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Online newsBy Anne Dachel

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Dec 13, 2013, ABC News: Fla. Teacher Accused of Feeding Autistic Boy Hot-Sauce Laced Crayons Rehired

Dec 12, 2013, CBS News: Could worms, hot baths be the secret to treating autism?

Dec 12, 2013, Fox News: How parasitic worms and hot tubs may treat autism symptoms

Dec 12, 2013, Fox Business, Imus in the Morning: Should kids be required to receive mandatory flu shots?

Dec 11, 2013, My High Plains, Amarillo, TX: Vaccines Save Lives, Doctors Say

ABC News

A Florida elementary school teacher who was fired for feeding an autistic child hot sauce soaked crayons is being re-instated on the orders of a judge who rejected the school district's appeal to keep her out of the classroom.

Lillian Gomez was fired from her job at Sunrise Elementary School in Kissimmee, Fla., in February 2012 after school officials found out that Gomez had allegedly put jumbo-sized crayons in a cup and soaked them for days in hot sauce before moving them to a bag that was labeled with the student's name.

Gomez denied force-feeding the crayons and said she did it to deter the student from eating art supplies, her attorney said. . . .

"I think she made a bad judgment in the way she went about it," he said. "But her purpose was good."

The National Autism Society of America told ABC News that there are ways to curb certain behaviors in autistic children that don't require abusive treatment, unlike Gomez's case.

"There are also hundreds of school teachers and professionals across the country who can handle challenging behaviors such as pica [eating inedible objects] in a sensitive, human manner that upholds the dignity of each child," said the Autism Society's spokeswoman Ashley Parker. "A behavior like eating crayons in a child with autism should not automatically be viewed as a delinquent behavior."

Gomez's case isn't the first instance of hot sauce punishment.

"Her purpose was good"? What? I wonder what the reaction would be if this were a child with Downs Syndrome. A blind child?

I have no words for this. 

CBS News

Not much is known about what causes autism spectrum disorders (ASDs), a group of developmental disorders characterized by social, communication and behavioral difficulties.

While they can't be cured, there are some treatments that may help manage the disorders. Early intervention is encouraged to obtain the best outcomes with a child's development, and include behavioral therapy to teach a child how to talk, walk and socialize with others. Dietary methods may be employed, which involve avoiding certain foods that may cause food allergies. Medication may help mange some of the symptoms like high energy levels, tantrums, aggression and depression.

But, doctors are still searching for more ways to treat those with autism. One new trial that has shown some early success uses whipworms (Trichuris suis), a parasitic intestinal worm.

Doctors at Montefiore Medical Center in New York City gave 10 high-functioning adults with autism whipworm eggs for 12 weeks. In total, they ate about 2,500 eggs every 2 weeks. They also spent 12 weeks taking a placebo.

The doctors found their patients were less likely to engage in repetitive behaviors and found it easier to adjust to their surroundings when on the worm egg regimen. . . .

The researchers believe the worms help based on the theory that autism may be an autoimmune disease. That theory suggests some of these disorders happen because a person doesn't have enough microbes or parasites earlier in their life. The worms may help the body build an immune response.

Whipworms have been deemed safe for human consumption, Hollander noted. The gut naturally gets rid of the whipworms every two weeks.

"The whipworm doesn't reproduce in the gut, and it doesn't penetrate the intestines, so it doesn't cause illness in humans," he explained.

The U.S. government estimates that one out of every 50 U.S. schoolchildren may have a form of autism, or about 1 million children. It affects children of every race, ethnic and socioeconomic background, and fives times as many boys as girls. However, minority children tend to be diagnosed 2.5 years later than white children, and a study suggested doctors diagnose autism in Hispanic children at much lower rates than other ethnicities.

Researchers believe the genetic risk factors, as well as taking the prescription drugs valproic acid and thalidomide, may increase the chance of developing the disorders.

Michelle Castillo at CBS News isn't worried about the fact that we don't know the cause of autism or how to cure it, even though she tells us that it affects one in every 50 U.S. schoolchildren. She states that genes along with prescription drugs, valproic acid, thalidomide increase the risk.

I doubt if she's looked into this at all. It seems she just picked out a couple of the things associated with autism and listed them. It's a little tedious to include the endless array of triggers associated with autism.

Notice that Castillo doesn't ask the researchers how come the immune system isn't functioning well in ASD kids. This study is the latest guess about autism, the medical mystery we'll never really understand.

Fox News

A new study has revealed that two novel - and somewhat unusual - therapies may help treat symptoms in individuals with autism.

