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For Payam: IACC Comments Make Tom Insel Squirm

Thomas inselBy Katie Wright
IACC 9/13

18 years ago Albert Enayati’s son, Payam was a happy, healthy well-adjusted toddler learning English as well as his parents’ native Farsi. Payam had reached or exceeded all age appropriate toddler milestones. However, after a series of childhood vaccines, most of which contained an excessive amount of mercury, Payam rapidly regressed into severe autism. Payam lost all his language and all his skills. As a result Albert became a pioneering autism advocate, involved in the inception of both SAFEMINDS and Cure Autism Now.

I want to draw attention to hour 4:05 on the IACC video cast Albert Enayati shows at IACC. Please view it. It is an incredibly compelling video of Payam today. Payam is yelling and hits this head with a closed fist so continually and ferociously that he has bald spots on his scalp. The family had to split up into 2 houses because of Payam’s unpredictable violence. Yes, Payam received early intervention ABA and speech but to no avail, behavioral interventions do not reverse mercury poisoning.

In 2011 the National Vaccine Advisory Committee recommended that the NIH study adjuvants and the vaccine schedule as they are administered. The IACC committee then voted to put vaccine research into the NIH autism research Strategic Plan. This proposed study would have amount to less than .01% of autism research monies. However, at the following IACC meeting, with no discussion or debate, Dr. Insel suddenly and unilaterally vetoed the committee vote. Albert asked Dr. Insel why he has blocked this research. It is a perfectly reasonable question.

Insel lost his typically cool persona and became visibly agitated as he claimed to have no power to decide what kind of autism research gets funded. Sorry Dr. Insel you cannot have it both ways, you unilaterally overturned a full and fair IACC committee vote, YET you no have no power to make research commendations? Good luck selling that argument.

Dr. Insel is easily the MOST powerful person regarding autism research at the NIH. He has chaired the Inter Agency Autism Coordinating Committee for over decade. I do not think that his boss NIH Director Francis Collins has sat through even 1 meeting IACC. Dr. Collins told us himself at an autism community meeting that he relies on Dr. Insel that they speak often about IACC and autism. So I think Dr. Insel is able to make p-l-e-n-t-y of recommendations.

Albert was asking why Dr. Insel overturned the committee’s recommendations yet Insel totally refused to answer the question. Just because one is an unelected bureaucrat does not mean one is unaccountable to the public. It was a reasonable question that Insel should be compelled to answer.
Instead of answering Albert’s question Insel starting scolding Albert as if he were the bad guy in all of this. The absence of empathy I have witnessed time and time again towards parents like Albert and children like Payam never fails to astonish me. How could a doctor not be moved to action, moved to help, moved to DO something to help severely affected people with autism after seeing the devastating video of Payam? How is that none of the federal representatives, people who have power to help the Payams in the world, did nothing, said nothing to Albert? How is it that no one even asked a question about Payam?

Scott Robertson, who never fails to take an opportunity to talk about the neglected needs of ASD adults, was suddenly silent. Noah Britton, fervent supporter of ASD adult issues was absent and hence, silent. Jon Elder Robison another ASD adult advocate had nothing to say after Payam’s video. OK, so here was their big chance to show us that the HF ASD people on IACC are about more than HF ASD people. They failed.

Was Payam ignored because he makes Dr. Insel and some of the other IACC members uncomfortable? Not too long ago Dr. Insel held a special autism conference: “Autism: Being Different!” all about the gifts and wonders of autism!  Yeah! Autism is terrific! Payam does not figure into that carefully cultivated picture of a quirky but brilliant young man. There was no special Insel conference on “Typically Developing Toddlers Who Regress Into Severe and Self Injurious Autism!” Oh, no, that is a verboten subject at IACC- outside the public comment (truth telling) period, of course.

After the video was shown all I could see was Albert’s courage and the NIH’s shame. Dr. Insel and NIH research reviewers have ignored autistic children like Payam for 2 decades. Personally I would find the guilt paralyzing, but that’s me…and you I am sure. Like 99% of the people, I would be unable to function knowing I had the power to help all those Payams but did not. Year after year almost no NIH money is invested in the causes of regression or on biomedical research to help severely biologically and medically affected people with ASD. Little wonder that Dr. Insel hustled Albert off the podium with such urgency.

