Every Child By Two, Amy Pisani and Cancelled NVICP Vaccine Program Hearings
Board of Health New York City Votes to Mandate Flu Vaccine for Tots

Dachel Media Review: Sean Hannity on NYC Flu Vaccine Mandate

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

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Dec 12, 2013, Fox News: Mandatory Flu Shots in New York City

Fox News

Steve Murphy, Democratic Strategist: "First of all, I'm completely in favor of this. Secondly. . . you don't have the legal right or a moral right to expose your child to disease unnecessarily."

Sean Hannity: "You don't have a legal or a moral right to give them a shot that in many cases makes kids sick and in a few isolated cases, violently sick."

Murphy: "The medical community is overwhelmingly in favor of this."

Hannity: "What about the few kids who get violently ill?"

Murphy: "It happens with all vaccines. . . . All of them make people sick occasionally. They all do."

Mercedes Viana Schlapp, Republican Strategist: "When is comes to the flu vaccine there was an archives Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine that came out with a study basically saying they couldn't find a significant effectiveness with a flu shot. We learned last year that 65 percent of seniors who had the flu had gotten the shot. It wasn't preventing them from getting the flu. ...It's a bit controversial. There should be educational campaigns. . . . ."

Hannity: "There are issues of mercury. . . "

Murphy: "Jenny McCarthy is on television saying don't have any vaccinations. They cause autism. That's nonsense. The medical community strongly recommends it." . . . .

Schlapp: "It's interesting that Mayor Bloomberg allows a ten year old to go into a school clinic to get emergency contraception that they don't even have to call the parents about but you're forced to get the flu shot."

Murphy: "We're talking about vaccinations and kids who don't have a medical problem preventing it, should have the flu vaccine."

Steve Murphy brought up vaccines and autism. Yes! Let's talk about side effects. Let's talk about who's indemnified here!

about but you're forced to get the flu shot."



"...the lack of correlation between vaccine virus match with circulating viruses"

IMO this is the KEY misconception in the whole Seasonal Flu Controversy.

90% of the time during "Flu Season" when you get symptoms of "the flu" the virus OR multiple viruses that have caused your symptoms have existed in your body for six or so months, a year or MANY YEARS PRIOR to your getting the "flu symptoms"

What caused your "flu symptoms" was not ANY virus but YOUR LACK of VITAMIN D. The "Flu Season" coincides with your annual yearly low in your vitamin D levels.

The Japanese have gold standard clinical tested this and found those kids who got the vitamin D3 (only 2000 IU/day, 5000 would have given vastly superior performance IMO) did 600% times better than those who did not. Of course this testing will NEVER be repeated. We all know why.

"Conclusion: This study suggests that vitamin D3 supplementation during the winter may reduce the incidence of influenza A, especially in specific subgroups of schoolchildren." Randomized trial of vitamin D supplementation to prevent seasonal influenza A in schoolchildren


MANY doctors in this country are repleting their clients to 50 ng/ml or higher with vitamin D3 and have found almost universally NO SERIOUS FLU results. Their clients may get MILD "flu symptoms" then the VITAMIN D rapidly conquers each and every of the 200 or more viruses which may be causing the "fly symptoms". No MATCHING of any sort is required. Even the new bio-weapon viruses our labs are Constantly cooking up should be covered.

IMO only a totally corrupt and criminal system would FORCE this TOTALLY UNNECESSARY, TERRIBLE, DANGEROUS "flu shot" on little kids or ANYONE.

“Influenza vaccines protect against infection and illness caused by the three influenza viruses in the vaccine that research indicates will be most common this season. Flu vaccines will NOT protect against infection and illness caused by other viruses that can also cause influenza-like symptoms. There are many other viruses besides influenza that can result in influenza-like illness* (ILI) that spread during the flu season.” CDC

"We have found that clinically normal individuals aged 60-65 who receive influenza vaccine three or four times during a five-year period, will five years later have an incidence of Alzheimer's disease 10-fold greater than age-matched individuals who did not receive it." Doctor H. Hugh Fudenburg, MD, Note and CDC cannot figure out where Alzheimer's is coming from. Right! 90% of our seniors are getting the "flu vaccine" toxin.

