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Dachel Media Review: Flu Shot Roulette, Autism Embryo Sex Selection

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

Read Anne's comments and view the links after the jump.

Oct 22, 2013, Things to Consider Before Getting the Flu Vaccine

Oct 21, 2013, Forbes: Embryo Sex Selection To Select Against Autism?

"Did you know that during the 2012-2013 flu season, the flu vaccine's effectiveness was found to be just 56 percent across all age groups reviewed by the CDC —in essence, the statistical equivalent of a coin toss. In seniors, aged 65 and over, the US flu vaccines were only nine percent effective.
"The 'gold standard' of independent scientific evaluation and analysis, the Cochrane Database Review, has issued no less than five reports between 2006 and 2010, all of which decimate the myth that flu vaccinations are “the most effective flu prevention method” available.

"In average conditions, when a flu vaccine at least partially matches the circulating virus, 100 people need to be vaccinated in order to avoid just ONE set of influenza symptoms, according to Cochrane’s findings.

"Yet as another flu season approaches, all these facts are wholly ignored by conventional medicine and media alike, and you’ll certainly never see them mentioned in any flu vaccine promotion campaign."

Dr. Mercola and Barbara Loe Fisher from the National Vaccine Information Center discuss flu vaccine production and the risks involved. 

"Health authorities in Western Australia have reportedly given the go-ahead to a fertility clinic to perform sex-selection of embryos for families at a "high risk" of having an autistic child. According to The West Australian:

"There are no genetic tests for autism, so instead of looking for a gene mutation, the screening identifies the embryo's sex because boys are at least four times more likely to develop autism.
"The test, says the report, would be done in pre-implantation embryos, presumably from in vitro fertilization. In this case, "high risk" apparently means families who have two or more boys with 'severe autism.'}

"No existing genetics testing can confirm or exclude most causes of autism. The rationale for this test is that because autism is diagnosed four times more often in boys than in girls, male embryos would not be selected for implantation. Some research has suggested that being female might be "protective" against autism. But other studies indicate that girls and women with autism present very differently from boys and might go undetected because existing criteria skew toward the manifestations in boys.

"According to The West Austrialian, 'chief medical officer Gary Geelhoed said it was a sensitive area.' That's putting it mildly. Some autistic people are not happy and view the decision as eugenicist. At the least, given how multifactorial the causes of autism appear to be and the questions of how real the sex bias in autism is, the rationale being used appears flimsy. Certainly, selecting a female embryo does not guarantee against having an autistic child."

This is the latest from Emily Willingham. So, what's the message here? We're totally POWERLESS TO PREVENT AUTISM so the only option is sex selection in embryos.  I posted a comment. It is sickening that we're even talking like this. This is how worthless the medical/scientific community has been in finding out anything for sure about autism. 



Oh the tragic irony! At one time vaccines were about saving lives. Now watch us as we take lives to save vaccines.


Hmmm, so now we see the medical vector that will actually say, almost directly, that autism genes have not been found, presumably because autism is not genetic, so they have to try sex selection. So I guess it is possible for people in the medical field to admit it out loud, as long as they are in a position to make medical income off it.

White Rose

More to think about :

However, the most insidious of all, I think, is the Epicyte gene patented in 2001, which can prevent human conception. It was ‘contraceptive corn’ developed by the biotech company Epicyte, which Monsanto and DuPont bought out and subsequently commercialized the Epicyte gene. What that gene does is creates human antibodies that attack sperm. So, in essence, what they came up with according to the then Epicyte president Mitch Hein was, “…a hothouse filled with corn plants that make anti-sperm antibodies.” [2]

What that contraceptive Epicyte gene does is rather ‘amazing’ insofar as it induces a female’s body to make antibodies that attack sperm after coitus. Do consumers know they will get that ‘freebee’ after eating GM Epicyte-gene-laden corn? How does that fit in with the eater’s philosophical or religious belief system? Why isn’t the Roman Catholic Church backing away from GM food since GM food apparently is a contraceptive that flies in the face of that church’s very dogma on contraception and life?

Joy B

" We are obviously arriving at the gates of shame when the only answer to the rising tide of autism is to abort male fetuses. "

Never has more horrifing a tale of terror graced the annals of fiction....or, truth is always stranger. Either way, to be a sentient being in these days of genocide, eco-deracination, pollution and mass extinction is an art in itself.

Just in time for Halloween! (again)


That Forbes article makes me sick! I shudder to think of the slippery slope that this could represent in terms of selective abortion- oh sure they say what 'hi risk' might mean in terms of autism but this is a very scary place we are at now for this to even be discussed!!!

Jeannette Bishop

Interesting info from Dr. Mercola:

"Another universal vaccine being developed by the pharmaceutical company Sanofi is based on the finding2 that people who have more virus-killing immune cells, known as CD8 T cells, either don’t get sick or experience only mild flu symptoms. The idea behind this vaccine is that by stimulating your body to produce more CD8 T cells, it may protect you from getting the flu, or at least from having severe symptoms.

"However, while the drug company researchers brag that they know how to use a vaccine to stimulate the immune system to produce more CD8 T cells, they fail to mention that vitamin D is also known to have a direct immune-modulating effect on CD8 T cells. This was revealed in a study3 published three years ago. Other research has proposed that deprivation of sunlight and vitamin D at higher latitudes worsens CD8 T-cell deficiency.4 So, it may be, then, that a ‘universal flu vaccine’ doesn’t need to be created at all because it essentially already exists in the form of vitamin D!"


Although it's possible to be alarmed that parents might choose to abort a fetus that might grow into an autistic child, it's reasonable to recall that parents are already routinely faced with the choice of whether or not to carry to term a fetus that will grow into an adult certain apparently undesirable characteristics, such as Down syndrome--or the wrong sex. Over 160 million female fetuses have been aborted in recent years because they happened to carry to carry an extra X chromosome instead of a desired Y chromosome. This isn't really about autism, but about parental choice and the intersection of science with sociology.


So on one hand Forbes and other media whores will say there is no real increase in Autism, and on the other they will actually pitch sex selection in order to .. apparently to stop the increasing autism rates.

John Stone

We are obviously arriving at the gates of shame when the only answer to the rising tide of autism is to abort male fetuses. Nothing (and particularly not in Australia) will happen to roll back the inane vaccine schedule. Health officials shrug and aver that they don't know what's going wrong - and now this. What a disgrace!

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