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Wanna See Autism's Gift?

Mia Math

By Kim Stagliano

I ran this photo of my daughter's math homework on FB last week and the comment trail kind of blew up.   Note the photo of the smiling doctor holding a syringe. Not a stethoscope.  A syringe. Frankly, I'd have laughed at a speculum, instead of the gag I felt when I saw this and realize the bitter irony.  Thought I'd share with you, AofA readers who do not spend your days in the FB vortex.  Kim

STATUS: Mia's math. Nice image for an 18 year old counting preschool math thanks to her Vaccine/mercury induced autism. Whiskey in my coffee looks good. See the evolutionary gift of autism - what a crock of elephant shit.

That image sucks a$$.
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 You said it sister
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 This is like when my son was in EI - and they would use flash cards of an oreo, milkshake, pizza, etc., they would tell me - he can't id these items - he can't id them bc he can't eat them bc he has vaccine induced autism!!!!!
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 I feel your pain and live it with you.
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This is what my daughter's schoolwork looks like too. At 15.
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 School sends these home. But they report to the Feds that she's in the 75th percentile for ALGEBRA! More federal funds, please!!
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 Sadness in a worksheet.
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Kim Rossi Stagliano Mia Noel Stagliano was injected with hundreds of micrograms of poisonous mercury by her pediatricians and their staff. Today, OB's inject the same poisonous mercury into pregnant woman - and you will read that autism can now be seen in infancy - "thanks to medical advances."

