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Boston Children's Holding Child "Hostage?"

Trapped childThis story is almost too crazy to be true.  Sick kids with true psychiatric illness and who need a hospital bed can't find one, and this young woman has been admitted for 9 months?  If you Google the girl's name, Justina Pelletier, there are no first page hits in mainstream American media except for FOX CT. Nothing from Boston at all.

The parents of a 15-year-old girl who has a long history of medical problems have lost custody of her to a hospital.

Justina Pelletier was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease, a genetic disorder that can cause loss of muscle coordination and weakness, several years ago.

The teenager from West Hartford, Connecticut, however was able to live a normal life until coming down with the flu in February.

Justina was admitted to Boston Children's Hospital to receive treatment from a specialist she has known since her diagnosis.

Upon admission however a team of new doctors allegedly swooped in on the teen and came up with a different conclusion about her condition.

They also cast doubt on whether she had ever had mitochondrial disease, suggesting she in fact suffering from Somafotorm disorder - a psychological condition that manifests itself in physical symptoms.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2510404/Justina-Pelletier-trapped-hospital-sends-hidden-notes-parents-origami.html#ixzz2loA5s7G3



I want to know who got to this judge. Didn't I read that at one point the judge relented and was about to turn custody back over to the parents? What happened behind closed doors to change that? Did the court do an about face in an attempt to avoid litigation against the state of Massachusetts and its prize hospital and affiliates? Was this a calculated, political move taken at the expense of a child, her family, her community and our country?

John Stone


This is appalling. Defies words.


Justine slipped her parents a note saying that she is being abused and is not allowed to enough sleep:


The article states that she also is not allowed to attend Church and is not being given the special educational program that she is entitled to under federal law.

Betty Bona

The Fox News Psychiatrist is almost as scary as the hospital! He gets it right in this case - that the state shouldn't take away custody - but the way he blames every problem a kid could have on poor parenting is incredible. His example of a smothering, controlling mother whose child is afraid to be alone at school and gets bullied is outrageous. Many of us moms of kids on the spectrum may appear to be smothering and controlling to anyone who doesn't believe the diagnosis or understand the consequences to our child. It's typical of psychiatrists. It's not genetic, but it's not environment either, except the psychological environment. I'd like to see him adopt a child on the spectrum to see if he can do any better! Let's see if his good parenting solves the problems of ASD.


The opinion of a Fox News psychiatrist:



No need to excuse your language Bayareamom, because it's completely appropriate! Will she be returned to her family before she dies? I used to believe they'd do the right thing after a period of time, and especially once BCH was out of the picture, but I don't know any more. I pray they will and that her parents and her Tufts doctors can undo the damage.

Yes, BCH has done this multiple times - Elizabeth Wray and several other children mentioned in some of the Globe articles. The PANDAS community has had a warning out about BCH for over 18 months.

As for the Harvard docs looking themselves in the mirror, it's called arrogance, plus a good helping of heartlessness.


My 'sense' tells me that NO ONE involved in this case wants to accept responsibility for this disaster. MASS DCF stated yesterday that they would not permit Justina to receive treatment at Tufts University UNTIL the Judge rendered his decision today.

Judge Joseph F. Johnston, Jr., in the rendering of his decision today, stated within that ruling that it will be up to MASS DCF TO DETERMINE WHEN/IF Justina is released back to the custody of her parents.

They're just wildly punting this thing back and forth, knowing, I suspect, that lawsuits will come a-flying once this is all said and done.

Harvard should be ashamed of itself. They were definitely behind this somatoform issue 100%. MASS DCF HAS NO MEDICAL DIRECTOR, hence it relies completely on Boston Children's when decisions (to take children) are rendered by BCH.

Someone needs to grow more than a little humility in this case, grow a spine and just do the right thing.

Should anyone doubt what Justina's parents have been saying all along as to her deteriorating health, take a look at the recent photographs of her just released as of yesterday.

In all my 20 plus years as a legal assistant, I have never seen anything like this. It's absolutely shameful what Harvard and all the rest of the parties involved here, have been allowed to do. No oversight whatsoever, just reach and grab whatever kid you feel you might need for your research.

And mark my words, Justina WAS A MARK in this case. The moment that child was wheeled into BCH's ER, she was a MARK. The reason MASS DCF NEVER INVESTIGATED the Pelleter household (to determine whether they were 'suitable' parents), is precisely because they KNEW they would find nothing whatsoever prohibiting them from placing Justina back with her loving family.

Lou Pelletier states they WERE investigated BY CT DCF and passed with flying colors (on two occasions). BCH and MASS DCF are under Harvard's thumb. They receive millions in federal grant monies for their research programs, but they need the actual BODIES to perform their research. Justina was a perfect candidate for that type research. So what do you do when you need a body for your research?

