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To Darrell Issa & Vaccine Injury Compensation Program: Meet Ronan Jameson

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Committee on Oversight and Government Reform
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2157 Rayburn House Office Building,
Washington, DC 20515
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By Cathy Jameson

Upon reading the Canary Party’s announcement that the Congressional Hearing, which was scheduled to discuss the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, was cancelled with no postponed date announced, I penned Mr. Issa, Chairman of The Oversight and Government Reform Committee, this note.

Dear Mr. Issa,

This is Ronan.  This is Ronan post seizure.  His seizure were brought on by vaccine injury.  Today, his seizures are gaining in duration, frequency and intensity.  I fear what they will do to his health and possibly his life.  
Ronan is my ten-year old son.  He was injured by his childhood vaccines.  Thankfully we learned the devastating effects of vaccines when we did, but it wasn't before serious harm was done.  Ronan lost his voice, lost skills he was building and was left with seizures, severe developmental delays and other secondary illnesses that physically drain and affect his energy.  

When we discovered that the vaccines were responsible for the damage done, we enrolled in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.  We had high hopes that the program would recognize what was so apparent--that they did something to my beautiful, healthy baby boy.  

Ronan Arrow
We fought for eight years, EIGHT YEARS.  We jumped through every bureaucratic hoop.  We provided documentation after documentations.  Medical records, expert testimony and more.  We believed in the system, but when a system was created by the government for the government's gain, of course people like my son can never get what was supposedly promised them.  After devoting years to this cause, Ronan's case was dismissed in July 2013.  Disappointed doesn't even begin to describe how we felt when we learned his case could go no further.

Fast forward to now.  In two weeks I was planning on being at the Congressional Hearing that would discuss the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.  I already know about the major flaws that program has but remained hopeful that your committee was going to finally call them out on the flaws, the waste, the fraud and the abuse.  How incredibly disappointing it was to receive news that the Hearing was cancelled with no new date announced.  

Don't you think enough time has gone by?  

Don't you realize the dangers lurking if the VICP is not remedied?  

Don't you care that more children will fall to receive the help they need when they fall ill from adverse reactions from their vaccinations?  

Don't you see that it has to be now and not later, and not after more unnecessary delays.  
You have more than enough evidence in front of you, evidence coming from families like mine who are willing and openly share story after story after story that vaccine injury is real.  It hurts.  It steals childhoods. It changes lives in one of the most devastating ways ever imaginable.  

Mr. Issa, you and your committee gave parents like me such hope, hope maybe not for Ronan as we were already on the receiving end of a very screwed up system, but for other children.  Think of the other children, their families and their futures.  YOU can do something good for them.  YOU can change the past and make the future better, or at least bearable.    

We needed someone to champion this effort.  I had hoped you would be that champion.  I pray that you, and the other members on the committee who also promised us help, will do just that.  

Cathy Jameson, mom to Ronan
Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor of Age of Autism.



We always need to highlight the cause of the problem always...


John Stone


You argue illogically. First of all Issa has said there will be still be a hearing and people should write to hold him to it and name the day. Secondly, he is independently wealthy and doesn't need pharmaceutical sponsorship - maybe there are other members of the committee who do.

I am not sure that the way to get the hearing back in the diary is to attack Issa or the committee. That seems to make very little political sense to me. The way forward is to maintain the moral pressure, and insist on the justice of the cause.


Issa is rich, he's doing what his handlers told him to do! He showed, his true colors. When at the last hearing,he asked how long has Autism been around before vaccines.

Had I been there, I would have said. Your right, before the Autism was being found. In farmers children. Children,who were around the grain and seeds treated by Thimerosal as a fungicide.

I would have loved, to have been able to deliver that blow to his obvious attempt. To say vaccines did not cause these problems.

Question is, why is only people being heard at his hearings those that believe Autism is a blessing! And not! a medical condition.

I would have also, like to have said. That,this non medical condition. Because it was treated as such, will bury this once great Nation.


