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Jon Stewart: Vaccine Bully? Say It Ain't So.

StewartNote: We invite readeres to learn more about vaccination injury in this piece by Bob Krakow, Bachmann Vaccine Injury.

By Julie Obradovic Julie headshot

Dear Jon Stewart:

I love you.

No really, I mean that. You make me laugh all the time.  As a working mother of three (a high school teacher, mind you) with bills to pay, a marriage to maintain, and children to raise I truly appreciate people who can make me laugh. You are one of them.

Even though we don’t always agree on serious political issues, I can always count on you to find the humor and ridiculousness in them. Making things simple to understand is a form of genius. Making them funny at the same time is a gift. You have the ability to do both. I am a huge fan.

But sadly, there was nothing funny about one component of last Monday night’s episode of The Daily Show. It was during your monologue while you were pointing out the latest technique of news programs to simplify debates into a “good thing” or a “bad thing” that I unexpectedly had my breath taken away.

You may remember. While using a clip of a conversation between Wolf Blitzer and Rep. Michelle Bachman to make your point, you paused it to emphasize the stupidity of Ms. Bachman. You did so by reminding everyone that she believes vaccines can cause brain damage.

As the mother of a vaccine injured child, you get used to being bullied. You learn quickly that no one really gives a crap if your child was hurt or not; that most people will never believe she actually really was injured because vaccines are great, and they save lives, and that wouldn’t happen, and they “proved” it didn’t happen, and maybe you’re mistaken, and you just need someone to blame, and on and on and on.

You learn that you can’t talk about it outside of certain groups of friends and family, or hell, even with certain friends and family, without risking an uncomfortable debate or conversation. You learn that doing so very well might result in the loss of those friends, get you blocked on Facebook, and often launch a bunch of strangers on the Internet into a frenzy.

You sit by while an ignorant neighbor suggests the loss of your child’s brain and her physical suffering are all acceptable things for the greater good, because hey, things happen, and it’s better than everyone having polio. Everyone except for her of course, but again, they don’t care. And they’ll tell you right to your face. Quit complaining. At least she’s not dead. Be thankful for that, they say. Or think.

I could keep going, but you get the idea. Ten years of being told your child’s life doesn’t matter in the greater scheme of things, and that hey, by the way, you’ll likely never see a dime for her loss, pain and suffering anyway, and well…you tend to grow a thick skin.

You walk around with imaginary armor, constantly bite your tongue, and politely decline the flu shot being doled out at the local grocery store for 10% off of your groceries because you just can’t get that seizure, or that rash, or that godforsaken scream she made out of your head and really just need to get out of there before you have a nervous breakdown.

Funny, the pain and the memories never seem to dull.

So, anyway, as you may imagine, I like to think I’m at least somewhat safe from the insensitiveness in my home. But even that’s not true because we watch television and vaccines are advertised left and right and lots of vaccine spokespeople get tons of time to tell me on a national platform that I’m wrong, and I’m an idiot, and I’m hurting children by even suggesting my reality is just that. Reality.

Finding out Monday night that you’re one of the bullies left me devastated. Another punch in the gut, I thought with a sigh, right when I least expected it.

You see, I’ve fantasized for many years about you doing a monologue about the ridiculousness of our medical community and vaccines. About the vaccine “court” and Simpsonwood and autism and all of the amazing coincidences that surround it.

It’s stunning to me that you don’t see the parallel between them and all of the other political entities you call to the carpet: Doctors admit they know absolutely nothing about autism…except that they didn’t cause it.

John, they did. And continuing to ask them to admit it is the equivalent of waiting for OJ to find the real killer.

There was a time I thought you got that. I still remember Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. appearing on your show regarding this issue, and you making the comment that the S.O.B.s responsible should be cut with a million cuts and dipped in salt water…or something like that. It was surprisingly graphic and angry coming from you.

But then, something changed, and alas, no such luck. No such monologue.

So instead, I have watched you for escapism. Escape from the dull ache in my chest that from the time I wake up until the time I fall asleep never ever completely goes away. Only laughter makes me momentarily forget and feel peace.

Jon, you may not like Ms. Bachman, and you’re not alone. Lots of people find her polarizing and idiotic, and so be it. But Ms. Bachman is not wrong that vaccines can cause brain damage, and I’m hoping that even if you feel like my old neighbor does, you can at least admit in this instance, you were wrong.

Vaccines absolutely can cause brain damage. And death. And a whole host of other problems. In fact, there’s never been a debate about that. The only debate is over how many people it has happened to, if they deserve recognition and compensation for their suffering, and whether or not their suffering is justified for the “greater good”.

Not surprisingly, it always is.

I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt you simply aren’t familiar with any stories of vaccine-induced brain damage, so let me help you out.

Start by watching this video here for evidence. It’s the story of a baby from Australia who received a batch of bad flu “jab”. Her trusting parents had no idea that upwards of 100 children had also had horrible reactions to the vaccine when they held her down. They believed they were doing right by her. They trusted their doctors and medical authorities. They shouldn’t have. Their daughter is now severely brain damaged and also almost died.

You can then research a little boy named Elias. Elias received 11 vaccines in one day, went on to be diagnosed with autism and epilepsy, and died from a seizure several years ago. Elias’ parents were compensated by the federal government, who happens to be the only one who pays for the damage inflicted upon a person injured by vaccines. Pharmaceutical companies pay nothing.

And I’m sure you’ve heard of Hannah Poling, the little girl from Georgia whose neurologist father and nurse/lawyer mother also sued the government and won compensation for their daughter’s brain damage.

In fact, I think you of all people would really appreciate the wording the government came up with in that case. They pulled her case out of an omnibus proceeding of 5,000 additional parents who also witnessed their children suffer brain damage from vaccines and quietly compensated her on the side because her case was so compelling.

Only they won’t say that. See, they claim that she had an underlying mitochondrial disorder that upon receiving 9 vaccines at once was aggravated, thereby resulting in the symptoms of autism, but not actually giving her autism. It’s fancy doctor-speak meant to calm everyone down. They actually stand by the notion her vaccines didn’t cause her autism.

But funny thing…seeing as I know how you like humor and sarcasm…that’s the equivalent of saying that you have an underlying metabolic disorder that was aggravated by the consumption of too much food resulting in the features of fat, but that you aren’t really fat and that the food had nothing to do with it.

I like finding the ridiculousness in things, too.

I could go on, but I’m not sure you’ll even read this, so I’ll wrap it up. Most of the stuff we parents of collaterally damaged kids write pretty much only gets circulated among other parents who live with the same pain. Like I said, not too many people really give a crap. I have yet to hear one person…one person…say thank you to my family or most important, my daughter, for her sacrifice in the war on disease we are fighting.

Not one.

But there’s a reason for that. Veterans in the war on disease are only honored, recognized, and cared about if they die from enemy fire. We were taken out by friendlies.

Perhaps tonight or next week you can touch on the Congressional Briefing that took place on November 7th regarding the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. There’s also going to be a hearing soon. I’d love for you to tune in.

Turns out, legislation was passed in the 1980’s giving liability protection to all manufacturers of vaccines, and all of those agencies and individuals who give them. Congress was convinced that if they didn’t do this we would all die. No pharmaceutical companies would take the risk of making a product everyone might need in the event of a terrorist attack or disease outbreak, they reasoned, and therefore decided to give them blanket immunity (no pun intended) so they would.

Now, I know this will be hard for you to believe, but gasp! They have used that to their advantage. Remember, instead of actually only being given that protection in the event of an outbreak or terrorist attack, they’ve been given that protection for all time. And man, coincidence among all coincidences, right after they found out they could make a product that they would never have to pay a dime on even if they put gasoline in it, a product that would have a never ending stream of customers that were being told they had to have in order to participate in society, wouldn’t you know it? We tripled the vaccine schedule for kids! Amazing!

You mean they can make a product, sit on the advisory teams that put it on the recommended schedule, profit from it, study it for safety, run the court that decides if a person was hurt using their own science to defend themselves, and never be held personally or financially liable if it’s unsafe? Cha-ching!

That’s right. Taxpayers pay. A tax on all vaccines funds the court on which the hearings are being held.

And speaking of a license to kill, Gardasil, the vaccine to which Bachman was referring when she made her claim, happens to be a vaccine that was actually created by the US government. Did you know that? Did you know that the National Cancer Institute of the NIH is the one who licensed the technology to Merck, and that they receive royalties on its sale? Read the series, A License to Kill: How A Public-Private Partnership Made the Government Merck’s Gardasil Partner.

Did you know that the NCI under the NIH is a part of the DHHS and that the DHHS is the one who regulates its safety? And promotes its uptake? And funds and completes the science to claim its safety? And then runs the court to compensate injured parties?

I mean, I know that’s a lot of acronyms, but man, no amount of letters can make that any bigger of a mess than it already is.

But, I digress. Sorry, I get worked up about this stuff. Funny thing happens when someone hurts your child. You get all passionate. You understand though, so thanks.

I’ll leave you with this final video.

It was shown at the Congressional Briefing on November 7th, 2013. It makes the whole mess pretty simple to understand. Just like you always do.

Only unlike you, sorry to say, there’s absolutely nothing funny about any of this.

Julie Obradovic is a Contributing Editor to Age of Autism.


John Stone


Thanks for your comment. Actually, I think you have half a point - people are trained to think things but actually if they read for themselves they would find something quite other. They are being told to leave it to the experts all the time but most people with a high school education have it well within their powers to comprehend how government sponsored statistical studies can be massaged one after another to hide effects, it is not even usually all that subtle. Anybody can read and look into the dirty tactics that were used to bring Andrew Wakefield to heel.

Doctors are of course trained and have to defer - part of this of course is inevitable but it also has ethical and intellectual problems attached.