Trump up 'medicalized abuse' as the excuse to take the kid away from her loving parents, a child who had already been diagnosed and WAS BEING TREATED FOR YEARS by her eminently qualified physicians at Tufts University; essentially kidnap the child, DO NOT CONFER with her physicians at Tufts whatsoever to determine if your 'new diagnosis' is correct, proclaim she has somataform disorder, place her in a psych hold unit for months on end, and continue the charade.

In my heart I know this is what has happened and Justina's not the first child they've done this to.

I hope people in this country wake up re: what has happened here. I do believe that Justina's parents will be able to get her back from MASS DCF, but NO ONE should ever have to go through the absolute living hell this family has had to endure all these many months.

I don't know how those physicians at Harvard and BCH look at themselves in the mirror each morning. My guess is that perhaps some of them probably don't.


Judge Joseph F. Johnston, Jr.'s ruling today: Permanent custody of Justina Pelletier awarded to State of Mass.


Excuse my French, but fuc**ing unbelievable.

Of course, I'm sure the Pelletier family will appeal, but wow. Anyone with Harvard connections over here possibly understand what's going on? This is absolutely insane. In all my years working in litigation, I've never seen anything like this.


If anyone would like to tune in, Justina Pelletier's parents and sister will be interviewed on Dr. Phil this Monday, March 17. Here is the synopsis:

"The Fight over Justina: Medical Child Abuse by Parents or Abuse of Power by a Hospital?" - Dr. Phil Show




I wholeheartedly agree.

UPDATE: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2014/03/03/good-news-in-the-justina-pelletier-case/

Today there was a closed door hearing in court with attorneys 'only,' attending. The outcome is at least a step in the right direction.

Here's more:


"The Connecticut teen at the center of a contentious custody case that includes a medical discrepancy is having her care transferred back to Tufts Medical Center and the motion to have her father held in contempt of court for breaking a judge’s gag order has been dropped.

In fact, the gag order issued last November has also been dropped completely.

An attorney for Justina Pelletier’s parents called the latest developments “good news,” but said custody of the 15-year-old still needs to be restored to her mother and father from the Massachusetts Department of Children & Families.

“We need DCF completely out of the case and [for] them to return full custody back to the Pelletier family,” Mat Staver told TheBlaze after an attorneys-only hearing Monday at the Suffolk County Juvenile Court in Massachusetts..."

Overall, if you read between the lines as to what is now happening in this case, it does appear as though Justina WILL be returned to her loving family in Connecticut soon.

But I pray that the parties involved, i.e., the Judge, the physicians in charge at BCH and the parties involved with MASS DCF are brought to justice, NOT just with the atrocities committed in the Pelletier case, but with all other families in which they've taken children away from loving families with no due process involved. It is now being reported that yet ANOTHER child, a 7 year old boy with renal failure, has been taken away from his family and is being considered for 'adoption' outside the family unit.

Admittedly, I do not have the particulars on this case, but from what little the Mom has written thus far, it does sound as though yet again, NO DUE PROCESS - a child is stripped away from loving family members by BCH/MASS DCF because of a disagreement re: a prior diagnosis.

MANY thanks to The Blaze's Glenn Beck and all others who brought sunlight to this issue.


This sounds eerily familiar to me - a little too much like the recent "kids for cash" case in Pennsylvania, for which the corrupt judge has now been sentenced to jail himself for sentencing juveniles for petty disturbances to jail in order to fill up the rooms and coffers of those in charge of the privatized juvenile justice places. Someone needs to look into the ties between the hospital and/or the doctors and/or the judge in charge of this case and whatever resources those decision makers were insisting the girl should be subjected to, to clear them of any suspicions, of course, lest they end up in jail like the kids for cash judge.

FDA spies on whistleblowers

I hope there is either a class action lawsuit against BCH or this family writes a great tell all account of it and they make the money back that these bastards took from them. Of course they will never get back their sense of peace over this mess.


I just can't get over this. I think of Justine's friends. All her friends that she grew up with in her neighborhood and at school. And her sisters and her sisters' friends, and family, the whole community who knew her, knew that she didn't belong in a psych ward, knew that her parents were loving, responsible parents and who witnessed this crime. What kind of nightmares are all those children having? What kind of stress has this inflicted? How do you think those kids feel about going to the doctor now? After they saw what happened to their friend? How do you think they feel about illness, about being diagnosed with any condition? Do you think that these children will ever be able to bring their future children to a doctor or hospital without being petrified to the point of phobia?

Look what was done to Dr. Wakefield. Even the charges against him, which are completely untrue, if they were true, are nothing compared to what this hospital did. Dr. Wakefield lost his license to practice medicine and has been villified whenever the industry needs a scapegoat ever since. And they're going to let this hospital get away with kidnapping, medical neglect and inappropriate treatment that has directly caused the deterioration of Justina Pelletier's condition despite protests of her referring doctors and her parents? Boston Children's Hospital should be shut down immediately and a criminal investigation should be done of not only this case but of all their patients to see who else they've committed malpractice against.


