everyone who believes that vaccines are bad and will cause autism: go to a graveyard. See all of the baby graves from before the 1950’s and 1960’s? Then, hardly any. That is when people started vaccinating their kids. If you are unsure, the answer is LITERALLY written in stone.

Also, here’s a statistic about measles cases in the European region from the WHO (world health organization):
Measles cases in 2016: 5,273
Measles cases in 2017: 25,863
Measles cases in 2018: 82,596
This is in a first world country. This is a direct result of anti-vaxxers not vaccinating their children. You have caused 82,000 deaths. Think about that.

Anti-vaxxers, please, have some goddamn common sense. You are killing children.

george Judd

For those who are saying "the evil medicinal industry and pharmaceutical industry", would you rather give your money to them, or to the funeral service making the baby coffin?


These comments are great- i just learned about all the things that i knew could have been possible. My sons now 5 with a diagnosis of LGS, and Autism.. he developed a fever and threw up for almost 6 months to a year 2-3 times a day after shots.. he still does from all the seizures he’s had and side effects. He had vaccinations with a flu shot the last time he was seen for shots &his Father didn’t deny it because he wasn’t educated and didn’t know to say “No Thank You” we were told by several doctors different reasons for his diagnosis(similar to those above) and it all happened to lead to one thing i know is true- his reactions to those shots- he doesn’t talk yet and we’ve tried everything. With our next child we know we will not vaccinate.

solange silverman

You forgot meningitis I believe my son contracted it at the age of four, after having had the HIB shot. However, true to form, no doctor would confirm or deny this. He spent days in a come and almost died. The disease ravaged his little body and left him with fewer fingers, no feet and loss of thickness of skin all over his body, which left heavy scarring, even after multiply surgeries. Thank God for the Shriners. After this and after having known an autistic man and several others who had been damaged by vaccines, I am now firmly against them. Food and nature is the best medicine. Prevention is the first line of defense. And, certainly, government should not be telling people whether or not they should be vaccinated. It is a personal choice. To make it mandatory is also in violation of our legal medical rights, something else the authorities are choosing to ignore in favor of profits. The bottom line is, why should those who are vaccinated fear those who are not if vaccinations work so very well. When I was growing up, we were dragged to anyone's house who had mumps, measles, chicken pox, etc., so we could also get them and get it over with, as it is safer for children to combat theses illnesses. We did not have upteen million vaccinations advocated back then.


"id rather have a dead kid than an autistic one"

-All of you


Shocking and horrific that are government cares so little about the citizens that vaccines that cause these kind of side effects, are still legal. WTF


You should be ashamed of yourself.


there is dictator ship in medicine .... the only way thay we can save our kids is to open our eyes.. and say no ..... and insist.. dont give up


Since a parallel has been drawn in the comments with GMO labelling, just read this : FCT requests the retraction of Prof Seralini'study http://www.criigen.org/SiteEn/

Carter's Daddy

It's all on the bottle or the insert so how do they deny it?


Cat, I wasn't kidding. Of course there's a fat chance that the CDC will ever put out an honest VIS because if they did, that would be the end of the vaccine program as we know it.

I was thinking though...remember the great Jim Carey movie where he played a lawyer that had to tell the truth for a day? Also, remember the great movie where Eddie Murphy played all his relatives? Well, wouldn't it be fun if Jim Carey did a sequel, this time playing all the shills at the CDC, IACC, NIH, Paul Offit, Tom Insel. He could play them all - and they would have to tell the truth for a day. In that time period, they could be assigned the task of rewriting the VMS's to make them VIS's. Imagine what the new revised VIS would look like for the Hep B vaccine. "Hep B is a disease transmitted mostly by sexual contact and by using dirty needles while engaging in IV drug abuse. Why is this vaccine recommended to be given to your innocent newborn in the first 24 hours of life? Only babies born to mothers who have the disease traditionally were given this vaccine, but because it is profitable and we are beholden to Pharma and Pharma needs to make their stockholders happy, we decided to give it to every baby! It is true that the immunity, if your child develops immunity to the virus as a result of having the vaccine, is not known to last until your child will become 15, and there are children who have died after receiving Hep B (we aren't sure how many because we make certain not to keep track, and if anyone does keep track, we are sure to deny any link so that we don't jeopardize our business), and at least one study

(Gallagher CM, Goodman MS. (2010). Hepatitis B vaccination of male neonates and autism diagnosis, NHIS 1997-2002. J Toxicol Environ Health A. 73 (24):1665-77.)

has shown that "Boys vaccinated as neonates had threefold greater odds for autism diagnosis compared to boys never vaccinated or vaccinated after the first month of life".

