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Follow-up on Proposed Minnesota Immunization Rule Changes

Crying libertyBy Patti Carroll

Well, the verdict is in – and it’s not good. Although I doubted this judge would be the one to stand up and say NO to the medical industrial complex, I did dare to hope – just a little.

In the matter of the proposed vaccine rule changes, an administrative law judge has determined that the proposal recommending that Minnesota children receive yet more vaccines and at even earlier ages is somehow reasonable and necessary. Read the judge’s report HERE. This ruling was issued despite the fact that vaccine safety advocates showed, among other things:

•    There are more confirmed reports of people being injured or killed following receipt of the VACCINE than cases of the actual disease itself for Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B. How on earth could giving these vaccines at an even more vulnerable age be remotely “reasonable” or “necessary”?

•    Both Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B are extremely rare in Minnesota babies

•    Day care providers, for whom Hepatitis A is far more dangerous, are not required to get the Hepatitis A vaccine, which essentially puts the burden to protect adults on fragile infants who may already be over-vaccinated. Is this truly “reasonable”?

•    The 2013 Institute of Medicine report cited as “proof” of vaccine safety by rule change supporters was shown to contain blatant errors, was hardly “comprehensive” as reported, and likely contained selection bias in the few studies the IOM did choose to include in the report.

•    Rates of Meningitis, both vaccine strains and non-vaccine strains, are actually DECREASING in the age range the new vaccines are recommended for. Plus, Minnesota has had no reported cases of Meningitis in children ages 11-16 that could possibly have been prevented by a vaccine since 2007. How then could recommending this potentially dangerous vaccine for every Minnesota 7th grader be deemed “necessary”?

This was my first time participating in a vaccine rule change proceeding, and although this is an issue of paramount concern to Minnesota parents, I found the whole operation to be quite unprofessional. The Supreme Court of the United States has declared vaccines to be “unavoidably unsafe”. And there is absolutely no liability for those who require or administer vaccines when a child is harmed or killed by them. It stands to reason that any proposals requiring vulnerable children be subjected to additional doses of this potentially hazardous intervention be handled with the utmost care and caution. But what I observed during this process did not reflect that.

Background: The Minnesota Department of Health convened a team of pro-vaccine individuals, and this team worked for months to provide input for MDH’s “SONAR” document (Statement Of Need And Reasonableness). This document is a troubling read in itself, as the only alternatives to the new vaccine proposals explored by MDH were – you guessed it – other vaccines and/or a different vaccine schedule. MDH seems to have no other tools in their kit. To them, health only comes through needles.

MDH completely dismissed the damage being done by vaccines when weighing the “needs” of Minnesota children. It was pointed out by numerous commenters that it is ludicrous to add any more vaccines when the current schedule has never been tested for safety, but the judge did not even address this point in his ruling. Not only does the MDH want to push more vaccines, they actually OPPOSE the retrospective health outcome study between vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. So it appears they either don’t care to find out if the current schedule is harming innocent children, or they already know it and just don’t want consumers to find out.

After the lengthy and one-sided SONAR document was publicized, 100 people wrote in (well over the necessary number of 25 to trigger a hearing) to object to the proposed changes. So a hearing was scheduled for June 27. I wrote about the hearing HERE. Oddly, even though MDH’s argument had been honed many months in advance, and had already been presented to the judge, the media and the public, the agency was allowed a panel of speakers to present yet more information at the hearing. 

After the hearing came a period of 20 days during which people could submit further comments and evidence. But the judge and his staff gave rule change opponents the wrong email address for submitting their comments. So other comments and testimony may not have been delivered for consideration by the judge. When I brought the issue to the judge’s attention his staff apologized for their error, but communicated that Judge Lipman refused to extend the comment period.  Even so, there were far more comments opposing the rule changes than supporting them.

Unfortunately the judge took vacation during the middle of the comment period – and strangely his assistant went on vacation during the same time. In their absence no one in the office could answer my questions about the rule change proceedings with any certainty. The remaining office staff indicated that they did not know when the judge was due to return, which was extremely odd. This vacation occurred after it had been brought to the judge’s attention that comments were not being posted on the MDH website in a timely manner. This was a very significant issue, since interested parties had only five additional business days to submit rebuttals after the initial comment period.

It was crucial that comments be posted online quickly, to give all people an opportunity to research and respond to them. One staffer told me that the judge read all submissions first, and then sent them to the MDH to post on their website. But MDH only updated their website a few times, with a number of comments being added in blocks. The judge’s staff could not tell me why comments were not being posted expediently on the MDH website. We have no way of knowing whether MDH intentionally held comments before deciding to publicly post them, whether the judge’s untimely vacation held up the process, or if there were other unknown glitches in the system.

