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Lisa Goes' IACC Testimony

NOTE: Below is Lisa Goes' testimony to at the 2013 IACC Strategic Plan Update Workshop today.  Thank you, Lisa.

Good Morning.  My name is Lisa Joyce Goes.   I am co-author of The Thinking Moms’ Revolution book,  co-founder of The Thinking Moms’ Revolution, social thought movement,  a contributing editor to Age of Autism, and a human rights panelist for The Academy of Excellence in Learning in the south suburbs of Chicago.  Most importantly, I am a wife and mom to three kids, one of whom suffers the tragic effects of iatrogenic autism.  

My friend Megan is here today, like many of my colleagues, to deliver testimony about my son, NOAH Patrick Goes.  But unlike them, she will be sharing his life from the perspective of my father-in-law. Unorthodox I know but, his observations need to be documented for the public record, so that all American citizens may be privy to the reality of iatrogenic autism and how it directly impacts our society and culture.  

As a deacon in our community, my father-in-law was tasked with the job of writing a homily about what it means to be a true disciple; a man of honor and integrity, who puts the welfare of others before himself and truly serves his fellow man in the present.  

After thoughtful reflection, he decided to speak about our dear family friend, the good Dr. Andrew Wakefield.  Dr. Andy has been instrumental in helping us find proper medical care for our son Noah, who, upon receiving the correct diagnosis of autistic enteritis and esophagitis and receiving appropriate gastrointestinal care for his illness, was finally potty trained in a matter of weeks. This normal milestone for most families experienced during the toddler years came with much celebration in ours.   Not just because we were a household that no longer had to pay the monthly cost of diapers, but, also because after 6 long years of searching for answers to the painful yellow grainy, hot liquid that would pour from our sons bowels, at times, 20 times a day, leaving large raised painful rashes in their wake—we finally had a real diagnosis that lead to viable treatment, rather than the repeatedly documented, untreated and ignored “toddler diarrhea associated with autism.”  

So, along with my immediate family, my parents and in-laws journeyed with us through Noah’s treatment, and grew to know the Good Doctor Andy quite well.  Now, I knew the huge risk my father-in-law took deciding to speak about Dr. Wakefield in this manner.   I asked him, repeatedly, if this was something he really wanted to address from the pulpit.   But he stood firm, knowing Dr. Andy to be a man of character.  So, I sat in the congregation the day he delivered our family’s truth, and spoke to a church that serves over 7,000 parishioners, about the Good Doctor and his extraordinary sacrifice, from a Catholic perspective.  My heart quite literally felt as though it might pound out of my chest as he recounted the litany of facts that lead us to meet Dr. Andy in the first place.  Tears began streaming down my cheeks when he spoke of autism as a “scourge” and told the very real unpopular truth about how incredibly difficult our lives have been since our precious Noah was diagnosed. 

In great detail, he explained Dr. Andy’s unwavering commitment to our family and so many families who suffer as mine does.  Next he addressed his unrivaled humility, genuine smile and peaceful demeanor in the midst of a career destroyed, a country and reputation stolen not just from him, but his beloved family, as well. Personally though, the moment I heard my father-in-law utter “MMR” all I could think about was what would inevitably happen to him.  I mean, everyone knows vaccines cause autism…at least everyone who has the sense to read the package inserts…but no one actually talks about it in public! As the mother of a vaccine-injured child who repeatedly presents viable repeatable science to doctors and researchers in the mainstream medical community I am no stranger to condemnation, scorn and ridicule.  But, my father-in-law worked four long years at his own expense, to become a servant in this church community. This was his calling, and I believed by taking this risk he was essentially ending his tenure as a deacon.  After mass I practically ran to the back of the church, ready to defend him with my list of memorized studies, medical facts, and lists of references, books, conferences and the names and numbers of families who’ve successfully recovered their children  from autism as the result of Andy’s findings.  But, I was not needed. When I finally reached the narthex, I couldn’t get near him.  Lines of grandparents, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, godparents, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews of those suffering with autism stood between me and my father-in-law.  

I watched as emotional parishioners, one after the other after the other, tearfully thanked him for having the courage to tell the truth.  They shook his hand, grabbed his shoulders, looked into his eyes and hugged him.  

They smiled and nodded.  One…after another…after…another. “Thank you.  Thank you for telling the truth.”

Everyone.  Knows.   Vaccines.  Cause. Autism.

Now, I am telling you this today, because I know who you work for.   Megan is here, to tell you who I work for.   I work for my son, Noah Patrick Goes, who works harder than anyone I have ever known.  I work for my family and for the children of this country.  I work for those who have been harmed by the food and drug industry and those who WILL be harmed by the food and drug industry, because you refuse to follow up on the expert testimony of scientists and doctors like Dr. Arthur Krigsman and Dr. Richard Frye who have the courage to speak up about the chronic auto-inflammatory illness plaguing the most vulnerable consumers in this country, our precious children.  