BayareaMom - Kim I am glad to know who (/) is.

Shep Smith on TV said--- This kind of stuff does not happen in a vaccum.

Kind of scary.



Completely agree with everything you've just said. Hopefully, this nightmare for the Pelletier family will end soon.

Roger Kulp

All I have to say is it's hard to believe this could happen in the same hospital system where Martha Herbert and Tim Buie are.

FDA spies on whistleblowers

obviously they were trying to make yet another example of this family and it backfired! They were trying to send a message to parents and doctors for treating PANDAS and mito. They failed. We will get stronger, not weaker. Here's to Justice for Justina.


Thanks for all the updates. I am welling up here. I can't fathom how the mother coped, with diabetes no less. I am so worried for Justina's siblings. What kind of horrific nightmares must those girls be having? And what kind of life long stress will they suffer from this trauma?

It is not ok that all of a sudden Justina can just go back to Tufts because the crime became public. Not ok. Severe damage has been done by these criminals, to many people, including the millions of parents who will now be afraid to take their children for medical care for fear of losing them. We've all heard of police brutality. Police who abuse their power and use inappropriate force. Well, what we are witnessing here is a new kind of professional aggression, committed by judges and health care practitioners. Not just MDs, but the whole social services system in Massachusetts that allowed this to happen, who were complicit in this kidnapping and denial of appropriate medical care, need to be brought up on charges the same way that police who commit a crime against the citizenry are prosecuted (or should be).

I am very relieved and would like to give the reporter a big hug for doing his job. God bless him. And to Mr. Pelletier for having the courage to go against a court order in order to save his child's life. NO AMERICAN SHOULD EVER BE PUT IN THAT POSITION. Stress is a killer. I am worried for the health of all the Pelletiers. They will never be the same again, either individually or as a family.

The people who did this SHOULD NOT GET AWAY WITH IT AND SHOULD NEVER BE IN A POSITION TO DO THIS TO ANYONE ELSE EVER AGAIN. They should at minimum all be stripped of professional licenses and then prosecuted for kidnapping, child abuse, and whatever else can be thrown at them. Kidnapping is considered one of the worst crimes that a person can commit. What these people did was worse than that, because they are licensed and are supposed to upheld high standards and to not abuse their authority and public trust. What they did was unforgivable and should be punished.



It's heartening to hear/see the concern about Justina's case over here.

One of the reasons this case was not garnering much needed press attention is/was because of a GAG ORDER placed on the parents in this case (gag order on everyone involved, including the parents).

No lawyer that I've heard speak about this case, including my own attorney husband, has ever heard of a gag order being put on a case such as the type this one is. Lou and Linda Pelletier were literally told they could NOT speak out as to what was happening to their daughter. Thus, for almost an entire year, they've been suffering in silence, save for the one lone reporter, FOX CT news reporter, Beau Berman, who has been diligently reporting on this case.

FINALLY, Lou Pelletier went against the gag order and decided to speak out. He first appeared on the Glenn Beck Blaze TV/Radio show and detailed all that had happened to them and to Justina. It was horrific to listen to. Lou stated he had decided to speak out because his daughter IS DYING and he knew that if he didn't speak out that there was/is a very real chance she may not make it.

I have been diligently following this case and since Lou has decided to go public with this story, it has now become mainstream news. FOX TV's The Kelly File has been reporting on this case, as have numerous other media outlets.

UPDATE: You can continue to find updates on this case by visiting FOX CT News Reporter Beau Berman's Facebook page (and Twitter account). Since Lou's last public appearance, various legislators in MASS have decided to sign a resolution, asking that Justina be IMMEDIATELY released from MASS DCF.

There has been A TREMENDOUS amount of public pressure put on the MASS DCF and BCH since Lou has spoken out. Because of this pressure, what do you know...the Judge in this case has LIFTED (somewhat) the gag order and has also decided to drop the contempt charge against Lou for speaking out (MASS DCF filed a contempt charge against Lou once he started going public). Unbelievable...

But folks...this is not the first time that BCH has done something like this; they've committed this same, egregious behavior with other families, who were ALSO GAGGED FROM SPEAKING OUT.

For crying out loud - this is the United States! But parental rights are being stripped away from parents in these type cases SIMPLY because BCH's physicians are...I don't know what...behind the times and will not recognize that PANDAS, MITO and other autoimmune disorders are NOT somatoform (psychiatric) issues.

This has got to stop.

Thankfully, MASS DCF is now starting to back-pedal (as is the Judge) and they are now stating that it was always their intention to 'do the right thing' for Justina and they now claim they are trying to get her back to Tufts for treatment.

