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Pay It Backward. Meet a Young Adult with Vaccine Injury AKA Autism.

ThanksManaging Editor's Note:  Thank you to Laura for this beautiful video of her son. We are grateful for all of our readers, supporters, contributors this Thanksgiving.   And we'd like to thank you for  the generous support you have shown during our matching gift campaign. Use the donate button on the right or send an email to [email protected] for a  mailing address.  (Reminder, there is a matching campaign underway through midnight on Thanksgiving.)  Enjoy a safe, happy holiday.

By Laura Hayes

Hi All,

I had a spur-of-the-moment idea the other day… make a video of Ryan, who was severely injured and permanently disabled by his "routine" childhood vaccinations, to give you a visual as to what vaccine injury looks like in a "young man", who is in actuality a young child now encased in a man's body.  He is but one of many similar young men in his age group, young men (and young women) who have suffered catastrophic brain, nervous-system, immune-system, and GI-system damage from that which their parents innocently and unknowingly allowed to be done to them by their child's "doctor" without being given even an iota of informed consent. 

I, like so many other parents of vaccine-injured children, spend my days sharing our story, and encouraging other parents, and people of all ages, as strongly as I possibly can, to educate before you vaccinate.  Once you allow a vaccine to enter your body, or your chid's, or in today's world, your fetus', you can't get it back out.  Rather, you have just allowed and unleashed a cataclysmic chain of events to begin unfolding, whose results will now begin to reveal themselves over the course of a lifetime, and whose results will be exacerbated by additional insults in the forms of more vaccines, GMO-laden foods, widespread pesticide use, widespread use of toxic cleaners, tainted water, etc. (Remember, it took decades for it to be revealed that the millions of SV-tainted polio vaccines of the late 1950s have led to many of today's soft-tissue cancers in middle-aged adults, for but one example.)  I, along with so many others, am beyond passionate about urging others to do their own research about the dangers and inefficacies of vaccines, and about the fallacy of the theory behind vaccination in the first place…we are borderline fanatical.  Why?  Because we live with the results of vaccine injury day in and day out.  We know firsthand the devastation it leaves in its wake.  We know that no one will be held liable or accountable (not the vaccine-maker and not the one who administered the vaccine), that the parent will be solely responsible for the vaccine-injured child from that day forward.  We know the battles that lie ahead for any parent of a vaccine-injured child…with school districts, with doctors, with state agencies, with insurance companies, with the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, with community members who are unsympathetic, the list goes on.  We want to spare other children from what was done to our children, and from what our children, and our families, endure on a daily basis…with no end in sight.
To that end, at this time of year when we make an extra effort and take extra time to pause to give thanks, I am hoping that you will give thanks for our efforts which have hopefully made a difference in your child's life, and in your family's life.  Perhaps because of our efforts, your children have been spared from vaccine injury.  Perhaps because of our efforts, you have learned to do your own medical research, be it regarding vaccines, cancer treatments, prescription medicines, doctors, alternative medicines and alternative practitioners, etc.  Perhaps because of our efforts you are now savvy to the lying propaganda that is spewed at us in every single form of media.  Perhaps because of our efforts you have become more sympathetic to those in your neighborhood, at your school, at your church, and in your community who have been injured by vaccination.  Perhaps because of our efforts, you now speak out to educate and warn others.  
Perhaps because of our efforts, you are very thankful this holiday season and would like to express your gratitude by "paying it backward" to those who've been "the canaries in the coal mine", the warnings to others so that they could avoid the dangers…canaries like our son, Ryan.  If you have benefitted because of our hard-earned knowledge, then please consider "paying it backward".  Perhaps because of our efforts, you would also like to "pay it forward" and keep the truth circulating ever more widely to spare others from vaccine injury.  In either case, I would like to put forth two wonderful ways to both "pay it backward and pay it forward" at once, by making a donation to The Age of Autism blog and to Families for Early Autism Treatment.  Below are links to both should you be interested in supporting one or both of these wonderful groups…one whose mission is to daily report on autism and vaccine-related issues, and the other whose mission is to help children affected by "autism" and their families.  Both are excellent at what they do, and both help many.
With thanks for all of you who are interested in questioning, learning, sharing truth, and protecting the health and welfare of children, a very Happy Thanksgiving to you!  I hope you enjoy and are moved by the video of Ryan (it is about 10 min. long).  Please bear in mind that Ryan has received non-stop, intensive behavioral services for almost 18 of his 20 years (tragically, this is not the case for the majority of those with "autism"), and they have made all the difference to both his quality of life, and to our family's quality of life.  Despite nearly 18 years of non-stop intervention, he still will not ever live independently, hold down a "real" job, get married, or have children, but hopefully, he will have a life in which he is content, in which he keeps learning, in which he can maintain the appropriate behavioral, social, and academic skills we have worked so hard to teach him so he can continue to access his community and beyond, a life in which we work to keep him as healthy as he can be, and in which he is safe, protected from the harm and abuse that so many like him will suffer at some point in their lives.
To donate to The Age of Autism daily blog See the Campaign HERE.:   (Reminder, there is a matching campaign underway through midnight on Thanksgiving.)
To donate to FEAT:  www.feat.org    Click on "Donations"
To watch the video of our precious Ryan, click "View" below.


sad with autism

I feel really sad as a handicapped person. I wish I were never afflicted with autism. Likewise. R.I.P. Ryan despite being physically alive, but not really living because this condition has destroyed us.


