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By Dan Olmsted

Epidemics are simple, my colleague and co-author Mark Blaxill says. They have beginnings in time and place, they spread in ways that ultimately reveal their origins, and they end when their essence is understood and further cases are prevented.

The autism epidemic is no exception, although the medical-industrial complex wants you to think so, and the mainstream media is only too happy to grant their wish (and scoop up their ad dollars). Autism is a mystery, it's genetic, but many genes, many, many genes and gene-environment interactions and something something about older moms and better awareness and Prozac and maybe freeways and deisel fuel and icky stuff like that.

No! That is not the ticket.

Autism represents a particular kind of environmental injury in susceptible children. It had a precise beginning, in the 1930s when the chemical compound that caused the first cluster, ethyl mercury, was first commercialized. It simmered along as that exposure remained fairly steady for half a century. Then, like a raisin in the sun, it exploded a half century later when one of the commercial uses of ethyl mercury -- as a preservative in multidose childhood vaccines-- was suddenly ramped up.

Other manmade toxins, and other exposures from organic mercury developed in the interval, and the CDC's bloated, too many too soon vaccine schedule, no doubt kicked up the number of cases of early infant brain damage manifesting as the autistic behavioral syndrome. But the inauguration, and later the explosion, of ethyl mercury tracks clearly with the same trajectory as autism -- a real twofer! In a sense it is a challenge-rechallenge situation, the kind of evidence scientists consider proof of causation  but, because it is autism, have to claim is coincidence.

But because it is so simple, and ultimately self-evident, it doesn't take very long to make the case -- just under 15 minutes, actually. This summer, Mark, Teresa Conrick, Natalie Palumbo and I told the first part of the story in a 10 minute video titled, How Mercury Triggered The Age of Autism.

It showed how we went from essentially zero cases before 1930 to the first 11, identified by Leo Kanner in his landmark 1943 medical paper, Autistic Disturbances of Affective Contact. Those families' backgrounds, we showed, had an astonishing and otherwise inexplicable link to the new ethyl mercury compounds-- in agriculture via seed disinfectants and lumber preservatives, and in medicine for multidose vials of ethyl mercury-preserved diphtheria toxoid vaccines.

For God's sake, the father of Case 2 was a plant pathologist at North Carolia State whose first paper in his archive there is an experiment with mercury!  The archives contain a notation that he was working with ethyl mercury in 1936 at the same time his son was born. This fact, confirmed by a brochure for the product in his archives, is the smoking gun of the autism epidemic, we've argued.

Now cut to exactly 50 years later. In 1986, Congress approved the Vaccine Injury  Compensation  Act, and despite its helpful sounding name, all hell broke loose -- hell in the form of the autism epidemic. Since then, autism has soared by a factor of 10 or 20 times, as the number of vaccines increased as a result of the liability-free world the act created for the pharmaceutical companies. The amount of mercury kids were getting tripled, and the timing got far more dangerous -- flu shots with mercury for pregnant women, HepB shots for babies within hours of birth.

In 1999, the Feds briefly woke up from their half-century asleep at the switch, and realizing the giant doses of organic mercury going into babies, phased it out of "all but" the flu shot, which they then increased coverage for, leaving the total age- dose exposure roughly the same. Parents who noticed the soaring autism rate beginning in the mid 1990s blamed the vaccine and mercury explosion, but the powers that be buried the evidence.

Most especially they buried it at the CDC and in vaccine "court," the vehicle that had caused the damage in the first place by allowing the unchecked proliferation of increasingly useless and untested vaccines.

For a while they got away with it, even kicking 5,000 families out of vaccine court, every single one of whom had the simultaneous deluded idea they had witnessed their child get a shot, get sick, and regress into autism. But parents who've seen their children's lives destroyed are a prickly bunch, and they went after the truth with a vengeance, along with a couple of brave independent journalists (David Kirby and Sharyl Atkisson). The parents produced a brilliant study titled Unanswered Questions, the main question being, if vaccines don't  cause autism, how come the vaccine court has awarded dozens of children with regressive autism compensation for vaccine injuries?

Now, not to overuse the world brilliant, but the Canary Party and Rob Schneider have put together a brilliant video about how all this went down and why it caused and is continuing to cause the autism epidemic. It's under five minutes long, which makes me feel like a windbag for taking almost 10 minutes to show, along with Mark and Teresa and Natalie, how mercury triggered the rise of autism in the first place. I think it's because Rob Schneider talks faster than I do. He certainly draws faster!

Be that as it may, just in time for the run up to Congressional hearings on Vaccine Court in November, we have now neatly bookended the Age of Autism, from how it started, to why it exploded, to the way it can end.  All in 15 minutes or less, viewable on your smartphone.

How simple is that?

Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.com



Oh, and Offit is now on the bandwagon with a lot of power behind him to - not - take vitamins.

It is like they are trying to keep up that population control at all cost.

By the way the one child policy -- has been going really strong too - even when they found out that the population will decline a lot more than they thought - because all the Chinese wanted a boy and now there are few brides to be found. And still there is a one child policy in place.


Truth seeker:
B12 video was very good.
In Dr. Wakefield's book: He describes that at Royal Free Hospital the children with bowel problems, and autism that came about after an MMR Shot had high levels of B 12 in their blood.

Which meant that it was not being absorbed, and it was suggested a different form of B 12 be taken.

So; We have a large group of researchers claiming gluten is causing the same symptoms as the B 12.

We also have leading the way of researching gluten senstivity which is different from celiacs a - former - researcher - for -- vaccines.

What is the link in all of this?

Truthseeker 2

Thank you Cherry, yes, the numbers of those who are aware grow every day and it is threatening for the pharmaceutical public health cabal. Here is another article detailing vitamin D deficiency in the US. Particularily affected are women, Black and Hispanic populations. Maybe Dr. Offit is aware of this?
Quite predictable, I am afraid, that they invited a young doctor to speak on this issue rather than a nutritionist. The vitamin B-12 video I linked to is very, very good.


Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Truthseeker - thankyou very much for the information that some meds lead to vitamin deficiencies. It isnt only Paul Offit criticizing vitamin consumption ; there is clearly an orchestrated plan- with CNN jumping on the anti vitamin bandwagon, pretending to be interested in the truth. This I watched on CNN in India, and I am surprised that no one has yet mentioned it here and on some other websites : Naturally, they did not invite a nutritionist to be interviewed , but instead some random young doctor (DOCTORS KNOW EVERYTHING YOU KNOW) And those great minds- Anderson Cooper and Sanjay Gupta wondering aloud if it was really necessary to take vitamins. They , naturally, decided that mostly it was not- I think it is to be noted that if you dont take vitamins, you probably wont take minerals also, and some of those are now being shown to be important as anti-cancer agents. And if you dont take vitamins and minerals, you probably wont bother to tune in to Dr. Mercola and other holistic health practitioners who might tell you to stop taking vaccines and to get the mercury out of your teeth. I hope that this is one more sign that the pharmaceutical-public health cabal is concerned that too many of us know the truth and our numbers grow with each passing day.

Truthseeker 2



You will note that Iceland and Sweden have the lowest rates of autism and also the lowest vaccines recommended (11).

Even the Wikipedia when discussing incidence, refers to the fraudulent Danish study done by Madsen, Thorsen bunch which doesn't make them look so credible.
Norway has a prevalence from 0.21-0.87% and "medthodological factors explain large variance in prevalence rates."

Truthseeker 2

Friends, here is a very interesting video on vitamin B 12 deficiency:


I was just talking with someone the other day about the absurdity of Paul Offit's rant and stance against vitamins. Does he not know that there are many people who are on medications that leave them susceptible to vitamin deficiencies? These can include birth control pills as well as gastric medications and that is not including the fact of the basic North American diet being sub- optimal.

In this video a Pediatrician reached the point of nerve damage due to this particular deficiency.

cia parker

Youre not paying attention. Vaccines can cause autism even without mercury, just by dint of the brain damage caused by an exaggerated inflammatory reaction caused by every vaccine. The inflammation is what causes the body to produce antibodies. Many peoples immune systems, whether from genetic programming, vulnerability from being newborn with a very delicate, undeveloped immune system, or environmental factors (what Hilary Butler calls epigenetic factors), react too enthusiastically to the perceived threat of injected antigens and the necessary inflammation becomes excessive, involves the brain, and cuts off blood flow, resulting in a particular kind of brain damage called autism. Mercury (and aluminum, etc.) do horrible damage on their own, which can also result in autism. Scandinavia and Europe have a fraction of the autism we do, because they give far fewer vaccines, and only give the hep-B at birth if the mother is infected with hep-B, which puts them far ahead of the game. The rate of autism in these countries is close to our rate in the 1970s, before the potentised MMR with far more mumps virus (1990), the Hib vaccine (1988), and the hep-B at birth (1991), plus all the other vaccines since added, which most countries do not give. Our autism rate took off from 1988 on. As Dan pointed out, they took mercury out of most vaccines (very belatedly, they gave it to my baby in 2000 in the hep-B shot a year after Congress found the shot to be very dangerous and never to be given with mercury). But it is still in many vaccines in trace amounts which are still ten times over the limit for hazardous waste and a hundred times the limit in drinking water. It is still in the multidose vial of Fluzone vaccine and several other brands in full force, 50 mcg of thimerosal per dose, which supermarkets at this minute are promoting to be given to infants six months up to 65 years, when they should switch to the preservative (mercury) free stronger version (to brush off responsibility when it causes Alzheimers). In 2004, for the first time it was recommended to give infants and children the flu shot every year. In my copy of the book Whole Child, Healthy Child, the pediatrician authors, totally pro-vaccine, say that the flu vaccine should not be given to children as the risks of the vaccine outweigh the benefits, as flu is so rarely dangerous in children. Book published in 2000, before the new and ridiculous recommendation, which, as Dan said, meant that children following the schedule get tremendous amounts of mercury over time. Many people are genetically programmed to store the mercury in the brain rather than excrete it, and those are the people who develop neurological problems from the stored mercury.