But my God. This family has been put through hell with all of this. Lou now states they are broke(n). Their constant legal battle re: trying to get Justina back has literally drained them of all financial resources. Additionally, at the last hearing (before all hell broke out and they back-pedaled), the Judge stated they were going to put Justina INTO A FOSTER CARE REHAB (PSYCHIATRIC) FACILITY.

Linda, who was in the courtroom when this was stated by the Judge, stood up and collapsed. She had to be taken to the emergency room for treatment (she's diabetic).

I don't know what the hell's going on with the folks over there in MASS, but I can darn straight tell you that something is really foul with this entire thing.

Why in the world would you issue a gag order on the parents? HIPPA has nothing to do with this. Additionally, DCF Services in CT went over to the Pelletier home on numerous occasions, according to Lou Pelletier, and they found absolutely NOTHING to indicate that Justina's care in her own family, was lacking.

Lou stated after this last hearing, that they were literally 'fighting evil' with all of this.

Fortunately, because of the public pressure now being put on this case, the Judge has now stated that Justina will NOT be placed into this foster care facility (she's staying at Wayside for now, which is in MASS).

I've a feeling this poor child will soon be with her family and back in the care of her physicians at Tufts.

But what an absolute nightmare for this family. For those of whom have been stating that there must be something else to the story that we're not hearing...something's missing.

NOPE. Professional advocates involved with this case, including the lawyer now working with the Pelletiers, all state that what has come out in the public as to what transpired, the time-frame, etc., ALL HAPPENED.

This was a simple difference of opinion on diagnose between two competent medical institutions...and it took off from there.


Note: The 'long' comment directed to Benedetta was from me, Bayareamom (Kim). Don't know why my name didn't come up underneath the comment...(probably a typo when typing in my info.)...


Linda and all. This is just heart breaking. The fact that any doctor can just do this to a child/ family is sickening. PANDAS must be very threatening to the medics. That the doctors at BCH completely shut out the little girl's treating Physician at Tufts is astonishing and wrong. They are worse than bullies. We need to get the word out on this - Facebook etc.


I think it's been said before that bullies and sociopaths tend to be drawn to authoritarian positions.

I am not calling Paul Offit a sociopath. I don't know all that he is, certainly he's a bully. But watching the video that Laura posted this week of the debate between Paul Offit and Boyd Haley, I thought the body language/behavior of Dr. Offit was very revealing. His resorting to spouting as many Latin names of microorganisms as he could fit in, to me was posturing - a signal not unlike what we see the great ages and other animals do as they threaten rivals to back down - I'm bigger and badder than you. In this case, not flashing his horns or muscles, but his superior intellect. We also see him cover his face with his hands, which to me is a sign that he's trying to defend himself and is internally conflicted - over what aspect, who knows.


When my mother was being treated for brain cancer, she was put on an antihypertensive. After that she was unable to take a deep breath, couldn't sleep for more than 10 minutes before having to sit up to get air. I reported it and reported it and I realized that it was probably from the new drug since that's when it started and what she had was clearly listed as a side effect. All the doctors said it was from anxiety. Well meaning, but WRONG residents sent me journal articles through my father about how anxiety could cause breathing problems. That was their diagnosis. It was in her head. Since she was dying of brain cancer, they thought everything was in her head. This went on for months. Finally, while she was in for some test, I found one smart doctor who agreed with me and he changed the drug to another. She was cured of her breathing problems within 72 hours of starting the new drug and was finally able to get badly needed sleep in the few months that she then had left. I know what I went through with my mother, watching her suffer, and facing a brick wall fighting the wrong diagnosis. I can't even imagine what the Pelletiers are going through. It's horrible.


Benedetta, IMO the hospital doctors and DCF suffer from some kind of mental disorder where they can't distinguish their own personal child from another's child which leads to kidnapping and unbelievably, their illness with its criminal symptoms is being bolstered by the judicial system. There is a real scientifically described phenomena in baby nurses where hormones cause such a thing - it rarely leads to actual physical kidnapping, but the nurses can bond with the babies and have trouble relinquishing authority to the real parents. The irony is that the supposedly highly educated individuals in the Pelletier case, the physicians, lawyers and judges, would succumb to such primitive behavior. Chimpanzees in the wild snatch babies too, but they haven't been to Harvard.

Thank you, /, for your history of what happened. The question is, what is being done for this family, to save Justine before it's too late and to combat this criminal activity in our institutions? Where is the outcry from Tufts? At the least, Tufts should be going after Boston's Children Hospital with their own high powered lawyers, if not for their own toes which were crushed, but on behalf of the Pelletier family. Tufts should be in the front lines of this fight. A little girl's life hangs in the balance. They should be fighting too to save the integrity of the American health care system which has been blown to bits by this out of control primitive aggression.

The public outcry should be deafening, but I can hear a pin drop.