And it could go on like that. Just imagine. I can't make it funny (I know it isn't really funny), but Jim Carey could get the point across and with his enormous talent, he could make it funny. And having him play Offit and Insel and the rest of them, including the Pharma reps. Maybe Eddie Murphy could play some of them. Oh, that would be a great movie.

Cat Jameson--for Carolyn and Linda

Great idea, Carolyn. We can certainly work on some Know the Signs posts here and also create some memes for social media--those seem to be read quicker and are very easy to share. I posted a meme last night (thank you for the inspiration!) that got shared quite a few times already. It's up on the AofA FB page if anyone wants to take a peek at it.

And, Linda, I laughed out loud when I read your comment, but I have to say that suggesting I rewrite the CDC's VIS pages was one of the nicest compliments I have ever gotten. Thank you!

If I'm ever taken up on that I'd also love to redesign the ridiculous cartoon images that are used on the recommended vaccine schedule page: http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/parents/downloads/parent-ver-sch-0-6yrs.pdf Happy, preggo mama wouldn't be smiling so big if they'd also include information about vaccine injury, SIDS, brain swelling, adverse events, side effects, Vaccine Court, etc.


Chris Hemmings

You know I've always thought there is a kind of "Russian roulette" element to the possibility of vaccine collateral damage occurring and that the powers that be use this to suggest each individual has a very low chance of injury.

But when there are so many different bullets in the barrel and when the kids are given so many shots the odds are reduced very substantially!



Our kids are mere data points that get lost in the big picture. FDA does not look at individual cases of adverse reaction, they merely monitor for trends. They use the backdrop of the general population so you see in their view vaccines as "safe" so it's easy for them to obfuscate the damage.

I wanted to know more about the FDA's vaccine safety review process after I read about Chandler Webb case. I sent this email to the FDA division responsible for Vaccine Safety review and here is the response from one of their consumer dsafety people.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I recently viewed a webinar given by Dr. Andrea Sutherland about the FDA's vaccine safety review process. What I am not clear on is whether individual cases/reports of severe adverse reaction are investigated by the FDA. How do you respond to individual reports of serious vaccine adverse reaction? Do you investigate these specific cases? Has anyone at FDA investigated the Chandler Webb case? Has anyone talked to his mother? Chandler Webb is a young man who reportedly went into a coma 24 hours after recieving a flu shot. He died 28 days later. Any clarification and information you could provide is appreciated.

Thank you,


Dear Ms. W---:

Thank you for your inquiry to the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER) regarding vaccine adverse event reporting. CBER is one of seven centers within FDA, responsible for the regulation of biologically-derived products, including blood intended for transfusion, blood components and derivatives, vaccines, allergenic extracts, tissue, and cell and gene therapy products. We hope the following information will be helpful.

FDA regulates vaccines to ensure that they are safe and effective. Vaccines, like all biologic products regulated by FDA, undergo a rigorous review of the laboratory, clinical and manufacturing information submitted by the product sponsor to help ensure the safety, purity, and potency of these products. Ensuring the safety and effectiveness of vaccines is one of FDA's top priorities.

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is a valuable tool for post-marketing safety surveillance (monitoring after a product has been approved and is on the market). Although extensive studies are required for licensure of new vaccines, post-marketing research and surveillance are necessary to identify safety issues that may only be detected following vaccination of a much larger and more diverse population. Rare events may not come to light before licensure. Sometimes an event is noted, but the evidence may not be adequate to conclude that a noted event is due to the vaccine.

VAERS is a program created as an outgrowth of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 (NCVIA) and is administered by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). VAERS accepts reports of adverse events that may be associated with U.S. licensed vaccines from health care providers, manufacturers, and the public. The FDA continually monitors VAERS reports for any unexpected patterns or changes in rates of adverse events.

The report of an adverse event to VAERS is not proof that a vaccine caused the event. More than ten million vaccinations per year are given to children less than one year old, usually between 2 months and 6 months of age. At this stage of development infants are at risk for a variety of medical events and serious childhood illnesses. These naturally occurring events include fevers, seizures, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), cancer, congenital heart disease, asthma, and other conditions. Some infants coincidentally experience an adverse event shortly after a vaccination. In such situations an infection, congenital abnormality, injury, or some other provocation may cause the event. Because of such coincidences, it is usually not possible from VAERS data alone to determine whether a particular adverse event resulted from a concurrent condition or from a vaccination - even when the event occurs soon after vaccination. Doctors and other vaccine providers are encouraged to report adverse events, whether or not they believe that the vaccination was the cause. If the VAERS data suggest a possible link between an adverse event and vaccination, the relationship may be further studied in a controlled fashion.