Dr. Insel halted Albert’s public comment after just a few minutes. Why was Albert, who came all the way from Los Angeles, held to the strict 3 minute speaking limit? Dr. Lee Watchel of Kennedy Krieger rambled on for at least 25 minutes in excess of her allotted time about ECT in 19th century Russia! Who has more of a right to be heard: a severely disabled, self injurious man who basically has this 1 opportunity in his entire life to present his challenges to IACC or a local doctor promoting ECT? Who is IACC set up to serve: disabled citizens or the Electro Convulsive Shock industry?

The answer is obvious, unless the self-injurious severely affected young man makes you very, very uncomfortable.

Katie Wright is Contributing Editor to Age of Autism.



"Meanwhile I am putting the folate, folic, foliannnnna acid what ever vitamin back into the huge weekly pill box."

There is no need to supplement folate (folic acid) unless one needs massive amounts. Fresh RAW food will usually provide more than enough of the nutrient folate.



"When I was a kid back in the 1960 and 1970's kids with autism and kids with food allergies were non-existent where I lived so something changed in the vaccines."

The "peanut allergy" came from out of nowhere to become a killer. I was quite puzzled at the time. Later I found out peanut products are used in, yes you guessed it, "vaccines".


--------Advocating for cleaner safer vaccines , is like advocating for cleaner safer poisons. There's no such thing as a clean safe poison. And the safest thing you can with any poison, is to avoid it altogether.-------

When I was a kid back in the 1960 and 1970's kids with autism and kids with food allergies were non-existent where I lived so something changed in the vaccines.


"Lou; vaccine injury doesn't make people lose a few IQ points and become compliant workers; those children who are severely injured by vaccines, who are non verbal and in some cases self injuring, are not going to be part of any work force and will be requiring life long care."

Yes I completely agree. I was speaking of the future. "Vaccination" technology is rapidly advancing and IMO may be intended to go where I described.

This will be in addition to the "vaccination" damage which IMO is unavoidable.


".... so the future does not look good for those that want minimal,clean, safe vaccinations like we had before 1980......"


There has never been safe vaccines. They've always been dangerous poisons, which have have aways attacked our immune systems.

Why do you think all those "polio era" seniors are so loaded with auto-immune disorders ? Many of which have suddenly started showing up in children?

Receiving a vaccine is like having an immune-system time bomb implanted in your body. It might not happen right away, but for the majority of recipients, receiving a vaccine means that autoimmune disorders are going to manifest at some point. And since it'd be silly to believe that every vaccine contains exactly the same contents, the "when and how many" will depend partly on those differences, and partly on the age and health of the recipient.

Advocating for cleaner safer vaccines , is like advocating for cleaner safer poisons. There's no such thing as a clean safe poison. And the safest thing you can with any poison, is to avoid it altogether.


Lou; vaccine injury doesn't make people lose a few IQ points and become compliant workers; those children who are severely injured by vaccines, who are non verbal and in some cases self injuring, are not going to be part of any work force and will be requiring life long care.

I suspect Dr Insel has been doing his best to pretend that severely autistic children don't exist; no doubt very embarrassing for him to be faced with what vaccine injury actually looks like. And it may just be beginning to dawn on him that he has been set up to be the fall guy ; it is after all his name on the paperwork as the head of the committee.
Thank you so much to Mr Enyati for his courage, expense and time in putting together a presentation.

It would be great if videos of severely autistic victims of vaccine injury could be shown every session; it is not just Dr. Insel that needs educating here; I wonder how many of the autism advocates went home and had a bad night sleeping after actually seeing what severe autism looks like?


Dr. Enayati is on the Board of Directors of Safeminds.

Becky Accetta

I forgot to say that there is a medical reason for SIB, especially the head. Please help me find him. I am on Facebook.

Becky Accetta

Does anyone know how to contact Mr. Enayati? I want to help his son. My son was a head hitter just like his son and he stopped and is happier than ever. He does RPM and has found a voice. I looked on Facebook, but could not find his page.


