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Postponing VICP Hearing: Who Is Afraid and of What?

Flu Shot Induced Encephalopathy: Chandler Webb's Death Raises Vaccine Safety Questions

Chandler Webb

Managing Editor's Note:  Below is a sobering reminder that vaccination is a medical intervention, and not a mass market, dime store purchase. Our heartfelt condolences to Chandler's family. We hope they get answers from authorities and that Chandler's death is not in vain.

By Anne Dachel

A recent tragedy in Utah should make the public ask what health officials actually know about vaccine reactions.  It also raises the question of just how far are they willing to go to protect the vaccine program.  A number of news outlets in Utah reported that a healthy 19 year old young man went to his doctor for a physical on October 15.  He received a flu vaccine and a test for TB and by the next day he was seriously ill with vomiting and a severe headache.  Twenty-four hours later he was in a coma and 28 days later, after life support was removed, he died.
In a story in the Salt Lake Tribune on November 24,  the subheading read: "Doctors can't explain the brain swelling that led to his death; mom says autopsy isn't needed."  
"Chandler Webb's direct cause of death was swelling of the brain, his mother said."
"Though scientists nationwide staunchly support vaccines and their important role in public health, they have become a topic of some controversy in recent years. Lori Webb said she was aware of such concerns before her son became ill, though she chose to get a flu vaccine two years ago.

"One of her son's doctors said a reaction like her son's was possible after a flu vaccination, and he attempted unsuccessfully to treat it, she said."

At the same time the Utah Desert News published their story about Chandler Webb's death, Utah woman claims flu shot caused teenage son's death,  in which health officials denied that a vaccine can cause encephalopathy.

"Utah Department of Health officials did not go into specifics about the case, though a spokesman said the department was aware of the case.

"Another state health official late Friday offered a statement.

"'Our epidemiology staff have commented that although they have no evidence of a flu vaccine, or any other kind of vaccine, causing this type of reaction/outcome, they take these reports very seriously and they are thoroughly investigated by the (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention),' the statement read."

KLS-TV in Salt Lake said the same thing.

This was stunning information from health officials.  Encephalopathy is indeed an accepted vaccine reaction.  A quick online search of official websites shows it's true.  

This is what is on the official HHS website. They say encephalopathy is a possible reaction to vaccination.

(2) Encephalopathy. For purposes of paragraph (a) of this section, a vaccine recipient shall be considered to have suffered an encephalopathy only if such recipient manifests, within the applicable period, an injury meeting the description below of an acute encephalopathy, and then a chronic encephalopathy persists in such person for more than 6 months beyond the date of vaccination.

(i) An acute encephalopathy is one that is sufficiently severe so as to require hospitalization (whether or not hospitalization occurred).

(A) For children less than 18 months of age who present without an associated seizure event, an acute encephalopathy is indicated by a significantly decreased level of consciousness lasting for at least 24 hours. Those children less than 18 months of age who present following a seizure shall be viewed as having an acute encephalopathy if their significantly decreased level of consciousness persists beyond 24 hours and cannot be attributed to a postictal state (seizure) or medication.

(B) For adults and children 18 months of age or older, an acute encephalopathy is one that persists for at least 24 hours and characterized by at least two of the following:

(1) A significant change in mental status that is not medication related; specifically a confusional state, or a delirium, or a psychosis;

(2) A significantly decreased level of consciousness, which is independent of a seizure and cannot be attributed to the effects of medication; and

(3) A seizure associated with loss of consciousness.

(C) Increased intracranial pressure may be a clinical feature of acute encephalopathy in any age group.

(D) A "significantly decreased level of consciousness" is indicated by the presence of at least one of the following clinical signs for at least 24 hours or greater (see paragraphs (b)(2)(i)(A) and (b)(2)(i)(B) of this section for applicable timeframes):

(1) Decreased or absent response to environment (responds, if at all, only to loud voice or painful stimuli);

(2) Decreased or absent eye contact (does not fix gaze upon family members or other individuals); or

(3) Inconsistent or absent responses to external stimuli (does not recognize familiar people or things).

(E) The following clinical features alone, or in combination, do not demonstrate an acute encephalopathy or a significant change in either mental status or level of consciousness as described above: Sleepiness, irritability (fussiness), high-pitched and unusual screaming, persistent inconsolable crying, and bulging fontanelle. Seizures in themselves are not sufficient to constitute a diagnosis of encephalopathy. In the absence of other evidence of an acute encephalopathy, seizures shall not be viewed as the first symptom or manifestation of the onset of an acute encephalopathy.

