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AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

Bill Gates has not been having a good week. His old Microsoft buddy Steve Balmer made a weepy hyperactive exit in a Seattle amphitheater, a tacit acknowledgment that Microsoft has pretty much lost its way and is in need of a strategic reboot.

Then some minority shareholders started agitating for Gates himself to be replaced as chairman. I have to say I forgot he was still chairman, given all the focus in recent years on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and its massive worldwide health programs.

The implication seems to be that Gates has forgotten it, too. The Daily Beast captured the sentiment in its overline to the story about investors wanting Gates removed: "Go build a well."

If only he would. The foundation, as people familiar with the autism-vaccine battle will know, is on a massive technological mission to reduce infant mortality by a huge percentage, wipe out polio completely, and contain any number of endemic illnesses, particularly malaria. The weapon: Vaccines.

Gates points to the fact that infant deaths have declined from 12 million to 6 million a year, and the goal is to get that to one million. With vaccines. And he says polio is now endemic to only three nations -- Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nigeria -- and can be ended like smallpox in the next few years. With vaccines. After that -- measles. With vaccines.

As Gates said in a recent interview at Harvard, what this is about is "mostly vaccines" -- billions of dollars to distribute, inject and develop billions of vaccines. The problem, in my view, is that Gates has made a huge mistake by dismissing the vaccine safety debate that centers around autism in the United States but really involves the whole rise of chronic disorders in children worldwide.

So while Gates spearheads a campaign that mostly means vaccines, vaccines, and more vaccines, kids keep getting sicker and sicker. But don't try telling Gates that. Dissonant voices are baby killers, as he framed the issue in commenting on Andy Wakefield's work.

How Gates got it so wrong is a fascinating question. He's obviously brilliant, but listening to the Harvard interview, it's also obvious that his particular kind of intelligence is not well suited to his current mission. In a sentence, Gates information-gathering style could be described as, "I love learning important things from established experts."

He waxes enthusiastic that The Great Courses is "finally" streaming their material, and talks about the meteorological offering with the enthusiasm of a Harvard freshman. He loves engaging with the brilliant minds who help decide health programs for the foundation -- why, he was in Boston to meet with some of them at the time of the September 24 interview. Life is one big Coursera series. But no, he says, his excess IQ capacity doesn't totally translate outside his own computer/math field. There's no way to catch up to the knowledge base of the experts, he says.

So, basically, he listens, and he trusts them. Why am I thinking of Steve Jobs and his "Think Different" campaign? Gates references Jobs several times in the interview and talks about how Jobs went on to develop so many other products. He sounds wistful, actually. Both men were born in 1955. Gates sounds like his own contributions, while certainly valuable in both a practical and business sense, are not that big a deal to him -- if he hadn't done it, someone else would have come along with the brains and vision to create the PC software revolution.

So he needs a second act, one in which the fortune he built is now harnessed to save the world. Maybe somebody else could have pioneered software, but THIS a legacy no one else could achieve! It's a kind of double immortality, an immunization against not living up to his own Platonic idea (see Gatsby, Jay).

Jobs had a second act after the revolution, and it made him the Edison of the Information Age. Gates' second act is his effort to save the world, but in relying too much on traditional thinking and the experts who teach him about it, he's making a hash of things. Jobs is known for saying he wanted to put "a dent in the universe." The universe is putting a dent in Bill Gates.

Adding to the pathos is that Gates' other mission, along with global health, is K-12 education in the United States. Lord knows it needs help, with American kids falling behind other countries in almost every category.

The problem -- again, from our perspective here at Age of Autism -- is that the "matter" with kids today is not just curriculum or teacher competence or federal or state spending or too much TV. It's that kids are damaged, with one in six suffering from a developmental disorder, and more than half dealing with chronic illnesses. How does this not become the central issue in preparing kids for a healthy, fulfilling, competitive life?

Most of that damage is due to the bloated CDC vaccination schedule and other wild and crazy medical interventions of our pharma-phocused, statist health care system. We're messing these kids up to the point they can't learn: Something like two in five who actually get to college can't do the work without remedial help, and SAT scores are flat for the fifth year, we learned this week. Where are the results, Bill?

Global health and American educational competitiveness are both suffering from the same root ailment, and Bill Gates is not helping at all. In fact, he's hurting his causes. That's the stuff of tragedy.

Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.



Any attempt to understand what Bill Gates is all about should start with his father, the real brains behind the operation. Check out that character and you'll see how Bill Jr. got to be what and where he is.


"Global health and American educational competitiveness are both suffering from the same root ailment, and Bill Gates is not helping at all. In fact, he's hurting his causes. That's the stuff of tragedy."

