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Brad Borden

How about a link to the video at least?


Thx Carol for the excerpt of Dr. Zimmerman statements taken from the Hannah Poling report. Here is a link of the entire report.


Mrs. Poling, in response to your comment about the NVICP Congressional Briefing, I should have conveyed in my comment, a request for your support about the information that Mr. Hazelhurst has uncovered regarding the DoJ knowledge of an opinion by Dr. Zimmerman which reveals a connection between vaccines and autism. Instead I reacted in defense of this information and what that might bring forth for other families.

Your child's privacy is very important. I acknowledge that you have sought to help other families by requesting the release of records in the desire for transparency.

These are not circumstances that I wish for any family and I am sorry for my harsh comments towards another family with a child that regressed following vaccine injury, and regret causing upset. I re-read your comments and understand your concerns. I wish you well.

Mama Grizzly

Here's the corrected link to the statement that the Poling family petitioned to have Hannah's records unsealed:

Mama Grizzly

Forgive me, I'm confused. Although Mrs. Poling says she has not allowed the release of Hannah's records, an article in the Atlanta Constitution on 3/6/2008 states: "Cliff Shoemaker, the Polings' attorney, said the family has filed a petition with the vaccine court to unseal all of Hannah's records and allow both the family and the government to fully discuss the case."( Mr. Hazelhurst is only requesting something the Polings' attorney said the family wanted.


Oh, how I wish that was true.
Famous among of really in the know Trekkies is not fame to the average Joe on the street.

To be famous to the Average Joe would mean this would all be over, and no more flu shots to pregnant women, no more Hep B's or forced DPTs on my daughter who is a nurse and is going to be needing to go into the nursing home way before me.


How many times did Rolf ask about the time?
I think it was twice.
I think the person sitting beside him was there to help him get it all in -- in his "Timed" speech.

So, details, details, details --nope, did not have time.


Table injuries:

Is my year's table injury the same as your table injuries.
Cause they change those table injuries regular like.

For several years when I was looking to kill, maime, and sue -- the table injury said that a child could not have a temperature above 103.

Opps My son did not qualify cause he had a temperature of 105.


What Psych's say how people with autism feels about themselves:

A psych a few years back explained to me that as far as people with high functioning autism think about having brain injuries are; They are just fine, thank you very much.

A few years have past since that time, and I can tell you that - that is true; they do think they are just fine, thank you very much.

The pscyh said my son needed to go to some kind of vocational rehab to try to teach him how to understand his limitations and get along with people -- cause he has to have a job to support himself.

I have always been up front with my son about his injury.
He is fine with himself, though he is a very anxious person. I did not take him to those classes, but I did take steps to help him control his anxiety. He is a brave, young man that faces his fears each day - perhaps that makes him more brave than the average person. .
Just telling all of you this, so you don't have to worry about how they will feel when they hear they have a brain injury. They already know they have a brain injury because they are having seizures, taking seizure medicine and eating special diets. As a matter of fact by God's grace, they think that is the only thing wrong with them.

Unless of course you have to take them to a vocational rehab and have it pounded into them they are not up to snuff.


Thank you for your candor and for caring about others.

barbara j

hmm..I live in Baltimore, and am a bit familiar with the tactics. When my nephew was diagnosed four months after his mmr, with toxic encephalopathy, the doctor said, "you didn't hear that from me". Years into the process of trying to recover him as well as my own child, this is the "wall". The road is long, twenty years into it, and "you didn't hear this from me" continues to pop up . These people WILL NEVER commit to our children, they are committed to the institutions they hold holy ..supported by the pharmaceutical money. If you find recourse for your child, it's an "every man for himself" playing field. We will continue to damage the children for the money. It's for the greater they say...but you didn't hear that from "them".



Perhaps what you say is true.

Many years ago I read a tragic letter in a medical journal from a doctor who had lost his entire family in a car crash. The poor man was undoubtedly completely broken hearted and beside himself, but his message was that other doctors should learn the lesson and make sure their families rode around only in more expensive, sturdier cars. Even in extremis there was a bizarre form of class identification.


