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Dachel Media Review: Acceptance Isn't Enough

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

Read Anne's comments and view the links after the jump.

Nov 14, 2013, CBS Philly: More Support Needed For Adults With Autism

Nov 13, 2013, NBC5 West Palm Beach, FL: "The look" parents of children with autism don't want to see

Nov 13, 2013, Fox News: Dr. Manny: We must stop bullying people with autism

CBS Philly

"Within the next 10 years, nearly half a million young people diagnosed with autism grow into adulthood. A new survey says there will be a big need for supportive services and housing for these autistic adults.

"The housing and residential supports survey was conducted over the course of four weeks and included responses from 10,000 caregivers and 400 people with autism spectrum disorder."
Since there's been no panic over the loss of a generation of children to autism, I'm sure we'll do well with an adult group home on every block.

CBS Philly had a comment section up this morning--but it's gone now.

NBC5 West Palm Beach, FL

"She's concerned parents will tire of the looks and comments and stay home with their child, creating a feeling of being trapped inside their house.

"Her advice to other parents

"'Be aware and be understanding because I think as parents that's what we need people to do.'

"Her request

"'We want acceptance more than anything else.'"

Watch this boy. He's pretty severe. His mother wants the public to understand that what may seem to be "incomprehensible" behavior is actually autism. She wants acceptance. I agree. I want to see individual children treated well and not be bullied or criticized, but I don't ever want acceptance for autism itself. That's an important difference.

Whenever I see a child like this, I can only imagine him when he's 10 years older. What if he's still acting the same way? Will there be calls for acceptance for this behavior in an adult?

When will anyone ask why so many children are like this?

Fox News

"Every time I write a story about autism, in which I relate personal anecdotes about my son, many people thank me for sharing the struggles that our family faces on a day-to-day basis. But consequently, I also receive hateful comments from people expressing very insulting thoughts they may have about both my son and myself. As a father, these comments hurt, but I don't take them to heart, because I know that these people are misinformed. And ignorance can sometimes be the driving force for animosity.

"No matter what, I will always stand up for the rights of people on the autism spectrum and try to spread awareness about this disorder. Fortunately, many industries today are starting to focus on creating employment initiatives for this population, which is such a wonderful enterprise. We want all people - regardless of disability - to have opportunities for independence and growth. But this can only be accomplished if we have a tolerant and understanding society."

Hey---let's stop bullying people with autism!  That sounds like someone concerned about disabled people (including Dr. Manny's own son).  But ...

 I've also seen him talk about genetics, how autism develops in pregnancy, about how Hannah Poling really didn't have autism and never ever does he  demand that we find ANSWERS AND STOP THE EPIDEMIC.  My favorite line from him when he trashed Wakefield was 'Why not just say "we simply don't know enough yet.'  Of course, that was three years ago---and we still haven't learned ANYTHING FOR SURE.  
I remember Manny Alvarez from 2011 when he jumped on the "let's blame it all on Dr. Wakefield" float in the PRO VACCINE PARADE:

Manny Alvarez: Stop Lying About the Autism-Vaccine 'Link' | Fox News



I just posted to the CBS Philly page. Only 1 other comment was up, bashing the anti vaccine people... let's see if mine stays


"'We want acceptance more than anything else.'"


I want the ELIMINATION of this man made or should I say banker made "disease" as well as ALL the diseases of "vaccination".

Suppose one out of 33 young boys started missing their feet after two years of life; would we want acceptance or would we DEMAND this mutilation STOP!

I am afraid the totally corrupt system we are forced to live under will never stop demanding we "vaccinate" both us and our children. "Vaccination" is to play a BIG part in their plans for us, which include such neat things as autism, the diseases of vaccination, depopulation and trans-humanism.

We need to STOP VACCINATING and to spread the word.

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