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Amicus Curiae Carson v. Health and Human Services

Announcing Fearless Parent Radio 11/13 11am ET


Co-hosts Louise Kuo Habakus and Alison MacNeil are parents and published authors. Habakus was a Bain consultant and a C-level executive. MacNeil has been a psychotherapist for 20 years.
Gutsy parent’s NPR,” the new weekly show Fearless Parent Radio delivers fresh social media perspective on parenting and wellness.
Show topics include a book in praise of admitting ignorance, boys and our failing schools, going pediatrician-free, and sex and parenting. Monthly segment “Fearless Medicine” hosted by mom and holistic psychiatrist Kelly Brogan, MD.

NYC, airing on PRN.fm and available on iTunes
November 13 at 11 a.m. ET and live every Wednesday
Social media is exploding with extraordinary conversations about parenting on the front lines today. Refusing to be manipulated by fear, parents are reading the science, sharing knowledge, and building powerful networked communities.
“Alison and I will be holding a microphone up to the exceptional conversations taking place on social media and in our social circles. These are the stories, more real than Reality TV, that tell about parenting today,” said Fearless Parent co-founder, Louise Kuo Habakus. “Over-focusing on things that have currency in the world, like money and titles, interferes with our ability to parent effectively. We’d all do better to “Lean In” a bit more to our parenting.”

About Fearless Parent: Fearless Parent is an innovative online media platform covering the new parenting espoused by today’s thinking parent. The site offers news, commentary, and original content on the pulse of social media, through our blogs, radio show, and community-based programming. The reporting is provocative, honest, and hopeful. Our audience is the savvy and resourceful parent who is willing to question authority and make decisions based on both instinct and research.


Louise Kuo Habakus

So grateful to A of A and everyone for your support!

Thank you, Lisa, for this important suggestion. We're getting lots of great ideas and contacting potential guests. If you have someone in mind, let us know.

And Chris, you were calling in for a lot of parents who feel exactly as you do. Many people outside our community don't realize how their work resonates here. We must appeal to our shared humanity to help people better understand. So pleased you called in!

Next week, listen to naturopathic doctor Pina LoGiudice, hailed by Dr. Oz as a 'world expert' -- call in and ask the questions we're all dying to ask!

Alison MacNeil

Here is the link to our first archived program today
with author and mom, Leah Hager Cohen, on her wonderful book I Don't Know.


Please explore the GMO issue. I think that the recent New York Times editorial, again, against labeling is counter to what many parents feel is their right to know what they are feeding their families, especially ones with vulnerable kids. Very little research has been done on the long term effects of these foods which are so novel they require multiple patents. I feel this topic has not received enough attention in the media. Also, why do we have a right to know all sorts of other ingredients, but not not if a product is genetically altered. Who knows how this can impact on children.

Alison MacNeil

Thank you so much A of A for supporting our new show and Christine Thompson - our first on air caller today!! Wishing the best for your kids.

Christine Thompson

Alison & Louise:

What a fabulous launch! Congratulations, once again, to you both on the show and for lending an ear.

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