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Autism: "No One Knows"


By Cathy Jameson

This post originally ran in December 2011.  I wanted to rerun this piece with some updates after reading some recent autism news that discussed an infant eye gaze study:  In a study published Wednesday, researchers using eye-tracking technology found that children who were found to have autism at age 3 looked less at people’s eyes when they were babies than children who did not develop autism. But contrary to what the researchers expected, the difference was not apparent at birth. It emerged in the next few months and autism experts said that might suggest a window during which the progression toward autism can be halted or slowed.”

Funny that they state, “…the difference [in eye gaze] was not apparent at birth.  It emerged in the next few months…” They make the very same correlation many of us have reported:  our child was healthy at birth…but something happened over the next few months.  

Hmmm, I wonder what typically happens over those next few months? 

*cough* vaccines *cough*

While I’m happy that autism research is being done, it’s too bad that some of the money used on this study, and the high tech gadgetry it required, couldn’t have been transferred to the vaccinated vs. unvaccinated study we’ve asked to be conducted. 

No One seems to want to get that study underway...


If you read the mainstream news the message is still the same:  No One knows why the dramatic rise in autism is happening.  They should just ask Anne Dachel or some of my friends.  We’d be able to fill them in.  We’d cut to the chase and say exactly what we believe causes autism.  But, No One wants to really listen to us and we continue to be ignored.  We’ll still see a continuation of these types of studies being reported in the news because No One really knows why there’s such a rise in autism.  November 2011 saw not one but two stories come out on causes of autism:

- Autism is linked to the changing role of women in society

- Autism is linked to clever parents

Before you walk away from the computer in disbelief, those two causes don’t sound too far- fetched when compared to the other list of other reasons and causes being circulated.   Rest assured that real research dollars were spent on these studies which means some sort of official entity blessed the time spent to dig up these details.  Causes of autism have been linked:

- to college-educated parents

- to older fathers

- to older mothers

- to big-boobed women

- to cold/distant mothers

- to how close to the highway one lives

- to prenatal ultrasound

- to newborn jaundice

- to low birth weight

- to Tylenol use after vaccinations

- to larger head size

- to watching too much television

That’s quite a list of causes, don’t you think!  I’m not sure who benefited besides some of us parents getting a good chuckle while reading “the latest” from the research world.  The list hits upon men, women, educational status, goes back to berate the women, peeks at baby’s development but forgets something oh so common.  While some genetics can play a role in an autism diagnosis I’m pretty sure news sources and researchers forgot that yes indeed, autism is a man-made epidemic.  That means something that someone made for kids is now doing damage to those kids. 

One of the most overlooked yet common medical “interventions” many children experience has escaped being researched again--vaccines.  Why is it so painfully difficult to ask someone to please just look at them?  Vaccines are pushed everywhere.  EVERYWHERE.  You’d think someone in the research field would put two and two together and have an a-ha moment.  It wasn’t so hard for many parents to have that moment.  Parents didn’t celebrate it in the same sense that of these official studies when they are published--“A-ha!  We found another reason for autism! But, we really didn’t, so let’s go back to funding more useless research!” 

Parents made a common connection to their child’s autism in those vaccines that No One will consider.   No One pretends to not know, and No One cares about that connection.  No One cares because they make big money off of vaccines.  No One cares because they can push them in schools.  They can advertise them in the deli at the grocery store.  They can plaster vaccine propaganda all over the drug store.  They can mandate flu shots and vaccine injections while airing their ilk on syndicated TV shows.  Vaccines are everywhere yet nowhere, especially nowhere near autism research.

No One wants to look at vaccines and how they are the most accessible item pushed on parents.  Every other month for the first year of life parents are offered many vaccines.  No One wants to see how many have been added to the incredibly full list of doses.  Instead, more vaccines keep being added.  More children walk into the world of autism or developmental delayed or severely allergic to everything status.  No One has researched enough to really know how each vaccines works with (or against) another on that huge list.  No One wants to listen to parents who start to ask questions about all those vaccines.  No one will admit parents just might be onto something.   It’s too bad because with the growing vaccine schedule and increasing autism rates, enough candidates for a vaccine-causes-autism study probably exists.  No One knows what causes autism….unless you do.

