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AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

Age of Autism started as a blog six years ago this week, and our signal accomplishment, to quote Sondheim, is that we're still here. A number of other publication have come and gone, changed venues and editors and formats and focus. We at Age of Autism remain committed, somewhat paradoxically, to ending the age of autism. But until that day comes, you can count on Kim and Mark and me and our valued Contributing Editors and sponsors to keep up our daily pirate radio broadcasts, so to speak, to our fellow members of the rebel alliance. You know who you are, and you know why we're here.

I've often said that "the glory" of Age of Autism is the community that has grown up around it, a community visible every day in the comment section that accompanies each story. Recently your voices seem louder and stronger than ever, reflected not only in the daily "hits" on our site, but in the hard-hitting, thoughtful and revealing comments.

Of course, strong comments follow strong content, and a number of posts recently have stirred fascinating response threads. The Canary Party's Not a Coincidence video on Gardasil Vaccine injury, Rolf Hazlehurst's eloquent explanation of the vaccine court catastrophe, Cat Jamison on bullying parents over vaccine concerns, Julie Obradovic on Jon Stewart's casual cruelty, Laura Hayes on questions to ask vaccine injury deniers have tapped into a deep vein.

That's kind of a theme lately. I must say that the festering nastiness (many of you will recognize that phrase) of the so-called skeptics -- those who believe their superior access to the Great God Science entitles them to hurl Old-Testament style damnation upon heretics who witnessed their child's vaccine injury and want to alert fellow parents -- is a continuing astonishment, even six years on.

Newcomers, like the coldly vile Doris Reiss and execrable Emily Willingham, pop up to replace flameouts like former cupcake writer, now formally employed pharma shill Trine Tsouderos. Reliable goofs like David "I'm an assistant professor, don't cross me" Gorski soldier on. Dave has been complaining lately that AOA, which he calls "the anti-vaccine crank blog," has been ignoring his puerile logorrhea, so let me throw him a namecheck: I've been working on a piece that will blend post-modern deconstructionist literary criticism with neo-Freudian analysis, with the working title: "Scatology as Signifier: Fecal Imagery as Impacted Self-Loathing in the Work of David Gorski."

I'm loathe to highlight individual comments by our readers, but for our anniversary I'll make an exception and end with this observation from Cia Parker about Little Dorit on Emily Willingham's blog about the execrable, coldly vile Vaccine Injury Compenstion Àct:

"So this law is saying that it's all right to damage children with vaccines, that causing a high percentage of vaxed children to get asthma, allergies, ADHD, seizure disorders, bowel disease, and/or autism, is all right as long as very few get measles or chickenpox. That parents are ignorant if we refuse the vaccines, that we're deluded if we see our children react to vaccines with severe damage and report what we saw, like hundreds of thousands of others are doing. ...

Seizure immediately after a vaccine? That's not proof of anything. Loses language and develops explosive diarrhea the day after shot? That's not proof either, happens all the time to the best of us. Dies during his nap after the vaccine? Obviously a well-defined case of sudden infant death syndrome, not ever caused by anything in particular unless it's sleeping on your stomach.

"Japanese babies stopped dying of SIDS en masse once the pertussis vaccine for infants was stopped? You think that's proof of anything? Certainly a venue very compatible to your views. That must be why you said last week on Shot of Prevention that allowing parents to sue in normal courts rather than being compelled to bring their case before the kangaroo Vaccine Court would be bad for parents, bad for society. What you meant is that it would be bad for society to have to compensate the injured for their severe vaccine damage, much better to just let them suffer out of the public eye and party on!

"Whoopie! Vaccines for everyone! What a thrill to force everone to play vaccine roulette over and over, what a relief when the bullet  passes you by, what a bummer when it doesn't! But that's the breaks, aren't  you glad you didn't get mumps or chickenpox the way everyone did fifty years ago?"

I'm privileged to get up every day and share this struggle and adventure with Cia, and all of you. As I said in my welcome letter six years ago, "Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy ride."



Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.


John Stone

Hi Karin,

Well, if bits start to fall of the bridges we might want to consult other engineers. It might be a question of whether we allow incompetent and greedy engineers to start blaming the weather or the drivers.


A statement above:

"Trust me, we (and other educated parents) will win."

In what ever realms are you being "educated" and eschewing professional expertise? Do you defend yourself in court? Do you design and build your own freeway bridges?