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 Yesterday I sat in my son's classroom doing an observation. I put my hands over my face I was so angry. It was like I was sitting in a daycare. They let my son go in the bathroom alone. He's non verbal . He's in KG. Oh the pain to plan out another fight about the placement and his safety.
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Kim Rossi Stagliano And this is why I am Managing Editor of Age of Autism - we're six years strong this year. And I am proud EVERY DAY to bring you AofA.
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 Aka brain damage. My son too.
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 So sad. I am feeling it all over again too...
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What goes around comes around. Justice will be served in the end. God is still in control.
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 Looks a lot like my son's "9th grade" math. He's still working on the concepts of "more" and "less".
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Mia infant
Kim Rossi Stagliano
Mia. Gorgeous. Autism was NOT her lot in life at birth.
Kim Rossi Stagliano's photo.
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I think I'd rather see her counting hookers...
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Kim Rossi Stagliano I'd rather she BE A HOOKER or a "DANCER" than have autism. How's that? Oooooh, Kim is so horrible! She's the worst mother and advocate in the world!!!!!
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This is what EVIL looks like what is happening to many in the population.
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 But, but, but vaccines are safe! They do very convenient studies to prove that! Ha- just got reamed at dr yesterday for not getting my 8 yr old a flu shot
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 Yes, whiskey. No judging!
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Kim Rossi Stagliano I have to train 9 - 11. Pretty sure I can't do karate drunk. Tempting though.
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 Love to you.
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Mia before regression
Kim Rossi Stagliano
Before the mercury damaged her brain. Mia was not an overnight regression.
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Mia before a seizure
Kim Rossi Stagliano After the mercury.
Kim Rossi Stagliano's photo.
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 I pray that someday we live in a world that holds Pharmaceuticals responsible for damaging our children!
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 Still beautiful!
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Kim Rossi Stagliano And don't forget the seizures!
Kim Rossi Stagliano's photo.
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 OMG - I just realized those are pictures of smiling docs holding shots. God help us all!
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 Isn't that how karate is suppose to be done?
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Kim Rossi Stagliano Mia. And naive Kim. Never told about mercury in vaccines. Never told Hep B at birth or 2 months had 12.5 mcg. Never told I had a CHOICE. And I worked like a DOG to study through my pregnancy. I had natural childbirth to avoid putting toxins into my body that would pass through to her. Yeah, yeah, "It's out of childhood vaccines now." No it's not.
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Seeing her breaks my heart. I pray for healing. My friend whose child received an adult dose of tetanus at age 14 and descended gradually into low functioning "autism" just recently discovered he has had DIPTHERIA all along. He is now 20 and is on his way back. The vaccines are creating the diseases they were meant to prevent!!! I believe this is intentional bioterrorism.
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Kim Rossi Stagliano S, yes, firefighting too.
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 My fury for you, for Mia, her sisters, for me and my daughter, all of us, IS ENDLESS. Please, put me to work, give me ditches to dig, hand me a shovel I'll break big rocks into little rocks, this molten lava anger is melting my brain. I'd seriously like to slap someone, preferably someone at the American Academy of Pediatrics. FIGHT IT, keep fighting for us Kim. Save someone, anyone from this hell. And yes, I do need another cup of coffee. Got a buck?
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 That's pretty much what my 17 year old vaccine injured (autistic) daughters homework looks like too. Sometimes I feel like nobody understands
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 Propaganda math... thank you for all you do Kim.
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 Embrace the gift!
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Kim Rossi Stagliano Here's the deal - the neurodiversity movement can tell America that autism is just a difference, brings gifts all they want. Our children will be the living breathing proof that for many - probably most - autism does no such thing. It's why I dont' spend a lot of energy fighting their message. I can only control what I say and let me words and writing and family be our testimony to the truth in our home. Asperger's? My kids don't have that. And my friends' whose kids do don't have a walk in the park. Not by a long stretch. So as employers bring on people with Asperger's or autism - and see the differences - and as population changes due to a large group of males not marrying and/or having kids - and as the social systems are overloaded with people who "look fine" but can not feed or house themselves - that will say more than any blog, article, class on Neurodiversity.
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 Shit!!!! Must be so frustrating!
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 Well said, Kim Rossi Stagliano.
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We should not be messing with God's image who we were all made in for the sake of the almighty dollar. That is what this comes down to.
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Kim Rossi Stagliano M I think the intention was genuinely benign - who doesn't want to prevent sickness? The result has been catastrophe though. Do you know how many young Moms I read posts - "My baby can't eat. My baby can't breathe. My baby can't sleep." They have no idea their babies have been injured. Our food is GARBAGE, our bodies are full of chemicals, and then we inject dozens of vaccines into infants on top of it - altering the immune system. It's a recipe I never want to bake again.
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 big hugs Kim.
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my son's "health" prompts - 'I get a vaccine" " I get a vaccine" everyone smiling happy, healthy - and you get a lollipop
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Kim Rossi Stagliano And this is why I spend umpteen hours a week in the dojo. Training turns my mind off - and I need that now more than ever. For young parents of kids on spectrum block your ears and close your eyes - this gets HARDER not EASIER.
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Ditto. We were watching Sid the Science Kid a few days ago...JESUS! The main character was singing and dancing about how happy he was that his Grandma (a nurse) was going to vaccinate everyone with the flu shot at his school. They told the kids that medicine was in the shots (my Mom and I had to turn it). Then they sang and danced again. My youngest was watching so Grandma and I reminded him that those vaccines is why brother is over at the table lining up his lightbulb collection....
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hugs, my daughter is 16 and still gets this stuff occasionally too...
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Yes! Well said Kim...those of us who have teens were there when it all began...been fighting this fight a lot longer...worrying about having a natural birth not to hurt the baby....haha!.. Btw, I was researching biomed on my own until I found aoa and thru that found autism one...FB and you guys..yr girl is gorgeous and , yeah I get the "dancer" part..
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Kim Rossi Stagliano Oh, yeah, the flu shot Sid episode. PBS carrying pharma's water.
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The grandson of my sons nurse (my son is ill enough to qualify for in home nursing care) went to the doc for his "2 yr" appt. I warned her to tell her daughter to read the package inserts before deciding on shots. In fact she probably didn't even need the appt. Fast forward a month and she's complaining that he won't eat, will fight for milk and cookies, can't sit still, won't listen, bathroom problems and tummy pain. Me: did this change right after his 2 yr shots? Her: (light bulb goes off) yes, that's when everything changed. Another sad truth, she still believes in vaccines because she's a nurse even when the damage is so obvious
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As a good friend of mine always says. ..I wish there was a way to un-ring this bell!, we are living the same life with my daughter and sadly yes it doesn't get any better. Whiskey for me too!
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my son, who is very aware of where his autism came from loves Sid and thinks it is funny to watch that flu shot episode just to torment me - he is recovered so he is a bit of a smart a$$
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I'd be pushing for age appropriate curriculum - It was hard but I made the school MODIFY so that Ed wasn't given infantile assignments
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Ps I don't need to warn the parents of young ones too much, I take my 160 lb son out in public. The challenges are obvious. Nasty stares? Me: "don't vaccinate." And, I like merlot
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Vaccine Induced Yes, but not by Mercury, Mercury does not Grow the Brain, Glutumate does. http://msgtruth.com/i.../Theory%20of%20Autism-Simplified.pdf
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OMG. that's blatant agenda pushing, geesh.
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John Erb whats sad is the Published medical studies from 1950 that measured IQ of mentally challenged children after being fed MSG for months, they discovered an 8-15 point IQ gain, long term.
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Melissa Schneider I hate this and at the same time I feel so awful for you having to be confronted by this insult to your child.
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Kim Rossi Stagliano Oh there'll be plenty of that Chuck as gorgeous women who do NOT LOOK disabled are at the whim of underpaid undertrained caretakers throughout their life. Oh yes - sexual assault will become epidemic. The gift will include STDs for many. REALITY CHECK. I love you all - I need you all. Stay with me. K
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I am curious, why does the vaccine cause autism in some babies and not in others?
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Agreed. Giant crock of shit!!!
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I remember going into the second year if Kindergarten and CJ could read some out loud but he was not very verbal at all at the time. However we had worked hard to get him to read. All of the typical kids went around the room reading one sentence. "This year in kindergarten I learned to read" or " I learned to add" when they got to CJ they passed right over him while he attacked some manipulative with his mouth sitting in the ground. I died inside a little. Our kids are so unbelievably underestimated!! Who would have an easy time working on the same shit for 10 years??!!
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Kim, by educating parents of the horrors to come, we can prepare them better, I have found a community safe enough to raise an Autistic child in, it has just been declared the Best Neighbourhood in Canada. Setting up a school here to teach and learn from Parents!
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 it has to do with Genetic Tolernece to the Glutamate level, some peoples genes are triggered.
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NIMH · Largest-ever Search for Autism Genes Reveals New Clues