I’m sure another clever “study” will be unveiled again soon.  It’ll be planned to throw some of us off even though we probably know more than the researchers.  I’d love to be a fly on the wall to wherever it is that study is decided.  If vaccines are brought up I wonder if they’re quietly swept off the agenda.

Imagine this scene playing out: 

People in white lab coats sit around a table.  A deck of cards is brought from a locked black box.  The deck is labeled ‘STUDY’ and placed in the middle of the table.  Several company logos adorn the cards.  The lead researcher of the group clears his throat, stands up and looks at his watch.

Leader:  “No One touched the cards from our last meeting, right?  (researchers nod)  Okay, team.  It’s been what, 4 weeks since autism was in the news?”

Researcher 2: “It’s been 3.7 weeks, sir.  We’re definitely due for a new study (pushing his glasses up on his nose).”

Leader:  “Hand me the deck.  What’ll it be this time—a study on the parents?”

Researcher 3: “We just did that topic.  Let’s do something with environmental factors.  We could do a spin on that apple juice and arsenic mumbo jumbo.” (Snickering heard from around the table.)

Leader:  “Settle down.  Let’s take a moment.  Alright (pulling a card from the middle of the pile), the next topic…childhood vaccines.  Wait (angrily), how did this get back in the deck?”

Researcher 4:  “Sorry, sir.  One of the interns probably put it to the pile after the last meeting.  She was a parent turned grad-student who kept pestering about her kids’ delays.  I told her we weren’t allowed to open that study.  She talked about autism and vaccines, special ed, gluten free, blah blah blah (rolling his eyes).  She had to quit last week to take care of her sick kid.”

Leader:  “Just throw this card out (tossing the vaccine card to the ground).  Come now, time to be serious (reshuffling the cards).”

Researcher 1: “Can I pick the card this time?”

Leader: “Sure, make it a good one (fanning the deck out).”

Researcher 1:  (Reaching for a card) “The next ‘What causes autism study’ is going…to…be…vaccines?!  What just happened? (turning every card over; handwriting is on the cards).  Each card is labeled vaccines!” 

Leader:  “We’ve been duped!  Get the chief on the phone.  NOW!”

Researchers scurry like scared lab rats scattering pie charts and sharpened pencils to the ground in the wake of their fear.

Someone whispers, “Will we ever do that study?  The one on vaccines and autism?”

Leader:  (Shaking his fists in the air) “Noooooooo!”


It seems ludicrous to not study vaccines.  Unless someone is going to take a look at every aspect of the children being affected by autism, which for many includes childhood vaccines, the little bitty studies every few weeks are doing no one any good.  Can the big-boobed smarty pants of a woman who lives next to the highway with her old fart of a husband who sits around all day with his big-headed kid watching shows like Spongebob over and over again really be useful research?  If yes, please tell me someone swooped in and brought useful autism treatment options at affordable prices to that child’s family.   If no, then shame on the research being done.  Someone should be taking the results a step further and actually help the rising number of families affected by autism. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.



In _Golden Holocaust_ (about the tobacco industry) it's called red herring research or distraction research.


"Mercury is emitted by diesel fuel. Maybe living near the highway puts you near that tipping point when you also get the vaccines . . .[sarcasm] "

Until a few dozen years ago man was not STUPID enough to inject neurodegenerative mercury into the blood streams of babies and children with newly forming brains and nervous systems as well as every other system in their tiny bodies.

Of course the 4000 PhDs at CDC cannot seem to grasp this.

"In the mid 1970's Japan raised their vaccination age from two months to two years; their incidence of SIDS dropped dramatically;14”



"- Autism is linked to the changing role of women in society
- Autism is linked to clever parents"

Autism is linked to a corrupt criminal government.

Fluoride poisoning is linked to a corrupt criminal government. Cancer is linked to a corrupt criminal government. AIDS is linked to a corrupt criminal government. CVD is linked to a corrupt criminal government. MULTIPLE ongoing depopulation efforts are linked to a corrupt criminal government.

We can bury our heads in the sand all we want folks it will not prevent the increasing murder of our children, parents and us. Our "government" has been overthrown and is ACTIVELY working to depopulate this good earth.


John Stone,

Let's be specific about "flawed assessment criteria".

