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Weekly Wrap: Standing Up for Yates

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted RH Nov 13

If I were to commit a crime in Tennessee, I would have but one wish: not to be prosecuted by Rolf Hazlehurst.

Rolf is part Atticus Finch and part Sam Waterston on Law and Order, and all about bringing justice for his son, Yates, justice so far denied by the vaccine "court" autism omnibus proceeding, of which Yates was the second test case.

Rolf is an Assistant District Attorney General for the State of Tennessee, a criminal prosecutor in the aforementioned mold. Thursday at the congressional briefing leading up to the House reform committee hearings on vaccine court next month, he made clear he was not speaking in his official capacity.

But he also made clear that he has the goods on the sleazy, corrupt and in fact criminal behavior engaged in by HHS attorneys to hide the evidence that his son and so many others were vaccine-injured and now face a lifetime of the neurological catastrophe called autism.

Hazelhurst described how he virtually stumbled across two contradictory opinions by the same Johns Hopkins neurologist about whether vaccines cause autism, and how the government's lawyers deep-sixed one of them and trumpeted the other. As officers of the court, lawyers can't do that, and it really irritates Hazlehurst, to use a mild word, to see his profession pervert the course of justice.

Experts can change their minds, Hazlehurst said, but "What is wrong is for the United States government when faced with one expert with two opinions to use the opinion which is favorable and conceal the one that is not, especially when you consider that the entire purpose of this proceeding was to determine if vaccines can cause autism, and if so under what conditions.

"Well, the government's expert witness in neurology put in writing, yes, vaccines cause autism. Here's how vaccines cause autism. And the Department of Justice and HHS concealed it."

"The bottom line is that during the autism omnibus proceedings, the United States Department of Justice, representing the United States Department of Health and Human Services, willfully and intentionally concealed critical material evidence about how vaccines cause autism. ...

"Let me put that in perspective for you. If I did to a criminal, in a United States court of law, what the Department of Justice did to vaccine-injured children in the so-called vaccine court, I would be disbarred and I would be facing criminal charges."

To personalize the issue -- and believe me, this is both personal and professional in equal measure -- if Rolf did to a criminal what they did to Yates and so many others, he'd be in jail. I think the logical corollary is that they should be, too.

The wheels of Justice turn slowly, but I'm hopeful that Rolf will be allowed to tell his story at the congressional hearing next month. It needs to be heard, and he is the one to tell it.

So do the words of Mary Holland, who also spoke at the briefing, outlining the Unanswered Questions study that links vaccine court rulings and autism. Let's remember the court ruled that out of 5,000 or so cases, not a single one was triggered by vaccines, Hannah Poling notwithstanding.

Hearing DC
Mark Blaxill, Jennifer Larsen, Rolf Hazlehurst, Mary Holland, Dawn Loughborough in DC this week.

I can't help connecting all this to a recent ABC investigation that exposed a Johns Hopkins professor who ruled that not one case of lung disease he examined in coal miners was black lung disease, caused by coal dust and the liability of the mining companies. Not one case in thousands. Hopkins has now suspended the program. The hand of commerce clearly extended where it did not belong.

The vaccine court operates the same way and deserves the same fate. Yates Hazlehurst and hundreds of thousands of other children and their families deserve Justice. As I walked though the majestic rotunda of the United States Capitol pondering what I had just heard, I began to think they may eventually get it.

Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.


Managing Editor

We do not own the video and the code is affecting how our site runs so we had to pull it down. If we get another version that does not harm how we load - we will put it back up. Thanks for understanding.


Fielding J. Hurst

Where did the video go?


I agree, Benedetta - that is beyond reason.


Actually - it is beyond reason that some common person that witnessed two or three times their kid reacting to a vaccine -- with swollen boot shaped heart, passing out, high temperatures,and finally -- finally reacting with some kind of seizure/stroke/encephalopathyone eventt to then have to turn around find a lawyer (impossible) and then together they are suppose to explain the what and how down to the exact biological pathways of what happened.

Looking forward to the very most to having those that were awarded compensation (cause they sure were not winners) sealed files ---- opened.

Jim Thompson

Regarding the Hazlehurst ruling, see , there was a clear presentation of evidence of harm in the “petitioners’ claim that mercury exposure can cause neurological damage.” However (as indicated on page 76 of the ruling) the Special Master declined to address the claim and instead merely made mention of prior rulings including the Meade ruling.

Again the Meade ruling made improper use of expert testimony and scientific data concerning “no observable toxic effects” from low mercury levels in children’s brain tissue. But even though the underlying mechanism of brain injury from mercury has been demonstrated in animal and human studies, and even though expert testimony in the Hazlehurst case provided much of this evidence—the vaccine court deferred to a erred prior ruling.