Ultimately the reason Hannah's case was compensated and Michelle's was not is because Hannah's father is a neurologist. If Hannah's case had more evidence, that is reason to point to the fact that a doctor's kid has easier and quicker access to health care and testing. Furthermore, she has access to top doctors in the field of neurology. I know this is the case because my husband is a pediatric specialist and if I want my son into an expert at his hospital, we are bumped up to the top of the line. If my husband tells this doctor "we need xyz testing" then he does it. If I wanted my son to be seen by a colleague of my husband (like someone in his field) that is across the county, it would happen. If I bring my son to the ER at my husband's hospital (major teaching hospital) we are treated differently than everyone else. I am sorry if I offend with my bluntness, but to claim Hannah's case is somehow unique and that is not related to having Jon Poling as her father is actually ridiculous.

Mary Cavanaugh

It is stunning to me Mrs. Poling that you are not doing everything you can to support this cause and help other parents to get the compensation they so richly deserved. You are so concerned with your daughter's reputation even though you yourself say she does not understand what is being said. After all this injustice can we not appear as a united force and do whatever it takes so stop this INSANITY???


Regarding publicity of the Poling case: The horse is long out of the barn. And their case is not the only one whose VICP filings have ended up in unexpected hands; I speak from experience.

We families did not choose the path of vaccine injury, however we must deal with what it brings us. And we must not take it quietly. It's unfortunate that children lucky enough to be in autism recovery might see their stories online, causing them distress. However that's where parents step in and provide support and perspective. Imagine growing up a Kennedy....

Social change requires strength from numbers, rather than isolating ourselves into protective islands. One understands the wish to withdraw when fellow advocates' actions become reckless. But as one vaccine injury victim attorney has stated, "Participation may not ensure victory, but staying quiet WILL ensure defeat."

I wish all parents of vaccine injury victims would focus fully on the ethically void people in government, industry and medical trade unions who perpetuate the autism epidemic. Interpersonal disputes should first be handled privately, person to person.

In the court of public opinion, solidarity shows strength. Why tackle our own team's quarterback?


Thank you Rolf Hazlehurst for your compelling testimony. While I appreciate the enormous and valuable contribution the Polings made in understanding the link between mitochondrial dysfunction and autism, I am confused about Mrs Polings request for privacy since, after Hannah Polings case was conceded, the Polings themselves were very outspoken in the media about their daughters case. Dr. Poling even wrote an open letter to Dr. Steven Novella about the case. I am not sure that Rolf Hazlehurst is disclosing anything new about Hannah's case that isn't already known other than what DOJ knew, when they knew it and why DOJ attorneys chose not disclose Dr. Zimmermans expert medical opinon. It is DOJ he is criticizing and rightly so. It is this deliberate non disclosure of an experts medical opinion that shows a link between vaccines and autism he is bringing to light at the briefing. That is the crux- he is not asking Congress to investigate the Poling family's medical records but DOJ should explain why they chose to ignore one opinion that shows a link and promote another that does not. Had the evidence been disclosed the autism omnibus hearings may have had a different outcome. Again, I greatly appreciate the contribution the Polings have made but I think Rolf Hazlehurst points about DOJ are valid and the questionable procedural maneuvers DOJ used to win the case should be investigated. It could be grounds for a new trial. I look forward to congress' response to Mr. Hazlehurst.


Greg, I am absolutely with you on this! On Remembrance Day of all days, for the Polings choose such a seemingly self-interested stance is stunning. So many phrases come to mind: Do unto others, "let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also the interests of others" ...

Jim Thompson

Mr. Hazelhurst, thank you for helping to open the curtain on the federal vaccine "court" process. The federal attorneys in this “court” are apparently allowed to stack the deck against the majority of children. They ignore expert opinion for one child’s case and thus deny the majority of children’s cases a better chance at justice. Where were the Special Masters in this obscenity of justice? Why didn’t she or he point this out and force the opinion to be heard for all cases?

Ms. Poling, thank you for helping to open the curtain as well. The associations between brain injury and Autistic Spectrum Disorder seem to stymie the Special Masters. It appears that concessions only occur with the former. Do you have this view?


Even though my kids are neurotypical, I work with autistic kids and I am truly saddened by Mrs. Poling's stance. What does it say about us as a race if we are not prepared to put the health and safety of our most sacred resource --our kids-- ahead of our 'private concerns'? Truly sad!

Theresa Cedillo

As part of an ongoing medical evaluation process, and in an attempt to identify causes of intesifying seizures, Michelle (Cedillo)had an extensive mitochondrial workup. She was found to have a form of mitochondrial dysfunction. None of this was allowed into the court record (Omnibus)as evidence since the testing occurred after the June 2007 hearing.