Brugha took "diagnostic instruments" for standardised diagnoses of autistic conditions and watered them down.

What does diagnostic "instrument" mean?

A water or electricity meter is an instrument which is calibrated against a standard to ensure it accurately measures how much water or electricity is used regardless of whose home it is installed in anywhere and can be swapped for another and their readings should accord to a reasonable degree of accuracy.

A diagnostic instrument serves the same kind of purpose. A key instrument is ADOS [Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS)]. ADOS etc were developed and "calibrated" against large numbers of diagnoses of autistic individuals.

If you make the measurement criteria less rigorous it is like making the water or electricity meter record 10 times the amount of water or electricity than is used.

That is how Brugha did it. He watered down the diagnostic criteria so far with no standard or calibration which meant there is no way of knowing if any of the people supposedly diagnosed were even close to having an autistic condition.

So you are right but this explains in day-to-day terms why.


You hear that so often: "We moved next to the freeway and the next thing I knew my son was running a 103 fever and seizing. He exploded with diarrhea, stopped looking at me and lost all language."


Has that Cumbria study disappeared without a trace? Can it not be found anywhere?

Chris Hemmings

Tony, you wrote:
"....Because it was a 29,000 vaccinated vs unvaccinated study. It found allergies to be 18 times more common in the vaccinated group, asthma 14 times, psoriasis and eczema both around 10 times. Note X times more common - not a margin - large multiples - that's why it has gone missing - a similar study into autism would show multiples off the page!"

I don't know what makes them so scared. To publish and spread this Worldwide would bring bucketloads of adulation, Nobel prizes and their ilk. OK, you'd need an armed bodyguard when anywhere close to a Merck, GSK or Welcome employee or any member of the GMC. OK, and Paul Offit, members of CDC, and many, many more entrenched, vested interests but, still, it would be worth it. Wouldn't it?


Hi, I just want to point out that most people refuse to look at the dangers of vaccines because they are so frightened of disease. And obviously some of these fears are justified. People are essentially keeping themselves in the dark. The very possibility that vaccines may be dangerous frightens them, so they turn a blind eye. It's a very natural, human failing.

John Stone


A further point I believe is that in the end even the 19 alleged cases in the Brugha cases still did not have a proper ASD/Asperger diagnosis because not only were they operating flawed assessment criteria - as evidence by Carol Stott's commentary - the asessors were unqualified to make a diagnosis. So, effectively no actual cases were uncovered by the study at all (if my reading is correct).

Carolyn Flannery

Mercury is emitted by diesel fuel. Maybe living near the highway puts you near that tipping point when you also get the vaccines . . .


Exceptionally reliable data from Israel demonstrates the increase in autistic conditions since the mid-1980s [when vaccines started to be rolled out big time] is very real as a peer reviewed publication shows:

Time Trends In Autism IMAJ Nov 2010:12,711.

Funny thing is the CDC know about this highly reliable data but strangely the big man epidemiologist there Frank DeStefano, MD, MPH, FACPM did not toss his crooked researcher Poul Thorsen some more tax dollars to rush over to Israel to do more research on this like he did with the Madsen junk science fix.

Personal responsibility lies on the shoulders of people at the CDC like DeStefano and Gerberding and at the IACC like Tom Insel for all these seriously injured children and suppressing the science which shows why.

The Brugha study in contrast to the Israeli data is an example of the most bizarre junk study based on highly manipulated research and junk data.

In addition to the more serious manipulation, Brugha et al in breach of ethics bribed participants with food vouchers. That skewed the study to the poorest people.

And also in breach of ethics Brugha et al told participants it was a "wellness" study when in fact they were diagnosing them with mental illness by telephone. For those selected for a face-to-face interview the researcher left a leaflet on leaving. It was only if the leaflet was read did anyone find out.

Who are the people most likely to need a food voucher?

No one has stripped Brugha of his career for such a "callous disregard".


a good number of scientists looked at autism-vaccine link and those who found it, were destroyed, marginalized, or prevented from publishing their data. Hence, don't expect a big revealing study to be published soon. Most parents of autistic children know that vaccines, doctors and pharma mafias are responsible to maiming or killing millions of children for profits called "the greater good" . We must concentrate on educating naïve parents about this and we should ignore all corporate media and most pediatricians with their genocidal advice. We must create an unvaccinated society within the death camp, which the US is rapidly becoming.