You come on here a lot and ask a smug question, that you really don't want to know the answer to because you think you know it already.
Sellers you too.

Neither of you have held your nine month old baby in your arms --six hours after he received his third vaccine and watched a catastrophic reacton- the third time that little baby had been re-challenged by a vaccine injury -- You have never had to feel terrified and a fool at the same time.

Nor have you all watch your own child's pupils enlarge untill you can fall into them and be lost in that blackness of his eyes that you are sure is death!

If you had you would be humble and not so smug.


What should have been the first clue??? Some more best of AoA.

Kanner's Autism Case #7


Seventy-three years ago, Elizabeth Peabody Trevett, a pediatrician and pioneer in promoting mass vaccination for infants, gave birth to a boy named John who became the ...seventh child ever diagnosed.... with autism.

She presumably vaccinated her baby, and perhaps herself while pregnant, with the same shots she administered to her own patients.

One of those shots, the newly developed diphtheria toxoid, was the first to contain the ethyl mercury preservative, thimerosal.

Her son John was born in November 1937.

“Too many parents, said Dr. Peabody, have the proper shots given and then relax, forgetting that booster shots are needed and that immunization does wear off. Speaking specifically of some of the most prevalent ailments, she stated that a child ...cannot be vaccinated against smallpox too often... and it should be done for the first time when a baby is between three months and one year of age.

In the case of diphtheria, booster shots are extremely

Eileen Nicole Simon

Clamping the umbilical cord immediately at birth is another medical protocol adopted in the mid 1980s, at the same time the vaccine schedule was ramped up. Vaccines are far more visible as a possible cause of harm.

Many people regard clamping the umbilical cord as the natural thing to do. However, the 2011 edition of the Textbook of Neonatal Resuscitation states that 10% of newborns require assistance to begin breathing at birth [p2]. Most appalling is the statement, “After birth, the newborn will no longer be connected to the placenta and will depend on the lungs as the only source of oxygen.” [p4] A totally erroneous description follows of how the lungs expand at birth.

The effect of delay in onset of breathing at birth was described in research done in the 1950s and 60s by William F. Windle. Most readily available is his article in the October 1969 issue of the Scientific American. He provided graphic evidence of damage to nuclei in the auditory pathway. This should long ago have been viewed as relevant to developmental language disorder.

Nuclei in the brainstem auditory pathway have higher blood flow than any other area of the brain. Thus the auditory pathway is also susceptible to damage from toxic substances. Windle pointed out that asphyxia at birth damages the blood-brain barrier (BBB) thus increasing the severity of injury by toxic substances in the circulation. Bilirubin was the example he used.

Autism is a neurological disorder, a disorder of language development. The discussion of all causes of autism must be on how the brain is affected. If the evidence provided by Windle is considered “too old” then new research must be insisted upon on how anoxia and toxic substances affect the brain.

REFERENCE: Kattwinkel J, ed. Textbook of Neonatal Resuscitation. 6th ed. Elk Grove Village, IL: American Academy of Pediatrics; 2011


OK if this "hypothesis" is true please explain the zero effect on autism incidence since the effective removal of thiomersal from vaccines in Scandinavia & Europe 20 years ago and the more recent removal of the vast majority of thiomersal in vaccines in the US schedule otherwise why on earth do you keep linking thiomersal with autism, it's gone what's your explanation that there has been no effect on autism???

