Autism: "No One Knows"
Did Nurse Melody Butler Disclose Vaccine Industry Ties on Fox?


Jeannette Bishop

Thank you Canary Party and AoA for making this video available.

Thanks also to Ralph Hazlehurst and Mary Holland for all your work regarding the NVICP.

cia parker

There's an old song with the chorus: "It's the same the whole world over, It's the poor as gets the blame, It's the rich as has the pleasure, Ain't it all a bleeding shame?" You're right, revolution is brewing, and it is very surprising that most of the poor at this time are just doffing their caps to the reverend doctors and get into line for their shots.

kathy blanco

My disclosure from the get go would not be in favor of her statement that vaccines are safe, effective or fact, if she has really taken in the damage of what vaccines have done...which she has...she would disclose in the fashion that parents once did partake of this bitter cup and did shrink...and their faith no longer lies/lyes on the white coat ways...ok, more eloquently said...i am anti vaccine, i am pro science, and i am not a, i am astounded with this political correctness stance...and oh..that law that was passed screwed us over nine times. My children who reacted far after the said three day window, and not being able to seek damages this far down the road is just wrong, clearly, wrong.


Hannah Poling is the daughter of a neurologist father and a nurse/attorney mother. Imagine what might have happened if she had been dealt with in vaccine court the same way Michelle Cedillo was.

Social class is the reason for the different outcomes in these two cases, in my opinion, and I'm surprised that more people aren't talking about it.

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