Justina had been treated for mito disorder by her physicians at Tufts University for YEARS, prior to all that has now happened with BCH. Justina has been living an essentially normal life, i.e., ice skating (competitively), going to school, etc., prior to becoming ill with flu like symptoms (in December 2012). Six weeks PRIOR to becoming ill with the flu, Justina had competed in an ice skating competition.

When Justina became ill with the flu, her physicians at Tufts told her parents to take her to Boston Children's to be seen by her own gastroenterologist (who had recently transferred from Tufts to Boston Children's).

Justina was taken via ambulance to Boston Children's from Connecticut, where the Pelletier family resides. Justina arrived at BCH's ER at 4:00 a.m. on February 10th (if memory serves).

However, once Justina arrived at BCH, she was never seen by the gastroenterologist who was supposed to see her (and who'd been one of her treating physicians at Tufts). Instead, a Dr. Juliaan Peters, an ER physician fresh out of residency, decreed that he did NOT believe Justina had mito and INSTEAD of consulting with Justina's physicians at Tufts, he decided that Justina was suffering with somatoform disorder (it's all in her head), instead.

(Note: When Justina was around 7 years old, her parents discovered she had had a stroke. She had also been having trouble going to the bathroom; Tufts University physicians opted to perform exploratory surgery and discovered that Justina had a 20 inch cartilage band wrapped around her colon. This is the same medical issue that little Heather O'Rourke, the little girl from the movie, "Poltergeist," had suffered with, only in her case, she was mis-diagnosed, never properly treated, and eventually died. (Lou spoke about this in an interview with Glenn Beck.))

So it's not as though there weren't real, true medical issues surrounding Justina's case. Her issues were absolutely NOT in her 'head.'

Instead, the Pelletiers were told that BCH's physicians wanted to try a 'newer treatment' for Justina, which initially, her parents were willing to consider. But after Justina had been at BCH for approximately three days, her parents were informed that the BCH physicians had a NEW FORM OF TREATMENT for Justina and informed the Pelletiers that they needed to sign off on this treatment.

Lou and Linda Pelletier did NOT agree with this new protocol, for it essentially stipulated that Justina was to be taken off of almost ALL HER MITO MEDICATIONS and instead, treated as if she had a psychiatric disorder (somatoform). Behavioral modification was to be the protocol put into place for Justina's 'treatment.'

When Lou and Linda loudly stated they would not agree to this and wanted to pull their daughter out of BCH, the wheels in motion had already occurred; BCH had already filed a 51A against them, stating that the Pelletiers were 'over medicalizing' their daughter and MASS DCF was called in.

Shortly thereafter, Lou and Linda were stripped of their parental rights and the State of MASS swooped in, via DCF and placed Justina in BCH's Bader 5 facility (the psych ward) where Justina was kept for OVER ONE YEAR.

During that time, Justina was only allowed a once per week 20 minute phone call with her parents and a one hour per week, visitation - with DCF employees attending those visitations at all times. Eventually, a MASS STATE TROOPER was also stationed at Justina's door as well, during these visitations.

During this entire time-frame, Justina's condition has steadily worsened. Lou states that because she's not being treated for her mito condition, her hair is now falling out, her gums are receding/bleeding and she is essentially paralyzed from the waist down. She can barely move from the waist up.

In short, Lou and Linda Pelletier state their daughter is now dying; they literally fear for her life at this point in time because she has not been receiving the medical care that she needs.

This is a case of extreme governmental over-reach; there was a DIFFERENCE IN OPINION in diagnosis with one academic institution and the other.

Dr. Mark Korson was Justina's treating physician at Tufts, but was BARRED from acting on behalf of Justina. He was not consulted as to Justina's condition, prior to MASS DCF taking over Justina's care.

This is absolutely unconscionable. But yet, it has now been made public that this exact scenario has occurred to other children who have either suffered mito disorder and/or PANDAS, with BCF. In two cases that I know of, the parents had to hire attorneys to get their children OUT of the Bader 5 psych ward at BCF.

I honestly don't think I could control myself if this had happened to my son. But apparently, HARVARD (which is essentially BCF) DOES NOT BELIEVE THAT MITO DISORDER IS A TRUE AUTOIMMUNE DISORDER. They don't believe in PANDAS, either.

So instead of consulting with Dr. Korson and those that have been treating Justina, BCH simply over-rode the parents' objections, swooped in, declared the Pelletiers to be abusing their daughter, and she has been away from them for over a year now.

This is not something that is happening in just our country alone; this type of situation is occurring in other countries as well. These children are being taken out of INTACT FAMILY UNITS; these are NOT children that are living in abhorrent conditions!

Just unbelievable...


Munchausen syndrome is of course what Boston Children is thinking.
I guess they could say that the parents made her so sick that she is still sick from their abuse.
It would be very interesting to see now that Fox is reporting on it --- that Boston Children has to explain themselves.


First, apologies to Age of Autism; I hadn't realized you have indeed, covered the Pelletier story.