The largest search for autism genes to date, funded in part by the National Inst...See More
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Ugg, with PANDAS right below!
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Check your private messages, Kim.
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Love the Dr. holding syringe!
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 that may be one of the many causal factors in vaccine induced regressive autism, but Amount of mercury that one child receives through it's form thimersol injected into these helpless babies bodies determines the severity of the children and we see it through the grade levels of classrooms filled with varying degrees of from severe to mild forms of autism the children my sons age born in 2003 got their language completely knocked out and were hammered with metals and with those metals comprimising their poor immune system viruses shut down the speech. We try to detoxify their bodies as their guts are completely destroyed by these metals which cause severe imbalances it took my normal typical child three years to get formed stools after 1 and only one round of shots at 2 months old. My son was the unlucky one who will be affected for life. At 9 years old I finally figured the combo out and got speech. If only John there was one answer...wouldn't that be a blessing
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Autism hits me hard when I see a toddler doing so many things my son could not do at that age and some he can not do now.
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You sound angry and I understand
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Chickie Tallerico Totally breaks my heart
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Kim Rossi Stagliano I am angry - and then I try to channel that into a more useful emotion. But sure, I'm angry that not only have kids fallen in droves - there is an insidious campaign to deny their injury, injure more and then call what they have a gift. It's insanity.
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Yes. Anger is only part of it. I am also strangely more forgiving now too. Not in a godly way, in a well-you're-a-product-of-a-big-fucked-up-malfunctioning-machine-gone-bad way. It
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It's what keeps me beautiful.
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Kim, I know don't comment on your posts, but can I share this? I have Aspergers, but that's another story... I work with people who are very Autistic in an adaptive PE class, and I know that people in my Facebook profile don't get it.
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People NEED to see what vaccine induced autism can do!!!!
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Kim Rossi Stagliano Chloe, you are always welcome here - I learn so much from people on the spectrum who can reach out to me for the sake of my own daughters. Thank you for commenting. We try to educate - and yes, even "awareness" has its place. Not blue lightbulb awareness but real conversations about what YOU need as a woman with ASperger's to navigate this world, what my girls need. I have said every time I speak - autism is a horizontal spectrum to me - there is no hierarchy- I want to see people across the spectrum get the help and respect every one of us deserves. Thanks.
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Oh the pain I see here ~ it breaks my heart!! I'm so sorry!! I want to share that I have seen non verbal go to verbal in a short time on a GAPS/SCD?low oxalate diet combo. Has anyone tried that? A dear friend is working in a study with VCU/MCV right now and they are having amazing results with food on autistic issues. I want to help each and every one of you! I hate this!!!
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I sent you a friend request.
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No words do any of this justice. My heart breaks for us all.
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I only WISH that my 21 year old daughter would get 'math' like that.. she can't even do that
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I have a good friend on FB, we have met, her name is Katie and she has autism as well and this is HER math - it's a spectrum!