Why not post your comments directly at Mr llissa's facebook acct. The public needs to hear you.

Sue S

Absolutely heartbreaking! I was so excited to hear Congressman Issa at AutismOne, thinking that our vaccine-injured children would at long last have a voice. But my hopes are dashed once again.

Brett was a beautiful, happy, interactive baby, with just a few delays (due to HepB at birth, I now know). He crashed after the MMR, which was too much for his mercury-laden immune system to handle. Now age 15, he is functioning at a kindergarten level academically, and suffers from seizures and a severely damaged GI system, and what the world calls "autism".

I see his story told over and over again, and yet our kids continue to be ignored by the powers that be. Thank you Cat, for fighting for our children!


Gorgeous photo!

Lisa Kelly

Thank you Cathy for representing all the parents out there with an injured child (yes, mine is as well)most of us do not have the platform that you do! Thank you for devoting your time, energy and expertise to giving us a "voice"...without persons like you, we may never be heard!

Peace, Love and Happiness!


China has its one child policy starting in the 1980s
The United States as always decided to do it more high tech, and started it way further back - evident to a lot of us in 1976 in which a bunch of parents ended up going to Washington to complain and only made matters worse -- the vaccine compensation court was legislated in 1986 - took 'em a decade.

China is now having some problems with not enough people to carry the little chairs around for the few elites, so China this month decided that people could have two children if one of the parents is an only child. Meanwhile China had to get brides out of North Korea. China is now half North Korean.

The United States did it better of course --they brought that high tech birth reduction also to neighboring countries like Mexico, Canada and UK and well heck - Gates is helping with all the third world countries to keep that population down.

The thoughts on China - is the one child population should have been stopped a decade ago to prevent serious shortages of those working little ants -- but it may be too late. Some in the government might have to actual do some manuel labor.

Val Boergesson

Thank you Cathy,
You inspired me to write and send my own letter, I hope everyone who reads this will do the same.

Mr. Issa and The Committee on Oversight and Government Reform,
I am extremely disappointed and angry regarding your cancellation on the upcoming meeting regarding The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. I thought after the last meeting, we had at long last had found a government official brave enough to be an advocate and stand up for children like mine, that have developed autism from vaccines.
I have been at this for what seems like an eternity, my son, is no longer a child, he turned 18 this year. Prior to his vaccine injury at 18 months from the DPT vaccine, he had a normal development, was verbal and was an early talker, advanced for his age in fact. After his DPT vaccine, over the course of just a few short weeks, he lost all language and play skills, screamed and cried in pain, and regressed into the world of autism, where he sadly, remains today.
Meet Alex Boergesson
Alex is non-verbal, has multiple medical issues including erosive gastritis, colitis through his entire large and small bowel, epilepsy with frequent seizures, a bladder disorder, allergies, inability to digest complex carbohydrates, immune dysfunction and mitochondrial dysfunction. He is on a very restricted diet, seizure medications and immunosuppressive drugs to relieve the pain and inflammation of his colitis, which causes him to become violent and self-injurious as the pain is so severe. He suffers each and every day of his life.
I had hoped by the time my son was an adult, our government would have at least acknowledged the autism epidemic, acknowledged that these children are vaccine injured, that they are medically very ill, that they will require care for the rest of their lives, and that something, anything would be done. Here I am 16 years later, still writing letters to politicians to beg for help for all these children, help and even admission that there is a problem still has not arrived, not a glimmer or a smidge of it.
Your committee had given me hope that someone in Washington was finally going to listen to us and wake up to this national health crisis and at least listen, the first step to be taken. I feel very deflated and depressed again today that our children have been let down, and that the pharmaceutical companies that control politics have won yet another battle. We need someone to speak for our children that literally have no voice to ever speak for themselves. I only hope that these meeting will be rescheduled for a date very soon in the future. You have disappointed thousands of families with your decision.
Valerie Boergesson

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