Autism Law Center on Issa Postponement of VICP Hearing: We Are Disappointed
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Theresa Cedillo Mother Of Vaccine Injured Daughter On Issa Delaying of VICP Hearing

MC courtMichelle Cedillo was our Child of the Year in 2007. Precious little has changed since that time for her or those who have followed in her footsteps. Read more HERE. Below is a letter to Chairman Issa from her Mother.

By Theresa Cedillo

It was with great disappointment that I learned of congressional hearings looking into the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program being delayed by Chairman Issa.  I am even more disappointed to say that this news does not come as a surprise.
The “others” are reluctant? That’s one of the reasons to delay? Why not subpoena them to appear? This hearing and a congressional investigation into the program, the Omnibus Autism Proceedings and the Department of Justice are long overdue.
As a parent of a severely vaccine injured child, who was the first test case in history in the Omnibus Autism Proceedings in 2007, I speak from personal experience.  Justice was not served in Michelle’s hearing in 2007.  She was used as a pawn in the ugly game of pretend that was orchestrated by the other side to shut down any further claims of vaccine injury and autism, belittle any experts who were willing to come forward on behalf of vaccine injured children and to further attack Dr. Andrew Wakefield and his research. It was a public show used to give an illusion of her “day in court”.  She was used to deny.
MC baby
Michelle is living proof of Dr. Wakefield’s theory of MMR/autism/chronic illness via vaccine injury.  Michelle regressed profoundly following administration of the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccination. She has tested positive for the vaccine strain measles virus RNA in her intestinal biopsies.  She has been diagnosed by pediatric specialists at top medical facilities on the West Coast with severe autism, severe static encephalopathy, a life threatening intractable seizure disorder, Crohn’s disease, stage III liver disease, arthritis, spondyloarthritis, gastro esophageal reflux disease, an oral aversion, osteopenia, bi-lateral foot deformities from arthritis, a 2 inch leg length discrepancy,  and she is legally blind. She has tested positive for mitochondrial dysfunction. She has a feeding tube. She does not talk. Michelle requires 24 hour care and assistance with all daily living skills. Her life has been ruined and irreversibly changed by her vaccinations.

MC sick

The same court that made a mockery of claims of autism following vaccination and denied the thousands of autism claims in the Omnibus, has awarded others outside of the Omnibus who have brain injury resulting in autism. The 1322 Project found 83 confirmed awards where the injured also has autism. Just recently, a child was awarded for brain injury (resulting in autism) following the MMR. Why should Michelle and the other claimants be punished for using the “A” word?  Does this come down to semantics?
MC Daddy

Discussions of filing complaints for fraud with the DOJ Office of Professional Responsibility have taken place amongst the lawyers and petitioners directly involved in the process.

MC bed Mom

Chairman Issa must realize, it’s not just Michelle. There are thousands more just like her. They, like her, deserve at the very least, justice. Isn’t it wrong enough that they’ve suffered the injury? Why must justice be denied as well? These are lives, not numbers. These are babies, toddlers, children, young adults, adults. They are not coincidences. We make up parents and families from all walks of life. We have documented our children’s regression, illnesses and for some, death, following vaccination. It’s devastating to experience your child being injured. To be left with no recourse and no justice is unacceptable.

MC flap

Michelle before 15 months of age was a healthy and happy baby. She was perfect. Her life following the MMR at 15 months is now chronicled in hospital stays, procedures, therapy and doctor appointments. She is a very sick young adult now. She suffers greatly every day. It’s unthinkable how much she has lost. Her life today is unimaginable. Chairman Issa, I implore you, call for hearings and an investigation into this program. Look at why an entire generation of children are being made ill. This is NOT a coincidence. Don’t turn your back on our children like so many others. Don’t fall to the pressures of the drug companies. Stand up for what’s right. You will be remembered for your actions and those you helped, or didn’t help.