Big Pharma was granted many special protections and assurances to get on board with obamacare, they are more powerful than before.
Politicians are now learning the chicago style political tactics so the future does not look good for those that want minimal,clean, safe vaccinations like we had before 1980.
Only a huge twist of fate like a presidents grand kid getting vaccine induced autism or a new scientific smoking gun that is so enormous it cannot be distorted will bring about any change.
Hannah Poling was the smoking gun and that did not even cause most to admit the vaccine autism link even though the Federal government had to admit it.


"I hope a thousand years now people will still be watching this video of Thomas Insel bullying Mr Enayati and shaking their heads that humans could behave with such chilling indifference."

If you watch this psychopathic lack of compassion characterizes much of our "Federal Governmental Bureaucracies" these days. You will see it EVERYWHERE. Our government at its highest political levels has FULLY bought into the UN Depopulation Agenda. "Vaccination" has an IMPORTANT role to play in world depopulation. Severely neurodamaged individuals will likely not reproduce and will die early. Unless we square up and face this FACT fully we will not be able to save our children as well as ourselves and indeed our race.

The new "vaccine" technology requires an altering of our DNA. Soon some of each person's "vaccinations" will be personalized for that individual. NSA will have an important role in this "personalization".

IMO in a generation or so there will be at least two branches of the human race. 1) Those "vaccinated" individuals who will among other disabilities will have an IQ some 20 - 30 points below those unvaccinated individuals. These "vaccinated" individuals will constitute the worker bee class branch of the human race.

and 2) Those unvaccinated (their "vaccinations" will be a saline solution) individuals who will be members of the ruling class branch of the human race.

"Fichte laid it down that education should aim at destroying free will, so that, after pupils have left school, they shall be incapable, throughout the rest of their lives, of thinking or acting otherwise than as their schoolmasters would have wished. But in this day this was an unattainable ideal: what he regarded as the best system in existence produced Karl Marx. In future such failures are not likely to occur where there is dictatorship. Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible." Bertrand Russell, The Impact of Science on Society


"18 years ago Albert Enayati’s son, Payam was a happy, healthy well-adjusted toddler learning English as well as his parents’ native Farsi. Payam had reached or exceeded all age appropriate toddler milestones. However, after a series of childhood vaccines, most of which contained an excessive amount of mercury, Payam rapidly regressed into severe autism."

“Pediatricians are the last people we should trust with our children. They play on parents’ fears and on parental caring and love while they deliberately attack their young patients with known neurological poisons. Even though the 2004 Institute of Medicine report accepted that thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative in vaccines, can injure the nervous system, doctors continue to inject mercury into their young patients. In drinking water, mercury cannot exceed 2 parts per billion. A liquid with more than 200 parts per billion of mercury is considered hazardous waste. A mercury-containing flu shot vial has 25,000 parts per billion of mercury.” Doctor Mark Sircus Ac., OMD, DM (P)



"... Once again sick to my stomach how easily this committee disregards the suffering of children and the destruction of the family unit....."


The sad truth, is that this is exactly what Thomas Insel is being paid to do. This sick bastard is a wolf in sheep's clothing, who's sole purpose in life is NOT to be moved by such an egregious level of human suffering.

And more importantly, to make sure no one in the public can ever be moved by it either.


Insel's behavior show he is brought off by the pharm companies and their complete guilt in poisoning our children.


Linda Aly,

Regarding autism in the Los Angeles area and middle eastern background, in 2010 UC Davis researchers identified about a dozen autism clusters in California including, I believe, the one you mentioned. I don't think any of the other regions could be associated with a Jewish/middle eastern population. (The one in San Francisco, for instance, I would expect to be heavily Chinese.)

Here's an article about those results which contains a link to the study: http://www.environmentalhealthnews.org/ehs/news/autism-clusters

And because a picture is worth a thousand words, here are the outlines of the areas: http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/newsroom/Maps/autism_cluster.html

I remember some years back the high number of breast cancer cases in Long Island was sometimes attributed to "Jewishness." But remember what it turned out to be? Hormone Replacement Therapy.


What kind of person isn't moved by Payam's condition? What kind of person wouldn't speak a couple of kind words to the father that loves and cares for him?

