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OGR Chairman Issa "Delays" Hearings on Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Affected Families Stunned.

IACC Testimony by Michelle Guppy Mother of Vaccine Injured Son

Michelle and son

Note: Below is testimony from last week's IACC meeting in Washington, DC. It takes tremendous effort for autism Moms and Dads to travel to make our children's plight known and voices heard.  Bookmark Michelle's blog, This is Autism. Thank you, Michelle.

By Michelle Guppy

My son Brandon is 19 years old.  He was born perfectly healthy and is now severely affected by regressive autism from vaccine injury.  He cannot read, write, or speak.  He needs assistance with the most basic of life skills.  He must have constant supervision because he has no sense of danger and will wander off given the slightest of opportunities.  He has bowel disease, auto-immune disorder, allergies, & the list goes on.  He suffers from uncontrolled seizures that cause him great harm. I am unable to work outside the home because it takes all my time to research how to help him, advocate for him, and care for him.  At times he endures such pain.  The frustration of not being able to communicate what hurts, - causing him to bite his own hands to the point of bleeding.  

My autism advocacy journey began right here in Washington 13 years ago.  In all those years I Michelle Guppy DChave not seen any real strategy or actions to address the crisis that is the epidemic of autism.  I have only seen the number of those affected increase.  Any help I have received has been from other parents, or from doctors who themselves have a child with autism, or if not, who have actually listened to parents and dedicated their lives to truly helping them.  I live 30 minutes from a major medical center, yet they have given me little to no usable help.  When I meet with those doctors, it is I who educate them.  It was years before I found medical help 2 hours away for my son to be scoped in evaluation of and treatment for his GI Issues.  I believe my son would be dead had I not found a doctor 16 hours away who I now consult with for treatment of issues traditional doctors would never acknowledge.

There is something wrong with a system where  insurance covers doctors who do not help, but not a dime for the few who actually do help.

There is something wrong with a prescription program that covers Pharma's drugs that do not help, but not those vitamins, supplements, and herbs prescribed by my doctor that very much have helped heal my son.   

There is something wrong with funding studies that  produce the same conclusions yet take no action to address them. I can summarize them all with this:  My "Life with Autism" is harder than anyone could ever fathom.  My marriage does suffer. My typical son does get ignored. I am stressed beyond oblivion.  I am bone tired and I am desperate for respite.  My son needs recreational programs appropriate for him.  I want him to live in our home, be a part of his community.  He needs services and supports that I cannot afford, - given everything else like a lifetime of care for him that I must somehow provide for.  

There is something very wrong with funding study after useless study about what might cause autism; except for the one study that CAN prove a major cause of autism.

We need medical centers that partner with researchers and holistic practitioners -- for a whole body approach to treating autism.  "Autism is Medical" did a survey where  89% replied that they sought healthcare through alternative practitioners or managed their own child's health problems, because they could NOT get adequate healthcare for their child in mainstream medicine.  85% replied that mainstream physicians are NOT familiar with the health problems their child has.  71% feel their child's medical needs are IGNORED and are told that their autism is psychological and therefore their symptoms do NOT need to be investigated.  87% feel their child has less access to appropriate healthcare across all settings than a child without an autism diagnosis.

Action must begin with those sobering percentages.

To even begin to address the needs of the adult population is something that should have been started a decade ago.  There's an entire generation like my son who will "age out" and have nowhere to go that their parents can afford -- for them to continue to learn, work, or further develop life skills.

 I live in such fear.  EACH. AND. EVERY. DAY.  Fear of what new vaccine will be forced upon him.  Fear that if I don't comply, I will lose the precious few services I do get, or worse yet, lose custody of my son in someone else determining they know what is best for him better than me, HIS MOTHER, and my GOD-GIVEN MOTHER'S INSTINCT.  Fear of what happens to  him once I die.  

My presence here is very much me overturning the tables in the temple where the money changers of Pharma, Vaccine Manufacturers, Monsanto and GMO's have desecrated my child's health for nothing more than profit. To me, they are  a den of robbers who must be liable for the damages the toxins in their products have inflicted upon my son.  The CDC and NIH must be held accountable for their inaction.