Laura, that's too bad because having another round of '5 in 1' so soon (one month?) after the way he reacted may not be so good for him. I understand the pressures as I remember giving all the vaccines on time with my first even though a friend was very anti- vaccine. I hope all goes well for the baby or that if things go south again she will have the strength to use the available options and protect him.

Laura Hayes


Quick clarification…I messed up on a pronoun…baby in question is a boy. Apparently, the mom is not going to take any action. This is so unfortunate, as she actually has a case against this doctor b/c he violated Federal Law when he did not give her a VIS which would have alerted the mom it was a 5-in-1 vaccine, not to mention he clearly did not discuss the risks and benefits (!) of each of the 5 vaccines, not to mention the risks and benefits (!) of combining them into 1 pentavalent vaccine. If he had done any of that, she would have known that her baby was receiving the Hep B, DTaP, and polio all in that one evil needle. She could go after him on that, insist that he document the baby's adverse reactions or add that to her list of complaints if he refuses, and then take his report to the adoption agency to show why she won't be allowing any further vaccinations "at this time" (i.e. not ever!). It's like a free pass to avoid vaccines for this newborn until he is legally hers, and she isn't taking it. My friend has discussed all of this and more with her, and she's just rolling over and actually going to take her baby back to this same doctor. You can lead a horse to water… Tragic. Praying she has an epiphany, and changes course in the next few days.


Dr. Hickie has posted comments today at Respectful Insolence. I think he has done what they call "a brave Sir Robin" and was too afraid to confront our question regarding the baby girl.

Laura Hayes

Thank you, Nora. I passed along your recommendations…much appreciated!


Dr. Hickie,

This is not about winning or losing, it is about SAFETY!

Do you ever take a step back and question the wisdom/safety of giving a baby 24+ shots in the first 2 years of life? Afterall, ages 0-2 years is a critical time in a baby's neurodevelopment when language is developing and brain connections are being made. Research has shown that the immune system influences neuro development.

Remember you are talking to parents who complied. Most of us had our children fully vaccinated because we too wanted to protect our children from infectious diseases. There is no need to take us to task b/c we did vaccinate.

What we are saying that the current childhood vaccine schedule is overloaded and there likely a sensitive subset of kids who cannot tolerate the current load of shots who are not being prescreened. Many of us witnessed out children development deterioare after multiple shots. WE ARE NOT MAKING THIS UP!

Where are the safety studies on key elements of the schedule including the number, timing, age, order and frequency at which shots are give- there have been no studies on these elements. In fact IOM stated these key elements of the CDC vaccine schedule are not well defined in existing research" meaning the research is lacking.

Too many,too soon. Can you comprehend that?


Make sure this woman gets a CBC done along with a metabolic panel to start. And a follow up CBC should be done weekly. and do not leave it to the pediatrician to read results. They make fantastic claims. If the CBC is flagged be sure and seek out a specialist. Pediatricians do not understand much of the blood work results. And then make sure the mother gets copies of all medical records and sees results. Oh if I had only sought the blood work done on my grandson when he first became ill. Make sure she has the head circumference done also this month and next. A CK test also and ammonia. Lactate and pyruvate levels with ratio. Also tell her to tell them that she is seeking a mitochondrial expert.
Make this pediatrician understand that she has science to back up these test and that she is willing to pay for the experts.

Laura Hayes

Jen, yes, this is the mother's first child. She feels very intimidated, outnumbered, and unsupported at the moment, not to mention scared about having the baby taken from her by the adoption agency after waiting years for a child.

Hera, excellent advice from you, thank you. My son's former tutor is giving this young mom EXCELLENT advice…from taking the child to ER after ER until someone will document what is happening to this child…to NEVER returning to that doctor again…to taking the ER documentation of the adverse reactions to the adoption agency and climbing up the chain of command until she finds someone who understands what has happened to her child, and the dangers and risks of continuing to vaccinate the child.

It is not looking promising at the moment, as this young mom appears like she might cave under the pressure, under the BULLYING of both the doctor and the adoption agency. My friend is still trying to encourage her to take action and to seek healthcare elsewhere, possibly from someone other than a pediatrician.

