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Dachel Media Review: Diagnosis, Bloomberg, Vaccine Mandates

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

Read Anne's comments and view the links after the jump.

Dec 16, 2013, Mayor Bloomberg Going too Far with New Flu Initiative

Dec 15, 2013, San Jose Mercury News: Special education teacher's Facebook post calls autistic child a 'hot mess' and parents 'crazy'

Dec 15, 2013, Murfreesboro (TN) News Journal: Increase in students on the autism spectrum prompt school systems to provide more training

Dec 14, 2013, UK's Largest Autism Diagnosis Survey

Dec 13, 2013, Albany (NY) Times Union: State's children deserve health excellence centers

Dec 13, 2013, CBS12 West Palm Beach, FL: Local School For Autistic Students Under Investigation

Dec 13, 2013, WOR7 John Gambling Show: John Gambling & Mayor Bloomberg

Dec 13, 2013, 'Non-scientists': Bloomberg on vaccine skepticism

Bloomberg, the mayor of New York City, is making a final mark before he leaves office.

The New York City Board of Health unanimously approved Bloomberg's initiative to require children under the age of 5 to receive a flu vaccination if the child is enrolled in a city-licensed day care or pre-school.

Bloomberg is the face of the nanny state. He is well known for his ban on large sodas. He is a nightmare for libertarians, except for the fact that he shows just how abusive the state can be.

This latest initiative is controversial in many ways. There are many people opposed to it because they argue that vaccines can cause autism and other health problems.

Ironically, this new law applies to children who are 6 months old up to just under the age of 5, which would actually be the group most susceptible to harmful effects, such as autism.

Most young children already receive a high number of vaccines at an early age. If the child's immune system is already weakened, another vaccine could make the difference between a healthy child and an unhealthy child.

Nice to see someone challenging Bloomberg's decree.  I posted comments and the links are working!

San Jose Mercury News

A special-education teacher in the Torrance Unified School District has been removed from the classroom after infuriating parents with a Facebook post saying she was about to enter a meeting with "crazy parents" to discuss an autistic student whom the teacher describes as a "hot mess."

The teacher, Suzanne Hutton, said she was looking forward to ''hitting happy hour'' after work.

Hutton led a class of seven children with autism at Howard Wood Elementary School. The swiftness with which the district took action in her case underscores how quickly a social-media blunder can backfire in an age where every private person has a public platform.

Maybe it's because the media and health officials talk about autism as if all these kids are just a curiosity that lots of educators don't view them as disabled children who deserve our compassion and attention. Just the other day there was the story about the teacher who laced an autistic student's crayons with hot sauce to stop him from chewing on them. If this is what teachers are saying/thinking about ASD kids I am really worried about the future.

Our children won't be seen as victims of mandated mass poisoning through their vaccines, since no one wants to honestly address this issue. Instead, they're annoying and a burden to the educators who are supposed to be well trained in how to deal with them.

Murfreesboro (TN) News Journal

Earlier this year, a report by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates one in 50 children between 6 and 17 have been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.

That's a 72 percent increase in the diagnosis since 2007, when a report showed a rate of one in 88.

Local public school systems are bolstering efforts to meet the demands of the influx of students on the autism spectrum. With "spectrum" the key phrase, autism behaviors and challenges run the gamut, from those who struggle with sensory issues to those without any verbal skills.

Now that we're all so used to hearing that there are more kids with autism and no one knows why, no one even bothers to speculate. It's a given. Autism is here to stay, so don't ask. These stories are right out of the Twilight Zone.

This can't be greater awareness. What did we do with this kids in the past? Why are teachers getting this training? Why are parents complaining that teachers aren't ready to teach autistic kids? Are they like this with all special needs kids or just those on the spectrum? Why didn't they have four autism specialists 10 years ago?

This nightmare is unfolding right before our eyes and we're all just standing around trying to take care of the fallout. I posted two comments and reminded everyone that our health officials see nothing wrong with these increases and what schools are being forced to do.