You can access the hearing transcripts, exhibits, comments and rebuttals HERE.
In the ruling, the judge stated that in order to adhere to the rule change requirements, the commissioner must “consult” with several groups, most of which are passionately supportive of any and all vaccines. But the list also included three groups that advocate for vaccine safety and a safer vaccine schedule. One of these groups – BEAT-MN (Biological Education for Autism Treatment-Minnesota) – was unaware that “In proposing a modification to the immunization schedule, the commissioner must: consult with” these groups (page 4 of the judge’s ruling). The judge stated (on page 5) the MDH had complied with this requirement. Although BEAT-MN moderators had received an email announcing the proposed changes, there was no “consultation”. One vaccine safety group did submit extensive data and comments, but it does not appear that any of this information was seriously considered when MDH created the SONAR document.  
In one of the most disturbing portions of the judge’s ruling, he stated: “The health impacts that the rule opponents link to vaccine administration are very grave. The accounts of genuine suffering, particularly among young people, are heart-breaking. This suffering could never be adequately or completely described here.”

Although at first glance it appears the judge has expressed genuine compassion for the vaccine-injured, I realized that he had carefully worded this seemingly sympathetic statement to actually avoid stating that these are REAL health impacts from vaccines. In the judge’s version, they are simply health impacts the rule opponents “link” to vaccines, and are merely “accounts” of genuine suffering.

He then goes on to say: “In this proceeding, however, the question is not whether vaccines caused the injuries that are described in the record. This proceeding does not, and frankly could not, establish that the listed vaccines caused the injuries that were described.”

WHAT?? The tragic stories of three children compensated by the United States government were presented to show the judge some very real and devastating consequences of vaccines. These were not random stories this man was expected to pass judgment on. The fact that vaccines did indeed cause the horrific injuries that were described (and graphically shown in photos and video) was never in question. So what purpose would there be for the judge to make this bizarre statement? Was it his intention to cast doubt on the rulings of federal Special Masters who had painstakingly reviewed these children’s medical records and concluded that they were killed or permanently brain-damaged by vaccines?

Not only did the judge attempt to cleverly disavow the extreme suffering caused by PROVEN cases of vaccine injury and death, there was not a single acknowledgement in his entire ruling that vaccines can and do cause harm at all! In the face of the thousands of confirmed cases of vaccine injury and death, and the additional hundreds of thousands of reports of the same, it seems that vaccine pushers and their minions have no other alternative now but to simply pretend vaccine damage never happens.

Sadly, media outlets and MDH staff were reporting on the proposed rule changes as if they were a given from the start, stating in one June TV broadcast that the rule was expected to be approved. So despite their incredibly weak arguments for requiring more vaccines, I find myself wondering whether MDH knew they had this in the bag all along regardless of what evidence was presented.
Representative Jim Abeler, a Minnesota legislator who has been a champion for health freedom and vaccine safety issues over the years, submitted thoughtful comments opposing the proposed rule changes. After reading the  disappointing decision, Rep. Abeler sent the judge the following heartfelt email, which (with minor corrections) the legislator has allowed me to share:

Hi Eric.

You certainly [did] a very thorough job of covering all the bases. Very impressive.

However, I am also disappointed that there is not some way to handle the gaps in the system, as in the under-reporting of adverse reactions, and the satisfaction of the establishment to accept that incomplete data in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. The blindness to that data is nearly an element of faith by the departments and fans, almost a religion. The parents who claim to have children who have suffered harm are often treated as fools and as ignorant. To me that is not science.

It is unfortunate that there is not some way to somehow protect some of those innocent children who will with absolute certainty be harmed as their parents obediently provide to them products they believe perfectly safe. The whole story needs to be told if there is true informed consent.

The system is certainly broken if someone as good, honest, and well-intended as you is unable to find some grounds to provide some protection to those innocents, now that the risky product list is now so markedly expanded. I did have hope this time.

I grieve for this. May God have mercy on the souls of those businesspeople and false scientists who ignore the truth to gain their own profit or who seek [to] achieve the mass-scale implementation of their beliefs at all costs.

Thanks. Be well.


State Rep. Jim Abeler
Health and Human Services Finance, Ranking Member
Room 203 State Office Building
100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
St. Paul, MN 55155
[email protected]
Fax: 651-296-5378

Thank you, Representative Abeler. You put into words the sadness and frustration so many of us feel when dealing with the medical industrial complex.  Thank you to everyone who shared your stories and comments. We must never stop fighting to break down the wall of vaccine injury denial.

This was surely a disappointing loss, but we have the truth on our side. And every battle gives us an opportunity to shine a light on the truth. I still have hope that we will win the war.