Jill Fenech

Thank you again Katie and everyone else who attends these meetings. I don't think I could sit through it without screaming. My daughter is over 20 years old now. She is 75% recovered through lots of behavioral, speech, sensory, PT, visual, etc., therapy and also sequential homeopathy in Houston. I love to read Age of Autism. Sometimes I can't make it though Anne Dachel's newspaper articles still saying "autism is genetic" and "is there really an increase?" It is just ridiculous and frustrating and - you get it, just awful. Thank you Anne for continuing to post factual and sane responses. I have hope that Wakefield's trial in Texas will help. Why doesn't anyone (insert government official of choice) study the recovered/recovering children? What is happening with them that is making them better? It is not rocket science. Just lots and lots (and lots) of hard work (and money) and believing that your/my child can recover. Wow - Insel could really make a difference, but I don't think that is his job. He is a figurehead who takes his orders from someone above him. Obfuscate and deny. He is doing a good job of that, so no worries there. When does this reach critical mass? I do think the new moms of today are very afraid. They are my hope. I pray for all of us in our fight.

Bad Penny

Once again sick to my stomach how easily this committee disregards the suffering of children and the destruction of the family unit. I would like to see people holding signs at these meetings that say what Bob Moffitt said


A tee shirt or sign held up as the camera spans the room can not be limited to 3 minutes.

Just as the Congressmen and women could not ignore the palpable despair at the last hearings on Autism and even commented to the ice cube heartless Colleen Boyle "I wish you could see the parents behind you there are grown men crying sobbing......something is really wrong....."

Maybe then they will start to find their pillows and beds stuffed with cash from the suffering they continue to allow will start to make them sleep a little less easily.

Just a thought.


I mean folic and B 12

Vitamins must be starting to run together -- maybe I should take some too


Well now, I don't know if it is a total bust--- folic acid and vitamin D they said.

I stopped folic acid five or six years ago because of a talking head on TV news said a study said taking folic acid causes prostate cancer.

Sooooooo show me that damn study and meanwhile I am putting the folate, folic, foliannnnna acid what ever vitamin back into the huge weekly pill box.

L Land

Why does Insel's reaction surprize?

It is much easier to deny something then to change one's view of the world.

If someone presented information that there was no God to the IACC-International Association of Christian Clergy they wouldn't listen either.

IACC/NIH/CDC etc will never listen much less help.

Heidi N

To be honest, the bottom line is that we are expecting a person to change. I learned from listening to the early meetings that there will be no change without Congress intervention. We need to stop expecting evil to change and start getting non-evil people to be in charge. Get Congress to remove Insel and the other people who put greed before humanity. There is no other way to get them to change. Frankly though, please treat your children with biomed. Mine are recovered, but still dependent upon diet and supplements. I used no ABA, no RDI, no behavioral stuff. It's a medical problem. The cells are not taking in nutrients and dispelling toxins. There are several autism recovery docs getting 80% of children 80% better. Several of them put how freely on the internet. No prescriptions are needed.

Linda Aly

The Westside Regional Center (serving Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Century City, Malibu, Marina Del Rey, Santa Monica and Westwood & others nearby cities in California is said to provide services to the greatest number of autistic children in the entire/greater Los Angeles area as opposed to other Regional Centers in other areas of Los Angeles and surrounding cities. Maybe I am wrong, but the Westside RC also consists of a large Jewish population. My son is half Swedish and half Egyptian and had the same regression symptoms at 21 months (in 1992) as Albert Enayati's son. (our son not only walked on his toes, but had such muscular weakness that he barely could walk after 21 months of walking normally.) Along with the Mercury vaccinations ...JUST WHAT IS THE GENETIC CONNECTION? WHAT does the Enayati family genes have in common with our family's genes??? Can't this research be done???



You are truly heroic to sit through these meetings time after time with this hypocritical man in order to try to make a difference and keep us all informed...

Thank you so much for all you do!

Anne McElroy Dachel

This is autism. This is what the IACC refuses to address. Dr. Insel will be remembered for ignoring all this horrible suffering.