Where are the experts who would tell gates that the great leap forward in US health came long before "vaccines". Clean water, sewage that ran in pipes, doctors who washed their hands and nutritious food largely as god made it caused childhood disease to become a nuisance and not a killer.

We learn from this video that gates senior directed most of the gates foundation money into "vaccines". This same senior gates who IMO is still the same eugenicist he was 50 or so years ago.

It is one thing to pump "vaccines" into fairly healthy American children and quite another to pump them into children who are often just holding on to life.

God I hope there is a hell.


Thank you Barry.I am not a doctor and I am also trying to recover my son.Education is only part solution,we all try to
stop this damage and eliminate autism.I know a group of people can only do so little.What are you solution? What is your advice? If I talked to 40-60 mothers a year,at least I tried to protect those babies that were under my care.The problem is complex,the system is corrupted,the disabled are increasing together with immune disorders,cancer,diabetes,alzheimers.It is devastating as since the late 1970s vaccinations have increased,this increase matches with the autism rate increase.
I am a mother first,I do many hours of research I am afraid it is too late,pharmaceutical complex had taken over the world.I agree with everything you said Barry.Hurting our kids with mercury,aluminum adjuvants,polysorbates,aborted fetal cells,peanut oil the crime of the century.I feel powerless,very drained and just devastated about the future of my son and the next generation.If I knew what I know now I would not have a child today.This is not progress,this is destruction of our health,our immune system,our fertility,our mitochondria,our central nervous system,our future-our children.
All the best to you and to your son.We had good success with organic diet,antioxidant supplements,Omega 369,organic oils,
plant based nutrients,probiotics.With a caring father like you I know he will continue to do well.I never liked doctors,in fact I hate them with passion.They sold out our children to the pharmaceutical companies.

Jeannette Bishop

Is Gates' focus on education anything more than trying to get a massive database of personal student info set up? And this is picking up the project where Rupert Murdoch left it off? That project is raising a lot of concerns online.

Everything Gates does seems to smack of control amassing to me or as slaving for those who want it.



If my child's doctor had clobbered him with a baseball bat, then I'm pretty sure you can guess what my reaction would have been to such a cruel and unnecessary assault.

But obviously, my child's doctor didn't do that. What she did instead, was inject his little body with unthinkable amounts of poison. And she did it for no better reason that the unproven assumption that it 'might' provide him with a finite period of immunity, against diseases that can at worst be defined as benign.

I know that my son wasn't born this way. And when I think about all the ways that vaccines have obliterated his health, I can honestly say that his doctor could have done less damage, by clobbering him with that baseball bat.

With all due respect Onevoice, if doctors were running around clobbering children with baseball bats.... do you think we'd all be satisfied with " Well,I educate the parents,I changed them,I open their eyes." ???

One of my biggest dreams, is that I'll someday be able to reverse my sons vaccine damage. But that dying dream is directly coupled to one of my biggest fears. Which is what I'm going to say when he looks me in the eyes and asks" Why did you let them do this to me Dad?".

My son's was damaged by his vaccines back in 2005. And the tragic reality, is that it's going to happen to someone else's child tomorrow.



Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Brent Rooney, You are so right. And believe me , it's not easy being an autism researcher these days. You have to pretend mercury doesnt exist either. the mercury in fish that makes babies born prematurely- (Researched in China) The mercury in the American flu vaccines and the mercury in the two (or more) tetanus toxoids given in India to pregnant women .
but dont worry about those guys. They have ways of doing this.What you do is you "look" at one study with conflicts of interest that says mercury in vaccines is safe and then you can say gravely and profoundly: "We looked at the mercury and found that it wasn't a factor in preterm births"
Then you proceed to "study" some factor that doesn't bother anyone

Cherry Sperlin Misra

As a Seattleite, I am very sad to see Bill Gates go down like this. It is hardly his fault that babies in the third world are poisoned with mercury on their day of birth. That was already happening ; but when history comes to get those who are responsible for this disaster of vast proportions, Bill Gates is going to be right there on top , as a result of his prominence. Imagine- coming right there in the list of stupid medical disasters- not too far away on the page which describes blood-letting.
A poor woman in our neighborhood in Delhi recently gave birth to a baby boy. This occurred in a family already under stress from losing the main breadwinner a year back. What kind of infant did this poor woman bring back from the government hospital after the baby was given a mercury laden Hep B vaccine? What an easy question !!-Answer: A yellow baby unable to suck normally. Now this family would have found it difficult to maintain hygiene with baby bottles and fortunately they found their own solution of feeding the baby with a piece of cotton dipped in milk. After a few days of this they were quite desperate and rushed the baby to the hospital- a big and expensive production for a poor family. My impression is that the doctor on duty was sick and tired of seeing yellow babies who cant suck milk. He pretended the baby had an ear infection and sent them home, saying "Dont come back!"
God bless the Love of Parents for Their Children. This illiterate family got the baby through this and after a couple of weeks he was able to suck. How did modern medicine become this mine field ?
Bill Gates, the disastrous medicine of today will become your quicksand.