What a great job you are doing to help your son!
This is inspiring~


With regard to automobile risks, we choose whether or not we want to ride or drive, with whom, on what roads and in what car. We make choices that effect the extent of risk that we want to take. Furthermore, a ride in a car does not permanently alter one's immune and other internal systems in unknown ways that could affect future generations and there is no risk of anaphylaxis from driving a car. If one gets killed because of an automobile manufacturer's defect, the family can sue for damages. With vaccines, one must file a claim with a kangaroo court within 3 years of the injury requesting payment from a fund that is not from the manufacturers, but from a $0.75 tax on the sale of each vaccine. Taxpayers pay for vaccine injuries. There is no incentive for the vaccine industry to make safe vaccines. The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has paid out some 2.8 billion dollars so far, and most of the cases are turned away and many people don't even know that the fund exists and/or they don't realize that their child suffered a vaccine injury - sometimes there isn't a formal diagnosis until the statute of limitations of 3 years has elapsed. How rare could severe vaccine injuries be if 2.8 billion has been paid out to only a small percentage of the victims? And the fact is that many of the payees have been children who developed autism immediately after vaccines.

And I'll tell you something else. I was born in the 50's. I had all the childhood diseases - wasn't terribly sick with any of them, and because I had natural infections during childhood, I now have life long immunity, so I can't be a disease vector. But if I was vaccinated for those diseases during my childhood, not only would I have been subjected to the risks of those vaccinations, but at some point the immunity, if I developed immunity because sometimes vaccination does not illicit a response that provides protection, then at some point the immunity would wear off and then I could have become a "disease vector". Generations that followed mine have this problem. Of the generations that were vaccinated for the childhood diseases, no one knows who does and does not have immunity as adults. You won't get measles from anyone born in the 50's. But the 60's, 70's, 80's and on, you just might, whether they were vaccinated or not. And babies born to mothers who had measles are lucky to have the immune protection that their mothers provide against measles while they are tiny and vulnerable. It is not the same if the mother was vaccinated instead.

Also, to my knowledge, I didn't have polio, but I was one of the first to be vaccinated. Unfortunately, that means I could have received with that polio vaccine viral contaminants that were in the monkey kidneys that the vaccines were made from. The most famous, SV-40, has shown up in many cancers over the years since, in my generation and in those that came after, as the virus SV-40 is passed from mother to child during pregnancy.

There's a lot to consider regarding vaccination. It isn't that simple.


So sad to see an innocent young man trotted out like a specimen to prop up false accusations. I hope he lives a beautifully fulfilling life despite the poisonous influence to blame a developmental disorder on something that had nothing to do with his condition. It's telling that misinformation about vaccines can lead to such hasty generalizations by the public. Hopefully no one endangers your sweet boy by choosing to force their children to become disease vectors at a rate astronomically higher than if one were vaccinated. On the incredibly rare (literally) chance that this was cause by a vaccine, any honest person could see that the risk rates are not only lower than contracting a preventable disease otherwise, but also lower than driving a car. So unless this caring mom sees the advantage in condemning automobiles, condemning vaccines is only based on the pain of the unfortunate reality of falling within a risk factor smaller than most of the activities we engage in each day.

Pam Byrne

Thank you for sharing this video, Laura. Ryan reminds me very much of my 22-year-old son with autism, Alex. Both of our boys are blessed with a sweet nature and good looks. What would their lives have been, had it not been for autism? While we can celebrate far they have come, thanks to therapy and hard work, we still grieve for what we have lost.
Best wishes,
Pam, Alex's mom

Sara Peterson

What an amazing young man! I was one of Ryan's many tutors at the beginning. It is because of Laura's paying it forward that I stopped vaccinating my children. This is despite the dirty looks from some friends, rude comments from school nurses and almost loosing a job in the health care field over a flu shot. But thanks to information from people like Laura and this website, some of my friends and relatives are no longer vaccinating. Keep up the work Laura!


I've watched this video, and I want to congratulate you Laura for all the work you have done to bring your son to this level. He's a wonderful young man. He knows a lot - probably more than you could ever guess. But, I wonder, do you ever give him things to read besides Arthur? He reads very well. Why not try him on some Manga books, which would be more age appropriate, and would open up his world for him, and give him something to discuss with people his own age? Does he have an opportunity to socialize?


Count your blessings, he can talk.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Laura, I have not watched the video yet, but wish to thank you for your beautiful thoughts, expressed with clarity, which I will share with other parents. God help , too, those doctors and public health personnel who will one day realize how they were betrayed by their textbooks, their professors, by the hidden hand of pharma, all so that someone somewhere could purchase a bigger yacht and a new Picasso. Currently many of them have vaccine injured children too and are yet to admit it. what is the limit of human gullibility?