ON THE VIDEO: Insel to Albert Enayati "We're well beyond 4 minutes. I just want to make sure we get you to wrap up soon because..."

IACC does not care. Their sole purpose to create the pretense that the government is doing something to address autism---something they refuse to acknowledge as the emergency that it is. No action taken by IACC has affected a single child. Except for a very few of us, the vast majority of parents have never heard of IACC.

Thomas Insel is perfectly happy to sit back as we lose yet another generation of children to a manmade epidemic because no one has the courage or the moral backbone to face the truth. Stories about regressive autism as told by Enayati are never an issue. No one wants to address what probably is the universal trigger: an unchecked, unsafe vaccine schedule. Insel must have to tell himself that this is a road they can never go down because the results will unimaginable.

This chat between Dr. Peter Bearman and Thomas Insel in 2009 was a classic "Insel Moment."

Insel was still asking if there really are more kids with autism. Bearman said old parents are a big factor and mysterious, unknown environmental elements.

Insel: "Any idea about what's driving that increase?"

Bearman talked about genetics and old parents. It's going to be hard to figure out what else might be causing autism. He brought the idea that events that might have happened to the moms when they were in utero that might cause them to have autistic children today.

Bearman and Insel ended their chat with this cryptic exchange:

Insel: (Looking slightly amused) "So what do you tell parents who ask about this, when they, if you have friends who have autistic children who say, What's going on here? Why this epidemic? What do you say in response?"

Bearmann: "Well, I think parents are, you know, they are struggling with just enormous...You know...it's just enormously difficult to have a child with autism, you know it's incredible. It's very hard. And I think parents are naturally searching for explanations. I think that message now is to search for a quick and dirty explanation, might not be advancing science."

Insel: (Smiling broadly) "Thank you very much. Good discussion."

The phrase "a quick and dirty explanation" seemed a veiled reference to the claim that vaccines cause autism and it drew an immediate reaction from Insel. Maybe the whole purpose of their talk was to again point out that no one knows anything for sure---except that it's not vaccines.

Melissa Christopher

The IACC is no more than a dog and pony show set up to keep the families of autism busy... thinking they can actually effect change... not going to happen. Pay no attention to the folks at IACC look for the men behind the curtain... the men wearing the true crowns, the ones with power have CEO after their names or lots of old money. They make the decisions not politicians.

Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Mary Cavanaugh, above, says it’s “pure purposeful evil.” An odd thing happened today. The Spanish Court agreed to hear a genocide case against a former Chinese president for actions years ago in Tibet. Per a 2009 law, Spain may prosecute such crime universally, if at least one of the victims was a citizen of Spain (a requirement that is met in this case). If vaccine injury had criminal intent, one wonders who the accused would be. In today’s case, Hu Jintao was named as the accused. Although he probably won’t show up to make a defense, it would be intriguing to see if he would blame his policies on his superiors.


Tom Insel is a disgrace. He was confronted by the tragedy that he is supposed to be addressing and point blank questions from a scientist and father that he was hired to avoid. He became agitated because he was cornered. He was confronted with his own hypocrisy and failure, and then we witness him try to rationalize that it's not his job to make anything happen. He doesn't have a budget (do you have to have a budget to have a heart?). He's just there to listen (and he doesn't even do that minimal task well), and "give advice". It's a good thing that at least there were cameras.

I think people need to demand that if the government sets up a public forum such as this, that it is not a dog and pony show, that the committee actually has the power and the responsibility to act on the public's demands and needs and should be made to report to the people and show progress. The committee should be required to meet certain goals, just as in business, or be dissolved. Insel should be fired for the way he spoke to Mr. Enayati and for telling him that he can't do anything to help him or anyone else. Unbelievable that Insel tells Mr. Enayati that he isn't being fair to the other presenters (a little projection?), as if the goal is to stay on schedule. Content is insignificant.


In 2000 Albert Enayati testified at Congressman Dan Burton's Mercury in Medicine hearing.

Enayati stated that he and his wife were "scientists who have worked for pharmaceutical companies"; specifically he listed himself as a Research Scientist in Medical Technology. He has published research articles and holds patents for medical products he has created.