Analyzing VAERS reports is a complex task. Children are often administered more than one vaccine at a time, making it difficult to know which vaccine, if any, may have contributed to any subsequent adverse events. While about 85% of adverse events reported to VAERS are minor (such as mild fevers or redness and swelling at the injection site), the remaining 15% describe more serious events. The more serious events include hospitalizations, life-threatening events, and deaths. As part of the VAERS program, FDA reviews the deaths and serious reports weekly, and conducts follow up. In some cases, certain vaccines and potentially associated symptoms will receive more intense follow up.

In addition to analyzing individual VAERS reports, the FDA also analyzes patterns of reporting associated with vaccine lots. Many complex factors must be considered in comparing reports between different vaccine lots. More reports may be received for a large lot than for a small one simply because more doses of vaccine from the large lot will be given to more children. Some lots contain as many as 700,000 doses, while others as few as 20,000 doses. Similarly, more reports will be received for a lot that has been in use for a long time than for a lot that has been in use for a short time. Even among lots of similar size and time in use, some lots will receive more reports than others will simply due to chance. The FDA continually looks for lots that have received more death reports than would be expected on the basis of such factors as time in use and chance variation as well as any unusual patterns in other serious reports within a lot. If such a lot is detected, further review is conducted to determine if the lot continues to be safe for use, or if additional FDA actions are needed.

FDA routinely notifies the public about safety concerns from VAERS by publishing articles in the medical literature, through notices on the FDA website, and by revisions in the vaccines’ professional package inserts.

In addition to VAERS, CDC has two other systems to study the safety of licensed vaccines. Through their collaborative VSD Project, CDC and eight managed care organizations monitor vaccine safety and address gaps in scientific knowledge about rare and serious possible side effects following immunization by conducting careful descriptive epidemiologic and hypothesis-testing studies. The VSD monitors over 8 million people. It has studied their experience with a “rapid cycle analysis” method. This method repeatedly evaluates rates at which key suspected side effects have developed in vaccinees, so that should any of these side effects prove to have a statistical association with vaccination, it will become evident as early as possible.

We hope this information has been helpful.

If you should have any other questions or concerns regarding this subject, please feel free to contact a representative from FDA's Consumer Affairs Branch within the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research at [email protected] or 301-827-2000.


Jill Burkoff

Consumer Safety Officer

Office of Communication, Outreach and Development

Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research

Food and Drug Administration

Phone: 301-827-2000

Follow us on Twitter: www.twitter.com/FDACBER

This informal communication represents my best judgment at this time. It does not constitute an advisory opinion in accordance with 21 CFR 10.85, and does not necessarily represent the formal position of FDA or otherwise obligate the agency to the views expressed.

Shell Tzorfas

If we look closely to the link that contains vaccine reactions we can see that seizures, brain damages and more are stated to be so rare that it is hard to say if it happened by chance.
Here is the actual quote from the documents provided by Cathy and AoA. Thank you.

Serious problems: Long term seizures, coma, lowered consciousness, and permanent brain damage have been reported. These problems happen so rarely that it is hard to tell whether they were actually caused by the vaccination or just happened afterward by chance.

Would someone please tell them that 1 in 50 kids having brain damage resulting in Autism, or 1 in 29 boys having Autism is not rare?

Shell of "Recovering Autism, ADHD & Special Needs."


In a way it seems imo that doctors are doing themselves out of their profession. After at least some doctors have been publicly denying that vaccine injuries exist, the result is that vaccines have already become something that can be given in a supermarket.

Kind of ironic if over the long term pediatricians will end up destroying their own practice, much of which seems to be based on giving shots.

I wonder how different the future of pediatrics would be if they actually worked on identifying who is likely to react badly to vaccines, reported vaccine injuries, and worked with parents to protect the vulnerable children from more ( or any )injury. Trust is something that is earned.

When our son was born with a rare genetic disability that both my husband and I tested negative for, they wanted to know about any toxins or exposures that might have caused the mutation. they looked at us, pen poised; any medications, pesticides, household cleaners? Anything at all? There was nothing, I did not even take Tylenol while pregnant. Our sons birth was planned, and we were very careful. Then we told them about my husbands reaction to a vaccine that left him allergic to his own sweat for nine months. The doctor and nurse in the room looked at each other meaningfully, and then PUT THE PEN DOWN. Anything else, they were willing to write, anything else could have been a cause or a toxic exposure, but not that.
In a way , I understood. they did not want to stir waves, no doubt felt their ability to help children with rare disorders was linked to their ability to go along with the crowd. But when you are in a situation where the pressure is such that the doctor cannot even write it down; you realize how often this kind of thing is probably happening.

