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Weekly Wrap: Halfway to Thanksgiving

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

We are nearly at the halfway point in our $3,000 matching fund drive to support Age of Autism's mission to, well, end the age of autism. A kind anonymous donor has offered to match any donations up to that cumulative total, ending Thanksgiving night. That means anything you give by then will be worth exactly twice as much, unless you give a million dollars, in which case it will be worth about $1,001,500. We will worry about it when it happens.

A more reasonable approach was suggested by our regular commenter Twyla: "If: 2 dozen readers Thank you type give $25, and 2 dozen readers give $50, and 1 dozen readers give $100, the goal will be met! C'mon people, give what you can!"

"Anonymous Donor" chimed in: "Twyla is correct! Please, give as generously as you can to keep AoA going strong, especially in today's extremely hostile climate towards those with 'autism' and vaccine injuries of all sorts. If you appreciate a truthful, timely, and intelligent news source, then please help keep Age of Autism alive and running!"

Thanks Twyla and A.D., thanks to our entire AOA community, and happy Thanksgiving week.


A few years ago I was at a small dinner hosted by a lovely retired psychoanalyst. She had invited an interesting mix of folks. But like a potluck, you never quite know what you'll get. One woman was a real annoyance. She kept introducing strange topics and expounding on them at clueless length.

No one said anything, but when the hostess and I were at the sink doing dishes, she used the cover provided by running water, and another language, to lean over and whisper conspiratorially, "Ces idees sont fou!" My French ended in freshman year, but it was enough to get her meaning -- These ideas are crazy! We smiled. Enough said.

Plumcrazy1There are a number of crazy ideas rolling around the autism world right now, and like hydroponic lettuce that doesn't require dirt to grow, they are not grounded in anything. One instance that makes the point involves a video we posted of Rolf Hazlehurst at the recent congressional briefing. After a few days, some glitch In the video caused our home page to take readers to that post rather than the top of the home page.

As we told readers, we had to take the post down and find a different video link, which we did. It is now back up.

But oh the ideas that get into some people's heads! Supposedly we "deleted" the video for some obscure reason having to do with the Canary Party, which sponsored the briefing and is also a sponsor (I confess! Shoot me now) of AOA. I tried explaining what really happened to one web conspiracist, saying I "just want to make sure you hear that personally from me."

No luck: "Given the circumstances, I cannot take your word for why the video was taken down." (What circumstances?) That's what made me think of the dinner party and my host's quiet comment: Ces idees sont fou.

Enough said.

Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.



I also observed the glitch, so thanks for fixing it. About the trolls: don't feed them. If you feed them, you give them power that they do not deserve.

Anonymous Donor

5 days and counting until midnight on Thanksgiving! Let's blow the lid off this fundraising campaign! Everyone, get your trigger finger ready, and click on the "Donate" button on the top-right corner of this page! $5, $10, $15, $20, $25, $50, $100, $1,000…whatever is do-able for you and your family, please do it! Think how important the timely news you receive from Age of Autism is, and on a daily basis…WOW! Please help keep it going! Think of what a loss it would be to you, to the autism community, and to the growing number of readers who now tune in to Age of Autism to read truthful information, to avoid the propaganda machine, and to read thoughtful and provocative commentaries on current topics and issues that are vaccine, autism, politics, and health-related…the list goes on!

Be a supporter! Get that trigger finger ready…Ready, Set, DONATE!

Thank you for supporting a relevant and excellent blog!


I had thought it was my computer doing funky stuff - if I opened up the page it kept going to that video and I was having to tab all the way up to get to the current info.


Me too - I thought it was set up on purpose to go there because it was such an important video.

BTW and if 100 people give $10 that will be $1,000!

Laura Hayes

Like Jeannette, so did I. Thank you for posting Rolf's excellent testimony shortly after he gave it at the Nov. briefing, and thank you for reposting it. I've been waiting for it to repost so I can share it with others :) I so appreciate AoA's great and timely coverage of critical news that is of great interest to me. Keep up the great work Age of Autism!

Jeannette Bishop

If it helps any, I observed "the video caused our home page to take readers to that post rather than the top of the home page" phenomenon around half a dozen times personally.

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