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Natalie Palumbo: Honored for Autism Advocacy

NataliebannerManaging Editor's Note: Please join us in congratulating Natalie Palumbo on her honor as an Autism Hero from the Autism Light site. Here is the entry below - please leave comments at their site.

Natalie Palumbo is 19 years old, and a college student at Ringling College of Art and Design in Florida. Her home is in Columbia, South Carolina. Her older brother Anthony has low-verbal autism. As a sibling of an individual with autism, Natalie takes very seriously a responsibility to care for her brother over his lifespan and she is a natural advocate for autism. Natalie currently serves as the sibling voice for the Age of Autism web newspaper. Her relationship with Anthony is an inspiration to other autism siblings and families. Natalie Palumbo is an Autism Light for the difference she is making in the life of her brother who has autism and how her creative art and writing encourages the greater autism community.

Artist: Natalie just successfully completed her first semester at Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida with an A average. She hopes to work in visual effects in film and animation. Natalie became interested in art at an early age, because drawing helped her cope with the isolation imposed by autism and was the only way she could communicate with her brother. Some of her artistic achievements already include:

  • In 5th grade she was recommended to competitive fine arts programs.
  • Natalie won several regional, state, and national awards for traditional, digital, and mixed media pieces.
  • In 9th grade, she won the Nevitt award for “Most Outstanding Art Student” after completing all four years of Tri-District Arts Consortium in Lexington County.
  • In 11th grade, she created an art piece called “NOT Born This Way”, which featured her brother Anthony in a significant way. She expressed her concern for the growing numbers of people diagnosed with autism, and how society is unprepared to deal with this increase. This concern was the subject of her senior thesis.
  • Her PSA for Age of Autism took 1st Place in the PSA Category at the Notre Dame High School National Film Festival in the Spring of 2013.

Here is the Public Service Announcement that Natalie Palumbo created on autism awareness for Age of Autism in the Notre Dame High School National Film Festival.

Read the full post at Autism Light Honors Natalie Palumbo.


May wingate

Please! My daughter is overwhelmed ! Her son has autism! It is hard on everyone but especially, her the mother! She lives near Atlanta and he is on special Ed! Our family , he needs help and we need good advice!


Congrats Nat - You have done some really great things.
Well done.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Merry Christmas, and Congratulations and Best Wishes for your good fortune in the coming year. What could be better than to be awarded for the love and care given to a brother. One cant find words for this.

The Wessels

Congratulations, Natalie!! We are so proud of for this much deserved honor and so thankful to you for your hard work on behalf of those with autism! Keep up the good fight and the great work!! The Wessels

Jeannette Bishop

Congrats and thank you!!!


Congratulations Natalie!

This is very much deserved and please know your efforts are very much appreciated.

Best wishes for Merry Christmas to you and your family and a wonderful year in 2014.

The Gammicchia Family


Congratulations, Natalie! You are so very deserving of this award. Thanks for all your contributions to the autism visual communications pool.

The Anthonyisms are a must read. And I agree with him -- he should get a banjo.

Maurine Meleck

I cannot think of anyone more deserving of all these awards.
Love you, Natalie.
(and a South Carolinian too)

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