Eileen Nicole Simon

John Stone, thank you for your comment below, and the link. Bruga’a paper was cited by Tom Insel during the IACC conference call Friday as evidence that autism is just diagnosed earlier now than in the past. I have responded in a comment for the IACC meeting on Jan 14.

Dan Burns, thank you also for your comment and link to the paper by Hewitson et al. They did publish a year later with Andrew Wakefield’s name removed from the list of authors, and in another paper they describe the toxic effects of the vaccine schedule on the brain.

Much more neurotoxicology research is needed, but should have been done before putting the vaccine schedule in place. The current vaccine schedule for infants should be drastically modified until neurotoxicology research is completed, and this research can be done with laboratory mice and rats.

Research with monkeys should be done to replicate the finding of auditory system damage caused by asphyxia at birth. The brain can now be examined by MRI and fMRI without “sacrificing” the monkeys. I wrote to David Amaral a few years back about including this with his other research with monkeys.

Cathy, thank you for this thought provoking post.


Let's get something straight. With almost all the studies linking autism to Anything-But-Vaccines, if you look at those "Anything-But-Vaccines," you can actually find a reasonable correlation with...vaccines.

1) Older dads? The ones who are more likely to have stable jobs with health insurance, the ones who are actually married to the mothers of their infants, the ones who are more likely to take their kids to the pediatrician for those well-child checkups?

Yep, they're the ones whose kids get every vaccine on schedule.

2) Same with older moms.

3) Big-boobed women? Hmmm. Are we talking about women who had breast enlargement, who were then unable to breastfeed? Whose infants were then much more likely to react to vaccines? Yes, that's actually true--so true, there has recently been discussion amongst immunologists about having breastfeeding moms NOT nurse their infants for X hours before/after vaccination, BECAUSE BREASTFEEDING INTERFERES WITH IMMUNE RESPONSE TO VACCINATION.

We already know that there is a strong correlation between formula feeding and autism. Hell, I heard Andy Wakefield mention that one in a lecture a decade ago. Breastfeeding isn't failsafe, of course (especially if Mom is vaccinated while pregnant, or is consuming mercury-laden fish), but it does have a protective effect against both vaccine reaction and...autism. I'm betting the reason those studies (on the protective effect of breastfeeding against autism) were never followed up were because they led to...vaccines.

4) Cold/distant mothers? Again, this just might lead back to formula-fed babies, who had vaccine reactions and subsequent brain damage. Anyone who has a parent or grandparent with Alzheimer's knows how brain damage can sever the closeness between parent and child.

(***Please note I am not in any way blaming mothers who formula-feed, any more than I blame mothers who vaccinate. Both formula-feeding and vaccination became firmly entrenched in our culture due to persistent marketing/propaganda. Besides, there truly are some some women out there who CAN'T breastfeed.)

5) Proximity to highway? Yeah, again, we are looking at parents who live in the suburbs--parents with education, jobs, health insurance, who take their babies to all the well-child check-ups. Anybody ever look at proximity to highway in relation to how many vaccines were given?

6) Newborn jaundice? You mean, what they call "breastmilk jaundice?" Been there. That is much less likely where newborns are nursed often enough. Last time I checked, hospitals were still giving out instruction pamphlets to new moms that specifically instruct breastfeeding moms to feed their newborn every 2-3 hours. THAT IS A FORMULA SCHEDULE. And if you take a closer look at the pamphlet, it's made by a formula company.

First-time moms especially need to nurse their newborns every 30-60 minutes. That's how quickly breast milk is digested. Both lactation consultants and LaLeche League representatives know this--but doctors and nurses don't, for the same reason they don't know about vaccine reaction. They are taught by industry representatives.

Nursing every 30-60 minutes is also what prevents breast engorgement. Another way to look at it: nursing every 2-3 hours causes both breast engorgement and a dehydrated baby--which leads to jaundice, which is usually relieved when mom's milk is regulated--or when mom gives up and supplements with formula. As per doctor instructions.