In the case of Jon Stewart it may just be lazy, or he may just be afraid to be in the position of Jenny McCarthy, Katie Couric, Rob Schneider etc - the subject of continuing hysterical, ill-informed media attacks which have nothing to do with science and everything to do with "We'll wreck you life if you don't conform". That is training of a sort.


Bully…good lord

The problem is that you have no training in science, and so you're in no position one way or another to say whether there is a relationship between autism and vaccination.

You just don't get that. Y'all know so little, in fact, that you can't even recognize your own lack of expertise and knowledge.

We're not bullies. We're TRAINED and, ya know, know stuff.


Just so I'm clear:

Any study ever done showing no link between vaccines and autism is part of a global conspiracy/cover-up and anything written on an anti-vaccine blog is true. Got it. Man I was way off!


Just so you are REALLY clear, all of those studies "could find no" link between between vaccines and autism.

It doesn't mean there isn't a link between autism and vaccines. It means that the people who would go to jail for finding such a link, were actually asked to go looking for it. And low an behold … they couldn't find it. A truly shocking outcome, if you grew up on Mars. Or had your brain transplanted with sack of rocks.

You can call that whatever the hell you want, and you can burn your degrees if that makes you feel any better. But the bottom line is that children are being poisoned by vaccines, which have never actually prevented a disease of any kind.

And if you disagree what, then by all means produce some scientific proof which shows that ANY vaccine is either safe or effective.

I won't hold my breath.



You feel sad for my child's neurological injury - are you sure - really sure you do -- because at the same time you are telling me what I witnessed is not grounded in scientific -- mubojumbo.

That is why there is a site like this -- nothing is more frustrating than telling another human being they did not see what they saw.

If you were really, really are worried about all the little children you might help by learning how to treat some of neurological injuries.

How come my kid had to go through his entire puberty with no treatments for epilepsy?

I and my family have been abused -- yes that is what I said and meant

by the medical establishment. Not only with out treatment but with out compassion and called a confussed at that. .

Get in line with the rest of the abusers, even if you are not a medical doctor -- you are still an abuser for writing some thing like this to me!

Worried about our Children

As a pediatrician I feel very bad for your constant struggle with your child's neurologic injury. I worry that blogs like this that have no foundation in scientific evidence will lead to innumerable deaths from measles, mumps, rubells, pertussus, tetanus, meningitis and other vaccine preventable illnesses. I went into this profession to try and help as many children as I could and I am so sorry that your child is suffering. However, think of the pain that other mothers will feel when they lose a child because they weren't vaccinated. I know that you moderate the comments you post here and this will probably never make it onto your site for others to read but I wanted you to know the real danger of propagating anti-vaccination rumors.

Lea jarnberg

Thank you so much for this. I'm 16 and asides from loving jon Stewart to death I'm also a gardasil victim. I've been bed bound in a wheelchair the past three years dealing with the effects of this vaccine. I'm also dealing with the effects of the MMR vaccine, having ITP since I was two. Watching the daily show was the only reason I woke up in the morning! I thought for sure jon was smart enough to see the truth.. This just makes me really sad. Thanks for posting this article, people like you help me feel a little less lost in this world run by money. I'm very sorry about your daughter, one day we will get justice. I made that my life's goal.
Thanks again,

Shiny Happy Person

"I don't worship anyone."

"I just wish I didn't waste those 10 years in university"

Looking for a little expert worship yourself?

Talking science but walking scientism.

Science is pure.  People are corrupt.


Not a single one of those studies even attempts to demonstrate that the CDC recommended schedule doesn't cause autism or any other chronic illnesses. Epiguy - you are a liar.

We are witnessing one of the great tragedies of human history - 16% of American children with a neurological condition, 12% asthma, 8% food allergies nearly half of which are life threatening, and huge increases in juvenile diabetes, autoimmune illnesses and childhood cancers; the most obvious ubiquitous exposure that remains unstudied is the vaccine schedule which anybody with a single protein of common human decency would be anxiously investigating, yet instead supposed 'scientists' are openly lying through their teeth with the consequence that the harm is allowed to continue. Epiguy, you are a disgrace to humanity.

Freda Birrell

That is such a well written article, with such passion. I admire your courage and your humour and God love you your desire to be heard. Do hope Jon Stewart gets to read this. Your child is special as are all vaccine damaged children. Not to be sacrificed in any way, shape or form. The other side are so scared of people like you and that is why they have to demean the words you write or speak. They know the truth but are hiding behind evil. Your little one shines with glory and I send you my heartfelt thanks for this article. It touches my heart. If you have to go to his studio and hand him a copy of this article. Jon Stewart needs to read this and be humbled.


Here is a video of the highlights of the last Congressional autism hearing

At about the 13 minute mark the CDC's Colleen Boyle admits that there has never been a vax-unvax study. You'll see some very frustrated members of Congress trying to get straight answers out of evasive CDC and NIH directors (kind of like how you don't answer questions, but with less sarcasm).

You say you pity us? Pity yourself, because even Congress isn't buying it. They want real answers from legitimate science.

You said, "Outside of your little flock, the 'vaccines cause autism' sheep are mostly thought of as a joke." Are you including those members of the United States Congress in our "little flock"?


Ages ago now, when first looking at studies I went into it with an open mind. I figured there had to be obvious evidence of vaccine safety.So after reading abstracts, next thing was looking at the study design.I was looking for basic things;
vax versus non vax ( Whoops , doesn't exist)
so then some even more basic things
study goes on long enough to capture actual diagnoses of autism
( average age of diagnosis is 8 years)
Studies that were based on the population were actually able to capture autism at the current population rate
( Current autism rate about 1 in 50)
Studies that contained enough participants to be statistically reliable.

Wow did I find some gems. The study that had only 100 participants and cut off looking for an autism diagnosis at age 2 but was used to "prove" vaccines didn't cause autism

The studies that supposedly were population studies that apparently weren't able to find autism diagnoses with both hands and a map (rates of 1 in 1000 or even less in a "general population" study)
Truncated ranges.. Autism diagnoses in adults using criteria that would include almost any introvert out there;

Some of them were so ridiculous I would have laughed if it wasn't so important.
I couldn't see any stats and research professor accepting that design from a student without pointing out the very serious design flaws.
Hard to "believe the science" if you actually read it.

And for PolitalGuineapig; pro gay rights here. And against the bullying of minority groups, which in this case includes people who don't want to be forced to make medical decisions against their will which may harm themselves or their child.

John Stone

Well, if the waters are muddy it is the fault by and large of the US and British governments. I warned our Dr Salisbury about this nearly a decade ago.


I'd say that's still better than the George Washington University at this point!

So who do you want to conduct this vaxx vs unvaxx study that you think will prove the quacks/anti-vaccers were right all along anyways? Who is going to fund it? If they ever did manage to do another study like that, and it found no link (again) between autism and vaccines, you all would just claim it was biased anyways. You think it should be a devote anti-science, anti-medicine, anti-vaccine researcher to do it? Cuz that wouldn't be biased at all....

John Stone


Well there you go again answering with sarcasm rather substance: indeed I haven't seen the remotest hint of technical competence in any of your replies.

Perhaps your ten years of study was at the University of Trollheim?


No no I admitted you were right, there is a global conspiracy. I just wish I didn't waste those 10 years in university when all I needed was Google.

John Stone

But Epiguy you are still ducking and weaving, and failing to answer. And yes it is global - the CDC work hand in hand with industry through CDC Foundation. Another CDC/industry affiliated non-profit is Task Force for Global Health. Then there is GAVI, Bill & Gates Foundation, the WHO. These bodies certainly work in a closely coordinated way. And they all base their policies on the same barrel of rotten science with the same players turning up in every corner.


Just so I'm clear:

Any study ever done showing no link between vaccines and autism is part of a global conspiracy/cover-up and anything written on an anti-vaccine blog is true. Got it. Man I was way off!

John Stone

Epidemiologists are flaky

Oh yes, Fombonne:




Epidemiologists are flaky

Yes John, our friend ignored the irony of his mentioning children getting severely hurt and 'underlying conditions.' Among the useless studies he pointed to is the Fombonne one- where he looked at uptake in one city and prevalence of autism in the other. Perhaps someone could point out which study it was specifically. Never mind that Cochrane has declared many of them flawed beyond reason.

I think epi-guy may be a science belieber.

John Stone


Of course, Thorsen financial fraud was not the only matter I mentioned by a long chalk and the irregularities associated with him did not begin with the financial fraud.


How does one steer passed the recorded statements of Marie McCormick and Kathleen Stratton without shuddering with embarrassment (if you are on your side). The answer is that this is just the low level of integrity that you are used to and which you display again here.

PS Don't forget about all the awkward issues you ducked by disappearing yesterday.


Nah not really back, just some down time at work. I was more curious as to how and how long it would take for one the flock to try to discredit the entire list of studies. I see you went with a combination of the Pharma Shill Gambit and the Thorsen angle. So Thorsen gets accused of fraud for buying a house, nothing to do with his studies, but that proves his data must be false. Love it. Also love how you guys refer to all his work as "the Thorsen paper(s)" even though he wasn't even the principal investigator (in academia, the authors listed on an article are listed in order of contribution to the research, papers are then referred to as Author1 et al).

Back to work...believe it or not I actually research Microbial Stewardship, arguing that doctors over prescribe antibiotics which leads to AROs (antimicrobial resistant organisms). Maybe we do have something in common....

John Stone

EpiGuy - so you've come back.

You may have heard the joke "How many vaccines is it safe to for a pediatrician to give a two month old infant in one go?" Answer: "It depends how much they are getting paid".

The problem is that this collection of papers assembled by the totally conflicted AAP is the problem. Nearly, all these studies were conducted under the tentacles of the CDC who made it very clear what results they were expecting before they were ever commenced (as documented in the Institute of Medicine closed door meeting January 2001).