This is a perfect example of how deluded we have become due to the vaccine mania, propaganda, and societal pressure to allow these dangerous and ineffective medical procedures. To me, this situation is analagous to the doctor having dropped the infant on its head 5 times, yet the scared young mom is going to return to the one who harmed her baby for more "healthcare." That would make no sense, and neither does returning to this doctor and allowing him to vaccinate her baby further.

I will be praying for this young mom and her newborn, please join me.


Hera, since there are hardly any 'single vaccines' anymore, I could even live with the doc telling her that it was 'one vaccine' if it was a DTaP (three doses, 1 vaccine/injection) but for him to give the baby a '5 in 1' and try to downplay it is pushing it.


Laura, is this the mother's first child? If so she may be even less likely to recognize what is normal infant behaviour and what is not. She really sounds in a vulnerable position.


I would just love to hear Dr Hickies' medical advice on this case.
Just my own personal opinion here ( NOT medical advice..we await on Dr Hinkie or some other medical doctor for that)
Firstly , any doctor who lied to me about what they were injecting into my child would never see me again.

At this point,I'd be politely calling up the doctors office and tell them that I have found another doctor. And find another one, fast. And get them to document what happened.
Personally if this was my child, I'd want to know if they had an underlying mitochondrial disorder, and be willing to pay for the testing out of pocket. And if I had to travel three or four hours, or even take a plane flight once a month to see a doctor who I trusted to take care of my child, I'd be willing to do that.
And I would inform the adoption agency that my child was under the new doctors care.
Also, I don't know what the legal options are, but I would certainly be paying for a lawyer at this point to discuss courses of action.
If I absolutely had to go back to the doctor who lied to me, I'd be asking a lawyer to draw up something fro the doctor to sign which says that the shot was given against parental wishes, and that the doctor waives any protections and agrees to be held financially liable if the child develops autism or any other neurological problem as a result of vaccine injections.
At least that way if the kid goes down, there is money to provide life long care.
heart breaking situation.
Dr Hickie, waiting to hear from you.


Did Dr Hickie actually write "Trust me"? And that he's a "good guy"? Perhaps after his medical career inevitably folds he should start a new career in comedy.....


Thanks for the info, guys, and btw thanks AoA for caring about kids who have autism even if it means asking some tough questions.
Dr. Hickie, back to the question at hand (which is admittedly second-hand information) and which I think is very instructive as to the challenges for caregivers and health professionals. *If* this baby had a serious observed side effect to Pediarix then 1) should the mother not get an opinion from the doctor as to this? 2) If the doctor simply brushes off this serious side effect (as outlined by CDC) should she get a second opinion? 3) Why would the CDC note this as a serious side effect if it is not heeded? 4) Is the child protection agency acting in the best interest of the child if they disregard the CDC's own recommendations as to side effects? Note- if doc and child protection authorities do not respect what parent documents, would you consider that bullying or pressuring? I sincerely think this example cuts to the heart of the matter. I hope that you have the guts to answer.

Laura Hayes


Yes, you and Jeannette have landed upon it…Pediarix… and I accessed the same link that Jeannette sent:

We have lost all common sense in this country. Who in the world could possibly think that injecting such a combination into the bloodstream of an infant could be safe, effective, or beneficial? The vaccine madness must end.


Good one Dan speaks volumes for all of us much appreciated. Ass for Hickie read outside pharma dogma...

Jeannette Bishop

Thanks AOA for six years of autism and vaccine reporting and investigation!

@jen, it may have been this vaccine?


Laura, I just looked it up- extreme drowsiness or fussiness is considered a serous side effect and shouuld be reported (vaccine is called Pediarix). And that is from the CDC site's info. While not feeding for a day or so may not be too serous, not feeding for 5 days is surely worrisome. Dr. Chris, waiting for your advice....


Laura, what in the heck is that vaccine called (hep B, DTaP and polio??). I have given my kids some DTaP's but I don't even think we have one that includes hep B! What is it's track record for safety?


So Dr. Hickie, given the situation that Laura Hayes mentioned about a friend's adopted baby having what could be a vaccine-reaction (considering that they actuall do happen), what would you recommend she do? Get a second opinion? Proceed anyways and document? I highly doubt you will have the guts to comment on this.

cia parker

Joy B,
I went to the Daily Kos but, probably because I don't have an account, I wasn't able to post there. That's probably why there were dozens of asinine comments, birds of a feather stick together. All I can hope is that people of good will, researching vaccines before making a decision, will not stop at a pharmaganda site like that.