Mandy Keese

My son had an adverse reaction to the flu shot....within 24 hours after receiving it. Months and months of medical appointments, EEGs, MRIs, etc followed. It was my experience that only one of the many doctors we saw through all of this would ever admit his symptoms were a result of the vaccine he had been given just 24 hours prior to developing seizures in which he had never had before. That one doctor said she would report his symptoms along with the Lot Number of the vaccine given "just in case" anyone else might report an adverse reaction to the same Lot Number. As the mother, I have no doubt in my mind that my son's new symptoms were a direct result of the flu shot he was given but had more than one doctor refuse to document this was related to his flu vaccine.

Maggi Magenpie

To those who think vaccine damage is a rare event. It considered such because of the lack of requirement for doctors & hospitals to report it. In many cases they completely ignored or denied the possibility of vaccine being involved. Many are not even trained to notice it!

Michele A.

Bob Moffitt...I think doctors ARE required to report adverse vaccine events. The problem is that so many of them DENY the reaction occurred...they will call it "coincidence" or say it is "normal" (as if "common" means the same thing as "normal"). I think the biggest problem of all is that most doctors are just as uneducated about vaccines as most parents are because they haven't taken any time to learn anything about them either. Unfortunately when a parent trusts an uninformed doctor as an expert it is a recipe for disaster. This will continue to be a problem as long as pHARMa has their tentacles in the medical schools...so we just need to keep talking and sharing info and hope that it will make others rethink what they thought they knew about vaccines.

Wendy Frye

It's been bugging me too lately, Cathy. I think it's the all out assault at every grocery, drug or other store that has a pharmacy PUSHING these things on me. I swear not a day goes by without seeing, hearing or reading about vaccines. This stuff is bit harmless, and it's not another product to be bandied about......


There is no such thing as a "vaccine commercial" as they would then be required to list the vaccine side effects, usually shown while people in the pharma commercial are "blowing up party balloons" or "planting flowers".

The mainstream media creates the vaccine shot hype and provides "flu shot/ or other vaccine commercials for free" nearly every week on the news.

It is often a "lead in story" shown a number of times earlier in the day, which I assume they are well paid for.


There is an advertisment on TV of a little short bull dog. THe ad goes -- that the dog may look tough but it has food sensitivities and so the owner must take care to give it a special dog food free of wheat, soy -- on and on - including egg.

SO what is making big tough bull dogs be sensitive to stuff.
I mean mine loves cow manure, and chicken poop but she can't handle dog food that is not gluten free.

Is that not what we are all noticing symptoms of food allergies -- that is as far as we recognize food sensitivity and are not clueless.

Carolyn Flannery

I want to see a "know the signs"
Campaign that explains the progressively worse reactions to each vaccine.
For example: if your child reacts in xyz symptoms to first vaccine then consider delaying all others .
Better yet, we need to get found in search engines when someone looks for symptoms that may be warning signs of injuries caused by vaccines. Example: high pitched scream.
Obviously we can't stop these atrocities yet but we can educate educate educate. Were it not for all the parents out there I would not have stopped my sons vax at 18 months. He is recovering. I thank you all for speaking out when you were so ridiculed and I pay it forward by doing the same. Only fewer and fewer people are ridiculing as the truth reaches critical mass.


great plan Bob Moffit.. I'd add...to simply list the visits that occur within FIVE years following vaccinations, those five years that in previous studies have shown degrees of immune dysfunction, then compare those records to ANY non vaccinated child in the same practice would be so telling. Guess what? They have , they all have that information, and they are ignoring it, they don't like it so they can.


One false argument by vaccine injury denialists is that people who promote informed consent are recklessly unconcerned about disease. If anything, the opposite is true -- victims of vaccine failure lack disease protection and are evermore careful about hygiene and preventing exposures.

Vaccine injury victims are also more in tune with the effects of disease; some even were stricken with the disease from vaccines designed to prevent it. The people in India who've developed paralysis from the oral polio vaccine deserve the same compassion and medical treatment as the people in the U.S. who've spent decades in an iron lung after contracting poliomyelitis.

How sad that so many people have to be reminded to show vaccine injury victims the same sympathy they have for victims of disease. They've bought into the utilitarian convenience implied by the lopsided equation "benefits outweigh risks."

For medical professionals, causal guilt gets in the way of even the mere acknowledgment of vaccine injury. This is where "science" loses out to human failing. Denial is quick, easy and costs nothing... except one's morals. And denial is easy to justify when mob mentality rules the uninjured majority.