Kim Rossi Stagliano's photo.
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Oh my!
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When my now 20yo daughter finished 6th grade they said her next step in math was algebra...no thank you...BUT she cannot carry on a conversation, she's can be aggressive, and is extremely behind socially, yet every teacher pushed math and reading. Why?...See More
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What a silly comment. Vaccines are a two-edged sword: they can prevent potentially fatal diseases or they can cause so excessive as reaction on the part of the immune system, or their ingredients can cause so many disabling or fatal syndromes, that death or permanent disability, often brain damage, can be the result. You have to research carefully to decide whether the vaccine or the disease would be a greater danger here and now, remembering that the more vaccines you take, the higher the risk you run of a disabling reaction. Although Heaven knows that many of the members of my family have had disabling reactions even to the very first vaccine given.

And in First World societies, there are very few VPDs that would be dangerous here and now even if no vaccines were given. Until the late '80s, the only vaccines routinely given were DPT (A Shot in the Dark), MMR, and polio. And D was gone, P had become much milder and was very rarely dangerous, M and M haven't been very dangerous in developed countries in the last century, and rubella is only dangerous to fetuses in the first months of development. I got it as a child (as well as measles and probably mumps) and have never had to give them a second thought. And in the '80s, there were no raging epidemic diseases killing anyone. Well, Hib disease had reached new heights, and that's worth a discussion elsewhere. Nearly every single baby born lived to become an adult, healthier, in fact, than our current crop of young adults, even without the plethora of vaccines routinely given now. And no one had ever heard of autism, because it only affected one in 10,000 children in 1980 in the US. Rates of allergic and autoimmune disease were a fraction of what they are now.

So sure, learn about both sides, and then make your choice. In almost every case, lifetime health is better served by not getting the vaccines. But absolutely, learn about every VPD and the chances it might affect you or your child at this time. There are no guarantees either way, but playing the odds would mean refusing all or most vaccines. And vaccines absolutely do cause autism. You think using profanity is going to change the obvious?

Kim for Nasty Commenter in RI

What a nasty comment you left us. I suspect you are a student somewhere on the spectrum so I will not blast you. Go study for your exams - and head to a Newport Creamery in your RI area for an Awful Awful - they may have named it after you. Kim


i just wanna say a big hearty eff you- vaccines do not cause autism. vaccines cause adults.

for Rue Lianne

Cia Parker ;beautiful and kind comment.
Ria Luanne; Some autism is indeed something people are born with; fragile x syndrome, agenesis corpus callosum, misdiagnosed introverts, but some autism comes as a result of brain damage.
If you don't like this idea, you will have to stay away from scholarly and peer reviewed articles, because it comes up quite a lot.
"Developmental Aphasia and brain damage"
"Brief report; onset at age 14 of a typical autistic syndrome.A case report of a girl with herpes simplex encephalitis"
And from the article " the onset of typically autistic behavior in an 11 year old previously quite healthy boy with herpes encephalitis ( DeLong et al 1981)suggests that autism might result from brain damage acquired well into the childs school age.."
You want to start looking up encephalitis and autism.
Encepahlitis by the way is inflammation of the brain ( in other words, brain damage)
By the way, since I am guessing you may be a previous commenter who has been very focused on the idea that parents must want perfect kids; it does make me wonder if your parents were as "good" as you say they were; they seem to have left you projecting the idea that parents "must" want perfect kids a great deal for people who you describe as having been accepting.
In this family we don't need to pretend that we don't have health challenges or even injuries whether to the body or the brain; we believe that we are all valuable despite the harm that has been caused, whether by challenges gained at birth, or later by outside events.
The kids aren't "perfect", the parents aren't "perfect", but we all do our best and work to make life easier, happier and better for each one of us.
wishing you all the best, Hera