Anne McElroy Dachel

Laura, thank you for this glimpse of reality. Ryan looks like a typical young man. He was meant to be doing what most 20 year old adults are doing, not reading an Arthur book and showing off his skill with elementary math problems. Our medical community is not troubled by all these kids. They love to take credit for them, claiming all the autism is just "better diagnosing" of a disorder that's always been around.

Ryan is 20. Hundreds of thousands of other kids just like him are aging out of school and will be dependent on a system that is totally unprepared for them.

"Despite nearly 18 years of non-stop intervention, he still will not ever live independently, hold down a 'real' job, get married, or have children."

This burden will be dumped on the states. Since federal officials and Congress haven't called for anything beyond awareness and early intervention, it's unlikely that they'll ever recognize autism as the financial debacle it truly is.

I too am "beyond passionate" about everything concerning autism. No one pays us for this work and no one can fire us. We will never stop. We're motivated by something deeper that's hard to describe. I want the truth about this epidemic exposed for what it is and I want justice for these affected children. And someday very soon, when the lies no longer work, we'll be shown to be right.

Thanks again for this video.

Anne Dachel, Media

PJ Carroll

Laura - what a beautiful young man! It is so clear that your years of hard work have made a huge difference for him.

Like Ryan, my son was one of the "lucky" ones who eventually achieved some of the skills he will need to survive in the world after I'm gone. But he will never drive, and will never live a completely independent life. I have never regretted one bit of the time and money it took to get him to where he is today, but it's a bittersweet victory when I know so many parents who have worked just as hard as we have to help and heal their children, but have kids that did not respond as well as ours.

"Recovery" today has a totally different meaning to me than it did 12 years ago, but I am deeply thankful for all the parents, doctors, and therapists who have helped me help my son improve his life.

And I am especially thankful for all the parents out there "forging through the autism trenches together" - wherever we may be in our individual journeys.

Ella Baker

Thank you for sharing this article.


Thank you for this Laura. My children are all unvaccinated (and yes they are incredibly healthy and bright)and it weighs very heavily on my heart that families such as yours have to endure so much, so that my children could eascape harm. All I can say is I pass on as much information as I can (about vaccine dangers) to as many people as I can. I would love to lean through the screen and give you and Ryan a big hug. As my children grow older they will learn that the true heroes in this world are people like Ryan. Thank you so very much. You are changing so many lives for the better.


What a beautiful video and a beautiful boy. It bought tears to my eyes. My son is so like Ryan and now 22 years old. He was vaccine damaged after the MMR at 17 months. Unfortunately, he is no where near as high functioning as Ryan and can't speak as clearly or answer questions. He now has Helicobacter Pylori along with other gut issues and food allergies, which have caused further regression and OCD. You have done an amazing job of educating Ryan. We can only hope there will be a cure in the very near future so that all our vaccine damaged children can reach their full potential prior to their damage. The corruption of the media, politicians, universities and medical profession by powerful greedy pharmaceutical industries must continue to be exposed before autism and other chronic ailments caused by vaccines and inappropriate drugs becomes the norm. Thank you for sharing this and all your efforts along with those of AOA to support our cause.

Rhonda Spellman

Thank you for sharing this. My son was mercury poisoned by an immunization and this boy is so much like my son. They are innocent victims and yet they are teaching us how to be victorious in spite of the obstacles they deal with 24/7.

cia parker

It was a beautiful video, but it made me sad as well, I would be ecstatic and consider my daughter close to recovery if she could speak this well in answer to questions. But if she ever makes it to this level, it will be years in the future. You're right, Laura, all the vaccine-preventable diseases can be treated, whether by allopathic, homeopathic, or naturopathic remedies as well as conscientious nursing, but once you've let them receive a vaccine (or tried not to allow, as in my case, in which I said I did not want my baby to get the hep-B vax, but they gave it to her in the hospital without asking permission), you can't take it back or get it out. It's voodoo medicine, demanding faith that the witch doctors can ward off the evil results of injecting toxins and pathogens directly into the body, and blinders that prevent people from seeing these results as caused by what they were.


Dear Laura,
Thank you for sharing your journey and your beautiful son. I will continue to pray for him and for all the children.

Laura Hayes

He is indeed a sweetheart, Sylvia :) So innocent, so precious…and so injured.

Just to clarify for Age of Autism readers, I originally made this video, then wrote this letter, to send to an email group I've had for about 3 years now, a group to which I send vaccine and health-related information. The majority of those on my list do not have a child with "autism", in large part due to the information that we all share with them, for which they are very grateful. I shared my email with the editors of AoA, and that is how it ended up here :) I write this because I know that the majority of you already has "a visual" for what "autism" looks like…in your own home.

Happy Thanksgiving to my AoA friends…even though I've never met most of you, I consider you friends as we forge through the autism trenches together :)


What a sweet heart Ryan has! Thanks so much for sharing his story, Laura!

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