One involves using hot tubs to raise body temperature - and the other involves the ingesting of parasitic worms.

Detailed at the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ACNP) Annual Meeting, this research helps to support the theory that disruptions in the body's inflammatory response may contribute to the onset of autism.

"There's been considerable evidence recently suggesting that inflammation may play an important role in mediating neuropsychiatric symptoms," lead author Dr. Eric Hollander, a professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, told FoxNews.com. "There's a hypothesis called the hygiene hypothesis, which claims that as people move from rural to urban areas, some of the gut flora that are present in rural areas are not present in urban areas, and that might be associated with some immune inflammatory illness."

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 88 children suffers from some form of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and growing evidence suggests that the condition may be a result of an overactive immune system - which results in high levels of inflammation.

This theory is supported by the fact that about a third of autistic individuals show clinical improvement when they have a fever. In response to high body temperature, the immune system may release protective anti-inflammatory signals in the body, which may explain the effect on autism symptoms.

To test this idea, Hollander and his team tried to mimic a fever by placing children with autism in hot baths - one set at 98 degrees Fahrenheit and one set at 102 degrees Fahrenheit. . . .

Eric Hollander may be linking the immune system and inflammation to the development of autism but he's not really interested in what damaged the immune system/caused the inflammation in the first place.

Hollander's worm therapy was talked about on Fox News last Jan.

Two years ago, Hollander told CNN that autism was strongly genetic, although the environment "can play a role." Again, what the possible triggers might be is a complete mystery.

Kim Stagliano wrote about Hollander and his plan to drug autistic kids back in 2008.

I guess we can just continue to guess about autism treatments and never show any real concern about what happened to make kids this way. And no one talks about preventing children from developing autism

Fox Business, Imus in the Morning

Deirdre Imus said this when asked about Bloomberg's call for mandatory flu shots for day care and preschool kids:

"This is insane. . . . The flu shot? To mandate it? . . . He put so many children at risk. There's mercury in these vaccines. There's no legitimate scientist who will tell you that is safe, that mercury is safe. Twenty-five micrograms of mercury. . . "

Alan Colmes: "The bigger point is that it should be up to the parents. . . ."

Deirdre: "The vaccine manufacturers. . . . There's no liability. They're not even held accountable if anything happens. Children have died from flu shots. Children get mitochondrial disorders, brain inflammation, encephalopathy, which leads to these 'autism-like symptoms'--cause they're still in denial about it causing autism. This is very serious because our children are getting 88 doses of diseases by the age of five. How does that even make logical sense."

As the guests joked about how strongly she felt about this, Deirdre said, "You know why? Because I know so much about the facts and what's been covered up and what the lie is that is being spun by the CDC."

Don: "But the parents have the option to opt out for medical or religious reasons."

Deirdre: "Go ahead, you'll see what happens. To opt out for religious reasons, you actually have to have a priest or someone write a letter. Then they challenge that letter. . .a "

The bantering went on about the pros and cons of this new requirement, then Deirdre said, "I want to hold Bloomberg accountable for when a child dies from the flu shot or gets autism or some other chronic illness because of the shot."

The coverage that this controversy is getting can't be good for those trying to convince us that there is no link to autism.  A mandate for this vaccine for just day care and preschool may not have seemed like a big deal.  It may have been proposed as a backdoor approach to eventually requiring a flu shot for all school children in NY City. 

The reality is that it's putting the whole debate over vaccines and autism right on the front page once again.

Thank you, Deirdre Imus, for talking about mercury and the absence of any liability. 

My High Plains, Amarillo, TX

Although a lot of people avoid them, vaccines are recommended. Experts say they can prevent viruses that could sicken people, and spread to their families and communities. . . .

For instance, each year, on average, about 60 people in the United States are reported to have measles, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But this year, experts are already seeing twice as many cases.

That could be in part because some are refusing to vaccinate their children believing that the measles, mumps, and Rubella or MMR vaccine causes Autism. . . .

There are no legitimate studies that show the MMR vaccine is linked to Autism. But still many children go unvaccinated.

There are studies, but they're not legitimate?  Telling people that studies show no link hasn't worked in the past, but they keep on saying it. I only posted two comments because links weren't allowed.


Victor B

My child has epilepsy. She receives injections of Ativan for a rescue medication. Last year I received a "notice" that the manufacturers had "overfilled" the injection vials. So, one wonders if many kids who have gotten autism from vaccines, did so, because the immuniation vial they happened to have had, was one that was "overfilled" with too much mercury....very plausible. Nobody really knows what is in every single immunization. It's like playing russian roulette. Maybe you get a good vaccine. Maybe you won't. That's pretty crazy.