Laura Hayes

P.S. CONGRATS and THANK YOU Kim, Dan, and Mark on the 6-year anniversary of this excellent daily blog! You guys rock and are to be commended!



It is psychological as well as a sociological phenomena, as Hickie and friends consider themselves to be royalty, members of an elite ruling class determined by credentials, who are above the rules of civility and decency and are not to be questioned by the peons.

We are to speak when spoken to, and answer the questions that they ask. We are not to offer any unsolicited thoughts or feedback. And we are to open our mouths and roll up our sleeves on command.

That's one reason why anonymous feedback from mothers in the allergy shot during pregnancy study ( was counted as important data - because the ruling class asked the question, therefore the answer was allowed to be incorporated into the "science". Like life long learning that doesn't count for anything in society unless it is validated by a school or university, scientific data, no matter how compelling or convincing, will be ignored, attacked and/or buried if it wasn't elicited by the rulers.

Laura Hayes

Mr. Hickie (I now reserve the title "Dr." for those who "First, do no harm," so that disqualifies you),

The definition of bully is "to use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants." That is what you, and the majority of your pediatrician colleagues, do day in and day use your position of authority (that of the revered doctor who is supposed to be knowledgable regarding health) to intimidate, scare, coerce, strong-arm/force (by threatening to call CPS or other agencies) parents to vaccinate their children…including many who come in not wanting to vaccinate their children, but who succumb to your bullying.

I just heard from a friend, a former tutor for my vaccine-injured son who knows better than to vaccinate her own child, who recounted a tragic bullying story that just happened to her friend. This friend looked high and low to find a pediatrician for her adopted newborn, one who would not force the CDC-recommended vaccine schedule. She thought she had finally found someone, as he agreed he would be amenable to delaying and spreading out the vaccines (not that I find that a safe or advisable solution whatsoever). This new mother took her 2-month old in and he said, "I'm just going to give her 1 vaccine today." After he vaccinated her baby, she was horrified to learn that he had actually given her baby 5 vaccines! Apparently, the baby received a 5-in-1 vaccine…the Hep B, DTaP, and polio. He LIED to her! The story gets worse, as for the past 5 days since receiving the vaccines, the child has slept around the clock, has not been eating normally, and has not had healthy bowel movements. Sounds like a SEVERE vaccine reaction to me! This woman is so intimidated by this doctor that she feels pressured to keep her child's next appt. in 2 wks. at which the child is scheduled to be injected with more vaccines! My friend will be trying to knock some sense into her before she allows this doctor to harm her newborn further. Perhaps she is worried this BULLY/LIAR of a doctor will report her to the adoption agency (he made sure to find out the name of it) if she doesn't continue vaccinating her child. That appears to be the case as she just received a letter from the adoption agency requesting monthly updates on the baby's vaccination status. What she (and the doctor and the adoption agency) should be worried about after these clear adverse reactions to vaccines is that her baby is going to end up with "autism", chronic health issues, developmental delays, and/or be killed by this "doctor" and his never-ending vaccines. You sound a lot like him.

Perhaps you haven't heard, but God gave us very efficient immune systems (that is, until we destroy them with vaccines, GMOs, pesticides, and the like), and furthermore, he designed mothers to transmit their immunity to their children via breast milk. Tragically, all of this utterly absurd vaccinating has destroyed a mother's ability to pass on full immunity to her children because she has not developed proper immunity due to her own vaccines. Perhaps that is why you are supposedly seeing more pertussis. Perhaps it's because doctors no longer advise mothers to keep their babies at home for the first couple of months, to keep them away from non-family members for the first couple of months, and then to keep them away from those who are ill. Perhaps it's because doctors no longer encourage mothers to nurse for a minimum of one year. They are all for passing out the formula samples and telling them it's just as good as breast milk. Perhaps it's because of all those unnecessary trips to doctors' offices for "well-baby" visits where they are needlessly exposed to all sorts of germs, and then go home vaccinated, never to be "well" again, and then making return visit after return visit to the doctor's office as their parents try to figure out what in the world is now wrong with their once-healthy, once-normally-developing baby. Oh yeah, and all the while you are hearing the cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching as all these unsuspecting parents who were never given any version of true informed consent now have chronically sick, atypically developing children. Perhaps it's because the vaccine, despite dose after dose, DOESN'T work…DUH!