cia parker

E. Sellers,
While mercury is responsible for a horrifying amount of autism, it is not the only cause. Just the inflammatory reaction of the immune system to any vaccine can cause encephalitis and its concomitant brain damage, including autism. Judy Converse, in her book When Your Doctor is Wrong: Autism and the Hep B Vaccine, explains why she thinks the hep-B vaccine, which caused autism in her son and my daughter, can do so with or without mercury. In the book The Age of Autism the case of an apparently autistic child was included who reacted to the smallpox vaccine in the early nineteenth century (which never included mercury). One of Kanners (my computer has stopped doing apostrophes, sorry) original cohort of autistic children had reacted to the smallpox vaccine. Of course the MMR causes a lot of autism without mercury, although that may be because of the live viruses in the vaccine potentiated by stored heavy metals from previous vaccines.
There is a genetic tendency to react to vaccines: everyone in my family has it. But it makes us react to vaccines with permanent damage: if we dont get vaccines we are fine. Are you sure your uncle and his son never got any vaccines before becoming autistic? Is your uncle mildly affected that he was able to marry and have a son? The smallpox vaccine was eventually given nearly everywhere after starting about 1800, mandated for long periods of time in Europe and English-speaking countries. Hilary Butler gives a list of many experimental vaccines used for relatively short periods of time in many places, for many things, including scarlet fever and acne. Scientists realized over a hundred years ago that any injection of anything could cause serum sickness (allergies, sometimes fatal), from the immune system reaction to it. Early prototypes of the pertussis vaccine started to be used a hundred years ago. The diphtheria vaccine started to be used in about 1920, but mercury wasnt included until the early 1930s. It is also possible for mercury poisoning to cause autism even without having been injected, as in the case of the only unvaccinated Amish boy who lives close to an electricity-generating plant. There was no autism before the industrial revolution. There was vanishingly little autism before vaccines, and little autism even after the mercury-containing DPT started to be used after WWII, until the big DPT public health campaigns of the 1960s put autism within the reach of all. And then, of course, the autism explosion after 1988, when the mercury-containing Hib was added to the schedule (which also started the peanut allergy epidemic), and 1991, when the hep-B at birth started to be given in the U.S.


Dan; You are astounded that you can't get any dry cat litter under the spinning wheels of what were the professions of the first parents of Kanner's first kids with autism.

For God's sake! Indeed!

So; what are we all to think? That everyone in this line of work is just plain foolish and yet smart enough to put a carbon on Hg, and put it in vaccines. That it was just plain dumb and foolish NIH and CDC workers that just forgot to count up the sum total of mercury in the vaccine schedule???


The CDC and NIH workers were all kind of pushed into a corner earlier this decade; when in front of national TV, in the middle of a Congressional Meeting -- they suddenly confronted, and were surprised that parents can actually add and COUNT too! ----- These then foolish guys reluctantly exchanged mercury for more aluminum. Aluminum along with fluoride in the water. Aluminum along with mercury in flu shots. Aluminum along with traces of "mercury" in the vaccines that they said they can't remove all of it -- that would be impossible.

But guess what -- they are putting-- it---- back--- in!

When you look up the subject of population control on wiki; there is a long history of that kind of thinking. Way back as far as 600 BC in India, writings about thinking of controlling the population was preserved.

Most of the time when the population is growing it is always thought to be very bad. People think it is bad when there is a sudden rise in population; as in Europe in the 17 and 18th century.

Scotland, Ireland, Ukrainian provinces, even in the north near or middle east; the Armenians; Always - not new!

Modern times it has been Ethiopians , or the areas near Greece across the Aegean Sea, Pol Pot in Cambodia, one child policy in China.

7 billion sounds like a lot of people, but is it really?

We all could easily fit into one city --- Paris or Los Angeles -- and to my surprise -- not shoulder to shoulder, but with some comfortable space around us.

But there are traitors amongst us - usual leaders we put over us - that want to be good stewards of the earth -

That is what we are; When we are in control of animals we have to think ahead; what number of animals can we support and keeps; dogs, cats, chickens, cows, horses, -- the human brain has always thought to control these things so why would not our leaders think the same thing about us.

E. Sellers

I agree it is genetic, I don't agree to blame any chemicals. My uncle was autistic before the use of those chemicals, he was born in 1911.His son is also autistic. There are 11 members of this family that suffer the problem.


There is no place left for the deniers to run without making themselves totally obsolete. They will need to accept their own humanity and the truth that people make mistakes, that there are some bad folks out there willing to capitalize on mistakes instead of correcting them, and that the majority of people are good folks who want and will make the correct decisions. The only way forward is to salvage what's left of the system that is good on the front end and position themselves as the heroes who discovered the mistake and the problem and moved quickly to correct it. By doing this the politicians in the know will be able to disassociate themselves from the scandal. The incoming p.s will lead the charge and in the process keep themselves "clean" while protecting the old guard from liability until they are old and dying, at which point the new old guard can look back and point their clean fingers at dead people and claim their own integrity. By then, vaccine court will have been closed down, liability and responsibility placed back on manufacturers, thanks to savy governments such as China willing to put the brakes on conflict of interest. A generation of reduced autism will be in place, and at that point, maybe the government will talk about compensation and care for the remaining victims as the numbers will finally be low enough to afford. The only question is which representative will be the one who gets the statue in DC next to Lincoln for freeing the chemically enslaved. Ready, set, go . . .


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