The reality today is that no scientific work has yet shown a threshold for human neuron damage from mercury. One possible reason for this is that the tools for neuro-imaging at a resolution of 100 micro meters (0.1 millimeters) are just coming on line. See .

So, the parents in these “vaccine courts” must face the impossible task of going beyond the current abundant evidence of neurological harm from mercury at the macro-scale levels and provide scientific evidence at the nano-scale level—years before the scientific tools are available.

Meanwhile the children with neurological damage from mercury in vaccines receive no justice.

Jim Thompson

Correction, here is the March 12, 2010 “vaccine court” ruling for George, Victoria, and William Mead:

Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

I realize that most docs are not yet aware (though it is well documented by Pearson on the website that Louis Pasteur has a lot to answer for. This vaccine thing was no accident. It was thought up before Jenner fired the first "shot" in 1796. All meant to harm us or I will eat my hat.

“If for Doctors,” with apologies to Rudyard Kipling
By Mary W Maxwell (for public domain)

If you should learn who gave us this Vaccine Court,
And realize your participation in a crime,
If you can wonder how it be sport
For more babies to be allowed to lose their mind,

If you can hear that Pasteur was a cheat,
And know that Edward Jenner hoaxed us all,
Start to see two centuries of science in defeat,
And determine to ask for a complete recall,

If you can brave the remarks that other men may send you
And not turn back, but keep a forward gaze
And be the kind of friend you
Would wish for, with or without “professional” praise,

To end this tragedy before it brings more terror,
To help society put dishonesty on the wane,
And turn around colossal error,
No matter whose the loss, or whose the gain,

Then the families will transmit a grateful roar,
And joy will swiftly break out ’round the earth,
Truth’ll make a good old court appearance, and what’s more,
The title “Doctor” will resume its former worth.


Twyla, that's exactly what I said about evidence. And I also specified that I don't fault the Polings and in fact commend them for speaking out- they could have kept silent.

Jim Thompson

Rolf Hazlehurst might also consider how a Special Master made improper use of expert testimony and scientific data in a “vaccine court” ruling concerning harm from low mercury levels in children’s brain tissue.

Here is an excerpt of the 2010 Age of Autism post about this ruling. “The use of this data by the Special Master, based on a report using histological examination methods on brains from 32 neonatal autopsies for children exposed in the womb to methylmercury, for this comparison is illogical and technically incorrect. To say the least, any ‘no observable toxic effects’ based on data from children’s brain tissue in Lapham et al could neither have been observed nor measured at a future time for those children. And it is technically impossible to use this data to extrapolate a 'no observable toxic effects' level of mercury in brain tissue on to William or any other children of his age. Lapham et al reported on children that died relatively soon after birth. ” See .

Here is the March 12, 2010 “vaccine court” ruling for George, Victoria, and William Mead: .


It'a amazing that an Assistant District Attorney General for the State of Tennessee is on the side of the vaccine injured! Thank you so much to all who are working on these issues, all who planned and spoke at this event, all who are planning and participating in the upcoming hearing.


Kristine, that doesn't exactly stink, it just shows that the burden of proof on families is too high. Not only is Hannah's father a neurologist but her mother is both nurse and attorney. They didn't do anything wrong, it's not some kind of corruption on their part that caused them to win their case. (Maybe that's not what you meant, just want to be clear.) But, because the father is a neurologist they had the best evidence.

Normally families are told, "Nyah, nyah - you can't prove it!" Parents are told the they are stupid and unqualified and yet the burden of proof is on them to show the mechanism of injury and proof of that mechanism. Meanwhile the govt works to suppress science rather than doing research that would help to understand vaccine injuries.


Well Done my prayers are that the truth be heard from the mountain tops and that justice prevail.


I have not seen it said but surely one of the elephants in the room is that Hannah Poling is a child of privileged wealthy doctors, one a neurologist! I appreciate that Jon Poling has spoken out publicly against the vaccine program and rightly noted that there are MANY other Hannahs out there, it is not rare. So I don't fault *him*. However, when you put the Cedillos next to the Polings and you say yes Hannah's case will get compensated and Michelle's will not- well, it makes you wonder if this is equal-opportunity America or what other explanation can be given? If Hannah's case had more evidence in the way of testing during her reaction- well, then exactly my point!! Jon Poling takes his kid to his own ER with encephalitis- she gets in the MRI immediately without question, right? LP to measure cytokines. Direct admit for full work-up and monitoring. Then when you are putting together your VICP case, you call up your colleague Zimmerman to corroborate your evidence. Obviously I have no idea how that all went down and furthermore I know that no amount of justice or money will bring a kid back. However, I think that someone should say "The ONE case that has been publicly conceded is the child of a neurologist!" I mean that stinks to high heaven.