This is the discussion between Dr. Marie McCormick, Chairman of the Committee, and Dr. Kathleen Stratton, Study Director of the Committee, BEFORE they had reviewed any of the evidence on either side of the debate:

"Dr. McCormick: ...[CDC] wants us to declare, well, these things are pretty safe on a population basis (p. 33).

"Dr. Stratton: ...The point of no return, the line we will not cross in public policy is pull the vaccine, change the schedule. We could say it is time to revisit this, but we would never recommend that level. Even recommending research is recommendations for policy. We wouldn't say compensate, we wouldn't say pull the vaccine, we wouldn't say stop the program. (p. 74)

"Dr. McCormick: ...we are not ever going to come down that [autism] is a true side effect...(p. 97


Not a few the papers - quite apart from being fraudulant in themselves - were coordinated by financial fraudster Poul Thorsen through the CDC:



We have reviewed virtually all of these papers and they only end being evidence for a cover up. The CDC hired the IOM to investigate as a purportedly independent body and the IOM promptly commissioned studies from the CDC and its immediate international cronies.

Of the top listed DeStefano study Brian Hooker wrote:

"Of all of the papers I have reviewed over my 26-year career as a research scientist, the Destefano et al. 2013 J. Peds. article describes perhaps the most flawed and disingenuous study I have encountered..."


I myself have written extensively about several of them, notably the Andrews study:


Citing the Pichichero mercury study is a particularly grotesque travesty:


As Congressman Weldon noted the IOM report was massively over dependent on epidemiology:


But actually the epidemiology is so riddled with malfeasance that it offers quite another kind of evidence.

It is because of the way these public bodies have conducted themselves that there is a massive human catastrophe and the body of "scientific" literature you are citing shows how it has been achieved.


@Cia Parker

"We need a vax/unvax study comparing rates of immune and neurological conditions of the vaxed and unvaxed."

Start with this (around 40+ articles):



cia parker

No mainland European country, including Germany, gives nearly as many vaccines as the US does, and so could not be expected to have as much autism as we do. We need a vax/unvax study comparing rates of immune and neurological conditions of the vaxed and unvaxed. The study needs to be large, but it would be sufficient if the doctors examining the children were unaware of their vaccine status: no one else would need to be blinded. Congress has twice mandated that one be done, and yet the CDC has dragged its feet and refused to do it. Congressman Posey has proposed a retrospective one: why can we not all get behind it and do it?
Yes, I want to return to the days when all children got the formerly universal childhood diseases like measles, mumps, chickenpox, rotavirus, rubella, flu, some got hep A, further back and pick up pertussis. I've had typical cases of all of them but mumps, meaning they were no big deal, and I got permanent immunity to most of them. Read Dr. Humphries' new book Dissolving Illusions for a well-documented study of the devastation wreaked by some of these diseases in the nineteenth century, and how much milder they evolved to become in the better-nourished twentieth, many years before the vaccines for them were introduced. You cannot scare us by conjuring up horrible disease scenarios from Dickens' London, because too many of us remember how inconsequential these diseases usually were just a few decades ago.
My baby screamed for four days and nights starting nearly four days after the criminal hep-B at birth, given at midnight without permission. Classic time of onset of reactions to that vaccine 3-5 days post-vax. Screaming for even three hours non-stop is presumptive evidence of encephalitis, and colic never starts before the third week. The DTaP booster erased her only two words immediately, and she was diagnosed with autism two months later. (And she caught pertussis at 8 months after having gotten the DTaP at 2, 4, and 6 months, but we all know how worthless a shot that is. They'd bring back the whole-cell DPT in a flash if they thought they could get away with it, but they remember all the broadcasts and books about the horrible deaths and brain damage it caused, and know that there are still too many Americans that also remember.) I had both arms paralyzed the same day as a tetanus booster, brachial plexus neuropathy, and went on to develop MS. My father lost his voice immediately after a flu vaccine in 1999, and over a few weeks became paralyzed, unable to move his arms or legs, and remained so for the last three years of his life. No one is going to listen to you when you insist that all these events were coincidental and had nothing to do with the vaccines. Why do you wish to deny the obvious?


Julie Obradovic is calling out people like Stewart for what they are - bullies.

But that is not all. She has touched a raw nerve. And some of them are thugs and abusers who harass people.

Ordinary people who try to comment on these issues and have their say about vaccines causing serious harm to kids are also sick and tired of harassment bullying and abuse by organized internet thugs bullies and trolls attacking them in nasty abusive vitriolic terms and picking fights and starting flame wars or diverting the thread of the online conversation into blind alleys so no one will read on.

That is on top of the "journalists" from magazines like Forbes attacking people who have seen the kids drop before their own eyes right after a vaccine.

An example we wrote about recently was Emily "Daisy May Fatty-Pants" Willingham here:

'Court Rulings Confirm Autism-Vaccine Link - But US Forbes Magazine's "Scientist" Blogger Emily "Daisy May Fatty-Pants" Willingham Disagrees'

[.... and no we are not name-calling - that is one of her online noms de plume - her own pen name and not our name for her].

So we see on a daily basis a cohort of some journalists and publishers instead of doing the job they should be doing of reporting the news about serious injuries caused to hundreds of thousands of US children by vaccines not only keep quiet but engage in the bullying, name-calling, harassment and thuggery themselves and which all serves to keep the extent of serious vaccine injury out of the media.

And then we have the well-known online thugs and bullies which include some of the commenters on Dr David "ORAC" Gorski's blog. Gorski himself looks like he has a contract to write a daily blog for Scienceblogs.com to spew forth vile bile and vitriol against all and any who have a contrary view to help keep scienceblogs.com high up the internet and search engine rankings. Is he paid or does he do it for fun? Every day for fun? Really?

Has no one else noted how Gorski and his fellow scienceblogs.com bloggers seem to rarely if ever miss a day's blogging? Except they seem to have Sundays "off". Even when his fellow blogger PJ Myers was on vacation Myers made sure he posted every day [except Sunday] like just posting a photograph to make sure he hit his Monday - Saturday quota. Looks pretty much like he did not get a clause in his contract letting him off posting on vacations.

And we see commenters who seem to have endless time to comment on Gorski's blog as well as popping up ubiquitously throughout the internet a multiplicity of times a day. They will all no doubt deny they are paid to do that such as Gorski's "Lilady", who is like a faithful dog.

And there are some internet thugs trolls and bullies who infest the internet and congregate at forums like Dr Ben Goldacre's Badscience forum - duly encouraged by Goldacre to engage in almost any conduct whatsoever save that Goldacre admonishes those of his band who are the bullies and thugs "I draw the line at kidnapping by the way".

So YES Julie Obradovic and everyone else - carry on calling these people out for what they are.

John Stone


Thanks for clarifying that.


Bob Moffitt

John .. you wrote:

"Actually, I seem to remember that Bachman originally suggested that HPV vaccine could cause retardation, which wasn't strictly accurate but was nevertheless expressing the real concern that vaccines can cause damage - which is an issue which certain people don't want in the public domain."

Here is a column from AoA on the subject:


As I remember events then .. Michelle Bachman had a Republican nationally televised debate with then candidate for President .. Texas Gov. Rick Perry .. during which Ms. Bachman questioned the governor's judgement when he signed legislation in Texas that would "mandate" the Gardasil vaccine for girls as young as 11.

Embarrased by the question .. the Governor admitted his mistake and stated the Texas legislature had already back-tracked from their "mandate" .. but .. the idea he would sign that mandate to begin with was enough to question his judgement as a potential presidential candidate.

It also did not help candidate Perry when it was revealed one of his top aides had close ties to Merck ..

Unfortunately, the very next day following that nationally televised debate .. a woman approached candidate Bachman and emotionally informed her that Gardisal had caused "mental retardation" in her teenage daughter.

Immediately, the issue became whether or not Gardasil caused "mental retardation" .. rather than Michelle's original issue .. which was the Governor denying parental rights of parents in Texas by mandating a vaccine for 11 year old girls.

And .. so .. with the national media's help .. the issue of "informed consent" ... who decides what vaccines a child will receive .. parents or politicians .. disappeared never to become part of the national debate on vaccines.

John Stone


It is, of course, precisely the point that many people here wouldn't like (don't like) Bachman's politics (you sound in a somewhat persecuted frame of mind yourself) which becomes a method to dismiss something rather than discuss it on its merits. Actually, I seem to remember that Bachman originally suggested that HPV vaccine could cause retardation, which wasn't strictly accurate but was nevertheless expressing the real concern that vaccines can cause damage - which is an issue which certain people don't want in the public domain. You don't want it there and you would rather insult people (who you know nothing about) than have it discussed.

Dr Bill

You seem to be claiming some sort of special insight for Tim O'Shea and yourself but you ought to take better care of the many thoughtful arguments expressed here by people who would not necessarily recognise themselves as "anti-vaccinators" but are certainly anti vaccination lobby.

John Stone UK editor, Age of Autism

Dr. Bill

No person wants to be wrong. Both sides will never give in, that's just human nature. Unfortunately, neither side has cited real hard core facts that could not be disputed, or at least argued. Since the medical side that supports vaccines will never give in, even though they have NO real science to back up what they claim, and the anti-vaccine side does not know how to recognize what studies are valid and which are flawed from the start, I suggest researching the historical facts that can't be disputed by either side, and use those facts to make your points. Dr. Tim O'shea is the author of two great books based on well-researched historical facts, with dates that can be easily referenced. I suggest reading them both, and then presenting your argument for or against vaccines. They are: "The sanctity of human blood" and : "vaccination is not immunization"
As an example, it is an undeniable historical fact that the rate of infectious diseases was dropping at a very rapid rate in all countries, just before most vaccines were readily available and mass distributed.
Another is, the fact that the rates of these infectious diseases dropped at the same rates, and the exact same times in history, in both vaccinated and unvaccinated countries, so why does the vaccine get the credit?
I' a doctor, and my wife was an RN in a pediatricians office. She and her doctor killed many children with vaccines, but the deaths were not reported as vaccine reactions, but other causes. I believe the statistics that strongly indicate that adverse Vaccine reactions and deaths is very under-reported. (About 1% of the actual number). For example, here is a real-life story from my wife's practice. She vaccinated a very healthy 20 month old infant, who within minutes had a bad reaction. The ambulance was called to the doctors office, and the child was hospitalized immediately. The child regressed over the next 5 days, and experienced liver failure from the vaccine. The doctor signed the death certificate and recorded the cause od death as "liver failure" with no mention of the vaccine. A common story... So please read some factual data first, before attacking each other, and attacking this post. Present facts that you can back up, instead of posting attacks and name calling...