Very well written Patti. Thank you for your tireless work. I suspected there was a plan for a rubber stamp approval all along and this administrative hearing just a mere formality. I think the above comments are key. Also, this is just more evidence the establishment is totally screwing the people. This is also key and was submitted for the record. http://dr-king.com/docs/20130501_Vaccines_The_Safest_of_Medicines_or_the_Biggest_Liequstn_e_b.pdf


Add Judge Lipman to the huge list of people who've heard of the suffering from vaccine injury, but have done nothing and will do nothing. He was in a position to prevent injury, but he caved to the status quo.

Patti's comment bears repeating:
"There are more confirmed reports of people being injured or killed following receipt of the VACCINE than cases of the actual disease itself for Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B."

Yet the public health juggernaut continues lurching forward, never looking backward at its road kill.


Honestly no words for this. This country is at a very, very low point. My prayer is that we can get the Parental Rights amendment passed soon.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

A big thanks to the author of this well written and well thought out piece. It does give one a very gloomy feeling that medical communism sans science is taking over this nation which gives people rights to own guns but no right to keep their body free from invasive medical procedures even when the person believes that it may harm him. In a world where any health professional ( somehow "professional" does not seem appropriate) is able to give almost anyone a vaccine without free and informed consent , people of awareness will be afraid to enter hospitals. I certainly am. Talk about "callous disregard" !. Sadly, many of us have found over the years that many young parents prefer to learn about vaccines the hard way , so one wonders how many damaged children will make a mountain high enough to turn back the never ending pharmaceutical tsunami. A time for mourning but we will keep fighting as best we know.

Jeannette Bishop

I was listening to the link posted by Linda in another thread of Dr. Tenpenny's vaccine/disease presentation.

On Hepatitis B she said, paraphrasing:

70% of infections occur in high risk groups
50% of those exposed have no symptoms
30% have flu like symptoms
20% have symptoms severe enough to be diagnosed (1 in 5 exposed)
95% of that 20% fully recover, less than 5% become chronic carriers (1 in 100 exposed?) and 1.25 percent develop liver problems/cancer? approximately 30 years post exposure (1 in 400?)

And I think she said about 60% lose immunity after about 10 years.

None of this was even discussed by my children's doctors before giving this vaccine!

When I study this I question why are we "recommending" that ANY infant, even those who are positive, take the risk of a vaccine series (autoimmunity, learning disabilities, anaphylaxis...who knows what else, it's unethical to find vaccine problems) at the earliest age possible to prevent something that might develop in decades, when we know their immune systems are not mature and we do not know if any protection will result? We already know some will be harmed!

And under this current system, when will any efficacious treatment be sought for hepatitis as long the current anti-choice, anti-open market system operates, fueled by treating all vaccine induced disorders?

So many vaccine absolutists think (or act like) they have the moral grounds to force vaccines when there is disease risk--and here we see that all ultimately become forced because because otherwise some might be missed who cannot be allowed to be missed. I actually think their position likely prevents the greatest good possible, might even be causing the greatest harm possible, by removing the right to choose from those who have the most incentive to find the best health outcomes.

Laura Hayes

Hi Patti,

Thank you for your tireless work on this travesty and complete abuse of power. Shame on Judge Lipman. He, too, is indeed going to need the same mercy that Rep. Jim Abeler speaks of for the greedy and corrupt business people and false, for-hire scientists who continue to put their wealth above others' health. This judge, and all others who work to force dangerous and ineffective vaccines on babies and children, not to mention our military personnel, make me sick to my stomach. I consider such work to be evil and wretched. Did this judge willfully ignore mountains of evidence, disregard countless eye-witness accounts by parents, throw away the precautionary principle, not put the burden of proof on those to whom it belongs, callously disregard the health and well-being of who knows how many thousands upon thousands of MN children and their families, and kowtow to those who will profit from this decision? It certainly appears that way. It is in no way, shape, or form his decision, or anyone's other than the parent's, whether or not parents choose to vaccinate their children. It is my hope that Judge Lipman will see the error of his ways and work to reverse this terrible decision.

Patti, we are facing the same evil here in CA as a few of us work to try to force a law-abiding implementation of the egregious AB 2109 which Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a year ago, and which becomes effective in Jan. The despicable behavior here in CA by our legislators and public servants is not to be believed. Shame on all these, in essence, drug-pushers who seem to care not a whit about the health and well-being of babies and children, but only about their bank accounts, their next reelection campaign funds, their power, their perks, their marching orders, and their egos. Their willful ignorance and sheer arrogance have contributed to the decline in and decimation of the health and well-being of 25+ years of children. Shame on anyone who supports usurping a parent's right to make any and all medical decisions for their child as they see fit, without coercion or government interference.

barbara j

I sometimes believe if those such as Autism Speaks truly cared for our children, they would hire competent, not connected to pharm industry, scientists to study the fraudulent studies that are currently held as truths. Someone should re-visit the Denmark as well as the Japanese studies.
The case of Verstraton should be given more than a glance, as well.

