Gates Foundation Takes Heat from Catholic Newspaper
Dachel Media Review: More Autism Schools, Mental Health and Autism

Fund an Org to Sponsor Age of Autism


If you want hope in 2014, we can help. Mark our sponsors as your favorites. Subscribe to their newsletters. Attend their conferences and meetings. By this time next year, your child, whether 4, 24 or 54, will see improvement. 

We'll have new sponsors to announce soon. If you are interested in becoming an AofA sponsor or helping to FUND a sponsorship for an org, please email  

You can make a donation to our sponsors and request that they earmark the money to assist in their sponsorship of AofA.  Your donation is fully tax deductible and you will help the org reach the community through AofA. 

Generation Rescue

National Autism Association

Autism Research Institute

Canary Party

Holland Center

Autism Free Brain

The Coalition for SafeMinds

Lee Silsby and OurKidsASD


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