Mercky Business

Terry Poling's commments certainly pose the question what are the financial and professional pressures not to disclose the unvarnished truth in the vaccine autism controvery. Irritated though they are I don't think they've helped very much to clear the air.


Mrs. Poling,

It doesn't make any sense that you would attempt to discredit Mr. Hazlehurst's powerful testimony. For what? So that your daughter's case wouldn't be used as an example to lead the way for other children? To protect Dr. Zimmerman from scrutiny? Really?

With your experience and credentials I would have expected to see you sitting next to Mr. Hazlehurst and Ms. Holland working with them, to bring justice for all vaccine injured children.


Thank you Mr. Hazlehurst for your very clear, excellent presentation at Congressional Briefing. The issue of mitochondrial defect/injury may be critical for autism development, but we have to remember that such injury may be the result of toxic vaccinations, as both mercury and aluminum (present in vaccines) damage mitochondria. Hence mito defect may not be the preexisting feature of autistic children, it may be a manifestation of post vaccination encephalopathy, aka autism. Ms. Poling, I think you should be proud that your daughter’s case may help other vaccine injured children and hopefully help all of us to fight the holocaustic autism epidemic. The future of your daughter depends on healthy society and think what will happen to her when you are gone, when nearly everybody around is also autistic – and this is what is rapidly happening in the US. Please help us fight for health and sanity of future generations of children.


The phrasing of attorney Mrs Poling's comments is perhaps unfortunate. The comments need to be read carefully with the other comments. Only when that is done [and not otherwise] is there no doubt Asst. District Attorney Rolf Hazlehurst's testimony to Congress was correct that Dr Zimmerman had provided an expert report on Ms Hannah Poling and that he was an expert witness for the US Department of Justice and that the US DoJ had that report at the time of the appeal Mr Hazlehurst brought on behalf of his son, and which report Mr Hazlehurst contends the DoJ failed to disclose and that Ms Hannah Poling was intended to be a test case [which would have meant the Poling's privacy may have been invaded in any event].

Reading carefully one can see that neurologist Zimmerman [a personal friend of the Polings?] did provide, as attorney Mrs Poling confirms, an expert report on Hannah Poling:

"When the government denied the seizures as part of her vaccine injury, we asked Dr. Zimmerman to opine on that issue."

And Dr Zimmerman was an expert for the US DoJ and did provide other reports for the DoJ as Mrs Cedillo confirms:

"Dr. Zimmerman hid his face in his hands during my two day oral testimony at Michelle's hearing in June 2007. He was supposed to give oral testimony as an expert witness for the DOJ. However, he disappeared from the court room when that time came. He issued a written report as his expert witness testimony against Michelle, stating that she was born the way she is now. Perhaps he hid his head in his hands,as he heard Michelle's story of regression following vaccination unfold, because he knew she became ill the same as he confirmed in his studies. As another parent has pointed out to me, he's shut up like a clam since the 2007 Omnibus hearings."


I do not believe Mr. Hazlehurst is using your daughter's case for his own purpose, but he is using it for every other child's benefit. I am sorry you are offended by this, but this brutality to our children has to stop, and it is high time that our children receive the justice they deserve and have been denied.

Even if she can see her name all over the internet and yet not understand the meaning of the terms, how does she know that it's actually her he is referring to and not someone else?

Children are dying from vaccine injury and you won't let their work be done without criticism? When it was your daughter in the media, we, as parents, wanted justice for her. Why does it seem that you are unwilling to reciprocate those sentiments?


Terry Poling, I'm sure it must be very hard to be famous, but the fact is your daughter's case is a landmark case. I totally understand wanting to protect her from being discussed, but it seems to me that discussion is unavoidable. And Rolf Hazlehurst is only discussing the case, the medical opinions, not personal information. To some extent fame is the price your family pays for the huge settlement your daughter received. Thousands of families of children with vaccine induced autism are struggling to find knowledge, help, effective treatments. And many are fighting for reform of the vaccine program, to help avoid these kinds of adverse reactions. Like it or not, your daughter's case is very significant in that fight, especially in any discussion of the vaccine court.

I read the concession document dated 11/9/2007 (Respondent's Rule 4(c) report). In the story it told, Dr. Zimmerman was prominent. The document listed his various evaluations of Hannah in relation autism, encephalopathy, and mitochondrial disorder. The conclusion states:
"Medical personnel at the Division of Vaccine Injury Compensation, Department of Health and Human Services (DVIC) have reviewed the facts of this case, as presented by the petition, medical records, and affidavits. After a thorough review, DVIC has concluded that compensation is appropriate in this case.