Perhaps some "vaccine history" at the December hearing would be of interest.

I would suggest inviting someone who's child was harmed (or killed) by the DPT vaccine, one reason the CDC Vaccine Court was created.

Someone from the CDC who was at Simpsonwood... to explain what that two-day (Thimerosal) meeting was all about.

A SIDS parent who lost their child less than 24 hours after a 7-9 shot well baby visit.

Dr. Wakefield or someone who could explain the presence of "vaccine strain measles" in the gut of many Autistic children....

Dr. Gerbinding who fast-tracked the HPV vaccine which has now been banned in France, Japan, India ....

(they are now suggesting only one HPV dose may be needed instead of three.... should not they figured that out during proper testing ???


billie joe, I agree with you about the difference between vaccine injury victims' medical ailments versus their psychological autism diagnosis based on observed behaviors.

Further simplifying the issue are the many cases of parents who temporary see their children achieve lucidity during bouts of fever, ala the 1990 DeNiro/Williams movie "Awakenings." These children's minds are trapped by their unabated health damage.

Abetting this mass child abuse are physicians' trade organizations focused on self-protection and product/profit promotion. If the Hippocratic oath was taken seriously to heart, more doctors and other healthcare workers would be teaming up with vaccine injury victims to figure out treatments and prevention. Instead, the telling silence of their denialist majority is inhumanely despicable.


Laura, I just talked with a teacher the other day who works in an all boys school. She told me that fully 40% had some kind of label! And this a school for boys, not a special needs school. Interestingly, she mentioned that they did not give their child any vaccines until after age 4.


"The bottom line is that during the autism omnibus proceedings, the United States Department of Justice, representing the United States Department of Health and Human Services, willfully and intentionally concealed critical material evidence about how vaccines cause autism. ...”

Do these HHS officials enjoy a liability-free shield as do vaccine makers?

JB Handley

The only way we win this battle is when parents in a position to do good step up and take the risk to do so. Autism is now impacting so many children that we have more and more parents with the brains and training to put an end to the madness. Bravo to Mr. Hazelhurst for doing the right thing and honoring his profession and his son!

JB Handley

Heather White

This is very exciting! A huge congratulations and applause for the hard work to this team for making this happen.

Here is my write posted in social media regarding this...

In December we in the autism etc./vaccine injury community will gather in Washington DC to hear the testimony before Congress and hopefully members of the HHS and DOJ will have to answer for their crimes. Too many children and too much suffering has long been well understood but neglected by our health authority all in the name of the collective greater good deliverance of the theory (myth) of vaccine induced immunity. Our children, my son is collateral damage to this agenda, which has wiped clean the ability of so many families to live a peaceful existence here in the United States. We have functioned with little support and no guidance by the CDC, HHS and other health agencies during our journey of vaccine injury recovery, which does exist.

Now is the time to stand for our children and demand that the documents be made public, not just in the circles of the vaccine injured communities but a complete unveiling of the crimes of concealment so good and productive scientific protocols can be put in place to protect preceding vulnerable children and the ones who are injured can receive adequate care that is COVERED by insurance providers! To continue to deny these criminal acts, and adequate care to so many children, now 1:50 is a moral erosion of this nation and further disintegration of trust for the government health authority.

Who will be standing with me in December to witness this?

Here are some of the buried documents by the DOJ and HHS!


Excerpt of document by Rolf Hazlehurst:

"Dr. Andrew Zimmerman is considered one of the top neurologists in the country. Originally, Dr. Zimmerman was an expert witness for HHS. Dr. Zimmerman wrote an expert opinion for HHS in Cedillo v. HHS (See Respondent’s exhibit FF, attached as Exhibit 2), which states, “There is no scientific basis for a connection between measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine or mercury (Hg) intoxication and autism.” This opinion was used as evidence by the government during the O.A.P. to deny compensation to almost every vaccine injured child whose case was pending in the O.A.P.

Dr. Zimmerman subsequently submitted a second expert opinion on behalf of Hannah Poling, which in effect states that she suffers autism as a result of a vaccine injury. The same government officials, who submitted and relied upon Dr. Zimmerman’s first expert opinion as evidence in the O.A.P., secretly conceded the case of Hannah Poling and placed it under seal so that the evidence in the case could not be used in the O.A.P. or known by the public.