Autism Diagnosis Survey in the UK - During November 2013 Anna Kennedy Online carried out an online survey asking the thoughts and opinions of both individuals on the Autistic Spectrum and parents and carers who care for someone on the Autistic Spectrum

2000 people completed the "Autism Diagnosis Survey in the UK". This is the largest UK survey of its kind.

Anna Kennedy Online decided to create the survey and collate answers due to public demand after many parents and carers of autistic children contacted the Charity with issues regarding diagnosis.

One of the key factors expressed by parents on Anna Kennedy Online was the length of time in having to wait to gain a diagnosis with over half the respondents claiming that they had to wait over five years. This is extremely frustrating for parents as they know that early intervention is of vital importance for children on the autistic spectrum. . . .

So what's the problem in the UK? Parents are waiting as long as five years for an autism diagnosis? Autism isn't the problem, diagnosing it is.

Why is this happening? Experts in Britain have supposedly found undiagnosed adults with the same autism rate that we see in our kids, so autism has been around for years. Is this delay true for sick children in Britain in general or just those with autism?

Why are the British, with their advanced medical system, so neglectful of such a significant portion of their population?

Officials in the UK, just like in the US, are never worried about autism.

Albany (NY) Times Union

Asthma, autism, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, birth defects, obesity, diabetes and cancer as well as injuries and violence are the major diseases of children in New York. Asthma has tripled in the past 30 years and affects 250,000 of New York's children. ADHD, dyslexia and other learning disabilities affect one child in six, and autism afflicts one child in 88. Childhood obesity has nearly quadrupled, and Type 2 diabetes is epidemic. Pediatric cancer has increased by 40 percent.

We know that harmful exposures in the environment are responsible for many of these diseases. The World Health Organization finds that environmental exposures are linked to 35 percent of all disease and deaths in children worldwide.

Toxic chemicals are causes of pediatric disease. Children today are at risk of exposure to more than 85,000 synthetic chemicals widespread in children's environments. Many have not been tested. . . .

This piece was by Philip Landrigan at Mount Sinai in NY.  While is sounds very good, it's not.  Landrigan may think that autism isn't just a genetic disorder that's always been around and that there are real environmental triggers, he's also sure it's not linked to vaccines.

Three years ago, he said so at IACC.

I've seen him say the same thing in other places.  I posted comments.

CBS12 West Palm Beach, FL

It's a place local autistic students should feel safe, but a local mother believes unspeakable things happened to her son at Palm Beach School for Autism.

CBS 12 News has learned exclusively that the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office is investigating a teacher's assistant and the school.

One local mother says she's convinced a predator was taking advantage of the fact that the students are autistic.

She asked, "What kind of person does that to a child, let alone a child who can't even speak for themselves?"

Autism is the mysterious disorder overwhelming our children that officials can't explain.  They're a significant segment of our population now and they're increasingly victims.


Listen to Bloomberg at 9:00

Gambling: "Mandatory flu vaccinations for little ones going into school and people get all bent out of shape."

Bloomberg: "We already do vaccinate kids, it's required, for measles, whooping cough, chicken pox, and mumps. Flu unfortunately kills more than all of those things put together in kids."

Gambling: "Especially for the babies."

Bloomberg: "For the babies. So, we require for children five and under at licensed preschool and day care centers to get the flu shot. Somebody someplace, I forget who it was, it might have been an elected official, I forget, said, 'Oh, it causes autism.'"

Gambling: ". . . There was paper about five or six years ago---"

Bloomberg: "It is just literally not true. I can tell us what does kill kids, is no flu shot. It's one of these things, there are some crazies, a life of its own and without thinking--

I don't know whether they think it's cute to go out and scream, but you really hurt people."

Gambling: "The beginning when the city council took this up and the health department was contemplating the vote, I heard someone--an anti-vaccine individual--say, 'The problem here is that it's my decision as a mother, whether or not my child will get the shot or not,' and I thought to myself, you're not thinking about this. Because it isn't really your decision because you've got hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands of other little kids--"

Bloomberg: "Your kid can infect other kids by transmitting a disease and bringing it home. And we do lots of things, John. As a society, we've decided our personal freedoms don't include the right to, for example, First Amendment . . . but you don't have the right to stand up in a crowded movie theater and and as joke yell 'fire' because get killed. . . So there are limitations. In the case of vaccinating kids against certain diseases, we've done this for . . . a long long time. This is just one other disease."

