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Oct 24, 2013, ABC 6, Austin, MN:  Medical Edge: Flu Shots for Moms
Oct 24, 2013, Hartford Courant: Parents of Autistic Children: Your Child Can Learn Some Independence

Oct 24, 2013, Catholic Online: Childhood Vaccinations, The Moral Dilemma

Oct 24, 2013, Chicago Tribune: Famed columnist Mike Royko's son updates his family's struggles with autism

 ABC 6, Austin, MN:
"According to several recent studies, influenza infections in pregnant women may create potentially life-changing risks for their unborn children, such as bipolar disorder and autism.
"'In the pregnant women who got influenza the risk of autism was about 2 to 3 fold higher.'
"Dr. Greg Poland serves on the CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices . and heads the Vaccine Research Group at Mayo Clinic.

"His team has been studying the flu virus and its impact on the population for 25-years. He believes that rather than the flu vaccine itself preventing some occurrences of autism and mental illness, it's more likely that keeping mothers healthy during pregnancy lowers the risk to their offspring....
"Bonnie Sexton says she wanted her flu shot because she knew pregnant women are at higher risk of severe flu complications, even death. But, news of this extra benefit brings even more peace of mind.

"'It's nice to know that you can help a little bit, that it isn't all in somebody else's hands, that there's something you can do to reduce the risk of autism.'

"Dr. Poland says women vaccinated for Rubella also lower their children's autism risk, although that vaccine has to becoming pregnant.

"'I like to say it this way - you can think of flu vaccine and rubella vaccines as anti-autism vaccines.'"

This is as outrageous as it gets. I guess officials can say just about anything and it's accepted as fact. Calling the flu and rubella vaccines "anti-autism vaccines" is absolutely insane. Poland is careful to deny that the vaccine PREVENT AUTISM, but then tells moms it lowers the risk. BASED ON WHAT SCIENCE????

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Hartford Courant
"My mother and I were in the kitchen Wednesday night when my son, Cash'an, 10, suddenly ran in to adjust the garbage can lid to ensure it was perfectly aligned (one of his many compulsions, characteristic of autism). Then, he walked over next to the sink where we were standing and gazed at me a few seconds like he wanted to say something. I knew he did not know how to say the actual words, nor did he have a picture depicting what he was thinking in his Picture Exchange System (PECS) book. He wanted to do something I never saw him do before. He opened up one of the cabinets under the kitchen sink, pulled out the box of garbage bags and looked at me. He looked at the bags again, then me - again. I had the biggest smile as I looked at him in awe. I knew that if my mother figured out what Cash'an wanted to do, she would have immediately done it for him (because that's what grandmas do). I didn't say anything, but I knew what he was silently asking."
I can't bring myself to comment here. This story in the Home-Life-Family-Parenting section of the Hartford Courant is about life with a nonverbal autistic child. We're all used to stories like this now, right? Being unable to speak at age 10 is acceptable now, right?

I can't wait until all the non-speaking autistic children grow up and "non-verbal" becomes a part of adults with autism as well.
Catholic Online 
"Making an informed choice.
"Hello everyone, and thank you for your comments on my blog about vaccines. I wish to share with you clarifications on several points. I will be writing about autism in a future blog, as it is such an important topic and deserves my main focus.
"In my 35 years as a RN, I have personally never seen a child who has had an issue with childhood vaccines other than redness at injection site or mild fever. In fact, while I was nursing in northern Canada, I witnessed first hand the incredible power of "community immunity". In many of these remote northern areas, illness often meant death. There is limited access to medical care, and the dedicated incredible nurses that work in these areas, are caring for the individuals, the families and the entire community. Vaccination has saved many lives, and families.