Pgp, your stereotyping is beyond childish and incorrect. It is you who needs to grow up. BTW, autism is not 'one bump in the road.' I would say that the treatment of these parents by the medical profession (such as the mistreatment of Alex S. by the hospital), their treatment in "vaccine court" ,the treatment of those such as Dr. Wakefield IS bullying.


Would you guys, for the love of god, stop using the word bullying? You're all smug, straight suburbanites, the homecoming kings and prom queens, who never, ever, heard a cross word from their peers.
You don't know bullying- you cry and scream at one bump in the road, and get anal hemorrhoids from one comedian who made fun of a politician on the tube. Grow up.
And by the way, Michelle Bachmann is a bully herself- her district is notorious for not thinking gay people are people, which led to the suicides of several teenagers due to bullying. Not like any of you care, since you probably share the same beliefs, but I just thought I'd point that out.
Also, I'd like to point out that nothing Bachmann says is true, ever. Check out Factcheck.org for all the lies she spouted on various campaign trails. If she told me the sky was blue..I'd have to check all alternative sources, and it'd probably be green. By the way, it's Jon Stewart, not John.


To be specific, in a subset of kids, vaccines can trigger a mitochondrial dysfunction which results in encephalopathy which results in autism or "features" of autism. Do you deny that epiguy?

Epidemiologists are flaky

So this epidemiologist doesn't even know how many vaccinations a child gets by 6 months, mentions underlying conditions (yet doesn't think they're worth studying), flogs a useless German study (that John Stone de-constructed) and ironically talks about kids getting severely hurt! No wonder he took off.

Oh, BTW, tell that angry doc (Dr. Chris Hickie) that there are other doctors out there (I believe Dr. Jensen mentioned in this blog before) who vaccinated very minimally and promotes use of probiotics and who has no autism in her practice either (Dr. Hickie maintains he has never encountered a vaccine reaction in his practice).


EpiGuy is why medical care is the third leading cause of death in America. Head far up his behind, he doesn't listen and is an empty wind bag with credentials (if he does have credentials).

This caught my eye yesterday - not about autism - about new recommendations for statins. Apparently they've doubled the population recommended to take them which amounts to 1/3 of all adults (LOL, sorry). Some priceless quotes from the article to top off our unfortunate encounter with Epiguy today:

"Roughly half the cholesterol panel members have financial ties to makers of heart drugs, but panel leaders said no one with industry connections could vote on the recommendations.

"It is practically impossible to find a large group of outside experts in the field who have no relationships to industry," said Dr. George Mensah of the heart institute. He called the guidelines "a very important step forward" based on solid evidence, and said the public should trust them."

"I don't like the concept of 'good foods' and 'bad foods,'" said Dr. Robert Eckel, a University of Colorado cardiologist who worked on the guidelines. "We really want to emphasize dietary patterns."

Good foods would be bad for business. But trust them. Everyone take your pills. They know best, like our new friend EpiGuy.



@ EpiGuy -
"and end up severely hurt" That's what you don't get, you idiot! Our children ARE severely HURT - following vaccination. Mine received all of his vaccines, on time through 18 months. After his 12 month well baby visit he stopped waving, stopped clapping and lost all his words but one. He has gastro problems, immune problems, problems focusing, problems with EVERYTHING. And though I don't wish ill on anyone's child - even a jerk like you, it seems that if your child did have a vaccine reaction maybe you would wake up and see that it can happen - more often than you think. That is what woke the majority of us up. The difference is people like us want to HELP people and their kids, even people like you, not suffer the same fate. You however don't seem to care about any of our children or the thousands of children in the future who are going to continue to suffer vaccine reactions until someone in the medical profession and/or government does something to stop this calamity. Obviously people like you have no interest in doing what is right, just maintaining the status quo.


Epiguy, you initiated a discussion here then after we respond and even cite solid sources to back up our concerns, you become arrogant, dodge the issue and resort to name calling which shows you have no real counterargument. Like a bratty kid firing spitballs, you resort to taking cheap shots and then do the typical duck and dodge. So as far as representing your side, FAIL!

Shiny Happy Person

@linda "Wow. Is there a soul in that body? Unbelievable."

One the one hand, EpiGuy's writing style smacks of yet another juvenile antagonistic troll. But having said that, perhaps a godless "science believer" really does need to embrace science as a place to run for cover, after a kid get thrown under a bus. Beyond an excuse, it becomes more of a coping mechanism, a way to rationalize things that would otherwise be morally reprehensible.


Petie Cue

It has been clearly demonstrated in a multiple regression study that, among developed industrial nations, the more vaccines in the infant vaccination schedule, the higher the infant mortality rate.



"I think I will leave the inmates to run the asylum."

Wow. Is there a soul in that body? Unbelievable.

Prime example of what a bully actually is.

In a clear cut example of what a bully actually is, Epiguy has decided to flee with his tail between his legs. You see, like all bullies, he's actually a coward and cannot handle the pressure of people standing up to his bullying.

Well done, Epiguy...well done.

John Stone


So, the science is out there somewhere, you just can't say where it is?

Science is pure.  People are corrupt.

'I don't think children get 27 injections before 6 months of age? I think you are may be mistaken. I believe it is 24 injections by 2 years of age.'

Well why not look it up?


The CDC recommends 25 disease specific doses (not 27, my typo) in the first six months of life, and while the number of 'injections' is of course different I won't dwell on semantics.

Now please back up your claim that 'vaccinations don't cause autism' with evidence, better yet go still further and show that the recommended schedule hasn't caused any of the disorders of the immune system that have risen so dramatically in the generation of children that have received it.


Ahhhhhh....too much quackery to dispute all at once!

I think I will leave the inmates to run the asylum. I hope that all of your children do not fall victim to vaccine-preventable diseases and end up severely hurt. I imagine you would feel pretty bad (actually, you would probably find a way to blame it on someone else).

The science is there, you all refuse to believe it, there is nothing more to say. Outside of your little flock, the 'vaccines cause autism' sheep are mostly thought of as a joke. I truly feel bad for you and your ignorance. In the meantime, we will do our best to make sure children are protected from disease and pseudoscience.

Anyways, gotta get back to work, my Big Pharma overlords will be upset.


@ Epiguy. You said, "I believe that the percentage of true vaccine injuries is so small, that it is worth this small risk."
How convenient for you, then, that no agency is actually tracking vaccine injuries. (and please don't suggest VAERS...every time those numbers are mentioned to the 'sciency' they're discredited as being anecdotal.)
And then, " I would not join a crusade to try to make other children vulnerable to vaccine preventable diseases."
So what's your argument against parents whose children ARE VACCINE INJURED trying to protect future casualties by determining who the Are in Advance?


@ epiguy
"If my daughter had a serious reaction to a vaccine, I would think that she more than likely had an underlying condition."

So this makes calls for vaccine safety and freedom irrational and wrong? What kind of parent uses that logic? You have a five year old who was normal one day, not normal after a vax and yet you still wouldn't blame the vax? That makes no sense whatsoever.

And the correlation does not equal causation argument only works if there is a complete absence of additional evidence like thousands of families reporting abrupt regressions post vax and billions paid by vax court to vax injured people. You have your head in the sand and it is shameful. Ignoring the ever rising tide of evidence is anti-science.



Let's say you go to a dinner party of say, twenty people who arrive in relatively good health. You all eat the host's delicious roast turkey with vegetables. Within 24 hours, all 20 people are throwing up. Do you need a scientific study to help you decide whether or not you want to go back for leftovers? You tell your doctor you think that dinner made you sick and he says to you , well, there were lights on in the room and you were breathing air and you were wearing clothes. How do you know that any of those things didn't make you sick? Was your belt too tight? And you say, well everyone else got sick and the pain was in my stomach where the food was and I breath air and wear these clothes all the time and they don't bother me and he comes back with, it was probably a coincidence. Now go and finish up the rest of that turkey that the host sent you home with. You need to eat it to be strong and healthy.

While it's true that every child does not have the same reaction to vaccines or any other drug, parents of the severely affected all have witnessed the same thing. They all report the same vomiting after dinner, and these parents would be out of their minds to go back for leftovers. Can you tap into that logic?

Try to realize that you are addressing a group of people, a very large and growing group of people, who have all witnessed a horrible crime against their children and have suffered the most unimaginable loss that any human being can experience.

I wish that doctors like you, if you really are a doctor, would just shut up. Because with your lack of compassion and understanding, with your cluelessness, you are destroying whatever shred of credibility the medical profession has left, which isn't much.

Instead of being the arrogant antagonist, throwing verbal salt in the many wounds you'll find here, why don't you take your education and put it to good use? How about first, doing no harm with your attitude? Why don't you come here and try to understand why this site even exists? Then why don't you be an epidemiologist and try to find out what is causing autism? You can start by asking the people who know - the parents. There are tens of thousands of parents and now many affected children entering into adulthood, some of whom can speak, who would jump at the chance to tell you - if you would only listen.

John Stone


I think this may be the German study you were talking about. It was of very limited value since the non-vaccinated group was 0.7% of subjects but it did not look at autism. It found but disregarded favourable results for infectious and atopic diseases in the non-vaccinated group. They could have disregarded the difference because of the tiny size of the non-vaccinated group but in that case why do the study? They say there were "no relevant" differences for ADHD but then they don't publish the data:


PS They didn't look at autism in the two groups although surely it would have been very easy in such a loosely designed study. I wonder why not?