"That's [a Canadian] 16 total deaths among a pediatric population of 7.86 million, the majority of whom -- 60 percent or more -- remained unvaccinated. By comparison, during the same four-year time span, the identical U.S. pediatric group had 553 flu-associated deaths. Compared on a per capita basis, the U.S. exhibits a stunning 3.2 times death rate over Canada.” Canada Virtually Eliminates Flu Deaths, Note so all we have to do to improve our flu performance and save a BUNCH of lives and money is STOP with the toxic NEEDLES, Please note Canada, a somewhat more honest country than the USA, ENCOURAGES their citizens to actively get their Vitamin D levels up. IMO this largely accounts for their VASTLY superior pediatric et al flu performance.

“Every year, hundreds of thousands of respiratory samples are taken from flu patients in the US and tested in labs. Here is the kicker: only a small percentage of these samples show the presence of a flu virus. This means: most of the people in America who are diagnosed by doctors with the flu have no flu virus in their bodies. SO THEY DON’T HAVE THE FLU.” What happens when only 16% of flu patients have the flu?



Great article that you posted. Some other notable quotes with my comments:

"Another flu expert, Michael T. Osteholm, PhD, MPH, said the findings further complicate the already difficult challenge of framing flu vaccination recommendations. Osterholm, director of the University of Minnesota's Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, which publishes CIDRAP News, was the lead author of a lengthy 2012 report on the flu vaccine landscape and the need for better vaccines.

"We're at a major crossroads in integrating our current influenza vaccine science with our current flu vaccine recommendations," he said."

(admission that the recommendations are not based on the science)

"The issues of vaccine efficacy by age and by vaccine [formulation] as well as the concept of waning immunity in a given season, the lack of correlation between vaccine virus match with circulating viruses and protection, and the potential for repeated annual vaccination to lower one's protection, versus not being repeatedly vaccinated, are all immense challenges for us today."

(they have no idea what they're doing; no idea if repeated yearly vaccination will harm immunity; no idea whatsoever if yearly vaccination starting at 6 mos of age will ultimately render individuals unable to mount an immune response to future challenges - so sorry to the children of NYC)

"If we don't go back and revisit our current vaccine recommendations, I think we stand to lose a great deal of credibility with both the medical community and even the general public as to the trustworthiness of what public health concludes and promotes," he said. "This is exactly why we need game-changing influenza vaccines."

(That's right. If you don't know what you're doing, you need to stop making reckless new recommendations and defending old ones that are not based in science.)

billie joe

Was Hannity playing devils advocate or is he smarter than I thought


"Mar 1, 2013 (CIDRAP News) – Experts are puzzled by a new study in which influenza vaccination seemed to provide little or no protection against flu in the 2010-11 season—and in which the only participants who seemed to benefit from the vaccine were those who hadn't been vaccinated the season before.

The investigators recruited 328 households in Michigan before the flu season started and followed them through the season. Overall, they found that the infection risk was nearly the same in vaccinated and unvaccinated participants, indicating no significant vaccine-induced protection, according to their report in Clinical Infectious Diseases. That contrasted sharply with several other observational studies that found the vaccine to yield about 60% protection during the same season....The vaccine was found to be 62% effective in those who hadn't been vaccinated the previous year. That was similar to findings in the other observational studies and also to the results of a recent, rigorous meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. In contrast, those who had been vaccinated 2 years in a row (before both the 2009-10 and 2010-11 seasons) got no significant protection.

An additional finding was that the vaccine did not seem to protect participants who were exposed to flu in their own household, though the numbers in that arm of the study were small....The findings come amid a growing number of studies that raise questions about flu vaccine effectiveness (VE). They include, among others, last week's CDC report that this year's vaccine has worked poorly in elderly people and three recent European studies showing that vaccine-induced immunity in the 2011-12 season waned after 3 to 4 months. Other studies have cast doubt on the long-standing belief that a close match between the vaccine virus strains and circulating strains improves VE."


Please shut up, Democratic Strategist. I want to stay a Democrat, but it's so hard when you talk out of your ass.

Anne J.

This is completely insane! NY is out of control. When my daughter (vaccine injured, but fully recovered thanks to biomedical treatments) was researching colleges last year, she did not even consider ANY schools in NY (or New Jersey) for this very reason. We were too afraid they might start mandating additional unnecessary vaccines, such as the flu vaccine, and we were not willing to take the risk after all of our hard work to get her healthy. I am a licensed healthcare provider, thankfully in a state that does not mandate flu vaccines. I would honestly quit any job if it came down to that or being forced to inject something into my own body against my wishes. I find this extremely disturbing (and do hope this new "mandate" can be recalled). Disgusting!


How the ... can we change anything when they cancel the rally because of the weather---no snow nyc
I know broads who will go out in a blizzard for a sale at Saks but something for their rights and kids rights they wimp out

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