I guess one thing has changed since the last time I was here.  The status quo is no longer good enough.  Parents like me are many and we no longer believe the lies told to us in what does or does not cause autism. We know the truth and will continue to expose it.  



Mary M Fisher

People we must all work together to stop these mandated vaccines so more children are not injured or killed for big pharma's profit


I wanted to cry just reading this. I have a 11 year old son with vaccine induced autism. While he is not as severe as many of these children, he does have a host of problems. One of them being severe bowel disease. Last week he did not have a bowel movement for over a week,and his pediatrician was NO help. It was only by contacting other parents in the same situation that I was able to resolve his problems. This make me so ANGRY. Our kids are nothing but collateral damage so that greedy people can get their blood money. I am so tired of having to be afraid any time my child has to go to the ER or a doctors office that I might be turned into CPS just because I don't want my child being further injured by drugs and vaccines. There is a special place in hell for these people!



FIGHT ON! Plug in my son's name and change the age to 13 and it's our story too!

Fighting with insurance companies is now my hobby!

Anne McElroy Dachel

Thank you, Michelle. I read this trying to imagine how difficult it must have been to speak these words without being overcome with emotion. I would loved to have seen the faces of the people on IACC. Was Thomas Insel there? Did he merely look attentive and politely thank you at the end without acknowledging IACC's role in all this malfeasance? Was there any response from the group that is charged with addressing autism and has wasted years doing nothing about it?

I hope everyone was paying attention to your words at the end:

"I guess one thing has changed since the last time I was here. The status quo is no longer good enough. Parents like me are many and we no longer believe the lies told to us in what does or does not cause autism. We know the truth and will continue to expose it.

"We will NEVER QUIT."

And when our country is finally forced to admit the truth about what vaccines are doing to our children, it'll be all the experts--like those on IACC who did nothing about autism as it crippled more and more of our children who will be held responsible.

Anne Dachel, Media

Stand Up!


PERFECTLY STATED...EVERY WORD!..unrefined, politically incorrect, and perfectly honest...like REAL SCIENCE--basic biology, neurophysiology--subject to the unwavering tenets of NATURAL LAW.

To those corrupted and in power---STOP POISONING OUR CHILDREN!!

To those who are "in the know" about the truth behind vaccines and their damaging effects to living organisms YET choose to be politically correct---DO YOUR HOMEWORK!..RAISE YOUR LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING AND AWARENESS ABOUT WHAT IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING! Only then will you understand what the correctly informed are truly up against, and only then will you gain strength from the few but growing number that see this sad state of affairs for what it truly is.

Thank You Michelle!

Anonymous Donor

Great testimony! It is reading articles like this, that educate and encourage all of us, and beyond, as we share these amazing articles on AoA with others, that remind me of the importance of keeping AoA going strong!


Thank you to those of you who have already made a donation! Please ask your family and friends to do the same :)

Laura Hayes


Simply awesome. Sounds like what we say around our house everyday, and to anybody else who will listen. In every single sentence you wrote, you hit the nail on the head.

Thank you so very much for traveling to D.C. to give your excellent testimony. I know how hard it is to get away.

I will say a prayer for you and your family. Hang in there on this difficult journey, Michelle. You are in excellent company is all I can say :)

kathy blanco


Thank you for taking the time and expense and sheer bravery to face the moneychangers at this meeting....let's be honest...will it take a cold day in Hades for things to change? Probably...and most certainly. Is it any wonder that we are not on the radar of concern (yet have plenty of pseudo concern, aka via this meeting) It would be the death of an entire industry for us or them, to admit, they have done a horrible Herod like activity, as to cut off the life of an infant because they worship too much the false religion called vaccinations? Yet, you say it right there...it's not just the vaccines we have been forced *so called" to consume...but it's also all of the gross national product industries which come from behind them, such as petrochemicals, pesticides, agrabusiness, and not to mention the medical/insurance system itself....whom are somewhat or is, the real backbone/dirty laundry/three branches of our country?