You, Mr. Hickie, are a bully of the first-degree. Anyone who would try to force an experimental medical procedure on a patient (yes, that is what vaccines are), especially one that has a multi-decade-long track record of harming and killing, is worse than a bully, and should have their license revoked.

God help your patients. May they have an awakening and run as far away from you as fast as they can before you harm their precious children with your arrogance, ignorance, and bullying. And God help you, as you seem to care not a whit about the harm you are doing to infants and children of all ages, and to their families who will be left to pick up the pieces.

Truthseeker 2

Methinks Dr. Hickie doth protest too much. From one of his last rants here that was really quite abusive, one can see that there are elements of compulsiveness and exaggeration- In fact several of the pro-zealots display this. Reaction formation:
"Particularily when the position is extreme, consider that their real views are the opposite to this."
"Rather than a simple emotion there is exaggeration, compulsiveness and inflexibility (I'll say that one again- inflexibility)."
"Behaviour that results from a reaction formation can be suspected if there is a manic edge."

cia parker

Yes, please, Dr. Hickie, do return, we look forward to your attempted rebuttals.

Joy B

Anyone here with a Dailykos account? This story has a huge comments section, with only one commenter fighting the good fight(and a few people backing his comments).

TannersDad Tim Welsh

Congrats and thank you - TannersDad Tim

John Stone

To deconstruct this (to use the terms of the old "new criticism") the vaccine program is so beautiful and important that people feel obligated to lie for it on every possible occasion: false claims have to be made about both its effectiveness and its safety because if they weren't it would become unsustainable in its present form. To give a simple example it is hard to see how any rational person could have their infant vaccinated with MMR after reading the statement of Cochrane 2005 and 2012: "The design and reporting of safety outcomes in MMR vaccine studies, both pre- and post-marketing, are largely inadequate." I use the term "rational" carefully because what is the basis of accepting the risk if we do not know what it is. It gets worse because the inadequacy of the studies is patently constructed round what they would have found if they had been "adequately designed" and their results had been "adequately reported" (and there are now thousands of studies consistently ducking the issue): the prestigious Madsen study co-ordinated by financial fraudster Poul Thorsen would be a perfect example:

The Madsen study, which hid and manipulated data, remains valid on a bureaucratic level - it was published and has not been retracted, just as the Wakfield Lancet paper reported accurately and has been retracted.

I look forward to Dr Hickie's return.

Mary L. Hirzel

Clearly, Chris Hickie's hysterical post is only anecdotal evidence, but the sheer numbers of such examples we're witnessing with increasing frequency, does seem to indicate that we should be paying more attention to claims of former medical students who escaped to such refuges as Bastyr, etc., that MK Ultra techniques are now being resurrected for use on unsuspecting med students, entirely wiping out the capacity for independent thought.

Or could it simply be too much exposure to Super Hero cartoons during a critical developmental period?

Whatever the cause, I'm so glad zombies of this variety don't feel they can speak in public without identifying themselves with the familiar string of identifying letters, or at the very least, without wearing a stethoscope strung around their pulsing necks. Helps us identify danger and keep our children safe.

cia parker

Not an MD,
But you must admit that they are in a quandary. They took the DPT off the market some years after the number of deaths and brain damage caused by it were publicized by A Shot in the Dark and Vaccine Roulette. They thought that replacing it with the acellular DTaP would work out for the best, thinking it would be safer but just as profitable. Imagine their surprise when it turned out to cause fewer mild adverse events but just as many severe ones like asthma, allergies, brain damage, seizures, and death! And then the icing on the cake was when it turned out to be extremely ineffective at preventing the disease! 42,000 Americans diagnosed with pertussis last year, many more undiagnosed, and nearly all of them had been appropriately vaccinated but got it anyway! And then how disappointing that the disease itself has become so much milder than it used to be. 41,982 Americans now walking around after having made a complete recovery, with the knowledge now of how unfrightening a disease it is. One light in the tunnel for them is that the vaccine is so ineffective that they can explain every case of pertussis in the vaxed as being the result of not keeping up with the necessary boosters, and urge people to get revaxed at every opportunity. My baby had had three vaxes at 2, 4, and 6 months, but got pertussis anyway at 8 months. I guess they'll have to recommend that infants get the vax every month and see how well that works, why not? They sweep all the damage under the carpet anyway. The booster at 18 months wiped out my daughter's only two words and she was diagnosed with autism two months later. In complete vaccine compliance, AND got both pertussis and autism for her pains. How in the world to spin that? You really have to feel some pity for them, don't you?

cia parker

And VietNam just stopped giving the hep-B vaccine to infants when it killed several there in one day. Would the US EVER take a vaccine off the market if there were no replacement for it in the wings, just because it killed a bunch of people?