Joy B

Epiguy admits that he would assume a child had an 'underlying condition' if they were to react badly to a vaccine. OK. So certainly he wouldn't have any objection to further study in this area.

For epiguy - Do you or do you not support the study of vulnerable subgroups to vaccinations?

And do you, or do you not feel that autism is the line drawn when we're talking about 'vaccine reactions'? What about the less subtle or varied outcomes (GB syndrome et al)? Where do you draw the line? Or is this also a study that we 'just can't do'?



You criticize us but how long can your side continue to ignore or write off as "anecdotal" the experience of thousands of autism parents parent who witnessed their children's regression after vaccines? In a 2010 study published in JAMA(see link below), researchers from UC Davis discovered that many of our children suffered an underlying mitochondrial dysfunction, have you looked at those studies?

Mitochondrial expert Dr. Richard Haas contends that some children may be walking a knifes edge and can be pushed over the edge into a mitochondrial dysfunction.

The CDC chose to write off Hannah's case as rare...is it? I submit that mtichondrial dysfunction, similar to what Hannah Poling suffered, is not rare. In a 2009 letter to President Obama, over 50 mitochondrial experts wrote that mito dysfunction is at the core of many common diseases such as Parkinsons, Schizophrenia, ALS, Diabetes, Alzheimers, MS and Autism.

"Mitochondria are often called the “powerhouses of the cell.” They are specialized compartments within almost every cell and are responsible for producing the energy needed by our body to sustain life. Mitochondria combine oxygen from the air we breathe with calories from food to produce the energy required for all bodily functions. If the mitochondria fail to produce sufficient energy, the cell will not function properly and organ systems will fail.

Research has revealed that mitochondrial dysfunction is at the core of many common illnesses and chronic conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, osteoporosis, cancer and even the aging process. Autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis also may have a mitochondrial basis. There also is new evidence that mitochondrial dysfunction plays a role in the cause of some children’s autism." (source: Letter to President Barack Obama signed by over 50 Mitochondrial Experts, January 2009)

So if mitochondrial dysfunction is "at the core of many common illnesses" and research shows that there is a link
between mito dysfunction and autism which is now reported at 1 in 88 cases- then it clear to me this is COMMON and not rare.

How can we persuade your side if CDC refuses to do follow up studies on the relationship between mitochondrial dysfunction, vaccines and autism? The problem is the CDC has not done any studies to identify that subset of children who, like Hannah, have hidden mutations in the mtDNA that puts them at high risk for adverse reaction to vaccines. The CDC has never provided studies showing that key elements of the vaccine schedule including the number, timing, order, frequency and age at which shots are given are safe. Nor has the CDC required screening of infants who may be at greater risk of adverse reaction based on a family history of a mitochondrial related disease even though they admit they cannot predict how a child immune system will respond.

In 2008, Dr. Jon Poling said there many be 72,000 children like Hannah. So, why isn't the CDC investigating our families? Why hasn't anyone from the CDC talked to our families or done follow up studies on those HHS admits were injured?

Here are some related links:

Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Autism:


Children With Autism Have Mitochondrial Dysfunction, Study Finds- Science Daily 2010


An Open Letter from Dr. Jon Poling to Dr. Steven Novella


Full text of the letter to President Barack Obama signed by over 50 Mitochondrial Experts about Mitochondrial dysfunction, January 2009:


ABC news story on the possible link between vaccines, Mitochondrial disease and autism. Dr. Timothy Johnson interviews Dr. Bruce Cohen, a Neurologist at the Cleveland Clinic.


An interview with Dr. Poling related to same topic


Shiny Happy Person


Isn't "science believers" a bit of an oxymoron?



"I have 2 questions, if I may (I'm honestly curious, blah blah blah)

1. If you had a child that had a severe reaction to one or more vaccinations that caused brain damage or even death, would you still continue to worship your vaccines and pray to the high priest Offit?

2. If it turns out that the government, the CDC, and the pharmaceutical industry has indeed been covering up evidence of the extent of vaccine injuries, would that cause you to question your dogma? (I'm pretty sure the answer to this one is a big, fat "NO!!")"


1. I don't worship anyone. I believe in the science behind vaccination. If my daughter had a serious reaction to a vaccine, I would think that she more than likely had an underlying condition. I would not join a crusade to try to make other children vulnerable to vaccine preventable diseases.

2. If this was PROVEN, then yes I would be really pissed!


"I also have 2 questions if I may (I'm honestly curious, not trying to be a jerk either):

1) How do you define human sacrifice?

2) Do you believe in human sacrifice? Because it appears from your comments that you do."


1. Human sacrifice is the act of killing one or more human beings, usually as an offering to a deity.

2. I do not sacrifice humans, no. I believe that the percentage of true vaccine injuries is so small, that it is worth this small risk. Seat belts and airbags have injured people as well, should we get rid of them too?


I don't think children get 27 injections before 6 months of age? I think you are may be mistaken. I believe it is 24 injections by 2 years of age.

John Stone


Maybe the only stupid person is you. Correlation does not equal causation but then you are an epidemiologist so you are trying to have it both ways. What people on this website are all too aware of is that unfortunately infants have adverse reactions to vaccines, suffer encephalopathies etc and only an ethical idiot wouldn't be concerned at the frequency, and the cavalier bureaucratic disregard for such events.

For Epiguy

I'm not for "outlawing" all vaccines starting tomorrow.

I'm for maintaining my right as a parent to make decisions for my child/family. I'm for maintaining my right to make medical decisions for myself.

I'm for following a vax schedule that I'm compfortable with. In the '80's autism was approx. 1 in 10,000. I like those odds much better.

I'm for eliminating the vaccine court and returning vaccines to free market place.

I'm for using good nutrition, good sleep, plenty of rest, exercise, common sense, quarantine (if necessary) in conjunction with western medicine.

I'm for time and effort being put into a test to identify those who are at risk. I think we could do that if the powers that be thought it was important. Think Dr. Bernadine Healy.

I'm for a government that looks out for its citizens.

False Skeptics Make Me Laugh

"The problem is that we (the science side) will never accept your anecdotes and conspiracy theories and you will never accept the evidence we present."

At least you're being honest here. You realize that you will never accept evidence that contradicts your established paradigm. Which I find very interesting; this is the opposite of how science works.

"My issue is that by promoting anti-vaccination you are putting people at risk."

Another interesting comment. One that is actually contradicted by the science you propose to worship. According to science, real science, vaccination rates are higher than they've ever been here in the US. And yet, we hear about all of these outbreaks of vaccine preventable diseases among vaccinated individuals. If you believe the media and the pharmaceutical industry, these outbreaks are the worst since the Black Plague. They are practically lining the streets with the dead.

It's so convenient to point fingers and post hate-filled rants and rhetoric against those who have concerns about vaccinations than to realize that the vaccines that you worship and pray to may be failing.

I have 2 questions, if I may (I'm honestly curious, blah blah blah)

1. If you had a child that had a severe reaction to one or more vaccinations that caused brain damage or even death, would you still continue to worship your vaccines and pray to the high priest Offit?

2. If it turns out that the government, the CDC, and the pharmaceutical industry has indeed been covering up evidence of the extent of vaccine injuries, would that cause you to question your dogma? (I'm pretty sure the answer to this one is a big, fat "NO!!")



Thank you for the normal and civil response. There have been vax vs unvaxx studies done in other countries: Germany did one published in 2011, which showed no link between vaccines and autism, adhd, etc. and showed that the unvaxx subjects had significantly higher rates of vaccine preventable diseases. A true unvaxxed vs. vaxxed study is impossible due to ethical considerations and the amount of confounding factors that would be present.

So these studies, like the German one mentioned above, you believe are wrong? Lies?

Science is pure.  People are corrupt.

'They have done retrospective case studies which showed no causation between vaccinations and autism,...'


If you have evidence that giving twenty seven vaccine doses in the first six months of life can't cause any long term health outcomes such as autism I would love to see it. To extrapolate from studies of MMR and ethyl mercury, regardless of their quality, to such a statement is so far into the realm of the absurd that it is hard to find words for it.

The widening of the vaccine schedule over the last twenty five years has been accompanied by large rises in disorders of the immune system, and anybody with a grain of common sense would be doing everything to find out of the two are connected.

Magnanimous Mom


I also have 2 questions if I may (I'm honestly curious, not trying to be a jerk either):

1) How do you define human sacrifice?

2) Do you believe in human sacrifice? Because it appears from your comments that you do.

Your willingness to quickly forgive the occasional maiming and killing of children as a result of vaccines is synonymous with being okay with sacrificing some for the "betterment" of the many.

To answer your questions - imo, the best vaccination policy is one of informed consent and opting in. Note: I did not say abolish vaccines. Each parent and individual must be educated more adequately on vaccines, their potential to do harm, and in a land where we prize "liberty and justice for all", every person must be allowed to decide for themselves.

In addition the Vaccine Court is an abomination to our nation's pledge of "justice for all."

Forced or coerced vaccination policies that are completely lacking in informed consent constitute state-endorsed and enforced human sacrifice. The fact that vaccines are "unavoidably unsafe" is further evidence of that.

On the justice front, there's no justice for many who are injured, and justice can take more than a decade for those who actually do win compensation for life-long care of maimed children. Once they secure funds to care for maimed children, then they are sworn to secrecy. They are denied their first amendment right to freedom of speech or risk not receiving further compensation.

Taking all of this together means there are severe moral deficits in the vaccination policy that exists in America today.

With so many breaches in liberty and justice, the current vaccination policy in America is both un-American and un-Constitutional.

Because vaccines are "unavoidably unsafe" they are in fact instruments of human sacrifice.