It pains me to say it, but until it becomes their personal tragedy, it will not be of concern to them. Until it reaches such a level where every other person has a sick disabled child, then, and only then, will it become a focus of real brave and honest concern. It's almost there, but not quite yet...it must be a majority of pissed off Mom or Dads, or a Grandparent, or someone with real financial/political influence who can part the Red Sea simply by uttering the profanity of it all...then, and only then will things change.

Like you, I struggle with TWO adult children with autism, a boy and girl, with the everyday necessities of life...bathing, dressing, cleaning, picking up, holding them through yet another seizure...where is the concern? It seems as if every physician I encounter, as you, I am the one holding the latest research, the latest therapy, all of which seems to be not only viable and proven and safe, but easily implemented, if, and only if, you have robbed a bank or, change the entire medical based system? When will we ever have enough money to simply retire, to know that when we die, everything will be ok?

It seems to me we are up against real and conceived dark forces...of which, have the puppet strings not only on those who can affect change easily, but even on the psyche of all Americans. Unless the rabbit holes are opened up, no one will slide down the matrix easily. It may shock most Americans into actually thinking for themselves, researching, and finally realizing, they have been sold a bag of goods, and were mistaken they are truly free to move about the building. Like the cancer industry, which has no intention to cure and solve, the outrageously simple cures for a dreaded disease, the industry must go on...must cheat, lie and steal your life away until nothing is left but the sweet taste of death. Our kids live a living death...where they will not procreate for the most part, be dependent on parents and institutions, and most of all, easily forgotten as long as it doesn't affect the average Joe.

Will it take a tsunami of children becoming adults until they finally realize it would be in their best interest to quelch this epidemic? Um....I am sure they will come up with a pseudo cure, called yet another pharma drug...another bandaid over the myriad of symptoms called autism...what a rackett. Personally, I would love to be able to do Gcmaf therapy, Hbot, Cannabis oil, and other life changing things...anyone know a bank I could rob, or kidnap a physician daring enough to stick his head out of his, um, behind, and just do it?

I cannot tell you how many times I had to personally do such things, only to be proven right this or that was the entire problem all along...and meanwhile...have to suffer the consequences of never having enough money to retire...my husband now sixty has no visions of every stopping to work, until disability, sickness or death takes that away from him. How dare these committees suggest, that they have done any amount of efforts to ease this burden, how dare they! Those on that panel who make six figures have the audacity to think this pow wow, is going to make any changes, especially if present at the table are the very people who profit off our children? Seriously?

This is why I shall never be seen in such meetings...I would be too honest, and not so laid back and less politically correct. As much as I admire the effort...as much as I want things to change..I cannot foresee in the near future, even for decades, if things will change..until then, I think the sheer numbers of damaged children will speak for themselves, that they have not done their jobs...sleeping at the switch is an understatement...more like choosing to sleep at the switch is a much better terminology.

Do we get this yet? This is illumanati, eugenics, Agenda 21, aka the S word... written all over it...until we face our real enemies, the underpinnings of the underworld against us...then, and only then, will we see how powerful these forces are. Not that I am afraid of that, more like, I am surprised it's not seen at that level. But I just wear a tin hat and believe every cocamanee thing there is out there...right? It could be as simple as moneychangers, mongers of money and power...but that has nothing to do with the devil, right? Wrong! It has his signature all over it...especially because it is all based on thieves/smoke and mirrors and lies...the master of lies knows he has us all under a barrel...Oh and less I forget, what better way to destroy the family, then to have a child so sick, so disabled, as to leave parents in frenzies all their lives to keep their heads above waters...nice way to distract our life missions, to take away our free agency...nice way to distract...all tools of Satan. Conspiracy and Robbers all the lot of them..and do gooders who are wolves in sheeps clothing... who have no intentions of changing status quo...those are the worse...the absolute worse. If your not elect or spot on enough...good luck with that...sooner or later, even you will march in an Autism Speaks fundraiser thinking you are doing such a great thing...not...not...not...by these means are we easily swept away into complacency and ignorance.