"Feb. 7, 2013. Researchers in other countries have found evidence that circulating strains of Bordetella pertussis have adapted to the acellular vaccine, and researchers today reported findings for the first time in US kids based on genetic analysis of isolates from hospitalized children.

Infectious disease experts have been eyeing waning immunity from acellular pertussis vaccines as a contributor to increasing numbers of cases of pertussis (whooping cough) in several countries, and another factor fueling the outbreaks could be that the bacteria are adapting to the vaccine...."

Caroline McIlhenney

Dear Dr. Hickie, Would you please post where we can get the "facts and logic"? Thanks, a non-thinking mom


I'd like to ask Chris Hickie some questions, if I may.

Dr. Hickie, you talk about "the importance of vaccination." You specify the disease pertussis, yet you talk about "the importance of vaccination," as in, vaccination in general, rather than specifically the pertussis vaccine.

Does that mean that you fully support each and every vaccine? For example, do you insist that your patients all get the flu shot, which, as the Cochrane Review has spent the last 13 years pointing out, is ineffective in children, in the elderly, and has limited effectiveness in healthy adults. They also point out that there is no evidence vaccinating health care workers with the flu shot offers any protection to patients.

Oh, and Gardasil--what ARE your views on Gardasil?

And since you brought up pertussis, do you believe that it's important to have both a safer vaccine and a more effective one against pertussis?

And finally, would you tell any patient--or parent of a patient--to their face, that, if they have a severe reaction to any vaccine you give them, that's okay with you? That you think their ruined health or lost life is acceptable to you?

Or do you just keep repeating the mantra that "reactions are vanishingly rare! :) " knowing that you cannot be held liable no matter how severe their reaction, and no matter how much they protested against getting the vaccine in the first place?


Dr Hickie "doth protest too much methinks"...


Thank you so much Dan, Kim, and Mark for persevering, and all the AoA writers for so many great newsworthy articles, and CiaParker for so many great comments. I'm privileged to wake up every day and read Age of Autism.


I have seen Dr. Chris Hickie's comments over at Forbes. It is laughable that he claims to refute vaccine concerns "with facts and logic". Usually he is just making vague unsubstantiated statements that vaccines are safe and diseases are dangerous, and deriding people, and making generalizations about the "anti-vaccine" people who according to him all advocate for "chemical castration". He cannot even make a coherent on-topic argument.


Unfortunately, Dr. Hickie, in this life sometimes the good guy doesn't win. But this life is over in the blink of an eye and then, I believe that people who have knowingly and deliberately hurt others will be brought to justice.


Dr. Hickie has now joined the Dr. Offit club. Congrats.

Perhaps Dr. Hickie will drop back in and tell what percentage of his AAP practice comes from billing vaccines to insurance companies.

I would guess about 80% as with all the rest...with no professional responsibility of any kind.

How sharp does a parent have to be to ...figure out something 100 times... more common than polio ???

The wisdom of the AAP starts the day of birth with the four-dose hep b vaccine for a sexually transmitted disease for which the baby is not at risk.

Four doses are needed as the first three do not work, and adding the vaccine to the US schedule came from a study done in Vietnam...

Michelle B

Looks like Dr Hinkie (according to his web site) has taken a hit to his wallet! His practice has a new vaccine policy--not fully onboard with the full schedule? You can't be a patient of his! Awww.

Go ahead and keep firing patients, Dr Hinkie. I fired my Ped YEARS ago! We've never been healthier. Your side IS losing. I swore when my son was struck years ago I'd tell everyone I know, and tell everyone I could online. You can't possibly keep up with us!

Congrats to AofA on 6 years! Great work!