"In sum, DVIC has concluded that the facts of this case meet the statutory criteria for demonstrating that the vaccinations CHILD received on July 19, 2000, significantly aggravated an underlying mitochondrial disorder, which predisposed her to deficits in cellular energy metabolism, and manifested as a regressive encephalopathy with features of autism spectrum disorder. Therefore, respondent recommends that compensation be awarded to petitioners in accordance with 42 U.S.C. § 300aa-11(c)(1)(C)(ii)."

This was more than just, "Her injury is on the table, so the case is conceded." They looked at all the medical evidence presented, including that from Dr. Zimmerman. I'm sure they took into account that your husband is a neurologist and you are both nurse and attorney, so you would have been strong adversaries. And no doubt your husband's expertise in neurology enabled him to gather the very best medical evidence.

But Rolf was actually referring to the report that you mentioned Dr. Zimmerman wrote regarding your daughter's seizure disorder. This was written before the Hazlehurst case came before the court of appeals. Rolf says that the DOJ attorney claimed there was no evidence that it is medically or scientifically possible for vaccines to cause autism. In reality, there is evidence, including apparently that report written by Dr. Zimmerman to support vaccine causation of Hannah's seizures, but which apparently also describes the mechanism of injury for her autism.

Yes, the term, “regressive encephalopathy with features of autistic spectrum disorder” does not state an etiology. But we are told over and over again that Hannah was not actually autistic, she only had features of ASD, when in reality autism is diagnosed by those features. 5,000 cases were dismissed based on the stated belief that vaccines do not cause autism. The point is, one cannot draw a line between someone who has"regressive encephalopathy with features of autistic spectrum disorder" accompanied by mitochondrial disorder, and all others with autism. It is not true to say that Hannah did not really have autism, and that for anyone with real autism this is not caused by vaccines. Furthermore, many of those other 5,000 claimants may very well have had mitochondrial disfunction or disorder.

Hannah's case was conceded to avoid setting a precedent that might apply to many other claims. Congratulations to you and your husband for putting together such a strong case. I wish you and your family all the very best as you deal with both fame and autism.


Terry Poling - Do you believe your daughter is the only one who had this experience? What about justice for all the other families? Vaccines cause autism. Why aren't you making this public to help support Rolf. Why did Zimmerman only help a Hopkins physician's family? Many families in the autism community feel you got a fair deal and no one else will, as a result of the records being sealed and Zimmerman changing his opinion. That is what stinks, not Rolf mentioning the name of your daughter. I wish you well but please stop getting on Rolf. It just makes you look bad to continue to be unsupportive of anyone else's child who is in the same situation as your daughter. You are compensated.


Mrs Poling;
I am deeply sorry that you have lost your privacy, and am sorry that your daughter searches for her name and finds it in ways that could cause distress.

I realize it won't help completely but it might be possible to get a computer programmer to write a program or modify your search engine, so that your daughters name and the diagnoses are blocked and can't come up on your home computer during a search? Possibly her school computer could be modified too?

Yes I agree that mitochondrial disorder is a very important issue. it appears from one study from Portugal that about 40% of children with autism have mitochondrial abnormalities.

I am not sure however that I understand your comment saying that a parent should be the one to "connect the dots" rather than expect the physician to do so. The physician rather than the parent is in fact supposed to be the expert on causes of medical conditions. If a physician is already aware that a certain medication or treatment can cause a certain condition, then as a patient I certainly expect they will take that into account and either rule it in or out to the best of their ability.

It does seem imo a little confusing? that Dr Zimmerman was both aware that in your daughters' case symptoms of autism resulted from her vaccine injury ( via encephalopathy and seizure disorder caused by vaccine injury), and that he then chose to give an expert opinion that was part of the reason why no one else with symptoms of autism could get compensation.

I would guess by the way that if the case history was ever released, then names and identifying info could all be redacted. "Jane Doe" info would still be useful.
I know it is very hard on you right now to deal with the loss of privacy, but many people appreciate the sacrifice your family has made in helping to allow other children a chance at health. Thank you.