The man's technical qualifications make Insel's gross disrespect even more reprehensible.

How Insel can be given so much responsibility and yet strategically evade progress is beyond inexcusable -- it's evil. If not him to influence government autism research priorities, then who does he propose is "the decider"?

cia parker

But, in their defense, I must point out that they are to a man extremely aware of what a slippery slope they are on. Once they take their finger out of the dyke and admit the slightest problem regarding vaccine damage, well, that's it, there will be countless millions clamoring for justice and refusing the vaccines, a double whammy that commenters like Emily Willingham and Dorit Reiss are seeking with ever greater desperation to delay. Surely no one could expect them to sign their own death warrant, which will mean corporate and personal liability on a scale previously unimaginable, and the destruction of their pharma and medical juggernauts worth so many billions of dollars. I found out the other day that if an autistic young person gets a job, their SS benefits (a paltry $600 a month) will be reduced by a dollar for every dollar they earn. Who cares if they are forced into dire poverty by their doctor-induced condition? Once we reach the goal line of punitive damages for their fiddling and throwing on coals while Rome burned, we're talking about the financial ruin of the U.S. Surely the material comfort and comforting paternal authority of Dr. Profit and his colleagues are worth more than our children's health and happiness!

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you for highlighting Albert's testimony. It's hard to see this "snapshot" into the Enayati's daily life and then see Insel explain that this committee essentially exists to discuss concerns and also sometimes let public members voice concerns. I guess we have been confused thinking that their research recommendations have any meaningful function?

I watched more of the public comments section. Everyone I saw focused on where the research is needed or really where the answers are. In the past I've found that the public comments section is the only part of these meetings that seems illuminating, sometimes the only part I can bear. The rest has often been much like watching animated, though only somewhat, bricks in a wall surrounding the recognition and understanding of the suffering of our children and assaults on their progress and well-being, talking about the wall and how and where to place more bricks in it.

Victor Pavlovic

Insel is not interested in the autism epidemic, especially the role of vaccines, he visibly is disinterested and anxiously waiting to bolt out of the hearings, he also is obvious in his disgust when listening to the advocacy groups talk about autism, its just amazing that we have to put up with him and that there is no way to get him out, its a sad situation made only worse by Insel.

Carolyn Flannery

The problem is that they have a false equivalency based on lies.

Abusers project their sins onto their victims. When the victims wake up and protest, abusers pretend THEY are the victims and try to confuse the issue (watch Gaslight).

These doublespeak govt officials, doctors and journalists ("Vaccines don't cause harm but if they do it's worth the benefit and too bad if your child incurred the cost" ) are the ones who are insane, who don't want to see the science and don't bother to even pubmed the side effects of mercury or talk to toxicologists. Who don't bother to go out in their communities and ask teachers if they saw this much autism 40 years ago, who don't bother to ask parents of autistic kids if they have any ideas why it happened. Who think that mercury is magically safe when injected. Doctors who have this incredible career-protecting mindblindness and --for example--give tiny preemies multiple toxin-laden shots (or their mothers pregnant with multiples) and wonder why the preemies they worked so very hard to save have more special needs than preemies did a generation ago --(the generation ago when wise doctors who were permitted to think for themselves instead of blindly follow rote procedures --would have realized that some populations are especially vulnerable and should not get the shots. . )

This needs to be flipped on it's head on BOTH sides of the equation.

AUTISM can = brilliant quriky thinkers (most of whom need many special accomodations to realize their gifts) . But Autism also = Children in severe emotional and physical pain who are locked in, causing emotional and financial devastation to families

Vaccines can = life saving illness prevention. But Vaccines also = devastating injuries and death to some. Vaccines don't always work, cause extreme harm to some, and are NOT the primary reason illnesses disappeared (perhaps Bill Gates' current experiment --giving vaccines to starving people who have no sanitation or clean water )--will finally prove this point.

When I think of a third-world community dealing with explosive diarrhea caused by the MMR I want to cry for them, and I wonder if this contamination will wipe out villages. At least I had wipes. I had running water and soap and a bathtub to put my son in. Until my son saw Dr. Krigsman, we went through ONE BOX of 80 wipes each crapisode, just on the child. And another box of wipes to clean up the bathroom afterward.