Cynthia Cournoyer

Maybe the infant death rates are going down in developing countries because there aren't any babies left to count.


Well,I educate the parents,I changed them,I open their eyes.I asked them to research everything and look into the ingredients.I make them think,think very hard and i ask them to protect their newborn.Breastfeed as long as you can,only do selective individual immunization after age 2.May also decide not to immunize at all,that is what lot of doctors do with their kids.I fight the system by spreading knowledge.I am sure that are thousands out there who do the same.people need to understand that vaccines are a war against our cell,our central nervous system,against our mitochondria.People are changing,learning and growing.Those who believe the pharma lies will suffer.


Bill Gates saying that he's "Doing God's Work", is just about as valid as Autism Speaks saying that they're really looking for a cure for autism.

I personally find this whole article disturbing. But one statement that literally made me nauseous, was ".. So while Gates spearheads a campaign that mostly means vaccines, vaccines, and more vaccines, kids keep getting sicker and sicker."

Kids keep getting sicker and sicker. KIDS!!! keep getting sicker and sicker.... while we, their parents, their PROTECTORS, sit at our computers and blog our disgust.

Future generations will look back at this era, in the same way that we now look back at the Nazi concentration camps. And much of their disgust will be focused on monsters like Bill Gates, and his sick twisted friends.

But few seem to realize that they'll be looking back with similar levels of disgust, at us. The protecters of these children, who knew all this was happening, and did jack shit about it.

John Stone

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph earlier this year Bill Gates says:

“It doesn’t relate to any particular religion; it’s about human dignity and equality,” he says. “The golden rule that all lives have equal value and we should treat people as we would like to be treated.”

It sounds sincere but if you drive through policies which may be outwardly philanthropic but in which many people are the silenced collateral damage that is not "loving the neighbour as thyself" and it is not showing individual respect. He should hold himself to his word.

Dan mentions Gatsby - in the Great Gatsby everything is facades under which lies terrible indiscriminate destruction, so, yes, it is that story 90 years on.


Retirement is the best choice he can make. He needs to get out of the vaccine business. The experts brain washed him, he is doing a horrible harm to the children. He can build supported living centres to all the children he has harmed.He is no hero,he is part of the population reduction plan.Gates needs to get out of the vaccination business as soon as possible. Do not buy Microsoft products. Sell any Microsoft stocks that you have.Let the criminals fall.

Doug Stables

Thanks Bill Go and Vaccinate Yourself & your Family

Brent Rooney

The Language of Bill Gates III: NUMBERS
Brent Rooney (MSc; )

The 'language' Bill Gates III 'speaks' when addressing
“the world's biggest problems” was revealed in a
January 2013 Wall Journal editorial by Mr. Gates:

Mr. Gates III speaks & thinks NUMBERS and he
wants to make major inroads in cutting infant mortality
rates around the world. Not a victim of 'false humility'
Brent Rooney speaks a more informed 'language of
numbers' in the field of infant mortality than the
co-founder (along with Paul Allen) of Microsoft.

The is no greater threat to a newborn baby surviving
the first year of life than having been born prematurely,
hardly a major insight. Does any faction of the medical
community contribute to roughly thirteen million
newborns worldwide yearly being born prematurely
(under 37 weeks' gestation). Answer: YES. Here are the
NUMBERS: there are at least 143 statistically significant
studies reporting that women with prior induced abortions
raise their risk of preterm newborn babies or newborns
under 2,500 grams (5 lbs. 8 ozs.) compared to women
with zero prior IAs (Induced Abortions); .

How many significant studies report the opposite,
reduced preterm risk or decreased risk of low birth weight
babies? That comes to a grand total of one (1) study, a
1974 study by a Japanese researcher (Roht) who two years
later (1976) reported the opposite of his 1974 finding,
higher risk for Japanese women with prior induced

The Abortion-Autism-Axis

What does all this 'preemie' talk have to do with
Autism? Premature birth is an accepted Autism risk
factor. Thus, even if there had never been a study that
directly examined whether induced abortions raise
autism risk, this risk would be a credible one, via the
abortion-preemie risk. There are 3 statistically significant
published studies validating higher risk of autism for
newborns whose mothers had prior induced abortions; .
The vast majority of Autism researchers 'smartly' avoid
studies that pose the question of whether prior IAs raise
Autism risk. Posing such a question does nothing to
advance one's career in a university setting or elsewhere.