Cathy, I wish you could rewrite the CDC produced Vaccine Information Sheets that are currently just another part of a deceptive marketing program designed to give the false impression of informed consent while coercing the public into accepting the vaccines through disease mongering and misinformation. The VIS is really a VMS. These tools are designed with two goals, one is to have the reader follow through with the vaccination and the other is to satisfy the legal requirement for informed consent.

Laura Hayes

Thanks, Cathy, for yet another well-written, educational, thought-provoking article. Keep writing, keep talking, and keep sharing truth. We ARE making a difference out there (proof: note all the pushback from Big pHARMa in so many different forms across the country…vaccine ad after vaccine ad…billboards…legislation everywhere to eliminate/restrict exemptions…pharma shills madly posting after every single vaccine-related article…pathetic books being published by the likes of Paul prOffit…etc.).

Note, too, how other health-related issues are beginning to dovetail with our agenda (our agenda being that of providing true informed consent, not lying to parents and the public, fully disclosing information, exposing that "safety" and "efficacy" data are provided by the industries that are profiting from the products, bans on mandating, forcing, or coercing any medical treatment or procedure, as all can harm and/or kill, etc.). For example, our agenda is lining up with those wanting the labeling of GMO-containing foods, who also want the truth told about the dangers of GMOs and glyphosates. Our agenda is lining up with those wanting the dangers of toxic pesticides and chemicals, used everywhere we and our vulnerable children are, made known, and subsequently, stopped. Our agenda is lining up with those who are tired of more forced medication in the form of fluoridated water. Our agenda is lining up with those who have seen devastation in themselves or their loved ones from dangerous prescription drugs that have left their recipients with health and/or behavioral issues, or worse, killed them. Our agenda is lining up with those who want choices in their medical treatments (think alternative treatments for cancer), and want those choices covered, not denied, by their insurance plans. I could go on, but you get the picture.

Slowly, but surely, Americans are realizing they're being duped in every arena by those profiting from dangerous, ineffective, deadly products. I am constantly introducing people to one another, and being introduced to others, as new alliances are being forged amongst the ever-growing number of us who see the writing on the wall, and are adamant about helping others to see it, steer clear of it, and put an immediate stop to it. Keep on keeping on, Cathy, and everyone else, too!

Bob Moffitt

@ Zed .. I agree .. I am dreaming.

Why should those so worried about parents suddenly refusing to voluntarily participate in US childhood vaccination policies .. as US parents have always done .. have any reason to calm their fears by installing the two suggestions I made?

After all .. it is much easier to continue "demonizing" those reluctant parents .. aided and abetted by a very compliant main-stream media .. by holding them responsible for any outbreak of a supposedly "vaccine preventable disease" .. such as .. whooping cough ..

One thing I know for certain .. these people are not stupid .. and .. there is just too much RISK to their now .. risk-free empire .. to mess it all up by "doing the right thing" .. such as .. "informing parents" and accurately "reporting adverse events".


Oh, you guys go back to sleep.
Vaccine injuries are "Rare Events".


Yes, Bob, you're dreaming. Because if they don't report it….it's like it never even happened.

TannersDad Tim

We don't sleep at night due to concern for our loved ones. I just wonder hw Doctors can. - TannersDad Tim

Bob Moffitt

Not only do many doctors not give adequate warnings regarding the potential side-effects of the vaccines they are so eager to administer to toddlers .. doctors are also less likely to "voluntarily report" adverse effects following the vaccines .. which by some estimates .. indicate that less than 10% of adverse events are ever reported.

Since so many complain about the growing numbers of parents reluctant to vaccinate their children according to the recommended and approved schedule of public health officials .. why not try to regain the trust of those now reluctant parents by issuing new regulations:

#1 .. Require doctors to have parents sign a declaration that parents have read the Vaccine Information Sheet (VIS).. and .. doctors have answered all questions that parents may have regarding that information.

#2 .. Mandate that doctors report all side-effects following vaccines within 30 days .. with the added responsibility to report all serious "diagnosed and treated" events to the vaccinated child .. within the same three year parental requirement for autism.

In other words ... it would be MANDATORY for doctors .. up to three years after vaccinations .. to report the following "diagnosed and treated" events: SIDS, seizures, autism, GBS, brain swelling, anaphylaxis, Cardiac arrest, Ataxia, Narcolepsy, Myalgia, Urticarial, Edema, Paralysis, Infertility, Death.

Imagine that .. well informed parents .. accompanied by mandatory reporting of adverse events following vaccinations.

Well .. I can dream can't I?

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