Thank goodness for freedom of religion in the US because in our "one nation under God" as more of our citizens become aware of the human sacrificial nature of vaccines, more will just say no or demand safer vaccines and a more humane justice system for those who are harmed.



So your basic argument is that the number of vaccinations have increased, and autism spectrum disorder diagnoses have also increased, therefor they must be related, no other reason can possibly be responsible for this. By that logic, every summer when ice cream sales increase, so do the number of drownings, therefor ice cream causes drownings.

I'm not sure what you are referring to when you say "the good ol days" do you mean when vaccine preventable diseases were still running rampant and autism spectrum disorders were under-diagnosed?

Please send me links to the sources of all your info, I would really like to read it. Here is a cool chart to look at too: http://www.behance.net/gallery/Vaccine-Infographic/2878481

Thanks for calling me a douche bag by the way, not bullyish of you at all!


EpiGuy, if you're an epidemiologist you know perfectly well that the CDC preforms retrospective studies quite frequently. And no, they've never done one comparing the autism rates between vaccinated and never-vaccinated children. Unfortunately, epidemiological studies also fail to illustrate the damage to Individuals within a study. It's naive to think the government bureaus actually want to deal with the outcome of such a study....and surely you're not naive.


Mr. Science EpiGuy, you obviously are a person that simply thinks that ALL VACCINES ARE GOOD. Maybe you can volunteer for Paulie Profits 100,000 a day vaccine research study. On the flip side, you wrongfully assume that those of us who are first hand witnesses to the damage that vaccines can cause think all vaccines are bad. Not the case with me. Do me a favor next time you are down in the lab generating all your "research" that proves vaccines don't cause autism -- look at the overall health of children back in the good ol' days when we had about 10 vaccines on the schedule compared to the health of children today when there is no such thing as a bad vaccine. Take a peek at the autism rates in countries that still follow a more reasoned schedule and compare that to the good ol' US where we are now working on a vaccine against the common cold. Let me know what you find out. When you provide blanket immunity for an unsafe product and allow makers of that product to create unlimited demand and pair that with a Doctor delivery system promoted by government and the "serious science" (i.e. bought and paid for by BigPharma) douche bags like you you have a recipe for disaster.


No, nothing to do with Epi Pens! Name is just because I am an epidemiologist. I would love to see a vax vs unvax study, but it is just not possible. The only proper way to do it would be to randomly divide babies into two groups at birth, give one group the recommended vaccinations and one group no vaccinations, which is just not ethical. They have done retrospective case studies which showed no causation between vaccinations and autism, but the anti-vaccine groups didn't accept it.

Anyways, as I continue to state, we will never be convinced of your theories and you will never be convinced of our evidence and science.

In hindsight, my first post was indeed a bit "jerky" and to be honest didn't expect it to ever be posted. I think the breakdown comes because people on both sides of this issue are so passionate about their beliefs. But I don't think name calling like "bully" "pharma shill" "tin foil hatters" "quacks" etc. does anybody any good. (both sides are guilty of this)

Bob Moffitt

Epi guy .. just curious .. no malice intended .. does your pseudonym have anything to do with the manufacture or profit from the growing market of "epi-pens" .. used for emergency ... life saving treatment .. of children suffering anaphylaxic shock .. due to numerous allergies .. including peanuts .. or .. juvenile type 1 diabetes .. both conditions far less common in all previous .. less vaccinated .. generations?

As I understand it .. there are as many or more "epi-pens" in a public school classroom today then there are regular pencils. Quite a growing market for the manufacturers .. eh?

My friend, judging by your comments .. you are more a "sophist" than a "scientist" .. a requirement for any "expert" that refuses to support pending federal legislation that seeks to fund an independent, scientific study of "vaccinated v. unvaccinated" populations .. to ascertain .. scientifically .. if BOTH populations have suffered the same inexplicable, dramatic increase in chronic autoimmune disorders .. which have created the hugely successful epi-pen market.

Sandra Lopriore

This doesn't surprise me. Jon Stuart is a liberal and many liberals are for the "greater good."

Carolyn Flannery

GREAT letter. Have you linked him to it or called his show to let them know it is out there? Please try that or if anyone else knows how to help him see this page, it would be awesome. Perhaps if he saw how many of us are out here, hurting and deeply upset by his meanness on this, he would rethink it.
And epiguy--We parents speak out because it is our obligation to save others from the fate that happened to us. Pharma attacks us because they have no financial interest in figuring out which infants should not get certain vaccines. We are motivated by compassion for the children of others, they are motivated by greed and a desire to ignore inconvenient truths about vaccines. Tell me, which of us is more apt to be telling the truth? Atleast give us respect for our attempts to make vaccines safer.


I wrote a similar letter to Rolling Stone magazine recently regarding attacks on Bachman for her vaccine comment. Hey, a stopped clock is right twice a day. When Michele Bachman told about the brain damaged victim of Gardisil, not ONE journalist tried to track down that story and actualyl find out if there was a real Mom with a real child. Not one. Either the one Bachman alluded to, or any other one. Not one journalist thought "where there's smoke there must be fire" and tried to even read the package insert to see the truth about this issue. . . I too, have deep issues with nearly everything Bachman says. But not this one. Even the birther story that she spouted, idiotic as it was, was investigated, dissected, and proved wrong. But no one bothered to read the package insert, no one bothered to find out if there are injured children. I wonder if pharma is deliberately reinserting this story over and over again . . . I too was so saddened by Stewart jumping on this bandwagon--I too watch him nearly--well--Daily. I am not sure I can ever enjoy his show again. He has lost considerable credibility. And I never realized he was mean. I'm sorry, but joking about a brain damaged child--that may in fact be real--no one bothered to track down that story as I said--is not funny. And it's hurts the tens of thousands of us with vaccine injured children. Remember--great truths are ridiculed, then they are violently opposed, then they are accepted as truth. . . (can't remember who said this, but it's, well, true).

Media Scholar

Just finished viewing a DVR of a Science Channel rebroadcast of Dark Matters: Twisted, But True Season II, Episode IX – Unabomber, Get The Lead Out, Salvation By Starvation – the second subtitle in particular interest.

It’s available at You Tube for pay:


The two bucks is worth it.

In the leaded section of the episode we learn that lead was considered good science because it kept the engine knocks away, and, of course, science always regards poisoning the human race unmentionable due to less profitable implications.

Tetraethyllead – TEL – (notice the last four letters of the full name are L-E-A-D) was dubbed simply ethyl by the developers, General Motors Corporation, in an effort to obfuscate L-E-A-D. Even modified engines, making it necessary to use GMC’s “patented” additive.

The obfuscation of TEL is the blueprint for vaccine-manufacturing drug giants and world population control freaks own obfuscation of Thimerosal’s menace. If you can somehow view the Dark Matters episode you will see the likes of Paul Offit, and learn this void of justice has absolutely NOTHING to do with his beloved Cutter Incident. It has everything to do with Offit following the TEL blueprint exactly.

From Wikipedia….


The toxicity of concentrated TEL was recognized early on, as lead had been recognized since the 19th century as a dangerous substance that could cause lead poisoning.[37] In 1924, a public controversy arose over the “loony gas,” after at least 17 workers died, and many others severely injured, in Standard and DuPont refineries in New Jersey.[37] There had also been a private controversy for two years prior to this controversy, several public health experts including Alice Hamilton and Yandell Henderson engaged Midgley and Kettering with letters warning of the dangers to public health.[37] After the death of the workers, dozens of newspapers reported on the issue.[37][38] In 1925, the sales of TEL were suspended for one year to conduct a hazard assessment.[5][22]

The U.S. Public Health Service conducted a conference in 1925. The conference was initially expected to last for several days, but reportedly the conference decided that evaluating presentations on alternative anti-knock agents was not “its province”, so it lasted a single day.[37] Kettering and Midgley stated that no alternatives for anti-knocking were available, although private memos showed discussion of such agents.[37] One commonly discussed agent was ethanol, although it was not as cheap.[37] The Public Health Service created a committee which reviewed a government-sponsored study of workers and an Ethyl lab test, and concluded that while leaded gasoline should not be banned, it should continue to be investigated.[37] The low concentrations present in gasoline and exhaust were not perceived as immediately dangerous. A U.S. Surgeon General committee issued a report in 1926 that concluded there was no real evidence that the sale of TEL was hazardous to human health but urged further study.[22] In the years that followed, research was heavily funded by the lead industry; in 1943, Randolph Byers found children with lead poisoning had behavior problems, but he was threatened with a lawsuit and the research ended.[37]

It is NOT ironic that TEL makers were allowed to poison us all with L-E-A-D, kill half of Kettering's lab personnel, and create massive environmental lead upset, and get all the mercy of the federal government.

Three days after the US Supreme Court banned vaccine lawsuits, they got a nice fluffy visit from Prince Charlie.

Hope that was worth it.

Liz Parker

My "Viewer feedback:"
While I may not support Michelle Bachman, generally, she speaks the truth, regarding the possibility of vaccine injury. The Supreme Court has declared vaccines to be "Unavoidably Unsafe." Because they inhabit this zone, and the manufacturers expressed concern that they might be sued out of existence due to harm caused by their products, so the US Federal Government enacted legislation which exempts the manufacturer from liability for harm to recipients of their vaccines. According to the prescribing Information for many vaccines, they can cause brain damage, death, and myriad other conditions and disabilities. While I understand that a large percentage of advertising revenue is gained in the Network's support of PhRMA, and I get that PhRMA is attempting to gain every shred of market share they can (and they have learned educated people are rejecting their schedule of 32 needles before baby turns 24 months old; and that educated people make decisions based upon what their friends think, and, since we view Jon Stewart as our "friend," his opinion might sway us to take our infant for injection with mercury, formaldehyde, and other known teratogens, mutagens, carcinogens, and poisons...), but, I am extraordinarily disappointed that Comedy Central chose this particular forum to push the PhRMA agenda...This was the very last bastion of thoughtful and thought-provoking programming! Please encourage the Daily Show's independence from propaganda -- if not for the pure enjoyment of all, for the sanity of the parents of severely vaccine-injured children; we are struggling financially, spiritually, physically, and financially just to make it through each day -- his show is often the only place we can go to catch the "news" AND a chuckle. For what it is worth, my daughter's vaccines at 3.5 months left her with Epilepsy, hippocampal sclerosis, antibodies to her own myelin, hypotonia, global developmental delay, failure to thrive, metabolic dysfunction, gi dysfunction, and much more -- the symptoms of these disorders combine to qualify my daughter as "Severely Autistic..."