7) Prenatal ultrasound This one actually has some science behind it. I don't know if or how this one relates to vaccines, but somebody needs to look into it. It may be that prenatal ultrasounds predispose babies to vaccine reactions, or it may be that the two are entirely unrelated to each other, but are individually causally related to vaccines. My kid had both severe vaccine reactions, and a gazillion prenatal ultrasounds. It could also be that whatever problem that prompted the doctors to order the gazillion ultrasounds (in my case, lack of adequate growth because of failing placenta) predisposes infants to vaccine reaction.

8) Head size Um, vaccine-induced encephalopathy, anyone? Nice game they play, isn't it, where they take something like head size that may be caused by a vaccine reaction, DON'T admit the vaccine reaction, but then say that the head size is the cause of the problem.

9) Watching too much television Same as #8. Autistic kids are often calmed by repetition (anything more repetitive than watching the same TV show over and over?), not to mention distracted from their pain. But the "experts" would have you believe that the symptom of the problem is the cause?

(***I am NOT saying that watching too much TV--or TV at all--is not a problem.)

Rather than blanket denial of any validity to an Anything-But-Vaccines/Autism study, we need to be absolutely scientific--and point out where the REAL relationship is.

Because they are repeatedly handing us vaccine-autism links on a silver platter, hoping we will deny them because we didn't look closely enough at them.

Heidi N

What is known is what is reversing autism. They all have immune dysfunction, too many toxins, and too little nutrients. All!!!! Treating such is getting about 80% improved 80%, which is entailing most to live independently. But, the journey is complicated. It takes a lot of time to learn it, money to find and travel to docs and to implement all the numerous toxin reductions, such as organic foods and products, and much more. But, if getting them better entails detoxing, you can't deny toxins are involved without lying to yourself and others. The proof that they don't want to admit toxins cause autism is that they are not asking the successful docs how they are doing it, nor the successful parents. Instead, they criticize them. Extremely shameful!

Anne McElroy Dachel


Cathy, you are so right! It's surreal to read many of the news reports on autism. I don't know which is worse, the stories where we're told about the latest bad gene link, bad parental choice link, or the ever-present claim that all the autism is just better diagnosing of a disorder that's always been around.

Either way, it makes no sense. Something has either produced a worldwide epidemic of neurologically damaged kids or every doctor on the planet is now a whole lot smarter.

The public has to be confused about the autism messages out there and I think that's the plan.


Put out endless dead-end claims about autism so that parents especially will think:
- Lots of people are trying hard to figure it out
- It's really a mystery so there may not be a simple explanation
- No official is really worried about autism; everything's under control

(Look at this story out today from Murfreesboro, TN. http://www.dnj.com/article/20131215/LIFESTYLE/312150015/Autism-24-7-Increase-students-autism-spectrum-prompt-school-systems-provide-more-training The numbers are real. The News Journal doesn't even try to explain why there's been this increase to one in 50. The schools are being dramatically impacted--but autism is still NOT a crisis.)

Officials will fund ANY study on autism, as long as it's not an objective look at the link to vaccines.

Add to this the fact that the media only puts out what our pharma-controlled health officials tell them to say.

You're right. NO ONE wants to consider the alternative.

What if....

Health officials, with their own financial ties to the industry they're supposed to oversee, realized a long time ago that there was strong evidence linking an unchecked, unsafe vaccine schedule to the exponential rise in autism (like they talked about at Simpsonwood in 2000).

Wouldn't they....

A. Pretend that they've looked at the science on vaccines and autism and found no link, and have lots of experts with titles and affiliations with big medical centers denying a causal effect?
B. Downplay autism's impact with talking points like "better diagnosing," "greater awareness," and "serious health care concern"---never the word, "crisis"?
C. Work on changing the definition so that the rate increases would be meaningless?
D. Present autism in the media with happy, interacting kids who only have problems with "social interaction and communication skills"?
E. Never talk about where the autistic adults are today and why the rate is always based on studies of children?
F. Have lots of studies linking autism to parental factors, especially bad genetics?
G. And never talk about where a million disabled adults who aren't there now are going to end up someday and how much they're going to cost?

Voila! We are there!

Thank you, Cathy!

(I used to write to reporter like Nancy De Gennaro at the News Journal, but sadly I learned it doesn't do any good. What news outlets tell us about autism is carefully controlled. No thinking outside the box.)