Thank you for speaking publically. I am sorry for what happened to your family. This atrocity by injection has to stop. And the honest researchers and physicians working on our behalf have to break through the barriers. I pray for your daughter, all our affected children, and the future of life on the planet. Thank you for your courage. God bless you and yours.

Shell Tzorfas

Sorry for some losses of your beautiful daughter but do take pride on your words being heard and somehow affecting positive changes as days go by. Shelley (Recovering Autism, ADHD, & Special Needs.)


My dear friend Theresa--

Today was actually the perfect day for your article to appear-- the day when people hit the streets to protest the official version of JFK's assassination. Some might object to the analogy but his own nephew has made harsher analogies for the cover up of vaccine injury and the deplorable kangaroo court system we've been given in place of a "day in court."

You rarely speak out publicly and people should listen when you do. I'm not sure many grasp the depths of your understanding of what happened to Michelle, your understanding of the ramifications for what it means for justice in the US or your family's history of activism. If the DOJ chose Michelle as the test case assuming they had a perfect, silent patsy on their hands, they will find out in time how wrong they were. The band may play on but you throw off the drum beat and have overlaid a different tune.



Thank you, Theresa, for continuing to report on Michelle's vaccine injury and the many physical illnesses it caused.

You are right; she was "used as a pawn in the ugly game of pretend." Along with the 5,000 other children who continue to be denied justice. Denied medical care. Denied public acknowledgment of the painful medical realities of vaccine injury.

We will continue to report these facts day after week after month after year, until vaccine researchers and public health policymakers relocate their missing ethics and institute studies on vaccine injury prevention and treatment.


Thank you for your courage and for standing for the truth. I appreciate that you took time to share Michelle's story with all of us. <3


In his declaration Nicholas Chadwick swore the following was true: "I [Chadwick] specifically asked Dr Wakefield not to include me on the list of authors of the Lancet paper because I was not comfortable with the fact that we had found lots of negative results for measles virus in tissues from the autistic children."

But in Cedillo Chadwick testified as follows:

"Ms. Patton [attorney for HHS]: Why isn't your name on the [Lancet] paper I just referenced?

Chadwick: Well, my name isn't on that because none of my data went into that paper. There was a manuscript which did use some data from Dr. Kawashima's lab, and I asked for my name to be taken off anything that was related to PCR data because I wasn't comfortable with the data.

Ms. Patton: You specifically asked that your name not be on that [Kawashima] paper because of your reservations about the data?

Chadwick: Yes, that's right."

So in his declaration Chadwick swore to something that wasn't true. His exchange with the HHS attorney in Cedillo appears choreographed to clean up that lie without acknowledging its existence to the court.

Chadwick's declaration:

Chadwick's testimony in Cedillo:

Louis Conte

Thank you for your courage.


Dan Burns

FRACKING THE GOVERNMENT. Fifty years ago today, President John F. Kennedy was gunned down near Dealey Plaza in Dallas, my city. The bullet that shattered Kennedy’s skull also blew open the black box of government, revealing the secrets behind the headlines, including the Civil Rights Movement. Among them: when a Freedom Rider’s bus was firebombed by the Ku Klux Klan, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference appealed to Kennedy for Federal marshals to protect them.

The issue was divisive. Kennedy advised the riders to turn back. But there was no turning back. The ride continued to Birmingham, where on Mother’s Day, Bull Connor directed the use of fire hoses and police attack dogs against peaceful demonstrators, including children.

WIKIPEDIA: “Connor’s aggressive tactics backfired when the spectacle of the brutality being broadcast on national television served as one of the catalysts for major social and legal change in the southern United States and helped in large measure to assure the passage by the United States Congress of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.”

We don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes in Issa’s committee, the NIH, or the CDC. We may not know for half a century. But we can be certain of this: opposition to business as usual within the black box of Health and Human Services and other branches of the Federal bureaucracy is stirring. Hearing or no hearing, we are fracking the government.

John Stone

Personally, I would suggest that there is absolutely nothing to be lost in taking Issa's assurance that it is a postponement as made in good faith, providing everyone continues to lobby their reps to make sure that they know people are not going away. The "never expected anything" line is altogether less likely to yield dividends. What everyone needs is more re-assurances, dates etc.

