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Flu: Vaxed Vs Unvaxed Revealed

World fluBy  David M. Burd

For the last six years, the Australian Department of Health and Ageing has compared in its annual influenza statistics those vaccinated vs. unvaccinated, with participants weekly self-reporting flu-like symptoms during their flu season (their winter months occur during the U.S. summer months). Their 2013 flu season final Report is in.

For year 2013, 14,000 citizens (up from10,000 for 2009) were faithfully recorded weekly by "FluTracking" - a joint initiative of Aussie authorities comprising Newcastle University, Hunter New England Population Health and the Hunter Medical Research Institute.  Included are a small number of pediatric children participants below 16 years of age under the guidance of their parents.  Such a study as this is called "robust" using conventional medical jargon, yet FluTracking is even more valuable and more robust as, unlike all other vaccine trials, it is not run by Pharmaceutical Industry connections.  Untainted objectivity - at last.  

Volunteers' outcomes along with Australia's entire population in the next paragraphs disclose invaluable information for American parents, while at the same time it is crucial to note that the Aussie flu shots contain neither the mercury thimerosal nor formaldehyde preservatives unlike the vast majority of U.S. flu shots so laden with such toxic preservatives, shots zealously promoted by U.S. authorities.  It is further worth noting a recent medical survey of all pregnant women in Western Australia cited but 25% take a free flu shot strongly promoted by Aussie health authorities (not free in the U.S).  Since 75% of these targeted pregnant women refused the shot it's reasonable to conclude a considerably larger percentage of Australia's general population likewise reject it, and their meager double digit annual flu-associated mortality (cited two paragraphs below) is almost exclusively the elderly (who ironically are by far the most flu-vaccinated, maybe there's a clue here).  

As to FluTracking results:  For their 2013 five-month flu season Aussies NOT taking a flu shot reported cough and slight fever at a rate of 28 per 1,000 per week. Those taking a flu shot reported cough and slight fever at a rate of 25 per 1,000 per week.  In both groups, two out of three adults reporting such illness also reported missing a day of work due to their symptoms.  Bottom line:  Per 1,000 taking flu shots compared to 1,000 not taking flu shots, 3 more adults per week not taking the shot experienced cough and fever, compared to those getting the shots.  This irrelevant difference is in concert with several score studies reviewed by The Cochrane Collaboration who have decisively stated flu shots are basically useless as flu prevention - yet unfortunately, toxic or deadly reactions to the shots have been outside the scope of all such studies including FluTracking (more on this in the next paragraph).

For the 2013 flu season the Australian Health Dept. for a population of 24 million recorded but 28 adult "flu-related" deaths - virtually all elderly - and ZERO (0) pediatric (under 16 years age) deaths, with a total of 17 pediatric hospitalizations for the entire season.  All of this follows the recent 2010 flu-shot toxic reactions that rushed hundreds of Aussie children to hospitals (with at least one certified death and at least one other child with permanent coma), this episode occurring during the first month of 2010 flu vaccination and bringing a National Emergency Cancellation** of the flu shot for kids.

**This emergency cancellation of flu shots for Aussie kids was headlines in news media in Australia, but (of course) completely ignored by a U.S. media keeping lockstep with the U.S. CDC incessant promotion of such shots - thus, by design, the American public is always kept ignorant.

For the last three flu seasons Australia has totaled ZERO flu-associated pediatric deaths, probably for several reasons:  First, they have experienced their children do just fine during the flu season without having flu shots - so why get them?  Perhaps parents realize just good nourishment and plenty of Vitamin D sunshine "down under" (even in winter) suffices for their kids to stay in fine health. 

Second, I have written before about the toxic 'antivirals' given in American hospitals that plausibly are a principle iatrogenic cause of American kids' flu-associated deaths, the most dangerous called ribavirin.  Ribavirin is not given in Australian hospitals or any other Western medical practice outside the U.S. (although Southeast Asia medicos experiment with it on patients with new influenza strains - with any mortality blamed on the flu itself, not toxic medical treatments).  Ribavirin is a both an antiviral and Antiretroviral Drug From Hell always causing body-wide cell death and immediate red blood-cell death (hemolytic anemia) just when the every red blood cell is needed to sustain respiration.  Invented for possible cancer therapies over 40 years ago, ribavirin was long considered too dangerous for any use, yet the American medical system now incredibly employs it for both hepatitis C and for flu!    

Corroborating Australia, Canada's parents right next door to the U.S. by 95% reject flu shots for their kids (cited by Pediatrics' paper in June, 2012), and have but - on average - a single pediatric flu-associated (up to 16 years age) death per year of previously healthy kids not having grave chronic illness - these facts are reported by the Public Health Agency of Canada every year, and every year their successful protocols are ignored by U.S. authorities.
U.S. $billion dollar flu-shot profits bring bandwagon and placard promotion every year, cheered on by American health officials guarding their own institutional reputations while refusing to review other countries' minimum mortalities (which would expose wrong-headed and deadly U.S. dogma).  These officials refuse to reassess the deadly toxicity of the U.S. promoted flu shots laden with mercury, formaldehyde, other toxic excipients, and no doubt dangerous unknown contaminants - while at the same time they completely ignore the proven benefit of vital vitamin D (far above the official RDA level), proper nutrition, and outdoor exercise that protect against flu and winter illness. 