(ii) Chronic Encephalopathy occurs when a change in mental or neurologic status, first manifested during the applicable time period, persists for a period of at least 6 months from the date of vaccination. Individuals who return to a normal neurologic state after the acute encephalopathy shall not be presumed to have suffered residual neurologic damage from that event; any subsequent chronic encephalopathy shall not be presumed to be a sequela of the acute encephalopathy. If a preponderance of the evidence indicates that a child's chronic encephalopathy is secondary to genetic, prenatal or perinatal factors, that chronic encephalopathy shall not be considered to be a condition set forth in the Table.

This is from the FDA:

Neurological disorders temporally associated with influenza vaccination such as
209 encephalopathy, optic neuritis/neuropathy, partial facial paralysis, and brachial plexus
210 neuropathy have been reported.
Barbara Loe Fisher, President and co-founder of National Vaccine Information Center, had this to say about the link between vaccines and encephalopathy.
"I don't think that most adults or parents are aware that vaccines, including flu shots, can cause brain inflammation and death. The most well documented and feared complication of vaccination, starting with smallpox and rabies vaccines, has been brain inflammation (encephalitis, acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM), acute encephalopathy) and that serious vaccine side effect can lead to mild or severe chronic neurological dysfunction that may be labeled by doctors as multiple learning disabilities, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, afebrile seizure disorders, Guillain Barre Syndrome, mental retardation, etc. Brain inflammation can also end in death."

"Encephalopathy is the causation centerpiece of the Table of Compensable Events in the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) created by Congress in 1986 under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act and adjudicated in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims. The majority of the cases awarded compensation in the VICP have involved brain inflammation following receipt of DPT/DTaP, influenza, MMR or hepatitis B vaccinations. The number one most compensated child claim in the VICP is for acute brain inflammation and chronic neurological dysfunction or death following DPT vaccinations and the number one most compensated adult claim is for acute brain inflammation and chronic neurological dysfunction or death following influenza vaccinations."

See references anchoring the above comment here:

 Also see, Vaccination During Pregnancy: Is It Safe?

Many people seem to blindly accept that vaccines are safe and doctors are informed about vaccine reactions.  In April, 2011, the NVIC put out this report and video about the medical community: Doctors Denying Vaccine Risks: An American Tragedy.   Barbara Loe Fisher specifically talked about encephalopathy.

Heartbreaking events like what happened in Utah should be a wakeup call about the need for better vaccine safety oversight and about informing the public about possible vaccine reactions.  It shouldn't be just another case of denying the obvious.

Annew Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


Judy A Concelman

I had the senior flu shot 2 years ago and after feeling sick for a few days, I went to bed and did not know anyone and was rushed to the hospital. It was determined that I had encephalitis after all kinds of tests. I luckily recovered after many weeks but was told the flu shot did not cause this(fron the infectious disease doctor). I know differently!

John Fryer

These cases are rare but the inflammation Chandler received to his brain is likely to explain the million or so cot deaths from the late 1960's until the mid 1990's when they declined maybe due to the removal of thimerosal in 2000 or so and the reduction of antigens from over a 1 000 to a handful.

I have personally looked at several such cases in hours of a vaccine all of which have never been attributed to the vaccine but any other cause usually so ridiculous that it is unworthy even to try to list them.

Iamgine in this extermely rare event that a vaccine or X has exploded this lads head and killed him after weeks in a coma.

Then imagine a one day infant or 8 week infant injected with similar material and crying andcrying and crying. Often death comes much faster but still the denail that a millioncot deaths were due to vaccines is OUT OF DISCUSSION.

Vaccines do work and are safe.

But does this mean we bury all the evidence of harm?


Made Amrita
If you read her entire story -- his death was a long drawn out process, tons of test -step by step medical procedures all well documented. It was not so much that she refused an autopsy -- it was more the case that it was not really needed by the time it all drew to a close.

As for 500 flu shots.
They get their flu shots and they go in all directions back to their homes. Humans accept some aches and pains -- and they don't complain all that much when they get them.
Plus inflammation is for the most part a silent disease - slow and progressive.

Look at the time it took for him to die from a severe reaction.

500 people I know you must be worried.
I don't think it lands on your head, but maybe your heart- so good for you for at least thinking on this and readig this article.