Knowing what I know, is a hard thing to swallow...makes you look at things at entirely different angles...so much to the point that you have actually lost faith in humanity...it's gone, really gone...and innocence is lost. The only ones I have left are the hard working warrior moms, brave physicians, and researchers who don't profit off our children's blood. Conflict of interest is written all over all these people...shame, shame, shame on them.


Wow this really impresses me. I feel you have great courage in speaking up like this and am just deeply impressed by both the content of your speech and the bravery that you display.

Maurine Meleck

I so appreciate your excellent testimony. You speak for all of us in the autism community. Thanks for traveling to the IACC meeting and advocating for your son and the rest of us. You are so right- we will never go away.

Not an MD

God Bless you and your family, Michelle. Your son is so lucky to have you as his mother.

What is so impactful and impressive about your statement is that is worded simply, yet reasonably, and truthfully. Considering the complexity of all that has led to the crisis of autism, stating what has transpired in such a basic and bare bones way is quite extraordinary. I don't think I could express all that you have using so few words.

You wrote, "My presence here is very much me overturning the tables in the temple where the money changers of Pharma, Vaccine Manufacturers, Monsanto and GMO's have desecrated my child's health for nothing more than profit." All I can say is, "Bingo."

Bravo, Michelle.

Bad Penny

Thank you for bearing witness for the children we all saw regress and sink into the abyss that is AUTISM. I like you have been on this journey a long time and see little change in the medical arena the political scope the never ending funding for meaningless research. Lets not forget the endless supply of money for awareness and acceptance.

After seeing our children change before our eyes do they really think we are not AWARE! I believe we all accept and love our children. We DO NOT ACEPT that there are not medical interventions that would help and we DO NOT ACCEPT that tour precious sons and daughters are reasonable collateral damage for the greater good of society. WE DO NOT ACCEPT these children have always been among us and this is all better diagnosis.

Please continue to educate the doctors and community at large. Unfortunately our numbers continue to grow. We will not be silenced. We have an obligation to our children and society as a whole to tell these accounts of injury suffering inadequate medical treatment lack of services etc etc.

I thank you again for your testimony.

Bob Moffitt

Thank you Michelle .. for having the courage .. much like David confronting Goliath .. to enter the "temple where the money changers of Pharma, Vaccine Manufacturers, Monsanto and GMO's have descecrated my child's health for nothing more than profit"

I suspect "intellectural and moral corruption" is the most likely answer to your astute observations noting that "something is wrong" in so many instances .. and .. that "corruption" festers and erodes both .. individuals as well as organizations .. including but not limited to .. the few you mentioned.

You wrote: "There is something very wrong with funding study after useless study about what might cause autism; except for the one study that CAN prove a major cause of autism."

Common sense suggests the "temple masters" would have already conducted this study if they were confident the study would "rule out" vaccines as a contributing factor to all the chronic autoimmune disorders this generation of children suffer .. that they are so loathed to do the study clearly suggests they already know the answer .. the study would prove their vaccines are not as "safe, effective or harmless" as they insist they are.

In response to all those expert "nay-sayers" who adamantly declare a "vaccinated v. unvaccinated" study would be too complex, difficult, undoable, etc. etc .. I recall the memorable words of JFK when accepting the awesome challenge of putting a "man on the moon":

"We choose to go to the moon and do other things .. not because they are easy .. but .. because they are hard".

Indeed, it is precisely because such a study would be hard that "real leadership" would say "we can" .. instead .. today's public health leaders say "we can't".

Cat Kaner

"There is something wrong with a system where insurance covers doctors who do not help, but not a dime for the few who actually do help. There is something wrong with a prescription program that covers Pharma's drugs that do not help, but not those vitamins, supplements, and herbs prescribed by my doctor that very much have helped heal my son."


Wishing you strength on your continued journey, Michelle.

Thanks for speaking the truth.


Thank you Michelle for your testimony on behalf of all the children and families affected by vaccine injury and regressive autism.

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