"I have a daughter-in-law who is a nurse practitioner in a large pediatric clinic. She told me she has also never seen a child with a severe reaction to vaccinations...."
"It is a fact that the MMR vaccines are made on fetal cells obtained in the 1960's. This fact has never been hidden from the public."
Amid ads for Nativity sets and a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, Catholic Online is promoting vaccination as risk free. 
"This fact has never been hidden from the public."
Excuse me, I'm sure all those pro-life Catholics out there HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT THE USE OF ABORTED FETAL CELL LINES IN THE MANUFACTURING OF VACCINES.  Just like parents aren't told that kids are being told that vaccines contain known neurotoxins like mercury and aluminum. 
Personally, as a Catholic, I have no idea why Catholic Online published two articles within two weeks, both advocating for risk-free vaccines.  What is the connection between vaccinating your child and being a Catholic? 
We're told, "Make an informed choice."  Since Catholic Online has refused to allow even one of my comments on their several pro-vaccine articles over the last few months, I think that they're only interested in information they're supplying.
Chicago Tribune
"David and Karen Royko had many advantages, including a steady income, health insurance, a helpful school district and supportive parents. But the cost of dealing with their son Ben's severe autism pushed them into bankruptcy and, earlier this year, caused them to lose their home and move in with her parents.

"David Royko, 54, son of the legendary, late Chicago newspaper columnist Mike Royko, touches on these financial strains in his latest book, 'The Chronicles of Ben: Adventures in Autism.'...
"He describes being on a walk with the boy, then 8 but already 5 feet tall and 150 pounds, when an inexplicable tantrum begins: "Ben stops, does a standing bunny hop, screams, and hits himself with full force and with both hands twice in the sides of his head, bends forward at the waist, flings himself back up straight, screams a sobbing screech, smashes himself in the face with his left hand, and sobs loudly."

"That account is followed by a story published four years later in the Tribune magazine in which Ben is a foot taller, weighs 250 pounds and remains unpredictable and inaccessible..."
"You could be sitting comfortably with Ben, looking at a book or a TV show, and before you had time to react, his hand would dart out and put a deep scratch into your arm, or his elbow would land a hard blow to your chest, or his arm would snap back and smash your nose and send your glasses flying, or his head would butt your head or shoulder. These are not involuntary, spastic motions, but deliberate actions, meant to, well, who knows? Meant to inflict pain? Meant to be playful? Meant to elicit a reaction? All of the above? We just don't know, even if we sometimes think we do."

It's a little difficult to move on after reading, "He's 20 and living in a residential educational setting outside of Cleveland at a cost to Illinois of about $800 per school day."
I posted one comment.



I'm Catholic, and my wife and I don't vaccinate our kids. I don't read "Catholic Online," either. I don't listen to "Priests for Life" (PFL), either, as they give excuses for aborted-baby vaccines (Fr. West around 2003).

Bishops are duped by the mainstream "science" that defends vaccines. They should look back to a good Catholic doctor, Herbert Ratner, who exposed the Cutter trials (polio) hoax 50 years ago. They should know that the polio virus was grown in murdered baby flesh because the guy who did it got the Nobel prize.

It's willful blindness on the part of the bishops. Groups like PFL and Catholic Online are allowed to achieve respectability and spew poison everywhere. The bishops failed to stem abortion and fetal experimentation by their cowardly silence, and there's little evidence that this will change anytime soon. Catholic parents must realize that they have the right and the duty to fight for their children.

For George Bjornson


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George Bjornson

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When my kids were first diagnosed, I wondered often about where the Catholic church was on so many of the issues that I was being forced to look at through new lens'. After 16 years of Catholic school (I even went to Catholic college) I decided that there was no way I could be Catholic ever again. I love Jesus and I am deeply Christian, but there are enough bible verses to refute the church's stance.

LInda L.

Are Catholics suddenly ok with abortion if they can justify the abortion? What kind of nonsense is that? Seriously? This is against all teaching of the Catholic faith. I only found out about this when I began researching vaccine ingredients and my Catholic neighbors told me that it is impossible for aborted fetal cells to be in vaccines. They would never have anything to do with them if that was the truth. Vaccine reactions, which are real, are not the point here. It is vaccine ingredients that need to be examined. When, as a Catholic, am I ever able to say that I can benefit from an abortion? This is outrageous and against everything I have ever been taught in my Catholic school education. I was NEVER made aware of aborted fetal cell ingredients in vaccines. A Catholic publication is advocating an informed choice regarding abortion?

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