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"Bought" A Film By Jeff Hays and Bobby Sheehan Matching Fund Campaign

Bought MovieA New York based foundation is MATCHING EVERY DOLLAR RAISED, UP TO $150,000! Lets make a movie that blows the lid off Monsanto, Big Pharma and Vaccines!

Indiegogo Fund Raising for BOUGHT HERE.


Bought is a film about the issue of health being sold out from underneath individuals through big pharmaceutical companies, dangerous vaccinations and a food supply chain contaminated by the use of GMO’s. Jeff Hays started Capstone Entertainment in the mid-nineties and built a production/distribution company to a multi-million dollar level and won numerous awards in children’s programming. One of Jeff’s most notable films was Fahrenhype 9/11, which he produced in 2004 featuring Ron Silver, Dick Morris, Senator Zell Miller, Mayor Ed Koch and others. This film generated millions in revenue and was widely accepted by the public and received positive reviews from the NY Times, Variety and other media. In 2005, Jeff produced On Native Soil where he was short-listed for an Academy Award. He also produced My Workout on Lifetime Television for a year and most recently released Doctored which has already sold over 150,000 copies. Bought is currently scheduled to be released Spring 2014. For more information go to or contact Renee Stewart at 866.519.5445 or

Jeff Hays  announced that principal photography has begun on the new documentary film – Bought. A new crowd funding campaign at has an early trailer. Bought is a film dedicated to uncovering, exposing and highlighting the facts all individuals have a right to know. Andrew Wakefield may have been credited for the global awakening of the potential relationship between MMR vaccinations and autism, which has been highly controversial and debated heavily, but Bought is committed to uncovering the facts so each person can make the decision that is right for him or her.

Landmark cases have been won this year in U.S. Vaccine Court, granting families of autistic children financial awards for the damage caused to their children by vaccinations. For the first time ever, several of these families have agreed to be interviewed on camera, and let their stories be heard publicly.

“Andrew Wakefield has a role in this film because there is new evidence that has been uncovered that suggests his findings were correct. The media has tried him and virtually ruined his reputation. I’m here to expose the facts because I believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. However, it appears much of the medical/industrial/governmental machine is about sacrificing a few, for the supposed greater good of others,” said Jeff Hays, producer of Bought. “We intend to ignite a national conversation that involves parents nationwide and stirs the curiosity of millions. I want to ignite that innate portion of our human instinct that is designed to question and ultimately protect each of us from harm. I know this is controversial, and it should be. The days of just accepting what the medical community, the media and the government say should be gone.” 

The American Academy of Pediatrics says that vaccines work, that vaccines are safe, and that vaccines are necessary. Yet:

 Over 5,000 cases alleging a causal relationship between vaccinations and autism have been filed under the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program in the US Court of Federal Claims between 2001 and 2009

The US Court of Federal Claims Office of Special Masters, between 1988 and 2009, has awarded compensation to 1,322 families whose children suffered brain damage from vaccines
Over $2 billion dollars has been awarded to families who have been injured or killed by vaccine reactions by this “Vaccine Court.”

About 30,000 cases of adverse reactions to vaccines have been reported annually to the federal government since 1990, with 13% classified as serious, meaning associated with permanent disability, hospitalization, life-threatening illness or death.

Autism has skyrocketed from 1 in 10,000 to nearly 1 in 38 American children (according to some reports)

“I was warned not to include Andrew Wakefield in the production of this film.” said Jeff Hays. He’s a lightening rod, and can automatically draw criticism to a project that has just begun. But this film isn’t about defending Andrew, the facts are going to vindicate Andrew Wakefield. This film is to help people determine what kind of country we want to live in: either one where we each have personal medical freedom…or one where the government decides what’s best for our children.”

According to Web MD, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the CDC, the World Health Organization and the Institute of Medicine all agree that there’s probably no relationship between autism and vaccines. However, even Senator John McCain stated on the campaign trail that he thought there was “pretty strong evidence” that some vaccines cause autism.

Parents are bombarded with tons of information and Jeff is dedicated to providing one source of education and to create a portal where answers can be found. Experts are being interviewed and never before information is being revealed.