Mr. Hickie, we propose that you take all vaccines in the world and inject them to yourself and your own family. I am sure, you will never get pertussis while rotting underground. We choose pertussis, mumps, measles, chicken pox, flu etc.

Not an MD

The truth is, Dr. Hickie, that if those in medicine do not do actual laboratory testing on all of their patients with "whooping cough", they have no precise knowledge of which particular organism is causing their symptoms. Bordetella Holmesii and Bordetella Parapertussis are on the rise around the US and around the world, and the Tdap and Dtap vaccines provide no protection whatsoever against either of these organisms. Surely you know this from reading the medical literature. "Whooping cough" outbreaks are not being driven by the unvaccinated, but by organisms that are not contained in the vaccines currently being utilized.

Furthermore, if six doses of a Dtap vaccine aren't even enough to protect a child from a particular organism (B Pertussis), something must be terribly wrong with the vaccine. Many of those experiencing "whooping cough" were fully vaccinated. There is simply no excuse for this particular vaccine's lack of efficacy.

It is pathetic, and disheartening, that those in public health continue to push more doses of ineffective pertussis vaccines on a largely unsuspecting public.

Truthseeker 2

Make no mistake, Dr. Chris Hickie. You are not the good guy. I bet you have never even seen what is happening in the classrooms for todays children. Many people in fact do not trust you or your "science" studies. I think some of you (the ones who are not paid trolls) are suffering from some form of 'reaction formation.' You do not want to even entertain the idea that you are causing harm.
You are not winning as people are choosing to opt out of some of the schedule (hep b at birth, chicken pox and hpv vaccination come especially to mind) and more doctors and researchers are speaking out about concerns that the vaccine schedule has gone too far, unchecked. Your precious vaccination program is now being exposed more than anything as a money grab which may be very counter-productive to the idea that there may be some vaccines actually worth having. Many are realizing that it is always an option to home school (especially as many of the school systems do not stack up so well internationally anyways).

Sick of Ignorant Bullies

Tsk, tsk. Yet another Dr. presenting with arrogance to mask his ignorance.
Read the literature, Dr. Hickie... a shot of humility is definitely indicated for you!

Trust me, we (and other educated parents) will win. Good guys always do. There are too many parents that are more informed than you are about vaccine safety and efficacy, and we are going to rally against you.
Watch and see.

John Stone

Dr Hickie,

Personally, I would have been deeply grateful if my son had been spared the adverse effects of DPT vaccination, particular since the dangers were widely known about years before, but we made the mistake of trusting people like you. Also, I note that I caused some embarrassment a few years ago when a Nuffield consultation gave whooping cough as an example of disease being eliminated by vaccination, by pointing out that it was a vaccine of particularly poor effectiveness - there are many studies pointing to this. Indeed, the vaccine is failing, it doesn't work very well and all you can do is vaccinate ever more people ever more often (and now pregnant women despite the lack of trials). This may be a very good route for the manufacturers, but I wonder in the circumstances whether we wouldn't do better looking for more effective treatments for infants.

Yes, it is bullying. You just want people who have seen it go wrong to disappear - that's what happens to the collateral damage in war. With vaccines it is very easy to devise propagandistic, and bureaucratic methods to bury the devastation - in the UK we are even better at it.

Unfortunately, we know the virtues and vices of the medical profession and most often when things go wrong they can't be seen for dust. If you really wanted to display good faith you would want to know about our experiences: you would be listening, you would be concerned, you would be taking notes - not hiding behind a heap of junk statistics.

John Stone, UK editor

Stand Up!

Dan, I meant that comment for Chris may add that to the beginning if possible.

Stand Up!

Bring it on you pseudo-intellectual puppet.

Chris Hickie

Mr. Olmstead:

I am so deeply hurt that you didn't mention me in this entry. You know, the pediatrician you claim "bullies", if only because you can't stand it when someone refutes you with facts and logic, forcing you to resort to improper name calling.

But I will persevere. As I watch pertussis continue to spread where I practice--thanks to lowered vaccination rates from non-thinking moms and dads like yours, I am going to do my best to keep you and your lot from propagating your lies about vaccines to further decrease vaccination rates.

Trust me--We (I and the others you so stupidly vilify) will win. Good guys always do. There are too many parents that continue to vaccinate and actually understand the importance of vaccination. I am going to help rally them against you.

Watch and see.

Chris Hickie, MD, PhD

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