Theresa Cedillo

Thank you Rolf, for once again speaking up for your son as well those children and families in the Omnibus, including our daughter Michelle. Dr. Zimmerman hid his face in his hands during my two day oral testimony at Michelle's hearing in June 2007. He was supposed to give oral testimony as an expert witness for the DOJ. However, he disappeared from the court room when that time came. He issued a written report as his expert witness testimony against Michelle, stating that she was born the way she is now. Perhaps he hid his head in his hands,as he heard Michelle's story of regression following vaccination unfold, because he knew she became ill the same as he confirmed in his studies. As another parent has pointed out to me, he's shut up like a clam since the 2007 Omnibus hearings. What a shame, as our children continue to suffer.

Is this really so unusual?

Respectfully, regarding Mrs. Poling's comment,

"A child is born every 30 minutes who will be diagnosed with mitochondrial disorder by age 10." Also the fact of many children getting multiple vaccinations at one visit. Are these really so uncommon?

A Mom

Isn't Mr. Hazelhurst sharing this story in an effort to help all of our children? Could you possibly monitor your daughter's internet use? I appreciate your going public the way you did as it will help all of us but I don't know how you could have possibly done one without the other.

Terry Poling

It is deeply disturbing to me to be told that Mr. Hazlehurst is yet again discussing my daughter Hannah Poling's VICP case when he has been made aware on more than one occasion that he is making assumptions of fact that are completely incorrect.

First, Dr. Zimmerman was not an expert nor was he asked to be an expert on Hannah Poling's case. The government conceded her case before ANY opinion was rendered or given. When the government denied the seizures as part of her vaccine injury, we asked Dr. Zimmerman to opine on that issue. The vaccine injury had ALREADY been conceded. In addition, and I say this only because it is now public record, the government conceded a table injury. This essentially means that they did not have to determine whether or not the vaccines caused Hannah’s injury but that her case fit into the table.

Second, Hannah Poling was listed as one of 20 potential test cases. We, her parents learned that she was going to be a test case the same way everyone else did...when the case was conceded. I had indicated that I wanted Hannah to be a test case or be taken out of the omnibus. This was because I was worried that no one was addressing the mitochondrial issue, which was key in her case. As can be seen by reviewing the test cases, mitochondrial disorder was never addressed.

Third, I cannot speak for Dr. Zimmerman in any way. I am going to assume however, that when Mr. Hazlehurst indicates that Dr. Zimmerman diagnosed (Rolf’s) child with "regressive encephalopathy with features of Autistic Spectrum Disorder” which, he indicates is the same diagnosis Zimmerman gave Hannah, Rolf Hazlehurst must have also walked into Dr. Zimmerman’s office asserting that his child (Rolf’s) had been vaccinated and then regressed into ASD. I say this because that is what we did. We knew immediately that Hannah had an encephalopathy and when she had not improved in the acceptable 6 month period, we had her in to see Zimmerman. If this was not the case with Rolf Hazlehurst (and I frankly do not know whether it was or was not), then it is hard to understand why Rolf thinks Dr. Zimmerman or any other physician can read minds. I am not trying to say that the Hazlehurst’s should have known or could have known. It is only to say that if they did not connect the dots, how could they expect the physician to? The term “encephalopathy” has multiple causes as does “features of autism” or “autism.” The use of the term, “regressive encephalopathy with features of autistic spectrum disorder” does not state an etiology. That would need to be determined by history and or laboratory tests, etc.

Finally, and perhaps for purposes of Rolf’s request that Hannah Poling’s records be released to the public, Jon and I have not allowed the release of Hannah’s records nor will we ever willingly allow third parties to tear apart her medical history which includes other close family members as well as things that should have never been in the record to begin with. This case was not litigated so there is very little to “see.” When a case is litigated, the judge and attorneys have an opportunity to redact material that would be inappropriate or an invasion of privacy for others. That did not nor can it happen in this case as it was not litigated.

While I completely understand Rolf’s frustration with the VICP program and do commend his fight for justice for his son, I do not think it is appropriate or fair for him to continue to use my daughter (who is now a teenager and is able to see her name all over the internet in relation to autism and brain injury but incapable of understanding the meaning of the terms), for his own purpose. When Jon and I spoke out regarding our daughter’s case it was to try and shed light on the connection between autism and mitochondrial disorder. It seems to have helped some but it has come at a very high price—our privacy.

Terry Poling
mother of Hannah Poling

john p. crouch

Thank u Rolf- Well done


Thank you Rolf Hazlehurst for your fascinating and articulate testimony. Much gratitude.