Where it does land though is on the heads of those higher up the ladder than you. Those rubbing elbows at the CDC, NIH with Merck, and other protected pharmas from vaccine free from legal problems.

Made Amrita

I think I am a bit late onr eading this news. I just want to comment:
1. Epidemiology is one branch of public health. Epidemiologist learn spread of disease as well as adverse reaction event so they can map it and tell some corelation. If MPH is Master of Public Health, one MpH must have been a bit of epidemiologist.
2. I can only imagine the grief of Chandler's mom,losing such wonderful son. But you can not tell that the cause of death is vaccine while Mrs Webb refuse an autopsy. There are procedure about Vaccine Adverse Effect Reactions, and if you are to blame vaccine,i it better going thru that way. Not just because he had encephalopathy after vaccination that you can blame vaccine.
3. Terrible reaction might always happen in any medical treatment. Because we are a unique individual. No medical treatment is ever 100% . I believe my office did a flu shot to more than 500 employee, and none of them end up dead. So i believe the prevalence is minimum.


Article published yesterday by Dr. Kelly Brogan at the International Vaccination Council:

A Shot Never Worth Taking: The Flu Vaccine ~ by Kelly Brogan, MD


By the way;
This story made it to the top story on the community board of AOL

It was on there this morning.
They keep those stories for at least a couple of days.

It is gone this evening, and I had to go looking for it somewhere else.


Was this a Thimerosal / mercury preserved vaccine ?

What happens when a flu vaccine is injected directly into a vein or artery? No one knows where the tip of the needle may end up.

There are "federal guidelines for raising cantaloupe" which are enforced. The use of mercury in vaccines is determined by a vote of each state legislature.

Anne McElroy Dachel

To Rosycurler

Two years ago my college student daughter came down with pneumonia. I went with her to see the nurse practitioner at student health. She gave her a prescription for an antibiotic and then suddenly said, "One more thing: Did you have a flu shot yet?"

I couldn't believe it. I stared and at her and said, "You couldn't possibly mean you'd vaccinate someone in her condition?"

After a couple second pause, she said, "No, . . .I meant she should come back when she's better."

I'll never believe that. If I hadn't been there, I'm sure she would have offered her one right there. (Which hopefully my daughter, after years of my lectures, would have refused, despite the pressure from this "expert.")

Then last year, my husband had heart surgery. The night before the surgery, the nurse came in and asked, "Have you had your annual flu vaccine?"

(It was May, btw.) I just said, "No one facing major surgery should be vaccinated. It's insane."

She meekly said, "I'm sorry. We just have to ask."

It never ends.



This past Tuesday, a friend had a total hip replacement surgery. As he was emerging from total anesthesia he was offered the influenza and pneumonia vaccines. He was on I V antibiotics and narcotic pain relievers at the time.

I feel that it was an inappropriate time to offer a discretionary procedure not required for the immediate recovery from surgery.

My friend vaguely remembers a woman approaching and offering the vaccines but does not know if he was asked in the recovery room or after he was wheeled to a hospital room.

How can situations like this be avoided when a person is in a weakened cognitive state and might agree to something they really don’t want?

Please warn others of this predatory practice.


If this had been about spinach or cantaloupe causing food poisoning, the farmers would have been found and their businesses shut down within days. We don't even need any deaths for that kind of action, just a few sick people.

But if it's a death from a vaccine? How about investigating the lot that this vaccine came from, investigating the business who administered the vaccine and the manufacturer to make sure that there wasn't any improper handling or contamination, because as dangerous as vaccines are even when all is done according to the directions, we can't assume that there wasn't an extra added danger if it was a hot lot and we don't know if there is more of that lot in circulation. It might be a good idea to find out.


For that matter, I wonder if anyone at the treating hospital or their own personal physician told them about VAERS and about the VICP. Or maybe the coroner or the public health officials? I wonder if anyone reported this young man's untimely death after a flu vaccine to VAERS.


I wonder if the Webb family knows that $.75 of the cost of their son's flu vaccine went into a fund set up to pay for vaccine injuries - the Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund. It is interesting to note too how this fund is rarely if ever mentioned in news reporting. Even when presenting a catastrophe, the message is always how safe vaccines are, that reactions are mild and rarely serious, but there is no mention of any fund to compensate victims. You'd think that an honest journalist would report that such a fund exists.

Anne McElroy Dachel

Nov 22, 2013, Fox 13, Salt Lake City, Utah mother says her son died due to flu shot

"Doctor Allyn Nakashima is the state epidemiologist and is aware of Chandler's case. Health officials said, as far they know, there's never been a death in Utah due to the flu vaccine but Dr. Nakashima said it is possible.