Now, YOU KNOW the mothers and fathers of this country know what is happening to our children.  You know we are intelligent and thoughtful and now that we are 1 in 28, we are everywhere.  We are presenting the truth, studies performed outside the legislatively protected labs of the pharmaceutical industry, to the medical field. We are holding special meetings with our children’s teachers, explaining to them why our children behave as they do and how it happened.   We are talking to other parents and community servants.   We are contacting our local and state representatives.   While we do not have the power to write large checks, as your benefactors do, we are infinitely powerful in influencing the market, by simply sharing the truth about our children wiyh our fellow citizens. Who, as I mentioned before—already know.  I encourage you to listen with open ears to this testimony that is now a matter of public record.  I encourage you to READ the package inserts on vaccines for yourselves.   I encourage you to revisit your job description.

You are public servants.  Megan, all the educated parents here, and I  look forward to the positive changes you will be making and the great strides in autism treatment and care we can look forward to as you take this information back to those with the actual power and  thoughtfully implement a meaningful Standard of Care for autism.  Because at this juncture, autism affects more children than cancer, diabetes,  AIDS and leukemia…combined!   Yet, in a country that prides itself on exceptional medical care…there is absolutely NO standard of care for autism.   No protocol to follow.   No instruction for hospital employees to follow for the most common illness in our country.  I am so sorry, given your advanced titles and accomplishments that a simple housewife via proxy, has to be the one to educate you.  

Autism. Is. Medical.   

You are now empowered to do something about it.  Because knowledge is power.   Every autism diagnosis from this day forward, that is not thoroughly investigated from a medical perspective, is your burden to bear.  I, along with my legions of educated and thoughtful friends, will be watching.   
Thank you,

Lisa Joyce Goes



Please share Michelle M Guppy's piece about her journey to the IACC last week. Thank you! The tipping point has arrived folks, time to get involved and meet with legilators, write letters, be present at meetings, and tell your story. I know many of you have been doing so. However the ground work has been laid and we need to move on this now.

Please watch the IACC meeting, last years Congressional Hearing, and pick up your pens and phones. Our legislative representatives are elected to represent us and now is the time to educate them on the deliberate indifference that has been taking place.

We need a vaccinated vs unvaccinated study in individuals who have autism. We need it now. We also need so much more and that will be realized after watch the IACC meeting and seeing how in a full day folks were pulling at straws to show where all of the millions of dollars that have been spent has changed the lives of individuals with ASD in the last five years. It has not. We can't wait any longer. We've not been waiting twenty years since our son's injury.

There was also a reason my oral comments focused on basic human rights, choice options, and appropriate medical care. These are the foundations that we all strive for and what should be a basic civilright of our children and ours as well.


Thank you!


LInda I agree - barf bag needed for that one!


Thank you so much Lisa and Megan. Wonderful statement, and amazing that Lisa's FIL spoke out this way, and that his talk was greeted warmly by many in the congregation.

In spite of all the cascades of propaganda, the truth is there, it can't be stopped.


Based on Linda's comment, I'm thinking that a bunch of us should go to the next meeting with very full stomachs and with barf bags in our purses, and one by one when the most egregious comments are made run up in front of the group and vomit. I'm sorry this isn't constructive but just have to express my feelings.

So much time and money being wasted. Just incredible. So unfair, so terrible.


Insel practically begged the committee to come up with some justification for the $380,000,000 dollars they've spent in 5 years, then he asked them (more than once), what do we know now that we didn't know then? (Why, as head of this committee, doesn't he know that off the top of his head?) CDC director Colleen Boyle stated that we won't have answers for another 5 to 10 years, while all these self absorbed, defensive academicians and scientists described all the "rich data" and "robust" work (the words "rich" and "robust" are being permanently removed from my vocabulary after yesterday because they both now make me nauseous). A developmental pediatrician on the committee expressed concern for her license that she is using treatments that have not been approved but that work and she tells them that 5 years (let alone 10) is too long for the public to wait for researchers to make an impact on the clinical setting. There was no shortage of empty statements, like "the quality of life has been improved for individuals with autism" with absolutely no evidence to back them up. The word environmental was thrown around as though it is descriptive enough in itself - no identification of any specific environmental toxin outside of Lynn Redwood's comment where she included mercury in a short list (and the excellent public statements which were ignored). She also stated that some 30% of autistic children are being recovered using alternative and complementary treatments (I wonder how many times she has said that in prior meetings), and that was ignored as the discussion continued with the predominant themes being that they know a lot, they know a little, they don't know anything, they can't help, maybe in 5 or 10 years, but they are doing a terrific job.

