Follow-up on Proposed Minnesota Immunization Rule Changes
Take Action: Mayor Bloomberg Pushes Flu Shots for Kids


CT teacher

Has anyone heard about the book WHY I JUMP? It was written by a 13 year old Japanese boy with autism, who cannot speak but he can type. It has been translated into English and published. Jon Stewart and an author who had it translated and published were discussing it on the Daily show 2 weeks ago. Apparently it opens a new window to understanding the feelings and frustrations of those afflicted with autism. It sounds like a must read for any parent of a child with autism,and probably for everyone else as well.

Heidi N

What is sick is that the regulatory agencies are doing NOTHING to reduce autism. I know it's from toxins which disrupt nutrient absorption and of course causes immune dysfunction. The real problem is what will we when the numbers rise to the point that most are disabled? It's not too far off.


"And here we are, decades later, with medical mercury still wreaking havoc on children's health. It is idiocy."

I am afraid it is much worse than idiocy.

IMO it is the DELIBERATE implementation of murderous social engineering at the highest political levels in this world. These "people" KNOW exactly what they are doing.


Thank-you to all who participated and produced this film.

I wonder if anyone from the Australian Government has watched it!

Elizabeth Gillespie

Laura Hayes

Excellent movie, David! Thank you for your book, this movie, and your dedication to exposing THE TRUTH about what has been done to our innocent children.


To cia parker:
I transcribed some of the interviews with Australian Pink Disease survivors. Their improvement in health and abilities seems hinged on their amount of exposure combined with the perseverance of caregivers and themselves.

These people's stories are profoundly sad. They suffered major health damage, behavioral dysfunction and social ostracism. And here we are, decades later, with medical mercury still wreaking havoc on children's health. It is idiocy.

Teresa Conrick

Finally got to watch this. What a well done film! I am forever fascinated and horrified by mercury and its continual devastation. Thank you for making this and David Kirby, you are superb!

Jim Thompson

Good work SafeMinds and David Kirby.

Toxicologists know mercury kills brain cells. And yet the CDC actually buys and distributes heavy metal mercury preserved flu vaccines for injection into childen.

As W. Eugene and Aileen Smith wrote in their book Minamata: The Story of the Poisoning of a City, and of the People Who Chose to Carry the Burden of Courage, "The morality that pollution is criminal only after legal conviction is the morality that causes pollution."

Instead of enriching the pharmaceutical companies with federal purchases of flu vaccines with mercury based preservative for injection to children in the Vaccines For Children program (see )— it is long past time to remove it from vaccines and to recall all vaccines with mercury!


Good point Dana, I was thinking the same thing about the means of contact (ingestion and absorption, I guess in this case). I believe they looked exclusively at teething powder and followed up consequences. It would be interesting to look at other exposure sources, too. Well done, Safeminds! This Is really a must see!



Although it was terrible, they were probably able to ultimately detox the mercury somewhat better since it was not injected... and they were not having as many repeated and/or concurrent toxic insults as children are now (especially as compared to the repeated thimerosal exposures in the 90's and early 2000's).


Excellent film.

RE the results of studying the Pink Disease survivors' grandchildren, where a greater incidence of ASD was found, it seems the conclusion was that the survivors passed down a genetic predisposition to react to the mercury. Isn't it possible that the survivors' genes were normal before exposure and that their gene expression, passed down to their ancestors, was altered by their mercury exposure - that it was the mercury exposure that caused the ASD and possibly other illness in their descendants?


What an amazingly instructive video!

cia parker

Does anyone know what it was that allowed these adults to overcome their problems with speech and socialization?


This was an excellant movie.
Nothing like seeing the victims.
The book "First Do No Harm" is on kindle.

I ordered a copy for my kindle -- I think I want to read it again.

I wonder what other stories like this is out there and not just for mercury but for flouride in the wells of those around the Great Lakes -- and what happened when they added Aluminium to the vaccines for these two chemicals to join.

There also might be a great story about a lot of individuals before health policies took it to the rest of America.

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