Jeff Hays and Bobby Sheehan decided to enlist the public in the fund raising activities and are hosting their campaign on the popular Indigogo site, at They are one-third of the way to the fund-raising goal, which is further evidence of the power of crowd funding, especially with such a controversial topic as this.

Jeff’s parting comment, “Just look at the fact that it wasn’t until 1998 that the U.S. Public Health Service Group determined that thimerosal could give children a dose of mercury that exceeded the limit considered safe by government standards. Every person has the right to know what they are consuming or being given by the medical community.”

What experts are saying:

Toni Bark, M.D.: "What we see today is frightening and it needs to wake everybody up. We've gone from looking at things scientifically to looking at what's best for the industry. We didn't used to see all these chronic debilitating diseases. It's time for a change."

Barbara Loe Fisher: "We've tripled the numbers of doses of vaccine we're giving our children. We have seen this increase in chronic immune and brain dysfunction. A mother must have the right to make a decision."

Gayle Delong, Ph.D.: "We need to have the vaccinated vs unvaccinated study. That study has never been done. They have so many conflicts of interest. My only interest is to get my two daughters well."

Sherri Tenpenny, D.O.: "By 2014, hospitals need to have a vaccination rate for flu shots of 95 percent or greater or they're going to have a reduction in their Medicare reimbursements. It's a business."

Mary Holland: "We have a pipeline of hundreds of vaccines. It's a $30 billion a year industry. The government has said, we want all children to be vaccinated. They're safe and effective for everybody. Now, the evidence doesn't suggest that."

James Chestnut, M.Sc., D.C. "The policy comes from government and where does the government get their data? From the people who make the drugs or the vaccines. That's dangerous."

Gordon Schnell: "Our clients were directed to falsify the data. If one of the major vaccine manufacturers in this country is not being forthright with efficacy, then this is something that needs to come forward."

Allen Jones: "I encountered improper payments by the pharmaceutical industry to key state officials to implement a drug protocol at a state level. These drugs were not nearly as efficacious or safe as the drug companies were pretending they were. I was told, back off."

Schnell: "Part of the explanation was the words, 'business decision.'"

Dawn Loughborough: "Drugs that get approved through the FDA, fifty percent of them get pulled off the shelf because they do in fact fail. We have deep pockets marketing how things are going."

Bill Maher: "Obama said in 2007, we would label genetically modified food."

Video insert of Obama saying, 'Because Americans should know where their food comes from."

Bark: "Genetically modified food is the next big thing for share holders, for investors, for the industry. It is one big experiment that the industry wants you to be a part of."

Tara Cook-Littman: 'The number one argument that we heard was that labeling would confuse consumers.

Jayson Catton: "GMOs are banned in multiple countries across the world. We created genetically modified food, so are we going to ban it here? Of course not. Monsanto is an American company. Their goal is to dominate the seeds globally."

Patrick Gentempo, D.C.: "Just the idea that we shouldn't label something what it is because people might not buy if we do, it's horrific, it's unethical. It's sickening."

Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D.: "Diabetes, obesity, kidney failure, Alzheimer's Disease, autism--all of these diseases are matched with the use of Roundup on GMO corn and soy. I would think Monsanto would be terrified for people to find out how bad their product is on our health."

Loughborough: "You see honey bees disappearing in the environment because of pesticides. It's very much a mirror of what's going on in the environment."

Bark: "Agriculture and pharma, they're really one consortium. We've allowed organizations to become so big that there's no way there could be a moral compass there. We have to demand better."

Cook-Littman: "The politicians have to listen to their constituents."

Loe-Fisher: "Until we get active in this country and fight for our right to be able to make informed choices, we're going to be in handcuffs."

Cook-Littman: "This is about taking back the legislative process. Who better to do it than people fighting for their children's futures?



As of monday, march 31rst, they are only $5,000 short of making this movie happen.
Please repost this article to give it the last push!
We need this movie out there!


Just viewed the promo trailer; fantastic! Good to see so many are waking up on a global scale. Wishing these folks all the best.

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