Uncertainty as High Court Judge Rules Two British Schoolgirls Should be Given MMR Vaccine
Follow-up on Proposed Minnesota Immunization Rule Changes

Dachel Media Review: Still Debating Autism Rates, Spelling Jenny's Name Right

Online newsBy Anmne Dachel

Read Anne's comments and see the links after the jump.

Oct 15, 2013, ABC10 San Diego: Is the rate of autism really growing? Experts disagree on 'explosion' in autism rates
Oct 14, 2013,  UK Daily Mail: Jenny McCarthy 'set to be axed from The View and replaced by Elisabeth Hasselbeck' after making her debut just one month ago
Oct 13, 2013, Augusta (ME) Kennebec Journal: OUR OPINION: Kids with autism coming of age
Oct 12, 2013, Catholic Online: The Myths and Truths About Childhood Vaccines

ABC10 San Diego:

"The sharply different estimates add more fuel to the debate over how common autism is, and whether it is on the rise. To show what a difference the varying estimates would make in Allegheny County alone, which has 1.2 million residents, the number of autistic people could range from 12,000, using the British figure, to more than 32,000, using the South Korea study.
"It is no wonder, then, that leading autism researchers have conflicting opinions on how widespread the disorder is."
Mark Roth of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette has had a number of stories lately all about the mystery of autism.  Experts have no answers.  Roth tells us that it may be years before they know anything for sure, even about the autism rate.  I guess the message is that while experts are in a fog about autism, no one is alarmed.  I posted five comments.
UK Daily Mail

"She was unveiled as a new host of The View in a blaze of publicity in July.

"But after making her debut just one month ago, it looks like Jenny McCarthy may already be getting axed from the show.

"The former Playboy favourite is turning off viewers due to her controversial style on the chat show, prompting ABC executives to apparently consider letting her go....

"McCarthy has come under fire for claiming her nine-year-old son Evan's autism was caused by childhood immunisations, which goes against the beliefs of scientists."

How interesting that this is being reported in Britain and that they add the little mention about the autism controversy and that scientists don't believe it.  Does that include all the scientists in the whole world?  It seems so.

Augusta (ME) Kennebec Journal:

"Understanding and awareness of autism has come a long way in the last 30 years, but so much concerning the condition remains in the dark, even as diagnoses skyrocket.

"That's why it's heartening to see a group of Maine-based researchers on the receiving end of a two-year, $1.2 million grant to study severe autism.

"A team from Spring Harbor Hospital in Westbrook and the Maine Medical Center Research Institute in Scarborough, led by Dr. Matthew Siegel, will direct the study. It will track 500 to 1,000 children, with the goal of finding more effective treatment, and perhaps helping to determine a cause.

"Research such as Siegel's is part of the answer to the questions raised by autism, the catch-all term for a wide-ranging disorder that is fast becoming one of the defining social health issues of our time. It requires a thoughtful response, as more than 500,000 children with autism will become adults in the next decade."

This is the sad reality: The adults are the next big problem.  They can't be explained away.  The same people who couldn't tell us where all the children were coming from, can't tell us where they'll end up either.  This cost nightmare will be dumped on the states.  No one in Washington is talking about autistic adults and what we'll do with them. 

Catholic Online

Why is there an article on a religious site telling us to vaccinate and denying a link to autis?  Is this the position of the Church?  As a Catholic, this makes me angry.  My comments aren't up.



Yesterday at the beginning of the View Barbara Walters reached her hand out towards Jenny and said, "I just want to say that you brighten up the show, and we love having you here."

If I'm not mistaken - there was a lot of noise - Sherri Shepard looked towards the camera and said, "So shut up!"


What Jenny says -


Here's the executive producer saying it's not true:

... Says Show Honcho


Here's another story:

Is Jenny McCarthy's Job on The View in Jeopardy? Not So Fast

"Word to the haters: Jenny McCarthy isn't going anywhere.

"A rep for The View is smacking down a rumor suggesting ABC is looking to possibly dump the morning show's new cohost five weeks after she started because she's not as popular as the woman she replaced, Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

"The spokesperson tells E! News that there is no truth to the story whatsoever...

"...the ratings don't quite support the notion that Alphabet execs are unhappy with her performance. According to The Wrap, the program's new season with McCarthy on the panel has so far gotten off to a pretty good start since her Sept. 9 debut, averaging 3.02 million viewers—just slightly below the previous season's 3.2...

"Meanwhile in other McCarthy news, it was announced today that the TV personality has just sealed a deal to publish a new book, From (Eating) Soup to (Busting) Nuts, in which she'll reportedly share her "recipe" for looking good and feeling great among other inspirational ideas. It's set for publication in May 2014..."


She does look great, especially for age 40.

Of course, you never really know what is going on behind the scenes. But I'm guessing that the Radar story is just more harassment. And like many stories trashing vaccine-critics, it has legs - all of a sudden I'm hearing it from all over the place. Makes me mad. She's not even talking about vaccines on the View but there are powerful people who don't want her there anyways.


That would be refreshing..hope it's true.


The jury is still out on Jenny. Let's support her by watching...


I'm really hoping this article about JMcC and the View is more accurate:

EXCLUSIVE! Jenny McCarthy & The View Remain A Marvelous Match, Despite Rumors To The Contrary!


So, they knew how to use McCarthy and spit her out like a cheap hooker to demean environmentally caused autism. So surprised.

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