Parents and Journalists and Doctors who question vaccine safety = heroic people, who are trying to save other families--and our society --from what we witnessed with our own eyes

Journalists and Doctors who blindly believe and parrot the corrupt pharma industry that all vaccines are always safe = intellectual cowards who are trying to save a belief system that is untrue, their own reputations and careers, and an industry that pays them very well to look the other way.

"It's crazy to question vaccines" needs to be countered with "It's CRAZY to assume ANY medical intervention is always safe for everyone" Preaching to the choir. Preaching to the choir. And yet . . . .people are listening to us as the water level rises, and the hurricanes come. When I tell the woman at the walgreens why I don't want a flu shot, I'm getting nods of understanding and secret agreement. It's changing but it will never change quickly enough.

For Vaccine Injured

Vaccine Injured

Normally, you have only to click on "Contributors" at the top of page and you will get a collected editon of all Katie's articles for AoA (and indeed any of the other regular contributors) but here is her link:



The other night I watched a PBS documentary about brain injury in football called "League of Denial." The abnormality of the brains of ex-football players is undeniable and after decades of denying it, the NFL made sure it was the NIH who got Junior Seau's brain and 30 million dollars of NFL money. And what is all that money for? I'm guessing it's for the NIH's demonstrated ability to downplay and delay.



Thank you for championing our vaccine injured children who regressed after into Autism. We just keep coming in waves...they protect the National Vaccine Program over the children it was intended to protect from infectious disease. Its evident that this burden on families and healthcare is too big a price to pay!! This has to stop. All hands on deck at NIH should be scrambling to study the environmental effects on our children...starting first with the toxins, DNA, and diseases being injected into babies. IACC exists to protect the vaccine industry, promote tobacco science, and hide the children/adults who are affected and gorked by the vaccines while the neuro-diversity pretty boys sit on the committee and don't get that their brains were affected by these same issues on a lesser scale. I feel bad for them because they are being used too. Jon Robison, et al, you're being manipulated by Alison Singer and Tom Insel both have strong ties to the vaccine industry. Your lives have also been impacted. We need new people on IACC who will represent what's really happened to our kids. They have been brain damaged and immune system damaged in the quest to deter diseases through vaccination. Our kids were not born with it. Time to deal with this for all chronically ill children...autism, asthma, peanut allergies, seizure disorders, learning disorders (stop blaming schools), childhood leukemia, autoimmune disease...ask why our children are so sick and we vaccinate the most of any developed nation? This has to stop. Parents are awake. Vaccine reistance is mounting. This father and son symbolize our greatest failure in modern medicine. So deceitful, so sad! And he made the trip and was exhausted. I hope people get what it takes for our parents to get there just to speak! God please watch over our families...praying for justice, love an compassion.

Vaccine Injured

Katie... I would like to see all of your IACC commentaries in one place. You can't make it up... beyond incredulous.


Excellent article about an outrageous situation. Thank you Katie Wright and AoA for continuing to speak out while most are silent.

Dan E. Burns

I admire Albert Enayati’s persistence and level headed determination to be fully heard and to ask his question. Well done, Dr. Enayati!

Insel is between a rock and a hard place. He has a new grandson born the day of this hearing. Knowing what he surely knows, will Insel "advise" his pediatrician to adjust the CDC-mandated immunization schedule for his brand-new grandson? Or would that, too, be outside his scope as chair of the IACC.

Louis Conte

"Personally I would find the guilt paralyzing..." A good person should feel that way.

I have seen people get into vicious cycles of lies. Eventually, they lose a sense of what truth is and what people's basic duties to their fellow man is. The hallmark of such people is fear.

Insel and so many are paralyzed by fear - fear of the truth coming out.

Albert and Payam, have been through so much and yet they have more humanity than those they were speaking to.

Courage in a room full of a cowardice.


beth johnson

Katie, your work monitoring the IACC is so important. Thank you for showing us what is really going on. Are you and the other parents there for the entire 8 hours of these meetings? What proportion of these marathon meetings is the "truth telling" (public comments) section?