The parental rights issue has always been a passion of mine, but because I've been so completely immersed into vaccine related issues, I've not paid as much attention to this issue as I might (and should) have.

Years ago, a gal affiliated with the ParentalRights.org website asked me if I would consider becoming more proactive in that movement. Unfortunately, I explained to her that I had enough on my plate at the time (which I did if truth be told) and I disregarded her invitation to join their efforts.

Now that the Justina Pelletier case has been brought into the daylight (and so many others just like her, including that of Elizabeth Wray), I thought it appropriate to share this video regarding the parental rights issue.

I hope each and every one of you will view this for free online movie (and also available on DVD) and then PLEASE...share this movie with others.

This issue is SO important, as we are now seeing because of what has been happening to the Pelletier family. Those of you in the autism community who have children who struggle with PANDAS, mito disorder, etc., could very well become the next Pelletier family.


Also, here is an audio link to the Coalition for Diagnostic Rights Group's statement regarding the 'missing information' re: the Pelletier case. I would urge all of you to PLEASE listen to this audio statement as it really does clarify EXACTLY what has occurred with the Pelletier case (it runs just a little over three minutes):


Please share...




yes, there was another case of a woman named Christina Schumacher, 48, from Vermont who was being held under psychiatric care against her wishes. Her husband had recently committed suicide after murdering their son. Why they held her is a mystery.

Here is the story:

Vermont woman held against will in psych ward ordered released"- FOX News



Looks like it's not just happening in Boston, or even just to children:


ANCHORAGE, AK — (EXCLUSIVE) — A young man’s deteriorating health led the state of Alaska to assume full control of his medical care — against his own written will and the against the wishes of his family. Since last October he has been trapped in a hospital, isolated without visitors, on an extensive series of psychotropic drugs, in a condition that continues to diminish.


Here's an update on Justina Pelletier the teenage girl with mitochondrial disease who was being held hostage at BCH. The court just placed Justina in foster care against her parents wishes. It seems her mother has had a nervous breakdown over hearing this. What a horrible nightmare for the family.

"Girl in hospital, family custody battle going to foster care Family of Justina Pelletier want teen home" - WCVB news report, Feb 24, 2014

Read more: http://www.wcvb.com/news/girl-in-hospital-family-custody-battle-going-to-foster-care/24646796#ixzz2uISewJYI


From the Boston Globe article posted by SarahW:

"A gag order prohibited any of the parties from disclosing what anyone said on the stand. The judge is expected to issue his ruling as early as Friday on whether Justina will be returned to her parents."

There it is again. No one can talk about what happened in that courtroom. Why?


There's a big front page article in today's Boston Globe on Justina Pelletier's case. Shame on the Boston Children's Hospital and DHS. Read more on link below:

"Frustration on all fronts in struggle over child’s future
Court works to untangle battle of parents, doctors, and the state"- The Boston Globe, Monday, December 16, 2013



I don't know the answers about gag orders, but I'm sure Beth Maloney would have a lot to say about it (gag orders in general, not these specific cases) if you contacted her through her website, www.pandasfoundstion.org. She is good about answering emails.

After watching all this, I feel that if this ever happened to us, I hope I would choose jail over staying silent, but of course I imagine there are implied repercussions for the child and future custody which scare the parents into compliance with this violation of their right to free speech.

Jeannette Bishop

This warning seems to even possibly fall short:


“Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict the art of healing to one class of Men and deny equal privileges to others; the Constitution of the Republic should make a Special privilege for medical freedoms as well as religious freedom.”

― Benjamin Rush

Did Dr. Rush suspect beyond the "denial" he predicted that unwanted "healing arts" would be forced upon some?

There is some discussion of holding another constitutional convention, how 49 of 50 states have called for one over a period of years, and Congress has neglected to follow the requirement in the Constitution to convene one for many years now. So I guess we have a lawless body of lawmakers? I guess that explains the legislating away right to trial for vaccine injured without going through the constitutional amendment process, not to mention more recently the right to privacy, free speech, right to not be indefinitely detained... Anyway, if such a convention is held, we may want to see Dr. Rush's recommended protection added.

Heidi N

I wonder if somehow the insurance stopped covering all this, if she would suddenly qualify to go home. That's what hospital staff tell me, that such things depend upon the insurance type. Sad, sad, sad.


Could someone that understands this please explain what gag orders are all about? Are there any requirements or restrictions to their application? Doesn't it seem like people aren't allowed to talk about what's happening to them anymore? How does this gag order business fit into a free society with free speech?


Here's a link to the story on The Blaze: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/11/25/hospital-holding-teen-against-parents-will-accused-of-having-a-history/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=story&utm_campaign=ShareButtons

Watch the clip below the story - this is a crazy situation and hats off to Glen Beck for taking it on in such a compassionate way. Another girl, Elizabeth Wray, was taken from her parents' custody and held for 6 months at Boston Children's starting about a year ago. A gag order was issued so the parents and their lawyer (Beth Maloney, who is quoted and interviewed in the clip) could not say anything about their daughter's predicament for fear of being jailed. I've heard there are other kids/families out there who've had this happen or come very close at BCH.