Pursuing on the fever track I firstly found again an "old" review ( http://sfari.org/news-and-opinion/workshop-reports/2010/workshop-report-fever-and-autism ) and a more recent article which looks like promising : Megremi AS, Is fever a predictive factor in the autism spectrum disorders? http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23394936

"it is assumed that there are probably two subgroups of autistic children: those who have the possibility to develop acute febrile incidents and those who develop acute incidents without fever" "are autistic children, who develop fever, at a very critical stage in evolutionary terms, where it is very important not to lose the defense mechanism of fever development and thus mast use the fever repression methods (antipyretic drugs for example) with caution and chariness? If it is confirmed that autistic children with high fevers are of higher functionality, it is possible for preventive intervention programs to be developed where children are exposed to the least possible chemical drugs intervention (antipyretics, antibiotics, etc.) or even selective vaccination. Further experimental, epidemiological and clinical studies are necessary to investigate the above."


I'm sure vaccines are the major cause of autism. My son was breastfeeding perfectly in the hospital and then after his Hep B vaccine he couldn't latch on and had to be bottle fed. (Years later I found out about the study from University of Pennsylvania where the baby monkeys were given the HepB vaccine and could no longer nurse.)
My son had his 2 month and 4 month shots and turned pale white after each vaccination. He seemed to recover and go back to normal afterwards so I wasn't sure if it was a serious reaction. We told the doctor about it and he was so idiotic he kept vaccinating him anyway. After his MMR he became "autistic".
I wish I had done research on vaccines. It's too late doing research after a baby's been injured.
ObGyns need to be told that they should encourage mothers to research vaccines. Nobody ever told me to research vaccines, like most other people I just went along with it like a lemming. I'm planning to write my former ObGyn and tell him what happened and let him know women NEED to research vaccines before giving birth. He did everything he could to make the pregnancy go well and I know he wants babies to be healthy so maybe he'll do something to warn women. Maybe everyone should contact their ObGyn and tell them research is important during the pregnancy, it's too late to do the research after the babies been damaged by vaccines.


Not far from hot tub therapy : "Certainly, many other parts of the brain govern concentration and attention, but the locus coeruleus does one other thing too: it regulates fever. Generations of parents of autistic kids have reported that when their child runs a fever, the symptoms of autism seem to abate. When the fever goes down, the symptoms return. In 2007, a paper in the journal Pediatrics reported on that phenomenon and confirmed that, yes, the parents' observations are right. What no one had done before, at least not formally, was tie it to the locus coeruleus — that is, until Drs. Dominick Purpura and Mark Mehler of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine published the idea this week. " http://content.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,1889436,00.html


Great article again!

I often read the posts after articles that relate to vaccines, and lately I have noticed a slight change in the tactics of the media machine working for big pharma. They seem to have "Dumbed Down" their message.

Is it possible that they have begun to customize their headlines and blog posts for dumb people. Recently I read an article with the headline "I just got whooping cough, thanks Jenny McCarthy". Then, as I read through the comments, the trolls seem to have just gotten lazy.

Even if the real comment was well written and informative. The trolls would respond with things like "Did you finish high school", or "You're and idiot, I guess climate change is fake too right".

Is this actually working, I am well aware that the demographics of those who are not getting vaccinated are mostly educated and well off, but there are also very intelligent people who are vaccinating. Is obnoxious the new black for big pharma?

More importantly though, I have an idea. I am just another hardworking parent. But I truly believe the collective pro vaccine safety movement needs to finally organize and mobilize. There are so many people all over the world that are posting articles everyday on excellent websites. It is time those voices and issues are all posted to one mega site. The voice of the movement. A place that clearly states it's mission. Repeal the 1986 law, get the Vax unvax study done, and stop lives from being destroyed.

Any reputable site that has been doing good work for a few years would be invited to continue their site but have the opportunity to have their articles posted daily (with a link to their site). Also anyone with a movie launch or event, or upcoming march or protest, or even doctors and whistle blowers can inform people here.

It would be a way for news to get shared immediately from all around the world, with the ability to chose all major languages.

The job would be huge and the cost would also be substantial, but with so many people looking for change and the power of social media, it can be done. It can be done.