Laura Hayes

Excellent testimony, and plainly-spoken enough for a 6th grader to comprehend. Let's see if our elected officials are capable of comprehending it, and more importantly, acting on it. Thank you Rolf, Mary, and all of the parents who attended the briefing last week.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you for the video of this important testimony, and thank Mr. Hazlehurst, Mary Holland, and many others for your many efforts to end the vaccine injury epidemic coverup.


If people think that Kathleen Sibelius dropped the ball on Obamacare, imagine what they will think of her as head of HHS and the autism debacle!


Wow! focused, intelligent. No wonder people like David Gorski are threatened by Rolf's testimony and try to laugh it off. It must be nervous laughter. Hazelhurst's probe on Zimmerman's 2 page analysis of the Poling autism case is amazing.

Anne McElroy Dachel

Rolf Hazlehurst described how a government expert figured into Hannah Poling's case and the cases the government dismissed. It is the highest level of corruption.

In Rolf's own words:

"It is not a court of law. There is no judge. There is no jury. The most basic rules of law do not apply. The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program is an absolute invitation for abuse of power. And that's what I witnessed. I witnessed a level of deceit, dishonesty, and abuse of power, which I would not have believed if I had not witnessed it for myself. . . . "


Excerpt from letter by Dr. Andrew Zimmerman discussing Hannah Poling:

"The developing brain is especially vulnerable to mitochondrial dysfunction because of its high metabolic energy demands and may be critically injured by marginal energy supplied by mitochondria under conditions of stress, such as infections and immune stimulation. Such cellular metabolic injuries in the brain during early childhood typically evolve over time as the child develops and may express themselves as the child grows. An analogy to this situation is birth injury followed by cerebral palsy (CP). Patients with CP may develop epilepsy months or years after the brain insult, but the original insult is still the cause of the epilepsy. The child may improve and make progress developmentally, but then later develops epilepsy or other neurological impairments (e.g., learning disorders). Thus, the time delay between vaccination, encephalopathy, and seizure onset does not preclude a causal relationship.

The following are my opinions regarding Hannah Poling:

1. The cause for regressive encephalopathy in Hannah at age 19 months was underlying mitochondrial dysfunction, exacerbated by vaccine-induced fever and immune stimulation that exceeded metabolic energy reserves. This acute expenditure of metabolic reserves led to permanent irreversible brain injury. Thus, if not for this event, Hannah may have led a normal full productive life. Presently, I predict Hannah will have a normal lifespan but with significant lifelong disability.

2. Epilepsy is the result of the original brain injury in Hannah. Its appearance was delayed but was part of the same pathogenesis that led to autistic encephalopathy...."


Earthshaking testimony.

Victor Pavlovic

Bob, I agree Dr. Zimmerman, needs to be brought in front of congress to explain his stance on the autism/vaccine link.

Bob Moffitt

Mr. Hazlehurst .. I want to thank you for speaking out on the "legal" hardships that families have endured while seeking justice for their vaccine injured children in the Vaccine Court .. the structure of which you aptly describe as an "absolute invitation for abuse of power".

It is very encouraging to listen to someone so well educated in the law explain how Justice Department representatives concealed evidence .. a deliberate violation of the Vaccine Court's obligation to ensure that all evidence .. both pro and con .. be presented for review by the Special Masters.

Indeed, as you said .. had this very same breach of the legal code of ethics in the Vaccine Court by Justice Department representatives occurred in a criminal court .. those responsible would have been ... rightly so .. criminally prosecuted for having done so.

Having said that .. I do wonder how it is possible for
Dr. Zmmerman .. described as a "top neurologist in the country" .. who also serves as an "expert witness" for the government in cases presented before special masters of the Vaccine Court .. to have written two obviously conflicting opinions regarding vaccine induced injuries?

Does Dr. Zimmerman have any personal concerns that Justice Department representatives only disclosed the "expert" opinion that most favors their position .. while at the very same time taking great pains to conceal Dr. Zimmerman's other conflicting opinion .. that favors the plaintiffs?

In my humble opinion .. with all due respect for Dr. Zimmerman .. I believe he has an obligation to clearly reconcile the obvious conflicts inherent in these two starkly differing opinions.

His failure to do so will only allow others to deliberately misconstrue his expert opinion to suit their own vested interests.

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