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The matching fund drive for AOA that began last week ended Thursday night, and Kim, Mark and I are pleased to report that we (meaning you) met and exceeded the goal. An anonymous donor put up $3,000 and challenged readers to match it, which you did and more. We will put this to good use in meeting operating expenses and developing new projects.

We had about 60 donations that ranged from $5 to $500. The number who gave in just 10 days really amazed us -- we've never come close to that figure before. We are mindful that this is a community without a lot to spare after confronting the costs of a major disability AND working to help their kids recover, and so I think we tend to hold back, not unreasonably.

Our A.D. had no such qualms in urging us on, and is over the moon with the response:

"Thank you for sharing the GREAT news, Dan!  The amount raised is indeed wonderful, and it was my pleasure to help out. An honest, truth-seeking, truth-spilling blog like this is so important in this age of bought-and-paid-for media and wealth-over-health "medicine"…and Age of Autism makes it happen, day in and day out.  I eagerly log in to AoA every day to read some REAL news, news that is important and encouraging to me.  A heartfelt thank you to each of you." And to all of you.

Senseless: The sad news this week about the death of Chandler Webb, 19, after a flu shot is a reminder of the reality of what the medical professionals call an idiosyncratic reaction. (He also got either a TB test or shot, depending on the account.) With no evident risk factors in this young Utah man who was heading off on a Mormon mission, there was no predicting he would suffer a reaction. So why take the risk at all? A flu shot for a 19-year-old does not qualify except in the CDC's fevered imagination .

Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.


Deborah Rubenfeld

In the interests of accuracy, it is also not clear he got a BCG (TB) shot. In the first reports in the media, Nov 22, (http://www.ksl.com/?nid=148&sid=27747957#uuucPMizeigy156T.99) it was reported that he had a tuberculosis test, probably the Mantoux skin test, and a flu shot. If he had two shots, the flu and BCG, then would Lori Webb have been so convinced it was the flu shot? The Daily Mail reported two days later that he had a TB shot (the DM is not know for its accurate reporting) (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2512737/Mother-claims-healthy-son-19-killed-flu-shot-fell-coma-just-24-hours-having-vaccine.html).


Was it a TB shot or a TB test? I read it was the latter.

Deborah Rubenfeld

@Autism is an epidemic, the BCG vaccine not a live viral vaccine, is a live bacterial vaccine. As @Science is pure. People are corrupt, rightly pointed out, it certainly isn't effective, and it does have its fair share of complaints. I had this vaccine as a 14 year old, and it left me with years of chronic swollen lymph nodes, severe headaches and sore throats. This was on top of early vaccine damage (SPD, absence seizures) and mercury poisoning (behavioral issues) from dental amalgams.

Sheri Nakken, former RN, MA, Homeopath

PS - flu shots don't contain aluminum

Sheri Nakken, former RN, MA, Homeopath

I would suggest he received a TB test at that the same - that is what I read and what is done in the US. TB tests have phenol and polysorbate 80 (which takes everything into the brain past the blood brain barrier - so what was in flu shot - mercury and all - went to the brain fast, in my opinion).

Science is pure.  People are corrupt.

'The name of the vaccine is "BCG Live" because it is a live virus vaccine.'

Mycobacterium tuberculosis is not a virus, it is a bacterium, hence its name.

Carolyn Flannery

Notice all the counter messages in ads scattered through the tragic story of Chandler linked here.


When vaccine -induced encephalitis or other neurological damage (side effects listed on the package insert) happens to a baby it is easy to say the parents are imagining the child used to be fine or it was a "coincidence" . When it happens to an elderly person we just lump it in with dementia or alzheimers, other rising conditions we didn't "notice" at this rate until "better diagnosis".

But when it happens to a healthy 19 year old the pharma-fed media finally admit it but try to minimize it and apparently their masters demand that any coverage of it is surrounded by Orwellian messages exhorting you to get that shot anyhow. It is stunning to see the juxtaposition of these links to terrify you into getting shots surrounding the legitimately terrifying and tragic story of this wonderful young man lost for the sake of pharma profit and the CDC refusal to even wonder about how this happens , which of us are susceptible, and how to prevent it. Instead apparently we are all supposed to think that this death and our children's brain injuries are acceptable side effects. My heart goes out to Chandlers family. He thought he was doing the right thing. But it was the right thing for pharma profits not for him . Due to the silence complicity and lies of the CDC and the media and now congress about our children's injuries how could he have made an informed decision?
And once injury happened where was the plan for his doctor to identify and quickly treat it. Does this plan exist, anywhere. We know the signs of a stroke what are the signs of vaccine injury? What emergency actions can we take? What? The cdc has no such plan? The AMA has no such plan? No seminars on detecting and treating vaccine reactions in mainstream medicine?
tIf you are motivated by profit and dogma rather than science, and you don't want to admit something happens, and you have no liability, you don't figure out a plan to treat it, ameliorate it or compensate for it. Instead you put all your efforts into a media plan to cover it up.
The family was blindsided like all of us.
every person in every step along the way --media --cdc --congress - pharma -who covers up the fact of vaccine injury for any reason--is complicit in this death because Chandler could not make informed consent he had no path to follow once he had symptoms and there was no clear way to turn this around because money is going toward gene research rather than approaches to reversing vaccine damage.
Please if you are out there and can be a whistleblower to this complicity start taping !

Autism is an epidemic

To: Science is pure. People are corrupt:

The TB Vaccine is a live virus vaccine. The name of the vaccine is "BCG Live" because it is a live virus vaccine. I know for a fact it is a live virus vaccine. BCG Live is used as a TB vaccine. Tice BCG Live for Injection has the same exact formula as BCG Live and it's used for bladder cancer. The link you provided is also outdated. BCG Live was manufactured by Organon and Organon was bought out by Schering-Plough in 2007. Schering-Plough was bought out by Merck in 2009. This vaccine is now made by Merck.

No doubt in my mind vaccines cause autism. Once you find out the truth about dangers vaccines and the lack of liability, there is no going back. Americans need to wake up!!


How heartbreaking. I also wonder if Chandler had recently received some of the vaccinations he would need for his mission, and then the flu shot was overload. Regardless, there is no excuse and my heart goes out to his family, as it does to every single family here who's had experience with vaccine injuries.

Science is pure.  People are corrupt.

'The TB shot is a live virus vaccine...'

No it isn't:


It is not however a particularly effective vaccine, and it has had its share of complaints.

Bob Moffitt

I wish no one suffer the tragedy of this young man and his family .. after receiving a flu shot .. accompanied by another TB shot .. but .. having said that ..

I hope .. as a well deserved reward for all the hard work writing Judge Vowell's Vaccine Court decision .. he receives an all expenses paid "junket trip" to the very same country as this young man was anticipating going to .. and

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