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Petition: Closing Loopholes as CA Public Health Authorities Claim Power to Forcibly Medicate in Emergency

Your_rightsRead the petition at Change.org.

Public health authorities claim the power to forcefully medicate or quarantine anyone, even peaceful citizens, so long as they first declare an ‘emergency’:

  • Many states also have laws providing for mandatory vaccinations during a public health emergency or outbreak of a communicable disease. Generally, the power to order such actions rests with the governor of the state or with a state health officer…. [and] if a person refuses to be vaccinated, he or she may be quarantined during the public health emergency giving rise to the vaccination orderOfficial Source: Mandatory Vaccinations: Precedent and Current Laws, Congressional Research Service (February 24, 2011).

  • The local health officer may take any preventive measure that may be necessary to protect and preserve the public health from any public health hazard during any "state of war emergency," "state of emergency," or "local emergency"…” California Health and Safety Code section 101040.

  • Any person who, after notice, violates…refuses or neglects to conform to, any rule, order, or regulation prescribed by the department respecting a quarantine or disinfection … is guilty of a misdemeanor…. Upon conviction thereofthe person may be ordered by the court confined until the order of the local health officer shall have been fully complied with or terminated by the local health officer, but not exceeding one year from the date of passing judgment upon the conviction.”  Cal. Health and Safety Code sections 120275-80.

Therefore, it is presently a crime to remain peaceful and un-medicated in California in the event of an emergency provided that a public official has decided to medicate you in his discretion. 

Because there is little to nothing that an un-medicated individual can do to avoid forced medical treatment upon the whim of a public health official, it is a potential crime in California to be peacefully natural. 

Please support this petition so the Legislature can begin the debate on closing these loopholes.

The Peaceful and Natural Dignity Act (PANDA) is pro-nature, pro-family, and pro-constitution.  PANDA explicitly confirms the absolute right of peaceful and non-incarcerated individuals and families to:  (a) Remain free of forced medical treatment during times of peace or emergency, and (b) Self-quarantine on their own private land during times of emergency.

An example of a State that provides more statutory protection than California is the State of Minnesota, where even in a public health emergency, “individuals have a fundamental right to refuse medical treatment, testing, physical or mental examination [and] vaccination”.  Minn. Stat. Ann. §12.39 (West Supp. 2010–11).

The PANDA project is a not-for-profit cooperative multi-state effort, presented by attorneys for the Pandemic Response Project (PReP).


Yael Cohen

So much for the home of the free. Medication is between me and my doctor. Not politicians.


How can a government entity determine what is right for our own bodies. This is terrible! Totally against human rights


OMGosh, so scary. Why isn't this national news?

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