William Henry Gates Sr. is Bill Gates' father, who
according to Wikipedia and others was an official on the
board of Planned Parenthood (unaffectionately termed
Planned Preemiehood):,_Sr. .


Brent Rooney (MSc)
Research Director, Reduce Preterm Risk Coalition
3456 Dunbar St. (Suite 146)
Vancouver, Canada V6S 2C2


Clean water. Adequate nutrition. First things first.

Bill Gates is just another distractable egoist with too much time and money.
Way out of his element, reach far exceeding grasp, while bodies pile up behind him.

To paraphrase YouTube "Developers" star Ballmer, I would say to Gates:
"I got four words for ya -- Retirement, retirement, retirement, retirement."


Gates did not earn his billions with technological innovation but by establishing a monopoly for Microsoft's software. He is anything but an "outside-the-box" thinker.


Bill Gates once said no one would need more than 8 megs of ram and he did not think the internet would be that big a deal...

Seems someone could provide him some proper vaccine information.

The USA is a corporatocracy at the present. The corporations own the government and those who only respond to the biggest pile of campaign funds.

It will take a Nelson Mandela effort to change things but it will change.

some news here...

Merck job cuts rise by 8,500 to 16,000

Is Dr. Julie still there at Merck ?


Bill and Melinda Gates just don't get it. And so far they seem to not seem to want to "get it." Those of us in education sure do. Maybe as he forays more into the education aspect he will listen to some other experts who make the connection between environmental assaults and children's health and academic performance. I know several people who just can't stand him and what he is doing in the name of "global health."
You know, as you were saying the bit about dissonant voices being characterized as "baby killers", racists, etc. it really occured to me that it is them who are the "conspiracy theorists."

Jeff C

Great essay that really hones in on some of the dynamics here. Dennis Praeger has has written about the decline of higher education and academia in general; that it currently teaches students to cite "experts" rather than think critically. Gates fits this mold perfectly. If all the experts say we must act in a certain way "for our own good", then by God we better act that way. Never minds that the experts might be wrong, incompetent, corrupt, or motivated by some other agenda. The experts are paid to think so the rest of us need not do so. It doesn't matter that many of us are highly educated and/or have suffered through life experiences the experts lack.

Dan wrote, "Most of that damage is due to the bloated CDC vaccination schedule and other wild and crazy medical interventions of our pharma-phocused, statist health care system."

This really does boil down the issue at heart here, crony capitalism. We have an unholy alliance between Big Business (pharma-phocused) and Big Goverment (statist). Usually when these two get together it's to simply steal money from us. In this case, they are making us sick in addition to lining their pockets. With Gates' involvement, it makes one wonder if that's a bug or a feature.


None are so blind as those who will not see.

Out of control ego is a huge blinder...


Every time I read something like this I just can't stop wondering how many lives could have been saved, and how much better off Third World countries could be, if only Bill Gates pumped all that money into clean, running hot and cold water and sanitation facilities.

Wade Rankin

If only that fortune would be put toward improved sanitation and basic health care, Gates might actually make that difference he wants to.



That is a good piece.

These are things that need to be said and repeated often and loudly.

Crooked government institutions and a flabby media controlled by commercial interests need to be told - often and loudly.

It is the ordinary people who need to know whilst the media and government feed them garbage.

John Stone

Hi Dan,

I suppose there is always the hope that Gates will see the light but I can't help thinking what we see is much like the ruthless sales campaign for Microsoft, in which everyone simply has to have his products. More ruthless because many people will be hopelessly injured or killed on the way, but he can always protest the greater good.

In fact one of his entourage a year or two back assured a friend at a London conference that they keep an eye on what we are doing (and presumably saying). This was apparently the same Heidi Larson who was at the beginning of the year telling New Scientist readers that "not all mercury is toxic".

Having said that it would be great if he reconsidered, and it would be the "big" thing to do. He perhaps actually has the power still to do something about this indiscriminate supra-national juggernaut crashing forward: that would be morally impressive compared with the unfortunate expression of class egotism we have at the moment.


beth johnson

The idea that corporations driven solely by profit could enact such evil on society by their flawed products that have a monopoly on the market- Merck, Sanofi, Microsoft- I guess that is a parallel that Gates is going to be particularly blind to.

I didn't know he had his sights on US K-12 education too. Why doesn't he donate some money to cash-strapped special ed departments?

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