Issa cannot expect not to be held his word so hold him to it. The "never expected anything" line let's him off the hook (supposing he's on one). As Jersey Guy says Issa is so wealthy he can manage quite well without pharma contributions.

One of the dangerous mindsets that afflicts autism parents - and I know - is a kind of "fear of hope" syndrome because we have so often been disappointed. But you also have to dare to hope to get anywhere.


I would like to know more about the politics behind this, of course. My sense is that Issa is sincere: why else would he take up the issue in first place, and on top of that conspicuously attend Autism One? Ottoschnaut, it's true that he received a lot of money from Pharma over the course of his congressional career, but if you check out the 2014 election cycle, you'll note that his campaign contributions from Pharma are way down. No doubt that's retaliation, but Issa is a very wealthy man with plenty of other contributors: he really doesn't need Pharma's money.

Now, the other members of the committee are another matter entirely. Pharma may indeed have gotten to them and told them to put the brakes on the hearing. That would be worth further investigation.

Sue S

Amen. I just faxed my son's story to Congressman Issa with the same pleas.


Follow the money:

Carolyn Coughlin

For our child's sake our veterans sake and Michele"
'A sake every person on this list with a phone and 10
Minutes commit to calling your congressman or senator today and ask if they can take on this hearings
Vaccine safety is inexplicably the third rail of American politics
We need a Ralph Nader to figure out how to get this out there. I wonder if the auto industry characterizes him as anti-car?

Bob Moffitt

It has been absolutely heart-wrenching to read the letters to Rep. Issa .. pleading for him to do nothing more than what he has been elected .. and .. promised to do .. as Chairman of the OGR .. which is to represent Cathy Jameson, mom of Ronan, Val Boergesson, mom of Alex .. and .. Theresa Cedillo, mom of Michelle .. and the tens of thousands of other families .. such as my own .. who suffered similar experiences and consequences after having their toddlers vaccinated.

Judging their performance to date .. both these men .. one an elected politician Chairman of the OGR (Issa) .. .and .. the other a federal appointee as Director of the National Institute of Mental Health (Insel) .. have accomplished nothing of substance .. preferring instead to "kick the proverbial can of worms (vaccines) down the road" .. by delaying, denying, obfuscating or simply ignoring their obligation to actually do their jobs .. which is to exercise bold leadership in pursuit of ANY potential contributing factor that has caused "1 in 28" to be diagnosed autistic in this generation of children .. including vaccines .. however politically inconvenient that pursuit may be.

Oh .. that's right .. I can't say that because I have "no evidence" to support it .. and .. I likely will never have that evidence because too many elected representatives .. are content to follow the "leadership" examples set by Issa and Insel .. deny, delay and ignore the common sense reality of publicly supporting .. through their words and legislative action .. pending federal legislation that seeks to fund a "vaccinated v. unvaccinated" study that would provide evidence .. either to "rule out" vaccines completely .. or .. reveal the truth that vaccines are not as "safe, efficient and harmless" as the vested interests insist they are.

Unfortunately .. and .. by no means is it an accident .. we remain after all these years .. in desperate need of snarling pit-bull (warrior mom) "watchdogs" .. rather than the cuddly poodle (pharma shill) "lap-dogs" .. that always seem to find themselves occupying these critical positions ... year after year after year.....

As I understand it .. "Chairman Issa remains committed to holding the VICP hearing and has asked for the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to conduct a thorough investigation and issue a report on the VICP. The GAO has no investigated the VICP since 1999. He also asked the Department of Health and Human Services to update its strategic plan for the VICP"

That statement not only "conveniently kicks the proverbial can of worms down the road" ... but .. it also smacks of a safe way for the Chairman to "pass the buck" .. thereby justifying his own procrastination .. by putting the blame for the delay onto the shoulders of GAO and HHS.



Thank you, Theresa. Your courage and patience are extraordinary.

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