Bob Moffitt

If I understand this correctly, an administrative law judge.. in the great state of Minnesota .. was given the legal authority .. and .. far more important .. the personal responsibility .. to approve or disapprove proposed vaccine rule changes .. to determine if those changes are BOTH .. REASONABLE AND NECESSARY.

In his decision .. wherein he did rule the vaccines are reasonable and necessary .. the judge callously dismissed the concerns of parents opposed to the additional vaccines .. with the following terse statement:

"In this proceeding, however, the question is not whether vaccines caused the injuries that are described in the record. This proceeding does not, and frankly could not, establish that the listed vaccines caused the injuries that were described.”

In my humble .. admittedly uneducated opinion .. it is ludicrous for any "judge" to claim he CANNOT "establish that the listed vaccines caused the injuries that were described" .. and .. then .. absent any credible .. scientific evidence .. to the contrary .. that would "rule out" that possibility .. pronounce those very same vaccines .. "REASONABLE AND NECESSARY".

Had the "judge" really wanted to reach a fair and just decision .. HE would have placed the burden to prove the vaccines are BOTH .. reasonable and necessary .. where it clearly belongs .. on those seeking to increase the numbers of vaccines for children. Once he clearly established who the burden of proof lies upon .. HE would have demanded THEY .. not PARENTS .. present irrefutable scientific evidence that vaccines did not cause the injuries that were described in the records provided HIM.

I any event .. I did read HIS tedious decision .. saturated with insufferable legalized minutiae .. and .. incomprehensible bureaucratic gobbledygook .. and .. to me .. maintaining "high immunization rates" seemed to be a very high priority for the "judge".

Which begs the question:

Why would any "judge" .. by his own words .. appear to be so pre-occupied with maintaining some arbitrarily established "high rate of immunization" .. while at the very same time .. admitting he simply does not know if the allegations of vaccine injuries by parents are scientifically credible?

What a travesty .. but .. then again .. simply another example .. at my advanced age .. to believe we may as well be living in Orwell's (1984) fictional Oceania .. where the "Ministry of Truth" .. using "doublethink" and "newspeak" .. rules by judicial fiat. The TRUTH BE DAMNED.

White Rose

Houston we have a problem ....eventually our sheer numbers will overrun these vaccine quacks .

Subject: Facebook Numbers of "Likes" figures;

Vaccine reactions and injuries photo gallery 1,156
Seriously concerned about Gardasil 2,019
Vaccine Epidemic 4,666
AOA 7,440
My childs vaccine reaction 9,519
Thinking Moms revolution 15,463
Vactruth 22,672
Vaccine Machine 32,495
National Vaccine Information centre 61,875


Everyone thinks vaccines just cause autism.

If they only knew what more it caused .
But how to prove the drug problems in my area is caused by undignosed bipolar.

I asked a drug rehabilitation guy that was selling tee shirts outside Wal Mart for support of his organization if they checked for other problems as they were treating drug addiction - like bipolar.

He said yes, the doctor say them all and they drew blood test and everything.

We need medical markers that can be tested for these many endocrine disease that are being caused by autoimmunity.
Reliblbe test -- they cannot even catch thyroid.

I would like to know how bad you have to feel and describe how baad you feel which all points to the thyroid. They ten take blood test and the thyroid comes back within the normal range (range is too varied and wide) but -- they did find you have anemia.

Well why is that. And their answer is you are bleeding somewhere. Really??? Oh, yeah probably somewhere in your GI track. Probably???

Both of my kids had anemia -- the doctor explained it was just that stage in life.

A stage that was long and on going and persistent.

But how do you wrap all this stuff up into a neat little pakckage.

Vaccines cause autism
THe public believes it for the most part.

How do you get them to know that vaccines cause diabetes, bipolar, what not.

It took a good long three hour conversation with my cousins to get them to understand this. It scared them when they finally figured out thier 16 year old that just loves to stay in his room and read- won't finish his work at school just might have depression and if he has depression it might be bipolar.

Vaccine Information

Minnesota parents need to be prepared for the next phase of this program- the attack on the non-medical conscientious exemption.
When parents opt out their child receiving these new mandates the next hue and cry will be that public health is being endangered by the availability of non-medical exemptions, with no mention of the ever ballooning schedule.
Hep B cannot be contracted during the school day http://www.scribd.com/doc/125116467/Hep-B-School-Mandates .
Hep A mandates are drove up the exemption rate in Oregon, resulting in a rule change constricting non-medical exemptions. http://www.scribd.com/doc/150190637/Oregon-Exemptions-Added-Vaccines-by-Year-Grade
The increase in mandates and further restriction of exemptions will continue. The "successful" school age mandates are being used as a justification for Adult mandates. The end game is that no citizen of any age will be able to refuse the complete, cradle to grave schedule.

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