"'We certainly have seen associations of encephalitis or encephalitis type illness following flu vaccine,' Nakashima said. "'t's very rare, and we can't necessarily say there's a cause and effect here, we can say there's an association.'"

"If the flu vaccine took Chandler Webb's life, Dr. Nakashima says it's one of those extremely rare cases and she hopes it doesn't discourage the public from getting flu shots."

If state epidemiologist Dr. Nakashima agreed that encephalopathy is associated with a vaccine reaction on Fox 13 on Nov 22, why then did health officials deny an association two days later in the Salt Lake Tribune?

"Another state health official late Friday offered a statement.

"'Our epidemiology staff have commented that although they have no evidence of a flu vaccine, or any other kind of vaccine, causing this type of reaction/outcome, they take these reports very seriously and they are thoroughly investigated by the (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention),' the statement read."


For insight into the FDA's vaccine safety review process, please watch this 2010 webinar presentation on FDA Vaccine Safety of Approved Vaccines.

"Webinar on FDA’s Safety Monitoring of Approved Vaccines"
DATE: July 13, 2010

TIME: 2:00 PM

LENGTH: 30 minutes

"Did you know that FDA’s review of vaccine safety doesn’t stop once a vaccine is approved? Why is it important to have different types of systems to perform safety surveillance for approved vaccines?

On Tuesday, July 13th, FDA hosted a webinar about the agency’s work to ensure the safety of vaccines. Andrea Sutherland, MD, MPH, Msc, who is a medical officer and Special Assistant to the Director of the Division of Epidemiology in the Office of Biostatistics and Epidemiology in FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, provided an overview and answered questions about vaccine safety surveillance, including the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (or VAERS), and efforts underway to improve safety monitoring. Currently, FDA is working with federal, international, academic, and health care partners to further improve its ability to evaluate the safety of vaccines throughout the lifecycle of products."

Watch the archived version of the Webinar: CBER VAERS Vaccine Safety

Louis Conte


And this strong, healthy young man would have overcome flu in a few days.

This is the insanity of the Age of Encephalopathy.

Anne McElroy Dachel

Fox News also covered this story.

One has to wonder how often this type of reaction occurs and is merely labeled a mystery and never talked about.

We're only hearing about this because the mother went to the media.

Anne Dachel


I didn't stay at the site long enough to see the truth tellers. Glad to hear that it isn't all trolls posting.


correction on my previous post: "doesn't" not "don't"


I would never call a plumber if I had an electrical problem.

An epidemiologist is not a vaccine safety expert and not qualified expert to speak on vaccine adverse reactions or what is formally called "systemic reactogenicity" defined here:

So, why don't the news media and family talk to someone who is knowledgable about vaccine safety.

I looked it up and found the name of someone who does vaccine safety review at the FDA:

Rosemary Tiernan, MD, MPH
Division of Vaccines and Related Products Applications
email: [email protected]

Cynthia Parker

I agree: I commented on the Salt Lake City Trib site that was linked to this story, and there were a lot of people commenting about how they had reacted badly to the flu shot (as well as some shills going on about how it was all coincidental, but not very many of them, and one even admitted that it may have been that the flu shot caused Chandler's death). I thought the same thing as you, that word is getting out that if these things happen to you shortly after a shot, then you can blame the shot, and that it's become so common, you won't be pilloried for saying so.



What is most frightening, having gone to the Salt Lake Tribune article, are the comments. People saying that it is impossible for the flu vaccine to have caused this young man's death. Either the trolls are all on assignment there to put out this fire, or Americans are intellectually beyond hope.


Martha Stewart went to prison because she lied about having information about a company whose stock she sold.

These Utah health officials should be arrested and sent to prison for at least as long for lying to the public that they're supposed to be serving as experts.

Martha Stewart didn't hurt anyone. These officials are endangering the public health with their lies.


What suprises me is - this was on the news with pictures of the young man before, and during his ordeal - with his Mother being interviewed on the news.

Bob Moffitt

Heart-breaking .. absolutely heart-breaking.

The denials by public health officials .. world-wide .. can only be described as criminal.


Michelle B

Just awful.

I read about this yesterday in the UK's Daily Mail.

The comment section is loaded with other adverse vaccine reactions, which I find disturbing yet reassuring.

The word is getting out! People are starting to believe us...

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