A multi national website that size, with that many links would drive enormous traffic and would generate huge advertising revenue. These funds would not only fund the site but an offensive. Billboards, Bus ads, TV commercials, an internet presence, more movies, social media drives. Big Pharma can't stop them all. Hell maybe a few trolls of our own!

The status quo is working, don't get me wrong, people are talking. But if the loudest voice wins, let it be ours.

This is just an idea. It would be amazing if perhaps the good hardworking folks at A of A that are constantly making things happen, might be able to have a brain storming session about this at their next meeting.

Hey I just checked, www.ourvoice.com is for sale ;)


Hi Benedetta,

I'm not saying that vaccines aren't causing brain and other kinds of damage. I'm just saying just like you wouldn't opt to fill your house with carbon monoxide, don't go and expose your family to high levels of EMF/RFR and be especially careful to safeguard fetuses and kids, because our government is asleep at the wheel. That's all I'm saying. How long do you think we can wait to address wireless? We are already bathed in it everywhere we go. The effects of these unprecedented exposures may be devastating and irreversible.

I don't think MRIs are as safe as they are claimed to be either.


Which means that when my son was having seizures from his vaccine reactions and he had an MRI and it made him more dizzy and sick at his stomach == the vaccine reaction came first and what ever the MRI did to him came second because of the vaccine reaction.


One problem at a time.

If we want to start down that path - then we have to wonder what the food allergies to wheat is all about.

As in the 1950s they went from a four foot high stalk of wheat to an 18 inch high, and also increased the content of gluten and gilidean by a lot in this new type of wheat.

So now that we have food allergies rampant to gluten -- something more than celiacs -- a whole new type of allery than celiacs and it is estimaated to involve 8 percent of the population while celiacs was only 1 percent.

So - is it because the vaccines are driving the immune system to react more or is it the wheat?

So since I saw a vaccine reaction -- well not "a" but many vaccine reactions in my family -- it is the vaccine. Vaccine reactions came first and what else follows - vaccine reaction came first.


Please forgive one more post on this. I was looking for this abstract to add to my comment earlier and couldn't find it:


Rev Environ Health. 2013;28(2-3):75-84. doi: 10.1515/reveh-2013-0004.

Radiation from wireless technology affects the blood, the heart, and the autonomic nervous system1).
Havas M.


Greg and all,

Also, please take a look at Dr. Herbert's abstract:

Pathophysiology. 2013 Jun;20(3):191-209. doi: 10.1016/j.pathophys.2013.08.001. Epub 2013 Oct 4.

Autism and EMF? Plausibility of a pathophysiological link - Part I.



If you see a lady walking up to complete strangers telling them not to put their cell phones to their heads or their laptops on their laps or to keep their cell phone away from their baby while talking or not to have wi-fi in their house or in their kids' schools, please stop and say hello, because that's me.

I've been following the EMF/RFR issue for several years now and there is no doubt that the public is not being protected from the out of control industries selling these technologies. Last year the AAP wrote to both Congress and the FCC imploring an immediate look into the safety standards that have not been revised since the 1990's. There is a lot of damning research that is being blocked from affecting policy.

No doubt vaccines cause some, if not most, autism. Radiation might also cause some cases. It might also make some vaccine induced autism worse or harder to treat. Like with vaccines, take a hard look at the facts and then protect your family. I tell everyone that will listen not to have wi-fi (it isn't necessary for anything and certainly is not worth the risk), not to have a wireless land line, not to put their cell on their body (head or anywhere else) and I wish that more people would wake up so that schools would not be able to be bought off by these industries to install these wireless technologies that are not only not known to be safe for children, but that, like vaccines, have a lot of ignored research showing clear hazards to humans and animals.

It's not just one thing or another, it's all of the above.


Vaccines cause autism.

That fact doesn't make harmless the radiation emitted from cell phones and other wireless technologies

Indeed Linda, I do agree that radiation emitted from cell phones are likely harmful. I also agree that GMO foods, and flouride in our water are also not good for us. In fact, there are countless toxic exposures that are not good for us. Suggesting any of them, however, could possibly explain the recent autism explosion is quite a stretch, and especially when all indicators are pointing to vaccines as the prime culprit.

It's analogous to a policeman showing up to the crime scene with an injured victim, and catching a suspect fleeing form the scene, with a weapon in his hand and blood on his clothes. And, instead of restricting the investigation to this prime suspect, the policeman throws him in a pool of suspects that may have had a 'beef' with the victim, and goes about investigating these other suspects.


Sorry, Greg, not Craig.

