Autism and Vaccine Rights Groups Unified in Opposition to New York City Mayor’s Vaccine Dictates
Concerns: UN Convention on Rights of Persons With Disabilities

Dachel Media Review: First Responders

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

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Oct 23, 2013, WLFI-West Lafayette IN: First responders focused on emergencies involving people with autism

Oct 23, 2013, CBS New York: Expert Q&A: Childhood Vaccine Safety

WLFI-West Lafayette IN

"The likelihood of responding to someone with autism is high."

Firefighter Eric Doyle: "So we may have before and not even known it. Where today we can learn how to identify and better treat and handle patients with that type of disorder."

Oh the joys of all that greater awareness! Firefighters believe they may have dealt with autistic people in the past, but they didn't realize they had autism--and now they've been taught the signs.
How can anyone learn about people with classic autism and not seriously ask where they're all coming from? Eric Doyle looks like he's in his 20s so maybe he's heard about autism and knows peers with the disorder. It's easy for him to believe that autism has always been around like this.
I couldn't bring myself to post a comment. No one here sees a problem. Autism's acceptable--we just need to know the signs.

It seems that when everyone is able to recognize an autistic individual on sight there'll be nothing left to do.

I wonder if these firefighter were told that most likely the person with autism they might meet will be a child, a teen or someone in their 20's.  There's not much chance of running into someone elderly or middle aged who has autism.  More of the mystery.
CBS New York
"With misinformation about vaccines and health problems, it can be difficult for a parent to sort it all out.
"For help, WebMD turned to the CDC's Frank DeStefano, MD, MPH, director of its immunization safety office.
"Do vaccines cause autism?
"The scientific evidence is clear that vaccines do not cause autism. The Institute of Medicine, IOM, issued a report in 2004. . Studies since 2004 have continued to find no increased risk of autism following vaccination, including a study we published in Pediatrics."
DeStefano's name has come up regarding vaccines and autism in the past. Last Nov. the story, CDCs Dr. Coleen Boyle Suggested Manipulating Autism Dx Age in 2000, appeared on the Age of Autism blog.

"CDC's Dr. Coleen Boyle who presented at the autism hearing today is one of the major architects of the the perpetuation of the autism epidemic.

"In April 2000, 6 weeks before the Simpsonwood meeting, Boyle suggested manipulating the data by adding 1 and 2 year olds to the data set - kids too young to have an ASD diagnosis - in order to dilute the danger. She belongs in prison. See the full email below (esp. #2)."

Boyle advised DeStefano on how the CDC could hide the association between vaccines and autism, "Since most of the dx's are generally not picked up until the 2nd or 3rd year of life had you considered eligibility criteria of at least 18 months or 2 years?? What happens if you do this?" ....

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Berta Hammerstein

Yes, yes, Twyla. I have two grandsons I dearly love badly vaccine-injured. I have a beloved son, another part of the family who has not spoken to us personally for 8 years because we wemt to court to help on grandson with autism, and a great newphew, a dear, dear person, who are paramedics, dealing with people with autism first hand on the EMS "truck." Our son is now a deputy Chief and winner of all kinds of humanitarian and disaster handling awards. Our family and our hearts are broken over this. But I do not like to hear our first responders somehow trashed, the ones who turn their cases over to my son and great nephew for gentle care, because They don't know the causes of autism. It has bothered me, almost greatgrandmother that I am still in the middle of this, supplying my granddaughter this very day with the info that caused her to refuse vaccines for herself, to see Age of Autism Get into this slamming everything that comes out that does not link autism--and vaccine injuries--with the causes. I love you guys. Help us out here. Love, OLD and tired, Grannyblue


Anne, not every single article has to be about vaccine causation or autism increasing. It is really wonderful that first responders are being trained.

I read a story where a policeman was faced with a very large aggressive man who refused to respond to instructions and the policeman tasered him, at which point the man began to cry and said, "I hurt! Where's Mama?" The officer felt terrible as he realized that this was not a dangerous criminal on meth but a person with a disability.

It's wonderful when first responders learn how to recognize a person with autism and learn strategies for coping, communicating - even simple things like wait for an answer as the person may take time to process the question, consider that the person may be able to write, ask relatives for advice... The police are used to dealing with all sorts of terrible dangerous people and their first impression of a situation is colored by their experiences. This kind of training gives them another perspective. As this generation reaches adulthood this becomes all the more important - because no generation before ever had anywhere near this much autism!

I totally support your work, Anne, and I really really appreciate your advocacy. But there are a lot of different kinds of work that need to be done and I think we should appreciate when someone is doing work such as this.

It is not the firefighter's or police officer's role to determine causation, advocate for safer vaccines, or prove an increase in autism. It is their job to deal with the people they encounter every day. And although we need better reporters who have the guts to tackle the aforementioned issues, I don't think that was really called for in this article. Regardless of causation, these first responders are being trained. That's what the article is about.

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