Gambling: "And measles has started to come back."

Bloomberg: "These things don't ever go away," said Bloomberg. "And when people stop vaccinating, then some kids get it and afterwards they say, 'Oh, if I'd only known.' Well that's why you have scientists. Are scientists always right? No. They but are right a lot more than you and I are as civilians, or whatever, non-scientists."

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has no patience for vaccine skepticism.

This morning, during his second to last appearance on the John Gambling radio show, the mere mention of the ill-supported but seemingly unkillable belief among some parents that flu vaccines can cause autism made him sigh.

"We already do vaccinate kids. It's required for measles, whooping cough, chicken pox and mumps," said Bloomberg. "Flu, unfortunately, kills more than all of those things put together, in kids."

"Especially for the babies, yeah," said Gambling.

"For the babies," said Bloomberg.

"Somebody someplace, I forget who it was, might have been an elected official, I forget, said 'Oh, it causes autism'. It is just literally not true," he told Gambling. "I can tell what you what does kill kids is no flu shot."

On Wednesday, the city's Board of Health, which is controlled by the mayor, approved a Bloomberg initiative requiring all children five and younger who attend city-licensed pre-schools to get vaccinated for the flu.

Predictably, the move has prompted opposition among advocates who argue that vaccines can cause autism.

This week, a group called the Autism Action Network, protested the new initiative outside City Hall and threatened to sue.

"This was a very closed process," John Gilmore, the group's director, told CNN. "We will most likely be filing a lawsuit fairly soon to overturn this. From a legal standpoint, we see this as similar to the soda ban."

Bloomberg thinks people like Gilmore are "crazies."

"You don't have the right to stand up in a crowded movie theater and as a joke yell 'fire' because people get killed, they trample getting out, so there are limitations," said Bloomberg on Friday. "In the case of vaccinating kids against certain diseases, we've done this for a long, long time. And this is just one other disease."

"And measles has started to come back," said Gambling.

"These things don't ever go away," said Bloomberg. "And when people stop vaccinating, then some kids get it and afterwards they say, 'Oh, if I'd only known.' Well that's why you have scientists. Are scientists always right? No. They but are right a lot more than you and I are as civilians, or whatever, non-scientists."

If you listen to the John Gambling interview with Michael Bloomberg, John Gilmore's name doesn't come up. However, in the story by Dana Rubenstein, she cites John specifically and writes, "Bloomberg thinks people like Gilmore are 'crazies.'"

I posted a lot of comments on Gambling's story on WOR710--all links working.

On the piece, no links were allowed so I only put up a couple of things.



Calling parents of autistic children "crazy" or "paranoid" is one of the oldest tricks known to shift the focus off the real problems parents are exposing, and make the parents themselves the "problem."

Charles Savoie

Near 100% likelihood Bloomberg is a member of "The Pilgrims Society." Never heard of the group? In a search, do not confuse it with a similar sounding group founded in 1820. What makes this relevant? Only that The Pilgrims Society consists of the most powerful 700 US residents. Membership lists are not available. Would he be the richest member? No. Congressman Wright Patman once charged Andrew Mellon's fortune was "equal to the entire value of all the property in the state of Texas." Pharma is well represented; Elmer H. Bobst (Pilgrims) head of Warner-Lambert, was President Nixon's "mentor." There are many other examples.


So yelling fire when there is no fire in a crowded theater is the same as questioning or saying no to a risky experimental medical intervention, injecting a healthy child with a vaccine, which the government classifies as "unavoidably unsafe"?

Questioning medical interventions is equated with reckless irresponsible foolishness?

Laura Hayes

If Geoffrey Pike, author of the article lived near me, I'd bake him a cake! Finally, someone, somewhere, in the media, writing THE TRUTH! Thank you, Geoffrey! You deserve an award for your article and astute comments!

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