Dachel Media Review: Kids Lost, Dying, Experts Still Dickering About Rates
Best of: Autism From a Flu Shot... in 1937?

For Better of For Worse

Wedding cake

Today is my 22nd wedding anniversary. I think of the young women getting married today, tomorrow, last month and wonder how many will have to face an autism diagnosis in their precious child? 1 in 5000? Heck no. 1 in 500? Old school. 1 in 250? We chuckle. 1 in 150? Out of date. I in 110? The good old days. 1 in 58 boys? Optimistically.

We need answers as to cause. We need prevention. We need treatment. We need palliative care for those who are here now. We need. We need. We need.  And we will not give up until our needs - and the needs of the women who are putting on a white gown with a heart full of hope and love today - are met.



Pam Byrne

Happy Anniversary! My husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary this summer with our 21-year-old son who has autism. I look at our wedding pictures and see how innocent we were, not knowing what lie in our future. Thank God for those husbands like ours who kept the vows and stayed to help us fight for our precious children, unlike my amazing friends who are raising children with autism on their own when their fathers bailed because life was too tough.

Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

You are the very definition of Family.


Happy anniversary! Beautiful bride!


Sunday is our 23rd Anniversary! May you have many more!!

Curtis & Theresa

Well said Kim,

Just adorable, Is that a golf course out the back window ???


Happy Anniversary! Today is my 17th wedding anniversary.


I just love the beautiful smile you both share. Congratulations,best wishes to you and your family.

Michelle B

I see it everywhere now. I was helping a friend with her garage sale today, and spotted two kids pretty quickly. Saw another last weekend while seeing a kids' movie.

What will things look like in 5 years? 10?! Sigh.

Happy Anniversary, Kim.


Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!To 2 amazing parents who survived threw it all and still can hold it together You have such a beautiful love story...at times all guts no glory but still continue to enjoy life and their beautiful daughters....

Jeannette Bishop

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!


Congratulations Kim. Our's is today also, 17 years. I certainly never thought 17 years ago that this is how life would look.

Not an MD

What a gorgeous wedding photo. Happy anniversary, Kim and Mark!


Happy Anniversary Kim and Mark! Yes, little did we know what the future had in store for our children. We can never give up hope for the answer to our prayers for a cure!


Congrats you two.

You both inspire mny people. What a cool thing.

Jenny Allan

A beautiful bride and a handsome groom. Congratulations and blessings to you both and your beautiful daughters.

Carter's Daddy

Happy anniversary! with all the new babies and expectant women, including my favourite niece, we have in our circle, I am tense with fear for them. At the very least be careful with vaccines. Believe me it was hard for me to say that little about it. But how to tactfully bring it up without getting drummed out of town is another difficulty.

Penney Hoffman

Mike and I hit 22 as well last week, congratulations to us all! And yes, little did we know, Paul 21 next week and Allie 18, both on the spectrum!

John Stone

Happy Anniversary Kim & Mark - little did we know. Lovely picture.


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