Poor Albert, and poor Payam. I met Albert at one of the early DC hearings a decade or more ago, and was so honored to meet someone who already had contributed so much. My son was still in special ed preschool back then, but now has much in common with Payam today.

I'm glad you called out the silence of the HF-ASD representatives on this panel. With communication technology allowing a few non-verbal autistics the ability to communicate, when will the IACC have a representative that would mirror OUR family? Mr. Insel?

Please keep going to these meetings, Katie, and telling the world what goes on there.


If you had poisoned every man, woman and child in the United States wouldn't you try to cover it up too.

Insel is the middle man here.

Glad to know that it is so bad -- Insel's sitution that his cool titanium steel demeanor is some what stressed.

As in if I was in his situation -- and being the honest person I am I would have broke long ago and then been without a job.

Eileen Nicole Simon

The three-minute restriction on public comments is wrong. Dr. Enayati's video of his son was heart-breaking. When the IACC website comes online again, I recommend that everyone request a copy of the Oral Comments submitted for the July 2013 meeting. Dr. Enayati’s statement is on pages 11-14. The invited presentations went far beyond the times allotted for them. Every effort is made to ruthlessly limit public questions, and to continue promoting the idea that all autism is hereditary.

It may take some time, but what many of us know about environmental causes will in the end become part of a common cultural understanding. The specific pathology in the brain that prevents normal language development, social awareness, and repetitive movements should not be difficult to comprehend.

Brain impairments in autism are already known to result from prenatal exposure to alcohol and valproic acid (Depakote), likewise from genetic disorders like PKU. In PKU it is a toxic metabolite that affects the brain. Toxic metabolites will be found in the other genetic causes of autism. To investigate the toxic effects of vaccines on the brain must be insisted upon. A change in the vaccine schedule must be demanded. The obstetric protocol to terminate placental blood flow immediately at birth must be stopped.

The effects of alcohol on the brain have been known since 1881 (132 years), and of asphyxia at birth since 1959 (54 years). How much longer can this evidence be ignored?

Mary Cavanaugh

What has happened to the vaccine injured population is pure purposeful evil.

Bob Moffitt

Katie asks:

"How could a doctor not be moved to action, moved to help, moved to DO something to help severely affected people with autism after seeing the devastating video of Payam? How is that none of the federal representatives, people who have power to help the Payams in the world, did nothing, said nothing to Albert? How is it that no one even asked a question about Payam?"

The only answer to those observations regarding the complete indifference and demonstrated lack of compassion towards children like Payam is:

They don't care.

The only answer as to why "doctors" and "federal representatives" have done absolutely nothing to identify what happened to Payam is:

They don't care.

Indeed, the only thing these despicable people care about .. is protecting their own sorry reputations and vested interests .. by delaying, denying and avoiding doing the common sense research on vaccines required to scientifically "rule them out" as the "cause" for Payam's regression.

The very same questions Katie asked about doctors and federal representatives doing NOTHING .. can just as easily be asked of our "elected" Congressmen/women .. who .. after two decades .. are just as guilty of "not caring" to KNOW what happened to the tens of thousands of children just like Payam ..


John Stone

White Rose

To do Albert Enayati justice he did finish in spite of the repellant bullying.

White Rose

Why did Albert (and the same goes for all of us) not take whatever time he wished .... The Governments are trying to kill us and our children after all ....we have nothing to fear but the worst anyway . So protest and mean it .

Worldwide Monsanto protest this weekend . Showing us all here how it is done . And watch for the 100% news blackout on the BBC ...chilling

Not an MD

When Dr. Insel finally meets his Maker at some time in the future, as we all will, I pray God will consider limiting him to 3 minutes to make statements on his own behalf as to why he should not be sent straight to Hell.

John Stone

Hi Katie,

This is truly ghastly. No decency, no compassion, no shame. Let us be clear that whatever the mechanisms we know the US government knows that vaccines cause autism - they have compensated it - and they want to talk about anything else. And like Pontius Pilate Insel washes his hands, but really he could have done something.

I hope a thousand years now people will still be watching this video of Thomas Insel bullying Mr Enayati and shaking their heads that humans could behave with such chilling indifference.


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