However, HHS and DOJ continued to assert as evidence in the O.A.P. the first opinion of Dr. Zimmerman despite the fact that HHS and DOJ knew that Dr. Zimmerman had revised his opinion and they were in possession of Dr. Zimmerman’s second contrary opinion. This is something which would never be allowed in a court of law....By conceding the Poling case, the government prevented Dr. Andrew Zimmerman from taking the witness stand, in which case it could be shown that one expert witness provided two very different reports. The first report was very publically used against the petitioners. The second was used to compensate one child and in the process the government kept the evidence in her case under seal. The evidence placed under seal is strong evidence of how vaccines can cause autism.
Not only did HHS and DOJ conceal critical material evidence of how vaccines can cause autism, including but not limited to Dr. Zimmerman’s second report, but also HHS and DOJ concealed the fact that their own expert witness in the field of neurology concluded and explained how vaccines cause autism."

billie joe

I thought the hearings were this week. What event took place if it wasn't a hearing?

And regarding the language associated with the vaccine cases in court and everywhere. The reason there is a problem legally, imho, that vaccines do not cuase autism... It is because of the definition of autism. People who believe that their child was vaccine injured need to dump the A word and sue or threaten to sue any doctor or clinician that has misdiagnosed their child without first giving them a complete physical assessment for GI, methylation, metabolic, disorders and heavy metals too.
The government is using the A word as a loop hole. Parents need to prove their children are sick and the sue, or threaten to sue providers until their child's medical needs are met and/or they are compensated in court. Autistic like symptoms is different than autism.

I believe the only way the madness will end is when you play the same game they are playing with words.

And please,,, no one get mad at me for this opinion. I know you hold dearly to the A word for various reasons and I respect that. But the A word is the legal problem.

Laura Hayes

Thank you, Dan, for this excellent recap of Thursday's briefing. And thank you, Rolf and Mary, for speaking no doubt eloquently, intelligently, and powerfully on behalf of all of our vaccine-injured children. Is there a video link where we can watch their testimony and share it with others? I continue to read about areas with higher and higher exemption rates. We are making a difference. The stories of what was wrongfully done to our children are not only capturing people's attention, they are staring people in the face everywhere, and they are impossible to ignore. Hard to overlook 1 in 29 boys that can't talk, makes weird noises, and is extremely difficult to include in an educational setting without numerous supports and services in place at both home and school. Now, if the collective citizenry would just care enough to join us in stopping this holocaust against our children, and start caring about helping the victims that have been denied proper help and denied even a cursory level of compassion.

Maurine Meleck

I have to say that I m confused. How can you go from point A to point C? Since the last hearings didn't go into the poisons(like mercury) in the vaccines causing autism, how will the next hearings approach the Vaccine Court's injustices? Anyone? Anyone?

Bob Moffitt

Let us not forget the reason why the Vaccine Court was created by the US Congress in 1986.

The Vaccine Court was NOT created to provide Justice to families suffering injuries from vaccines.

The Vaccine Court was created solely to "stablize the vaccine market" .. which was justifiably being threatened with complete collapse .. due to rising litigation claims.

In any event .. from day one .. the Vaccine Court has violated the "spirit and intent" of the Congress .. by making a ruse of their obligation to provide "quick and fair" compensation for families of the vaccine injured.

As bad as that is .. what is worse .. is the failure of the US Supreme Court to restore JUSTICE FOR THE VACCINE INJURED .. in a Feb 2011 decision .. Bruesewitz v Wyeth .. that effectively denies parents and children their Constitutional Right to seek legal redress in State and Federal Courts .. where these families would have access to the "discovery process" .. thereby allowing them to prevent the "sleazy, corrupt and in fact criminal behavior engaged in by HHS attorneys to hide evidence" they routinely employ.

The US Justice Department that defends the HHS in Vaccine Court .. ought to be re-named .. to the US Department of Vaccine Protections.

Because what the US Justice Department does in the Vaccine Court has absolutely NOTHING to do with seeking JUSTICE.

John Stone

You only have to see how these government officials attempted to mislead the public by filing the Bailey Banks decision as "non-autistic development delay": weasel and corrupt behaviour. And if we read the adjudication we find that the sole reason it does not count as classic autism is that it had a known and identifiable cause. So, what about everybody else's kid? Please may the barrage of lies, bureaucratic doubletalk and deceit end soon.

Let us be clear: these people are not patriots, they are guarding powerful interests and not the interests of ordinary citizens.

"But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."

david burd

Dan, It's very encouraging that Mr. Hazlehurst wants to testify before the House Reform Committee; but will he actually permitted to do so, and if so, I would bet the mainstream media either completely ignores him or else publishes a corrupted, deceptive soundbite. How to break through the mainstream media's blatant censorship?

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