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Petition to Halt New South Wales HCCC Powers of Censorship

AustraliaPlease help fight for freedom of health information in Australia by signing  THIS PETITION.

By John Stone

On Wednesday morning I signed an Avaaz petition Do not give the NSW HCCC powers of censorship over public and individuals opposing moves to silence criticism of the New South Wales health department. New South Wales is the most populace state of Australia. Within minutes my moderate and reasoned political statement which I had reposted to Facebook was being blocked, deemed “offensive or unsuitable”. It read:

“It is simply the end of liberal democracy when government bureaucrats decide what the truth is and enforce a policy based on it. If people think their health is (a) marginal issue - that there are other matters of more political substance - they are in error. You will find there are not only bigger and bigger areas on which you cannot decide for yourself there are bigger and bigger areas in which the state is no longer accountable and can do anything it wants.”

Meryl Dorey of the Australian Vaccination Network tells me that her Facebook posts are often disrupted in this way or with the enigmatic message "It looks like you were misusing this feature by going to fast. You've been blocked from using it."

It is quite obvious that if anyone was spreading false information about health matters in New South Wales there would already be legal sanction: the problem is saying things the government does not like.

The petition itself reads:

Why this is important

“The NSW Parliament has formed a committee to investigate giving the Health Care Complaints Commission wide sweeping powers that could effectively allow the HCCC to censor public and individuals, and to shut down debate with that questions medical common consensus.

“Science is never absolute. Debate in a free society allows for the common scientific consensus and dogma to be questioned. If the science is robust then it will stand up to any scrutiny, science does not need censorship to protect it from being questioned. The public of NSW do not need the HCCC to adjudicate over what science or other information is permissible to discus and promulgate.”

Please support freedom of speech and our friends in Australia  by signing the petition today and circulating.

John Stone is UK Editor for Age of Autism.



just signed the petition.....thankyou for doing this..

Their resisitance against vaccine resisitance gives the lie!

Jenny Allan

Freedom fighter's suggestion about making a public submission to the Australian Government is a good one. I followed his/her link to a simple form. I 'cut and pasted' some of the information contained in comments here and on the petition and added a few of my own.


"These plans extend to vaccination, water fluoridation, and saying positive things about blacklisted naturopathic modalities - assuming that we can find out which they are."

Well this sure makes it simple for the neophyte.

o Do NOT "vaccinate"

o Do NOT drink the poison fluoride

o Do NOT eat man made "food"

o Do grow or KNOW who grows your food.


"Within minutes my moderate and reasoned political statement which I had reposted to Facebook was being blocked, deemed “offensive or unsuitable”."

"It is an ill wind that does not blow some good."

Yes this is TERRIBLE. Yes it is an admission by those in power that they are the kings and we are the surfs and slaves.

BUT, BUT, BUT it clearly shows we are winning the "vaccination" TRUTH battle. More and more mothers are deciding the whole "vaccination" business is a DIRTY, extremely DANGEROUS, DISHONEST, MONEY GRUBBING and DEPOPULATION deadly scam.

We are refusing to "vaccinate" our precious flesh and blood in ever greater numbers.

I do believe we may lose some/much of the net as a free speech tool as soon as the FORCED "vaccination" slobs can arrange it. Please redouble your efforts at spreading the truth; there are other ways if god forbid the net is lost to us. In the dark days of USSR censorship brave people PRINTED up sheets of truth and distributed them hand to hand. I have a feeling this, even in this electronic information age, may be an extremely effective tool when coupled with a VAST increase in the knowledge of the evil of today's NWO "government" we are going to see SOON.

Freedom fighter

After signing the petition, please make a submission to the inquiry at:


At doesn't matter if you live outside NSW, or outside Australia. Submissions can be short.

The Terms of Reference are at:


Remember that these proposals could extend to TV, radio, newspapers, Internet and personal conversations. Forwarding and Facebooking material could be prohibited.

Quoting peer-reviewed scientific studies and listing potential side-effects from the packaging insert could also be banned.

These plans extend to vaccination, water fluoridation, and saying positive things about blacklisted naturopathic modalities - assuming that we can find out which they are.

John Stone

Hi Erik

Why shouldn't they be - it is a basic human rights issue and it shows the New South Wales government in a deplorable light?
If I was an Australian I would want to see as much international disapproval as possible.




Will petition signatures of persons that do not live in Australia be given any weight at all, or will they end up being completely ignored?

John Stone

Hi Avigael,

Links are embedded in the text at the top and bottom of the article - they don't always show so clearly but here it is again:



Avigael Cassel

OK So where do you sign the petition ?

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