Despite the mainstream media blackout, more informed American parents will keep learning about their Australian and Canadian peers, reject flu shots for their kids, and will tell their pediatricians and the U.S. CDC to keep their poisons. The sooner the better.



I just read that one of the two pediatric flu deaths so far in the U.S. this year was from an influenza A and B co-infection. That sounds like a kid that may have caught the flu from the live virus vaccine. Wonder if we'll ever know.

david burd

Rachael, thanks for the world map showing colors and citing "flu intensity" - this graphic is an outstanding example of Big Pharma propaganda in concert with CDC and the Mainstream Media (PBS in this case) scaring the unwary into getting toxic flu shots.

No true numbers or statistics - just blood red color and saying "intense" - I would expand it to say intense horse manure.

david burd


Bonkers ! makes sense to us all but not pharma


Hi David: You probably seen my earlier post a few days ago regarding the alarming increase in narcolepsy in children after receiving the H1N1 flu shot. Eight hundred children across Europe developed narcolepsy after the vaccine; also a sudden surge in cases in Toronto, Seattle, Washington and Philadelphia. In case you didn't already see it, here's the link to the program that aired Saturday on Canadian television:



Wait a minute. Bob, I had to read your newspaper article twice. There's something wrong with this picture. J&J is "caught" fraudulently marketing drugs and paying kickbacks? Are those really unusual Pharma business practices that the government has been unaware of? I don't think so. So, the government approves drugs and sits back and watches Pharma do it's thing, raking in the money, and then the government slaps Pharma's hand and says, you were bad, we want $2.2 billion of your profit for your bad behavior. That $2.2 billion goes to federal and state governments. (As the big awards did in recent years from Merck et al)

I had to read it twice because Pharma did it, the government let it go on, they were both complicit and - here's the thing: not one cent of the $2.2 billion goes to the PEOPLE, the "low income and disabled people" who were harmed by the inappropriate prescribing of these drugs? What about those people?

Is the $2.2 billion a kickback, a gift, from Pharma to the government, that Pharma couldn't otherwise legally pay unless under the guise of a civil penalty? Is that the reason why no one goes to jail? That is a scary thought.


Thanks David,

I have never received a flu shot, neither will my family even again. My parents have finally refused the flu shot after my mum was sick every time(the doctor said it was a coincidence).

I also noted that prior to this Winter 2013 (our Winter starts in June) the advertising for flu shots was quieter than previous years. Maybe because of the fluvax that hospitalised so many youngsters.

Elizabeth Gillespie

Jeannette Bishop

Thanks for following flu vaccine performance. We need good documentation on everything any vaccine program does. I keep getting the feeling the industry wants to apply a boiling the proverbial frog and collect and compile data on results when convenient approach.

I'm not sure but I think some pediatricians were, in staying ahead of the curb style, using the flu vaccine well before official recommendations. At least my daughter's announced in the whirl of two-month vaccine administrations that they are also giving the flu vaccine now, like it was a new thing. In 1997, could she have possibly meant Hib, already on the schedule for nearly 10 years? I had only heard of the flu vaccine as the shot that teachers got every year for "the flu," so I assumed she was throwing in this rather worthless sounding shot without giving me a chance to question it. I'm still not sure what happened to my daughter that day. She didn't write a flu vaccine on her records and there was no official spot for it. Then with the same daughter's never-should-have-happened Kindergarten boosters, her pediatrician (different doctor and town) was also poised to give the flu vaccine (in 2001) to my four year old, but I had my first in refusing that one, saving her from some added weight to the upcoming major regression I guess. As it was already in the syringe and an inch away from injection, I wonder if she just returned that dose to the vial or had to throw it out?

John Stone

Thanks for writing this up David. Invaluable.


Bob Moffitt

From today's headlines:

Washington (AFP) - "Global health-care giant Johnson & Johnson has agreed to pay more than $2.2 billion to settle allegations of fraudulently marketing drugs and paying kickbacks to promote their sales, the government said Monday.

In one of the largest health-care fraud settlements in US history, J&J's criminal and civil fine covers allegations the company marketed schizophrenia drug Risperdal and other prescription drugs for uses not approved as safe and effective by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Justice Department said.

The settlement further covers kickbacks allegedly paid to physicians and pharmacies for prescribing and promoting those drugs by J&J."

The actions resulted in millions of dollars in benefits paid by Medicaid, the government health-insurance program for low-income and disabled people, causing losses to both the federal and state governments.

"This global settlement resolves multiple investigations involving the antipsychotic drugs Risperdal and Invega -- as well as the heart drug Natrecor and other Johnson & Johnson products," Attorney General Eric Holder said in a statement."

From AoA article:

"Invented for possible cancer therapies over 40 years ago, ribavirin was long considered too dangerous for any use, yet the American medical system now incredibly employs it for both hepatitis C and for flu!"

Anyone see a pattern of CORRUPTION here? Anyone believe that fining J&J a BILLION and a HALF dollars is going to change anything in how they do business?

This is never going to change until high-level excutives start going to JAIL where they rightfully belong!



This January 2013 partial world map of flu activity around the world shows it all. Red indicates "intense" flu activity, with orange, yellow and green indicating high, low and minimal. The United States who have one the highest uptakes of flu vaccines globally demonstated the most intense flu activity.


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