cia parker

Rue Lianne,
I, like you, have Asperger's, having reacted to the DPT at 3 months of age with several days of screaming. I didn't realize it until I read about it when I started researching autism because of my vaccine-damaged autistic daughter. I realize that I, like you, have a tendency to be self-absorbed and have difficulty taking the perspective of others. I do the best I can to try to overcome this limitation, and I think, as my friends here have also said, that you would do well to try to be both more introspective and to put yourself in others' place. My daughter cannot converse, can speak very little at this time, has no friends because of this, is like a much younger child in many ways. She has IBD as a result of her vaccine injury, and is on a very taxing grain-free diet. If she does not recover significantly, she will not have a job as a psychologist, like you, or anything more than possibly a minimum-wage job. If she cannot learn to drive and get a driver's license, how will she live? Who will watch out for her when I am gone? She has no interest in reading or movies, and cannot follow stories. Her brain was damaged by vaccine encephalitis and also by the mercury in the vaccines she received. Autism has not always existed: read the book The Age of Autism for exhaustive proof of its history.
Your post was very self-centered, autistic, if you will. Those few autists who can grow up and be independent have been marginally affected by autism, and it is cruel to criticize those of us with more severely-affected children for trying to normalize them enough that they may be able to live independently, or, if not independently, at least more happily in the world. Would you rather we get up every day saying Oh, who cares that no one is trying to help him learn to speak, learn, or function in the world? He's just great the way he is! He was normal until the vaccine encephalitis or the MMR regression, but hey! that's just the way it is, he would have suddenly regressed into autism even without the shots, because that's just what the vaccine makers repeat to us ad nauseum, and, as a good capitalist consumer, I know it's my duty to believe every word that comes out of their mouths! Why would you wish to take their part?

Jenny Allan

Rue Lianne SAYS she is a psychologist, studying for an advanced degree, but we have only her word for this.
If she cares to tell us her real name and the name of the educational establishment which awarded her degree, and the establishment where she is studying for an advanced degree, then we might take her vindictive verbiage seriously, and at the same time pity any psychologically distressed patients unlucky enough to be referred to her.


That's a psychologist. O M G.


Rue - your comment is callous, cruel and so far from the truth I'm laughing. I am one of the strongest, most devoted, dedicated mothers you could ever be fortunate enough to know. I wonder if you yourself have some form of Asperger's or autism. Perhaps you wish we Warrior Moms had been in your life to ease your road - we would have you know. If you were our child we would leave no stone unturned to make your life softer, more gentle while loving you with all of our heart and soul. It's what we do. It's what I do. I hope you find peace whether you are parent who feels guilt (one possibility given your sharp words) or a person on the spectrum, in which case, I forgive you for your comment. Happy Thanksgiving.


Primum non nocere

Rue's name suggests an interest in children's fiction.

Jenny Allan

Rue Lianne states:- "Most of us are happy as we are except for the people who choose to overstimulate us, traumatize us and insult us like these comments are doing."

I wish you well with your advanced degree and future career as a psychologist, but however well qualified you think you are, you cannot be a 'spokesperson' for all autistic persons, neither should you indulge in blanket generalisations. Persons who comment on this website and other autism news articles and blogs are, like yourself, expressing personal opinions.

I am sure my autistic grandson would be happier without the terrible bowel pain and discomfort he endures every day, a condition, first flagged up by Dr Andrew Wakefield during his research at the Royal Free Hospital. My grandson was then a patient under the care of clinician colleagues Professors Walker-Smith and Murch. He was being treated for his bowel problems only;(the autism was not officially diagnosed until later, during an education department assessment-nothing to do with the Royal Free hospital staff).

Whether or not, you believe these problems were caused by the MMR vaccine, my grandson was not born with these problems but developed them later. It is now more or less tacitly acknowledged by the 'medical establishment', autistic children DO have a greater incidence of bowel disease.

John Stone

Hi Rue Lianne,

Thank you for your highly articulate letter. Unfortunately, there are very different levels (and patterns) of impairment involved in autism, and commonly other associated complex health problems. You are a bit like someone who has lost their little toe claiming to speak on behalf of the limbless.

John Stone, UK Editor.