This has always been our worst fear when our son has required hospitalizations for infections or asthma.


People forget that BCH and the whole Longwood medical area in Boston is basically owned by Pfizer since June 2011, do you REALLY think they care about this girl? ... or more interested in maximizing Pfizer's bottom line? http://www.boston.com/news/health/blog/2011/06/pfizer_investin.html


I posted this yesterday in the comments under Julie Obradovic's Nov 19th article, "Public Enemy Number One: White Suburban Educated Moms", because it fit in the discussion there. But I don't think you guys saw it, and it's important. I hope the editor's don't mind if I post it again. This study on baboons reported in the NYT showed that vaccinated baboons harbored and spread pertussis:

Whooping Cough Study May Offer Clue on Surge
Published: November 25, 2013

"Baboons vaccinated against whooping cough could still carry the illness in their throats and spread it, research published in a science journal on Monday has found...

The new study, published on Monday in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, offers another explanation. Using baboons, the researchers found that recently vaccinated animals continued to carry the infection in their throats. Even though those baboons did not get sick from it, they spread the infection to others that were not vaccinated.

“When you’re newly vaccinated you are an asymptomatic carrier, which is good for you, but not for the population,” said Tod J. Merkel, the lead author of the study, who is a researcher in the Office of Vaccines Research and Review in the Food and Drug Administration."



mitochondrial disease? flu? Is Boston Children's trying to cover up a possible reaction to the flu vaccine?

CHOP just as bad

@ Benedetta---Offit practices as CHOP (Children's Philadelphia). Boston Children's is equally as bad.
The Neurodiverse parents love Children's Boston because they bow to them and follow all their pro vaccine advice, etc. Just a pack of idiots.

cia parker

I have M.S. from a vaccine reaction. When I was diagnosed over twenty years ago, I read a lot of books about it, and found that extreme "fatigability," was a hallmark of all MS sufferers, but that no one knew the reason for it. I realized a couple of years ago that the reason is that mitochondrial disorder is part and parcel of the disease, caused by vaccines. Another disease that didn't exist until two hundred years ago, doubtless originally caused by encephalitis caused by the smallpox vaccine, or mercury poisoning in the wake of the industrial age. Rather than being mito disorder being a "rare" preexisting disorder which causes a few people to be disabled by vaccines, it's a disorder caused by vaccines in genetically susceptible people, but on a spectrum: anybody is susceptible with enough provocation.


And this is Boston Children Hospital right??
Is this the same hospital that Dr. Offit practices at -- and no vitamin policy?????


Children's Hospital Boston is the worst when it comes to to autism or anything related to it like Mito. It is full or arrogant doctors who are nasty IMO. Stay away from this hospital if you actually want an answer or want to get decent care for your child on the spectrum.


OHhh, my commment

"She was surprised with the and short tempered."

She the nurse practioner had never considered that short temper is a sign of depression.

Or even considered it might mean someone has low energy, does not feel well and is irritable.



The link above is to FB page about Justina's case


I think the hospital has a form of Munchausen's Syndrome.

Who is following up on this child to check her progress and since the state has taken her into custody, is the public able to monitor the appropriateness and effectiveness of the state's actions?


It looks like that old chestnut,Munchausen's Syndrome has been given another name. Anything but the truth.


I don't get it. The girl's doctor at Tufts is a well respected mitochondrial expert, so why did the Children's doctors ignore his expert opinion? In a letter to President Obama, signed by over 50 mitochondrial experts, stated that mitochondrial dysfunction is at the core of many common chronic conditions diabetes, Schizophrenia, Alzheimers,MS, ALS, bipolar disorder, Parkinsons and Autism.

In 2010, UC Davis researchers did a study that revealed that many children with autism have an underlying mitochondrial dysfunction.

Here is more information on the UC Davis mito study:

"Children With Autism Have Mitochondrial Dysfunction, Study Finds" - Science Daily

Nov. 30, 2010 — "Children with autism are far more likely to have deficits in their ability to produce cellular energy than are typically developing children, a new study by researchers at UC Davis has found. The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), found that cumulative damage and oxidative stress in mitochondria, the cell's energy producer, could influence both the onset and severity of autism, suggesting a strong link between autism and mitochondrial defects.

