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Dachel Media Review: Antidepressants, Vaccine Choice, Hope

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

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Dec 18, 2013, CBS Boston: Growing Number Of Families Opt Out Of Vaccines For Kids

Dec 18, 2013, Naperville (IL) Sun Times: Naperville student part of autism research at Arizona State

Dec 18, 2013, Chicago Tribune: Antidepressants taken in pregnancy don't cause autism

Dec 18, 2013, La Crosse (WI) Tribune: Dr. Zorba Paster: New study offers hope for autism intervention

CBS Boston 

Vaccines have been proven to prevent childhood diseases like whooping cough, measles, and mumps. But, not all parents are convinced the shots are safe for their kids. "It just didn't make sense to me. I didn't understand why a little human had to get so many drugs at one time," says one mom who did not want to be identified because she knows her decision isn't popular. She believes her family's healthy lifestyle is enough to protect her kids.

Lexington pediatrician Dr. Julie Dollinger disagrees saying vaccines are the cornerstone of modern pediatric care, "vaccines are good safe effective, they save lives." Like most pediatricians Dr. Dollinger advises parents to get their kids immunized. "Some parents do worry that some of the vaccines can cause autism. And they remain concerned about this despite the fact that there have been many, many very large, very well designed studies disproving it," says Dr. Dollinger. And she says even the youngest immune systems can handle the shots, "a toddler who falls down on the playground and then wipes his hand on his face is going to expose himself to many more antigens then a vaccine contains."

Why were we only given the website of the agency that runs the vaccine program?

Why did CBS Boston only show an anonymous non-vaccinating mother hidden in the dark? There are plenty of local moms who know first hand what vaccine damage is like and they'd be happy to talk on camera and have their story made public. There are lots of moms who would talk about why they don't vaccinate.

Why couldn't CBS Boston interview any of the doctors out there who disagree with Dr. Dollinger?

This story is typical of reporters who fail to do their job.  Long ago, after years of writing to the people doing stories like this, I determined that the worse coverage comes from those who are scared of the topic, too lazy to look into it---since it's much easier to call up a local MD for backup, ignorant, or pressured by sponsors.

I've lost all hope that this kind of coverage will ever change.

Naperville Sun Times

As the number of American children with autism spectrum disorder continues to escalate, two Arizona State University undergraduates, one from Naperville, are combining their interest in autism with research projects guided by a faculty expert.

"We can't prepare teachers fast enough to work with students with autism in their classrooms," said associate professor Juliet Hart Barnett of the university's Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College.

Her research and teaching interests include instructional/behavioral strategies that promote access to the general education curriculum for students with disabilities, including autism spectrum disorders.

Early in 2013, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that one in 50 school-aged kids in the U.S. has autism.

Years from now, when history looks back on the time when autism began to consume our children, people will marvel at how complacent and accepting we were. Here two women are excited about working with autistic students, which is reassuring to hear but meanwhile a professor is talking about the numbers increasing and the lack of qualified teachers without a hint of concern.

Chicago Tribune

Women who take a common type of antidepressant during pregnancy are not more likely to have a child with autism, according to a new study from Denmark.

But children did have a higher than usual risk when their mothers took the drugs - known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) - for depression or anxiety before becoming pregnant.

That suggests a possible link between a mother's preexisting mental health issues and the developmental disorder that hinders social and communication skills.

"Our interpretation is that women with indications for SSRI use differ from women who do not use SSRIs because of these indications (depression, anxiety), and some of these differences are somehow related to an increased risk of having children who develop autism," Dr. Anders Hviid said. He led the study at the Statens Serum Institute in Copenhagen.

"Whether these differences are genetic, social or something completely different is speculation at this point," Hviid said.

The findings, combined with a separate analysis of the same database published last month in the journal Clinical Epidemiology, suggest people looking for a link between autism and SSRIs need to look elsewhere, Dr. Mark Zylka said.

They do, they don't, some do.

Another study to link autism to bad choices by mothers.

I posted a comment.

La Crosse (WI) Tribune

Every time I write about autism and its causes, I get a bunch of emails. Some are from the "anti-vaccination" lobby, still tooting the scientifically disproven idea that the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) or pertussis vaccines cause autism. They do not - despite the intimidating interest groups and websites dedicated to this quackery....

Dr. Paster is annoyed by those who think vaccines cause autism. Every time he talks about the causes of autism, he hears from people.  I personally won't waste my time writing to doctors like him. They won't even consider the possibility that there is a link. I've posted on his stories before. I take it he's never look into
anything I write. I do appreciate the opportunity to challenge him in the comment section.

BTW....I am curious. Just what does he say when he talks about autism and its causes? I posted comments.


Cherry Sperlin Misra

So moms who are depressed and anxious are more likely to take SSRIs and to have autistic kids. Please note that two common signs of chronic low dose mercury toxicity are depression and anxiety and please note that people in Scandinavia are more likely to have genes that make it difficult for them to send mercury out of their bodies. And also note that people in Scandinavia sometimes eat fish nearly every day and that fish contains mercury which goes into the body easily but does not always pass out easily.Mercury in the mother easily passes into the fetus. Hey ! Wait a minute ! Wasn't there a hypothesis that mercury causes autism ! ???


"Lexington pediatrician Dr. Julie Dollinger disagrees saying vaccines are the cornerstone of modern pediatric care"

Exactly right. Vaccination is the "cornerstone" that pediatrics is built upon, what holds it up. It is the pediatric profession's ideology and sustenance, which is why so many, but not all, will fight tooth and nail to defend it.

Bob Moffitt

Re; CBS Boston:

"Why couldn't CBS Boston interview any of the doctors out there who disagree with Dr. Dollinger?"

As I remember it .. HHS Sec Sebellius more or less issued a "public plea" to main stream media .. such as .. CBS Boston .. to stop giving "both sides" to the controversial issue of vaccines.

Unfortunately, it should surprise no one that Ms. Sebellius felt comfortable making such a desperate plea .. in an age where it has been reported that prestigious universities teach students "advocacy journalism" .. instead of "investigative journalism" .. which at one time was a formidable .. trusted force .. to speak "truth to power".

As a result .. our great country is now forced to rely upon the uncurious, timid .. "go along to get along" management of CBS Boston .. for the information we are allowed to receive.

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