There is nothing wrong with righteous anger.
As a matter of fact there is something very wrong with people that don't get angry at horrible wrongs.

Jesus was angry and he did something about it.

Cynthia Parker thanks for sharing. That is so interesting. You are thinking, and working hard on all on all of this.

Rue Lianne

I'm so glad none of you are my parents.

I know this comment will never appear, because comments are moderated and Ms Stagliano will likely not allow an opposing view to be seen, especially not from a "victim" of this "brain damage."

But if you think you are loving parents to your autistic children, you are all jokes, plain and simple. Autistic people are not brain damaged, plain and simple. "Wired differently" is an oversimplification, as autism is systemic. I will not deny that autism can be a disorder. It is not something that is without unpleasant physiological and psychological co-morbidities. It is a neurological abnormality and there are significant drawbacks to being autistic, enough to classify it as a disability.

But it is not brain damage.

The differences have always been there. Autists were not poisoned as babies. Autists will not 'heal.' Most of us are happy as we are except for the people who choose to overstimulate us, traumatize us and insult us like these comments are doing.

I'm no idiot brainwashed into thinking I'm "special." I'm a psychologist pursuing an advanced degree. I'm not quite an expert, but I am miles ahead of you both from the perspective of experience (you may say that those have not 'seen it' do not know what it's like -- who knows what it is like more than someone who is actually autistic?) and knowledge of neuroscience. There is definitely something different about me, but I sure would not call it WRONG. This is who I am. And you know what I am most glad of? That I didn't have despicable parents who would not accept me as I am, would not embrace the child they had, instead of trying to reach out for a nonexistent neurotypical child who would not do things that THEY found bothersome. Face it: you cannot handle your autistic child, and that is why you have decided there is something wrong with them. When your children are my age and read what you write (because I am willing to bet they can read, whether or not you are willing to believe it) they will not feel supported. Not unless you have forced them to believe this nonsense about sickness and damage.

I think you're too self-absorbed to admit that your child is different, that your child is not neurotypical, that you will not be able to fix a natural state of being and warp it into the perfect family life you want.

Carter's Daddy

That image gave me a sharp pain in my gut. As for this Jessica Wilson, how does she know her child does not have metals or gut issues? She clearly does not want to find out. Those of us who know our kids have these maladies must seem to her that we just kind of assumed it?

Cynthia Parker

I'm sorry for being so out of the technology loop, but I'd like to join the FB vortex, but don't know how to find it. I just found your FB page, but this wasn't on it.