One of the panel members, a mother, early in the day, explained to the other members that some families in her community have 3 and 4 children on the spectrum. She told of the heartbreak and suffering of these families and asked the panel if they can tell these parents how autism can be prevented in future children. Insel assigned the question to a man on his left, saying, "...do you want to take this question?" Seeing how he had been thrown the hot potato, there was a spontaneous burst of LAUGHTER, which was the first laughter of the day. I have a pretty good sense of humor, but I failed to see why these idiots thought the question and their own ineptitude was funny. Their behavior demonstrated how this is nothing more than a game to them. Some of the panel members did express a need to better explain to the public what they're doing with all that time and money, but I don't think they need to explain. I think their behavior and blatant uselessness to the public is explanation enough.

Insel's big contribution, in addition to making sure that everyone except himself kept to the schedule and to make sure that any reference to any specific child, community or need was avoided or shut down, was to ask if an app could be developed to aid in diagnosing autism. That's right. Apparently the Parkinson's Foundation has developed such a thing for Parkinson's and Insel asked if something similar could be developed for autism. That was his big idea.

The one thing that they could have accomplished yesterday would have been to just say, let's go ahead and recommend that the birthday shot be postponed until the newborn is actually having sex with multiple partners while using illicit drugs. That would remove one huge completely unnecessary exposure that didn't exist except for an extremely small minority, before 1990. It would remove a large variable. It wouldn't be the end of the work or the complete end of autism, but it would be a good start. And of course, they could have turned their thinking to investigating the successes, the children who have recovered, and to learning from the parents who have been knocking on their closed doors and black hearts for decades, and to honestly taking a hard look at vaccines. But no, they aren't on that page. What page they are on is hard to find.

I did not see the last portion of the workshop, so I guess it's possible that there was a miracle and they were all struck in that time with a conscience, but it would be a miracle.

I do not want any tax dollars going to this committee or the researchers depending on this committee for recommendations. It is a glaring example of waste in government, of government not serving the needs of its people, and it needs to be disbanded now.

Theresa Farrell Ryan DMD

Lisa, This was a great idea your Father-in-law speaking about this topic in church.

Does he have a copy of his speech? Wouldn't it be great if this same speech was given at services at other churches/temples/mosques?

It seems when the families themselves speak out about this we are tuned out. People don't believe unless they hear it from another source.

Stand Up!

Lisa, thank you for pointing out the obvious--that VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM--not just one component in the vaccine.

Love & Encouragement!...STAY TRUE..STAY STRONG!!


This meeting is the most bizarre thing that I have ever witnessed. Any constructive substantive suggestions are either ignored or shut down. Only generalities are allowed - nothing specific. Public comment is limited and not considered in discussion - like it never happened.


If you played a part in the mass poisoning of innocent children .... would you want to discuss it with the parents of some of those children ??

Hate to break it to you Mr. Insel, but the truth about vaccines is out there, and it's spreading fast. It's just a matter of time before the sharks start circling your boat.

Sheri Nakken, former RN, MA, Homeopath

How incredible, Lisa, I write as tears stream down my face and lumps in my throat and chest. This has got to change. Thank you and love to you and all of us out there, in here.

Mary Brown

I also count Dr. Wakefield and Dr. Krigsman as my heroes. Their courage and dedication to our children is outstanding, as are their personal sacrifices. My son had the same experience as Noah - he went #2 in the toilet for the first time, at age 10, because of Dr. K's accurate dx and treatment. My Woody would not be as healthy and happy as he is, without these brave souls. We must keep speaking the truth!

Heidi N

Unfortunately, there are so many that can be helped as well as many that can be prevented from entering autism, that will not get assistance because local docs blindly follow out of fear, the governmental regulatory agencies, who of course, do not heal. So, just saying, it's really sad to continue this suffering, which is leading to the end of the world. You can not run a world when more people have autism than don't. And right now, the rates keep climbing. Yes, thousands have been recovered, such as mine, but most are not because they don't believe it can happen because the local docs still deny it all (high rates, causes, recovery, etc.).


Is there a way to get a copy of Michelle Guppy's testimony? It was AWESOME!!


This meeting is the most bizarre thing that I have ever witnessed. Any constructive substantive suggestions are either ignored or shut down. Only generalities are allowed - nothing specific. Public comment is limited and not considered in discussion - like it never happened. The committee repeats that they don't know anything, that more research is needed, even after the public commenters just tried to tell them. One committee member, a mother, brought up the subject of wandering and how monitoring devices aren't covered and Insel cuts her off and redirects the conversation to what have we done with the research funds (apparently he isn't sure). The purpose of the meeting seems to be to come up with an excuse for the last 5 years and that $380,000,000 that they spent. They have nothing to show and they won't listen. Unbelievable. I wonder how much the taxpayers spent on this useless meeting today.