Anne Dachel, Media

Laura Hayes

Great article, Cathy...spot on. What all the No Ones have yet to figure out is that these childhood disorders will be visiting their houses, too. They will have their "aha" moment, it will just be too little, too late. They will then have the rest of their lives to ask themselves the many "what if" questions that will plague them daily from their "aha" day forward. Their day is coming...they'll be joining our "herd"...they won't be escaping the debacle they have not only allowed, but created.

Tony Bateson

The statements 'no-one knows' and 'every-one knows' may both be true. As someone says 'what happens in the three month window'? identified by enquirers into this question? Every-one knows that. But interestingly enough it does not happen to unvaccinated kids - that's something everybody ought to be aware of. The failure to do this sort of study has been underlined by the missing Cumbria Study papers of 9th December 2002 in Pulse the UK GP's newspaper. It seems to have been redacted in this new terminology (does it describe new behaviours?). Because it was a 29,000 vaccinated vs unvaccinated study. It found allergies to be 18 times more common in the vaccinated group, asthma 14 times, psoriasis and eczema both around 10 times. Note X times more common - not a margin - large multiples - that's why it has gone missing - a similar study into autism would show multiples off the page! That's why they won't do it. But it must be done, perhaps an independent Panel should be sought to take charge of the matter and to push it through by whatever means are open to us. An escalating study group wouldn't cost a lot to start and if the hypothesis continued to be borne out as it progressed - money would surely become available.

Tony Bateson, Oxford, UK

John Stone

Hi Eileen,

As frequently pointed out the Brugha survey is a pack of lies, and a political fix.


It has actually been re-packaged a couple of times since but it is a pathetic document to cite (going even beyond the issues raised in the 2010 CHS article).


Eileen Nicole Simon

I listened to the IACC conference call Friday on updating their “strategic plan.” I had submitted a written comment proposing an addendum question be added to the plan: “What causes developmental language disorder?” This is the most serious handicap of autistic children. In my comment I pointed out research from decades ago that the brainstem auditory pathway is most susceptible to damage by toxic substances or oxygen insufficiency at birth.

Decades ago auditory system damage should have been considered as a cause of childhood language disorders, and efforts made to guard against toxic exposures or disruption of respiration in the perinatal period. Isn’t it clear why these risks might be greater for premature infants? What about clamping the cord before the first breath? Why weren’t vaccines tested for toxic effects on the brain, especially the brainstem auditory nuclei? Medical “advances” have gone unchecked for too long.

During the IACC conference call, the closest they came to discussing language disorder was a suggestion by Tom Insel that neurological signs be included in the search for biomarkers. But then, near the end of the discussion, Insel pointed out a paper by TS Brugha claiming evidence for autism in adults not identified in childhood. One of the “self advocates” immediately suggested this as a shift away from viewing autism as a childhood disorder, and providing evidence that there is no recent increase in prevalence.

Dan Burns

A step toward the vaccinated vs. unvaccinated study that Cathy called for is Laura Hewitson's primate project, "Delayed Acquisition of Neonatal Reflexes in newborn Primates receiving A Thimerosal-containing HepatitiS B Vaccine," accepted for publication in Neurotoxicology until it was unaccepted. The author has since been swallowed whole by Johnson & Johnson. Interested readers can see the censored document here:


The next big step is the vax/unvax bill itself, HR 1757, currently languishing in the House Energy and Commerce Committee, the Subcommittee on Health. It has only two supporters in Congress, Bill Posey and Carolyn B. Maloney. Two out of 435 … not good odds. Getting the bill out of subcommittee will take some letter writing, calling, and lobby time. And divine intervention.

Anyone willing to join me in getting that study underway? In this campaign, there’s nowhere to go but up.

Bob Moffitt

Kathy .. your satire .. like all good satire .. has a clear "ring of truth" to it.

Your "imaginary scene" had me thinking of Simpsonwood .. as well as .. what I suspect occurs immediately before and after .. any IACC meeting is "open to public view".

(By the way .. one of the more shameless study's .. identified "pet shampoos" as being the cause of my grandson's regression. I remember at that time asking myself: "How do these people sleep at night?)

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