Cynthia Parker

I called a special IEP meeting a month ago, I am very unhappy at the management's having put my thirteen-year old daughter in six typical classes in seventh grade, and she's expected to do typical work. There are no textbooks now, everything's on colorless work sheets, hundreds of them, or on the computer. She's normal in math, that wasn't the area of her brain damaged by the vaccines, it was the verbal and social center. But even the math is extremely convoluted with verbal images, and she's supposed to do twenty word problems almost every night, at this time involving proportions that lend themselves to being phrased algebraically, like Amy doesn't know whether she should choose a plan to download songs to her MP3 player that permits 50 songs a month or the plan that charges $1.60 per song, maximum sixty a month, and, if the total is seventy per month, what is the startup fee in addition to the average song fee? And then nineteen more. She had a fifty page science packet in her folder, she's supposed to watch videos on the ocmputer and then figure out the answers to the questions. Six pages of social studies, she's supposed to answer the questions about Solon, the birth of democracy, Sparta, and do a report on the assigned god and goddess. The autism resource specialist, Jena Randolph, insists that she tested as normal for verbal expression and comprehension, although it was all multiple choice, with no actual production of language, and that she's fully capable of doing the typical classwork. Meanwhile, her special autism teacher goes with her to some classes, paras go with her to others, and the autism teacher has the authority to raise her grades unilaterally so that she passes everything. He sent an email last week saying that all the autistic seventh graders were getting an F in science, but not to worry, he hadn't gotten around to raising the grades yet, but he would. The only problem is that she's bored and uncomprehending, and cannot produce a complex sentence or paragraph about anything. I suggested giving her a reduced, simplified amount of work, with fill in the blank questions that she could do, and learn something in the process, but they refused to do that.
I have suggested many times that the language therapy needs to be centered on teaching them English from the beginning, that the vaccine brain damage did stroke-like damage to the language center of their brains, and they didn't have the grammar structures in their brains ready to be activated by the words they heard. But again, they won't do it, preferring to say that if they just put them with peers and suggest topics to talk about, that they will normalize in speech. Seven years in school language therapy that hasn't helped her say a single thing. I think the Andy Cutler ALA therapy is helping my daughter, we've been doing it for a year now, taking mercury out of her brain bit by bit. (Our brain, I'm doing it too.) We're doing the Cambridge ESL book Contact 1 for middle schoolers now, and it's amazing her progress. I told her about saying Nice to meet you too! and asked what she should say when someone says How are you? She said How are you too? I told her that was logical, but we say How are YOU? raising our voice. And now she's doing it! At Trick or Treat last month, when people said Have fun! she actually answered by saying You too! She found my purse which I had left next to bags of aspen shavings in the garage, and I asked her to say where she had found it, in a complete sentence. And she said I found it.........in the garage! First time in her life she ever produced an answer like that! She's learned to say What is this? What are these? It's a... They're... which she didn't do correctly at first. Now we're doing Who's your favorite...? and I'm giving her CDs for Christmas of all these guys mentioned in the Contact book I'd never heard of, Sean Kingston, Alicia Keys, Miley Cyrus (heard of her, and not entirely clear on whether that's a good idea), Justin Timberlake, and by golly, we'll listen to them every day so she has an answer if someone asks her who her favorite singer is.
I think that if we keep doing the ALA every three hours for three days a week, that will permit us to get the mercury out and restructure and stock her mind with English (and Spanish, she's doing well in that too), and make new neural connections. Looking ahead, she's going to have to write a paragraph about her house using It has... and It is... I think she'll be able to put something together independently and see how we group logical, coherent ideas together. This is what every school in the country should be doing in language therapy for the autistic, but I think they don't because that would mean admitting that autism is brain damage, and the damage was caused by vaccines. But what a tragedy to just leave the kids to flouder when they could be helped!

tara mcmillan

I am angry as well KIM-- so angry... but there is a difference in anger from that of it letting it control me and ruin my family. I don't say that bc I think you are, I only say that bc most of my "christian friends" see it as anger and that I should "get over it"

I will never get over it until the last vaccine is done away with.

I am angry-- making it fuel into helping others, telling others to avoid the mistakes we can so easily get trapped in by careless irresponsible drs....

scary stuff

The following is from Diary of A Mom's blog post, "What my Daughter Is Not Doing" from Sept. 9th.
With this stick your head in the sand attitude and thousands of brainwashed parents falling for this load of crap I can see why the vaccine issue continues to be a problem. Parents are actually falling for this bullshit. If I shut my eyes I would swear I was listening to Dr. Profit trying to convince parents autism has nothing to do with anything other than genetic "wiring!" Sickening.

By Jessica Wilson (Oh and don't bother challening her because she has a lengthly comment policy which basically prohibits anyone from commenting if they don't worship her and every word she spews forth. Her arrogance is stunning):

"She does not have a disease from which her body is healing. She does not have gut problems nor an overload of heavy metal in her system. She does not have anything that time in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber is going to ‘fix.’ My daughter isn’t sick.

Her brain is wired differently than the average bear. It just is. As such, her development is not linear. It’s not simply a slower journey along a prescribed path. Instead, it’s a walk down a whole different road that’s really not a line at all, but a prism – a constellation of challenges and talents that make her who she is.

I’ll say it again. My child is not sick.

She’s different.

The word “recovery” is not remotely applicable to her progress."

ignorance is sadly alive and well

I am stunned when I read over and over again on some of these blogs of mothers of higher functioning kids ranting that their kids' brains are just wired differently and nothing else is wrong with them. I read a post recently by Diary of a Mom, one of the worst offenders of this myth IMO, rambling on about her daughter just being wired differently. What a pack of fools these people are. When will they admit their kids are sadly brain damaged? I think they are too self absored to actually admit this to themselves. What really is disturbing are all the followers who actually believe these bloggers and hold them up as some sort of God. More kids will fall due to these types of moronic parents.


Looks like the Dr. is only given 7 vaccines instead of maybe 9...

Michelle B

Just like the Grim Reaper! Ugh.

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