Zoey O'Toole

EpiGuy, there are SO many people who have been injured by vaccines and the number is growing daily. Has it truly never occurred to you to ask why so many children are sick today? Or are you one of the folks who believe that we're "expecting too much of children" even though we're expecting far less than we used to?

And vaccines DO cause autism. No one has EVER said they are the ONLY cause of autism, but to make a blanket statement that they don't cause autism is to make it clear that you have not really read the studies, or even the conclusions, properly. A whole heck of a lot of evidence and data has to be ignored in order to come to that conclusion. I know the CDC's reasons for ignoring that data, but yours? Who knows? More than 80 cases have been compensated by vaccine court who are the LAST folks to admit any damages done by vaccines.

I don't really believe that YOU believe "deep down" we know we are wrong. People who know that they are wrong about something don't spend so much of their OWN time trying to keep others from making the same mistakes they made. To continue speaking out over and over again despite all the crap you will get on a daily basis, you have to be utterly certain of your case. That's where the "vaccine bullies" err. They keep thinking they'll find the one way to humiliate us to shut us up forever, and they can't because we have passion and truth on our side. And truth will out.

Why would you assume that because people want the right to autonomy over their bodies and the bodies of their children that they would want to assume authority for YOUR body? Maybe because you and every other "vaccine bully" wants to assume authority over OURS? As far as I'm concerned every manufacturer of vaccines can continue to make whatever vaccines they wish to, and consumers can consume whatever vaccines they wish to. But when some people are DEFINITELY going to die as a result of those vaccines, and others are going to be made catastrophically ill, it is only morally RIGHT that the person who is assuming the risk gets to make the choice whether or not to do so.

The medical establishment is still denying a connection between vaccines and autism, so they have completely ignored that there is an obviously vulnerable population. If everyone knew what we in this community know, that children of parents with autoimmune conditions (most likely THEY were damaged by their vaccines) are at much higher risk of vaccine injury, then "informed consent" would really mean something. At last count I have at least four autoimmune conditions, two of which are really rare. Fortunately, due to my lifestyle, I live a reasonably healthy life, but my children should not go anywhere near a vaccine. Ever.

Every person who gets a "vaccine-preventable" illness handles it in the way they are most comfortable. I took my kids to the doctor to verify their chicken pox, and, since there really is no allopathic "treatment" for chicken pox, I took them home and treated them in the same way we treat other things, with natural and homeopathic remedies.

You say you're not trying to be a jerk, but your questions make that pretty hard to believe.


EpiGuy gets his pseudoscience from Pharma, and his people skills from World of Warcraft.

Dawn Loughborough


I am sorry for what happened to your child. Thank you for writing this article and speaking the "what is so" for families of vaccine injured children. Thank you for being extraordinary!!


I was duped also. Good to now know you promote Big Pharma over the well being of children. Whew! Way to earn that corporate paycheck! BTW - you might just stash away $2-3M because that's what it costs over a lifetime...the chances are likely, so when it comes knocking on your door or someone you love's door, let me know - I'll leave the light on...because every life matters.


Epi guy-- Deep down, I know Sam Harris is a genocidal nut and James Randi is a eugenicist and the folks from Science Blogs think these two are keen. And that's the reason you won't post sources-- they all lead back to the same creepy hub. Not sure about accounts of Michael Shermer's scientific ability to keep his Skeptic pants zipped, but we'll have to keep an eye on it (so to speak).

John Stone


The real data occurs in the real cases, the cases you systematically didn't count.


Thank you for posting this Julie. I am a huge Jon Stewart fan. I record all of his shows on my DVR and I try to watch them whenever I get a chance. Same with Stephen Colbert. I have to tell you, this is the NOT the first time he made the joke about Michele Bachmann and her statement that vaccines cause brain injury. I can cite two other occasions he did this. I felt like I was punched in the gut. I did not know what was worse, the idea that Jon Stewart thinks of me as nutcase because I am convinced that vaccines caused my son's brain injury and seizures or that I was put in the position to defend Michele Bachmann. Uggggh. I never did take any action but I think I will write Jon Stewart to let him know that over 2 Billion Dollars has been compensated for people that had a vaccine related injury or death. I am surprised that he would do this, not because of his politics but because he started an Autism Charity which I think came about from Robert Smigel. I believe they are close colleagues and Robert Smigel has a son with autism.


As I stated before, there is not much point in stating the facts on a site like this. You will never accept the peer-reviewed studies, the science, etc. I could list all the links to the studies but why bother? You just label it as part of a conspiracy and discount it. The problem is that we (the science side) will never accept your anecdotes and conspiracy theories and you will never accept the evidence we present. So there is not much to do I don't think. My issue is that by promoting anti-vaccination you are putting people at risk. Again, you don't believe you are doing this and I doubt you ever will, so we really are at an impasse. We will fight FOR vaccination and you will fight to END it.

I do believe that if you or a loved one are one of the VERY few who were legitimately injured by a vaccine you should be compensated (as many have, to the tune of I believe over $3billion dollars?).

I do have 2 questions if I may (I'm honestly curious, not trying to be a jerk):

1. Do you want all vaccines to be eliminated completely? Like starting tomorrow, there is no such thing as vaccines for anything?

2. What do you do if your child gets a vaccine preventable disease? Say polio or diphtheria...do you go to the hospital/doctor or try to heal it with alternative medicine?




Lol What some people call science, I call Scott paper. You are right Epiguy, no need to roll it out for us again. We've seen the same flawed manipulative crap for years. I'm open to looking at science---when it is science of course! I love how no matter what Pharma and its minions doles out, we are laughed at for not “getting it“. How can you stand on such lies and mock others with sarcasm? GIVE US VAXED VERSUS UNVAXED WITH UNMANIPULATED DATA ....Just humor us “people“

Diana Gonzales

Thank you, Julie, for everything you do for our families!

False Skeptics Make Me Laugh

"The thing is there IS no debate, at least there shouldn't be. Vaccines don't cause autism. It's a scientific fact....you know what, I'm not even going to bother to lay out all the science as we (science believers) have done a thousand times over. You people have your mind made up and do not listen to reason"

Look at this...yet another example of vaccine worship.

Does anyone else see the hypocrisy in this statement?

Oh, the irony!!

And don't even go to the "you guys are worse bullies" BS, epigeek...you guys are just as bad, if not worse.

billie joe

Dear Jon,
Read the facts before you go on air and help hurt more families.

John Stone


You are not going to lay out the science because you have no science to lay out, only massaged statistics sponsored by corrupt agencies. It is a vain and scientifically illiterate boast.


A few weeks ago he had on the author of "The Reason I Jump" about a boy with autism and he raved about the book and I think the author mentioned that he knew Jon was involved in autism charities. I really hope he reads this & thinks twice about joking about a painful subject. But unfortunately, unless you know that your child is part of the collateral damage, it is largely ignored and we are made to look like desperate fools. I guess I should appreciate that he 'cares' about autism, but at the end of the day he does not go home to a struggling child so I guess it's just easier to make the subject of brain damage a punchline.


Of course vaccines cause brain damage. It says so on the package insert!


"EpiGuy" should change his name to the more factually specific "Lowest Rung On The Evidentiary Ladder Guy."

Apparently tinkering with statistics and pimping them under the shield of "science" is the modern way to excuse one's lack of medical ethics.

Jeannette Bishop

Brain damage from a vaccine? Yeah big pharma doesn't want you to go there. Laugh it off quick.

With my first child's c-section birth (and possibly other pharmaceuticals "to help me sleep"--didn't--and possibly a huge toxic amalgam load interacting-why don't medical professionals have to consider your dental work when calculating possible drug interaction--I know they just sit there in your teeth, not being toxic even though they are, and don't leech or anything, and who knows, maybe a whole family history of pharmaceutical and other neurotoxic, immune toxic exposures could be weighing here) I sustained permanent (at least I still am missing a level of functionality now almost two decades later) brain damage in my ability to interpret some audio and particularly determine the correct direction some sounds arise from. Kind of makes it hard for me to face the potential of any need for emergency surgery to arise. Unless some miracle intervenes, not likely from the direction of "medicine" in-my-experienced-and-not-humble-about-it-opinion I need my few remaining brain cells to last to take care of my vaccine-injured daughter for her lifetime.

I personally think the question should be is the list of pharmaceuticals that sometimes cause "brain damage" longer than the list of such that don't? That's the linchpin IMO. Maybe Jon Stewart could make a whole show about how much better patients the brain damaged make, especially if they are damaged beyond the ability to recognize it (like a few adamant medical professionals appear to be), or communicate it...what about the absurdity of forcing medical care providers to inject themselves with neurotoxic, potentially immune scrambling substances that industry produced science finds at best protects 1 in 100 recipients from flu to "protect their patients"...what about the absurdity of self-proclaimed internet scientists telling us all how unethical it would be to really study vaccines and brain damage...as they "know" it doesn't happen already...what about the whole absurdity of letting these people dictate healthcare culture and choices...


I would like to ask Jon Stewart how much money his shows takes in from pharmaceutical advertising


Maybe if we all vote Jenny in for peoples choice award for best new talk show host she will get a chance to be on The Daily Show!