After the heart, the brain is the most voracious consumer of energy in the body. The authors propose that deficiencies in the ability to fuel brain neurons might lead to some of the cognitive impairments associated with autism. Mitochondria are the primary source of energy production in cells and carry their own set of genetic instructions, mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), to carry out aerobic respiration. Dysfunction in mitochondria already is associated with a number of other neurological conditions, including Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

"Children with mitochondrial diseases may present exercise intolerance, seizures and cognitive decline, among other conditions. Some will manifest disease symptoms and some will appear as sporadic cases," said Cecilia Giulivi, the study's lead author and professor in the Department of Molecular Biosciences in the School of Veterinary Medicine at UC Davis. "Many of these characteristics are shared by children with autism."

The researchers stress that these new findings, which may help physicians provide early diagnoses, do not identify the cause or the effects of autism, which affects as many as 1 in every 110 children in the United States, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

While previous studies have revealed hints of a connection between autism and mitochondrial dysfunction, these reports have been either anecdotal or involved tissues that might not be representative of neural metabolism.

"It is remarkable that evidence of mitochondrial dysfunction and changes in mitochondrial DNA were detected in the blood of these young children with autism," said Geraldine Dawson, chief science officer of Autism Speaks, which provided funding for the study. "One of the challenges has been that it has been difficult to diagnose mitochondrial dysfunction because it usually requires a muscle biopsy. If we could screen for these metabolic problems with a blood test, it would be a big step forward."



Longer than 20 years ago we received a diagnosis of mitochondria disorder. We had to go all the way to Emory Clinic to have it done.
For that reason alone, every doctor we have had to visit over the years has never questioned the diagnose. So that means these doctors are impressed with the big names and reputations.

I suspect it would have helped in this situation if Justina had been diagnosed by Cleveland Clinic or Mayo or Emory.

20 plus years and My husband made a comment after our last regular visit to the neurologist.

"All they are truly doing is documenting and tracking the progression of this disease."

We do not even see the neurologist, we see the nurse practionier who according to her is now seeing many with this condition and is eager to collect any thing we have found to help and to share information between patients.

She herself has a son that had Kawaskis when he was little.

She herself noticed that the next vaccine after the disease at age five (just like my daughter) the temperature spike was 105, passing out and rapid breathing.

Her son is now 30 something. She should get a clue that she can watch her own son's progression of this disease up close and personal.

She herself finally admitted in the last visit that he was not fine but he drinks way too much and that he just seemed to have been born angry. She was surprised with the and short tempered.

I have heard science is slow.
But dang this is ridiculous.
Not only that but she did not remember that my kids also had Kawasakis. She had the same suprised - shocked reaction the second time I told her -- as the first time I told her. It was a genuine shock too. As she said "My son had Kawaskis too!

I suppose they are over worked on this recrod keeping in and out assembly line of seeing patients all day long.

Better that than a group think of a bunch of green doctors deciding it is all in the head.
I think they only get a bit of training in psych and for then on they are eager or lazy to use "it is all in the head". That does mean though that they can then be free to leave the patient and go on to the next.

John Stone

This is very troubling in a number of respects

1) The arrogant dealing
2) The fact that there was a prior disgnosis with positive test results
3) The fraudulent circular basis of the somatoform diagnosis (back in witch-hunting territory).


This is outrageous! FOXCT did a report on this girls story. Her parents are interviewed. Here is the link:


Victor Pavlovic

The medical quacks/barbarians are so blinded by the vaccines that they can't bring themselves to think the thought that 'vaccines have been devastating us' for a long time now.

Bob Moffitt

Here is another article on this subject:


Child's father Lou stated in this article:

“This situation is an example of something that has happened frequently in a horrifying amount of numbers in past five years,” she said. “More children are being diagnosed with mitochondria disease. There’s a lack of understanding about the disease and it becomes a situation especially in academic hospitals … with many people involved in the decision making process. The erratic nature of symptoms causes a great deal of confusion among hospitals.”

There have been MANY comments on AoA (Theresa Conrick?) regarding "mitochondria disease" since the Hannah Poling case .. and .. I was wondering if that particular disease has risen dramatically in correlation with the inexplicable .. dramatic increase in autism .. now reported to be at least "1 in 88"? It would be interesting to know what the rate of mitochrondia disease in children is today .. compared to a decade ago?

Also from this article:

"Mitochondria disease, which can be inherited, spontaneous or the result of toxicity, involves a defect of the mitochondria, the organelle inside cells that produces energy. A failure of the mitochondria to produce energy adequately can manifest itself in a variety of ways depending on the organ system it is impacting. Some of the most common symptoms, which can come and go depending on various environmental factors, include poor growth, muscle weakness, neurological issues, vision and hearing problems, learning disabilities, heart, liver or kidney disease, gastrointestinal disorders and more."

If mitochondria disease can be "spontaneous or the result of toxicity" .. wouldn't a likely suspect of the toxic agent be aluminum that replaced mercury in childhood vaccines? If nothing else .. THAT would explain why mitochondria disease has increased so quickly over recent years. After all .. these children are not "suddenly inheriting the disease" from a generation of parents where the disease was all but unheard of. JUST LIKE AUTISM.

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