Health Bites Online

Well, can we really expect any more from the National Institutes of Health than to cover their and their ilk's behinds?


Too late, I know, but I wish that one of the parents commenting could have made an official request (that would be repeated over and over, shared on FB, maybe on billboards and a full-page ad in major newspapers): NEXT TIME, WE NEED 6 HOURS OF REPORTS FROM THE PARENTS, AND ZERO HOURS OF PROPAGANDA FROM THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY.

Cynthia Cournoyer

"...we are infinitely powerful in influencing the market,,,"
I think that is the final solution. We have to support the doctors that support our children. We have to say no thanks to the IACC unscientific approach to the autism problem. As long as the government is the customer of industry, the changes we want will not happen. The industry answers to the government right now. They set policies and industry follows. We can flip it around by becoming the customer who does not participate in their nepotism. Repeal the injury act and we become the rightful customer.


Good video of Andrew Wakefield:



11:45 is public comment. 11:51 and Tom Insell is talking. Up until this time he's kept everyone else on schedule.

Anne McElroy Dachel

Here's the schedule at IACC today:

8:30 a.m. Welcome, Introductions and Charge

Susan Daniels, Ph.D.
Acting Director, Office of Autism Research Coordination, NIMH
Executive Secretary, IACC

Thomas Insel, M.D.
Director, National Institute of Mental Health
Chair, IACC
9:00 Discussion of IACC Strategic Plan Question 1 "When Should I Be Concerned?" (Screening and Diagnosis)
9:50 Discussion of IACC Strategic Plan Question 2 "How Can I Understand What Is Happening?" (Underlying Biology of ASD)
10:40 Break
10:55 Discussion of IACC Strategic Plan Question 3 "What Caused This to Happen and Can It Be Prevented?" (Risk Factors)
11:45 Public Comment
12:15 p.m. IACC Member and Invited Participant Box Lunch Pick-up/Payment

(Working lunch will start at 12:45)
12:45 Discussion of IACC Strategic Plan Question 4 "Which Treatments and Interventions Will Help?" (Treatments and Interventions)
1:35 Discussion of IACC Strategic Plan Question 5 "Where Can I Turn for Services?" (Services)
2:25 Discussion of IACC Strategic Plan Question 6 "What Does the Future Hold, Particularly for Adults?" (Lifespan)
3:15 Break
3:30 Discussion of IACC Strategic Plan Question 7 "What Other Infrastructure and Surveillance Needs Must Be Met?" (Infrastructure and Surveillance)
4:20 Synthesis, Wrap-up and Next Steps
5:00 Adjournment

I really, really want to know what is said at "How Can I Understand What Is Happening?"
and "What Caused This to Happen and Can It Be Prevented?"
I can answer the 2:25 session question, "What Does the Future Hold, Particularly for Adults?" A DISASTER.


The first session on screening and diagnosis is just about over. Zero mention or acknowledgement of normal children who regress. There are presently 90 viewers.

Jim Thompson

Thank you Lisa,

Your story is more powerful than millions of dollars spent on Pharma propaganda. And looking at the schedule it seems like citizens are censored by schedule: one half hour of introductions, six hours of propaganda funded in part by Pharma, with one half hour for public comment squeeezed in just before lunch?!


That's very eloquent. Thank you, Lisa, and many thanks to your dad. And to Noah, for working so hard.


Thank you for sharing your story , your truth and you heart.
One day...we will make it to DC together!

Anne McElroy Dachel


What a story of courage! We simply can't ignore the obvious: Our kids are sick and vaccines are doing it.

The evidence is overwhelming! Ignoring the studies won't change the findings.

People with the courage of your father-in-law will expose the truth.



I just want to point out that at the link above, it says that the workshop will be available to the public by live videocast and conference call. Also at the link are the conference materials which show what is being done in terms of research and expenditure.

Maurine Meleck

Simply Wonderful, Lisa

John Stone

Well said Lisa,

Everyone now needs this courage to go and speak up for the truth before any more children are willfully damaged.


Bob Moffitt

Lisa .. you have made a very powerful statement. My entire family is greatly appreciative of all you have done for our "1 in 28" child.

You closed by saying "I, along with my legions of educated and thoughtful friends, will be watching."

"They" should also be aware that in addition to "watching" .. we will be remembering forever the names of those "public servants" who knew .. but .. refused to act .. allowing greatest health iatrogenic disaster in history continue unabated.

Just as we will never forget the personal courage of Dr. Andrew Wakefield .. we will never forget those slandered and demeaned him for having that courage and acting upon it.

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