Bob Moffitt

@ Beth

I read Paul Offit's "The Cutter Incident" .. that occurred when 200,000 people were inadvertently injected with live virulent polio virus: 70,000 became ill, 200 were permanently paralyzed, and 10 died. Offit blamed the "Cutter Incident" for eroding the public's confidence and trust in vaccines .. as well as .. scaring the hell out of vaccine manufacturers who realized the financial disaster a single "bad batch" of vaccines could cost their corporations in the future.

Anyway .. one of the main "lessons learned" by Offit was .. to advise vaccine manufacturers to spread the distribution of vaccines .. as you said .. "wide and far" .. because the wider area would make it much more difficult for parents and public health authorities to quickly ascertain a particular "batch" was causing problems than if the distribution .. as in The Cutter Incident ... was made within a smaller, localized area.

I remember being struck by the cold-heartedness that Offit revealed .. being that he appeared .. unashamedly .. far more worried about preserving the "reputation of vaccines as safe and harmless" .. than he was about repeating the disaster of the 70,000 who became ill from Cutter's "bad batch".

If it wasn't vaccines .. these people would be recognized and prosecuted for the criminals they are.


Excellent (from one high school teacher, mom, & wife, to another!!)


Wow, John Stone himself actually replied to me! I am honoured. ha.

The thing is there IS no debate, at least there shouldn't be. Vaccines don't cause autism. It's a scientific fact....you know what, I'm not even going to bother to lay out all the science as we (science believers) have done a thousand times over. You people have your mind made up and do not listen to reason. As much as you get rational people's blood boiling with your lies, deep down inside I think we mostly pity you.

And besides, deep down inside you, way down at the bottom, you know you are wrong.

Anne McElroy Dachel

Oct 17, 2009 Jon Stewart promotes the swine flu vaccine

Stewart talked about coming swine flu epidemic and the possible dangers of the H1N1 vaccine.

He ridiculed Glenn Beck at Fox News for talking about his flu shot concerns while promoting the vaccine. "It protects against a potentially fatal disease, was found safe in clinical trials and can protect you from infecting those most vulnerable to the flu."

Stewart then made light of any worries about the vaccine saying that they believed the government and science were "out to get you."

Not a word about the mercury in this vaccine. I guess what Kennedy talked about in 2005 completely slipped his mind.


Also, Jon, regarding this "batch of bad flu “jab”. You should know that in the US when scores of children in Tennessee were harmed by a bad batch of vaccines, the industry and public health response was reprehensible. There was a new policy instituted of splitting vaccine batches and shipping them far and wide so that the effects of the inevitable bad batches would be diluted.

My daughters batch of vaccine that she had a brain swelling and encephalitic reaction to - killed a baby in NC and there were reports of injuries from at least 7 states total when I looked up her batch # in the VAERS system. An inquiry to the FDA produced a rubbish response that "there is no such thing as bad batches."

Think about that...manufacturing...no bad batches...ever. Are Americans really that stupid?

John Stone


This is an issue because social aggression is being used to settle issues of science and justice. And besides Stewart has said something which is essentially foolish: whatever you think of Bachman's politics the propensity of vaccines to cause brain damage is established both in science and in law, the big issue being how often, but it happens. Now my best guess is that Stewart has not considered this very deeply and is badly advised and that whoever you are you know this very well and you are still here sneering in spite of the fact that you know perfectly well that he's wrong.

You couldn't really make the point better.


Too bad because I love Jon Stewart too. I hope he listens.

Maria Rickert Hong

Beautifully written. I hope he reads it!

Anne McElroy Dachel

July 20, 2005 Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on the Daily Show:


Stewart: "Most recently you were talking about the link between autism and vaccinations. Pretty controversial."

Kennedy: "It's not all vaccinations. Between 1989 and 2003, almost all of our vaccinations included a material called thimerosal, which breaks down to form mercury. It was a preservative. It was unnecessary to add to vaccines. And we saw during that period, a dramatic increase in neurological disorders among American children. Today, one in every six American children born during that period has some kind of neurological disorder: speech delay, language delay, dyslexia, and at the opposite end of the range, autism. Autism rates in 1988, before they started adding all these vaccines, one in every 2,500 children had autism, today one in every 166 children have autism. And there is very, very strong science, really overwhelming science, linking those autism rates to the thimerosal that was in the vaccines. The thimerosal, people should know, has been removed from most of the vaccines in America. We still have it in the flu vaccine and in one or two other. But we are still giving it to children all over the world and there's now been a dramatic increase in the Third World in autism rates. A few years ago, six years ago, autism was unknown in China. We started giving them our vaccines in 1999, today there's 1.8 million cases of autism in China. . . . (Stewart is nodding and looking concerned here.)

"If you actually read the science, which most journalists don't do, the science is overwhelming that there is a link between the autism and the thimerosal."

Stewart: "So where then is the controversy? There are certain issues, if true, if validated, do boggle your mind with a sense of humanity. If these vaccine makers, or if the FDA, or other people are allowing a certain compound into these vaccinations that's causing autism and they now know it, why are they fighting so hard to keep that--- Is it purely to save their asses, are they concerned about people then rejecting vaccines in general and then the public health suffers. I mean clearly a lot of these people are not malevolent."

Kennedy: "There appear to be two concerns. One is the pharmaceutical industry is terrified of the litigation. This is literally trillions of dollars of damage. Each autistic kid, if you have a kid with autism in your family, it shatters your family. so that's concern with the pharmaceutical industry. There's also a concern with scientists at CDC and the FDA, the federal agencies that green lighted [thimerosal].
Congressman Weldon who's a right-wing Republican Congressman who's also investigated this issue and is convinced that there's a link, what he says is that how many of us would want to admit that a decision we made had poisoned a whole generation of American children.

"The principal kind of benevolent rationale is that the federal agencies and the pharmaceutical companies want to make sure that the people don't get scared off of vaccines. What I've been saying is people are going to be frightened of vaccines if they don't trust the federal regulators to be honest with the American people. And the biggest threat to our vaccine program is that these people have now been caught red-handed conspiring to hide this information from the American people."

Stewart: "You've tried to talk about this publicly and there a real interesting story about what happened to you with ABC News where they had shot a story for you concerning the link ."

Kennedy: "I had pieces coming out, the cover story of Salon.com and Rolling Stone simultaneously published the same piece. We had an exclusive deal with ABC to air the piece, to air a story about the piece on ABC Nightly News and Good Morning America. ABC told us they had read the piece, we gave them an exclusive so we didn't pitch it to the other networks. They told us that they believed in the story, that they were behind it. They wanted to be the network to expose this to the American people. The night before the piece aired, I received a call from the producer saying ABC has cancelled the piece. The order came from higher up at the network. They won't explain why they're doing it. Two days later, ABC was deluged with letters from the autism community, mainly mothers who have autistic kids. Hundreds and hundreds of emails. This is what the producer told me. And he said we are no longer going to cancel it. We're going to air it but we're going to recut it. They recut the show, but they recut it to make it virtually an advertisement for the pharmaceutical industry. And indeed, as if to emphasize the capitulation to big pharma, they bracketed the segment that they did on thimerosal with two ads for pharmaceutical products. (Stewart is smiling broadly here.)

"I have no idea what happened at ABC. I can't look into their heads and see what happened but that series of events was suspicious."

Stewart: "And if nothing else it does seem that it's very hard to argue the idea that putting mercury in things---some people would argue that we're surrounded by all sorts of mercury contaminates in everything and the vaccines aren't as much. But with so many passionate people on the case of it, there must be something there. Where there's smoke there's fire."

Kennedy: "I got into this serendipitously; it's not really my area. I've been working on environmental mercury for many years, from power plants. In nineteen states it's now unsafe to eat any freshwater fish because of mercury that's coming from our power plants."

Stewart: "It's a remarkable story. I wish we had more time but I appreciate you getting the word out and I know parents of kids with autism truly appreciate---and I know it's a very difficult thing for them to be dealing with so I'm sure they appreciate the help."

Shiny Happy Person

One of my all time favorites, Rick Mercer (fellow Canucks can identify with This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Rick Mercer Report) played on the phrase "it's just a little prick" one night, in one of his infamous walking rants, and aimed it at anyone who refused to get a flu shot. Regardless of how I feel about that particular shot, or any medical device or procedure for that matter, I lost all respect for the man that moment. Sorry, Rick, I still believe in informed consent, which (call me crazy) excludes bullying and ridicule. Needles are not Pez dispensers.

I didn't see the Daily Show when Jon made this comment - maybe he was reaching for a bit of irony - would any Bachman reference to brain damage have done it, vaccines or otherwise? Maybe I'm reaching at bit here myself - I mean, I like Jon.

Anyway, I guess I'm a prick - I mean, I could go my entire life without donating a pint of blood, or take my otherwise healthy organs into the ground with me if I died in an accident tomorrow, or turn my back on a dozen risk-free ways to improve the well being of others 'cause I just can't be bothered. Almost a million Canadians relied on food banks last year. All these people facing hunger while the rest of us line up in droves for the latest iPhone. Nobody says boo.

But decline a flu shot, and voila.

The hypocrisy is stunning.


Julie, you have an amazing ability to put things into words!


Great job Jon!! So is "Vaccine Bully" the new thing you guys are trying to push now? Just because you call someone a bully, doesn't mean they are...and fyi, you guys are much more "bullyish" than rational science folk are.

Ashley Adair

I am suffering everyday bc of gardasil! Family members tell me that people are sick everyday and still go to work. That I am taking the easy way out. They say I should be thankful I'm not like other children dying. Also have the nerve to tell me my mom is the one making me sick. They say that bc my mom is the only one who really takes care of me. It's very frustrating an depressing. I know this article all to well

Michelle B

Great essay, Julie!

Autism makes strange bedfellows, doesn't it?

Donald Trump sees through the bullshit more than Jon Stewart is able to?

One of the many oddities of AutismLand!

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