Heidi N

I still can't help but wonder what the autism rate will be in 20 years? And it's not just autism. Health issues are increasing in everyone, and mainstream medicine just ignores it all, as if there is nothing anyone can do. If you don't research how to supplement, decrease daily toxins, treat immune dysfunction, etc., then --- well there is no option nowadays. Learn, learn, learn.


I think you have some good information on your site. But your blanket statement that vaccines don't cause autism has no basis in fact. See the book, Age of Autism, for a history that does not include modern cell phones. I do think, however, that wireless technologies contribute in a major way to today's toxic load and could be at the very least a strong exacerbating factor. You make several assumptions and give advice that I don't think you should be giving on your site - too many to mention here. But just a few - you advise men to keep their cell phones in their breast pockets instead of their pants pockets. That might move the strength of the radiation away from the gonads, but it moves it straight to the heart (cardiologist Steven Sinatra is among many doctors warning of cardiac effects of wireless in some people http://www.drsinatra.com/how-to-protect-childrens-healthand-yours-in-a-wireless-world). Note that cell phone instruction manuals warn not to wear cell phones anywhere on the body. I believe they are supposed to be kept at least 5/8" away. You also don't mention the pervasive radiation given off by wi-fi and wi-max and from other devices in the home and workplace. You say that cell phones are otherwise safe as long as they are kept out of men's pockets, but the research doesn't support that. Even the WHO has classified cell phones and wireless as a "possible human carcinogen". I think you should refer readers to more authoritative and comprehensive sites to draw conclusions about cell phone and wireless safety.


Rick, I'm with Craig. Unfortunately, I don't think the trend in autism will be "reversed" by this site's ideas/gizmos. It would be great if it did but since some things like mercury are clearly mutagenic, this would be an obvious one to study thoroughly. The fact that you would just say "science clearly shows they don't cause autism" shows me that you really haven't looked at the issue. Clearly many of the studies have been manipulated or have poor design (such as the Thorsen/Madsen study which counted more autism patients on an outpatient bases once thim was removed making it look like autism actually increased after it was removed, which was ridiculous. I believe I just saw where flu vaccine safety was checked against a hep A vaccine which is not a true placebo. Seriously. Why do you think the vaccine safety studies the CDC offers are "good" or conclusive? I would be happier if a lot more physiological safety studies were done on vaccine effects and bio-markers such as head circumference, gut flora, etc. etc.


Vaccines cause autism.

That fact doesn't make harmless the radiation emitted from cell phones and other wireless technologies. See BioInitiative.org and especially Dr. Herbert's chapter on autism - section 20. http://www.bioinitiative.org/ Also see Devra Davis' site EnvironmentalHealth.org. Part of her campaign is to teach kids (and others) how to "practice safe phone".



This is the second time I came across the spiel that mens cell phones are causing the autism spike. So let me get this clear: These mutated genes caused by cellphone usage results in many kids developing normally, only to dramatically regressed into autism at the precise time that vaccines are given, and without vaccines playing any causal role?

Rick, I don't mean to sound facetious, but you have a lot more explaining to do?

Rick Smalley

www.WhyAutismHappens.com used science to show that vaccines are not causing autism. I'm not a big vaccine supporter in general, but the science clearly shows they don't cause autism.


Good for Deirdre. It's no joke to someone who suffers a serious adverse event like Guillaume Barre. Research shows children are not so much benefitted by this vaccine.


One of the science magazine had an article about whip worms five years ago saying that it might help adults with irritable bowel.

It is found in raw pork, but then so is Trichomoniasis and that is not a benign parasite at all.

So where to get those whip worms cause it is hardly something you ask a typical doctor for.

Laura Hayes

Wow…60 people with measles per year in the U.S. (which most of our parents and grandparents had and survived just fine). THAT is supposed to shock and/or scare us?! Let's talk about how many young kids were diagnosed last year with Autism, Diabetes 1, Seizure Disorder, Asthma, Life-Threatening/Life-Altering Food Allergies, Cancer, Learning/Behavioral/Sensory Problems, Major GI Issues, and let's say it again…AUTISM?!!!

Wake up, you ridiculous doctors, reporters, and government officials…measles is NOT the problem! VACCINES and their fallout are! DUH!

Thank you so much, Anne, for your daily reporting on the trash in our papers across the country. Although it's 99.9% rubbish, it is important that we keep tabs on it. The U.S. must be the laughingstock of the world by now as we purposefully poison our own citizens via vaccines, "foods", chemicals, and pesticides. It doesn't get much dumber than that.

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