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Oct 29, 2013, Forbes: The 5 Scariest Autism 'Treatments'

Oct 28, 2013, NBC 4 Washington DC: Death of D.C. Boy With Autism Who Wandered Away Ruled Accidental


"Autism invites its share of quacks. In fact, it might have more quacks in its vicinity than a duck pond. After almost a decade of watching "cures" and "treatments" come and go . or stay and stay and stay, bafflingly . I've unconsciously created a list in my head, a la High Fidelity, of the Top 5 Scariest Autism Treatments Ever. And I don't even mean that tongue-in-cheek for Halloween. I mean, these are dangerous in the 'can kill you or cause permanent harm' sense. Yet, they remain in use in some circles and flogged by certain organizations who claim a commitment to curing or 'recovering' children from autism."
Many of the biomedical treatments are quackery, according to Emily Willingham at Forbes. I guess the message here is that autism, the condition with no known cause, cure, or prevention, also has no effective treatment. What else would we expect for a mysterious disorder that no on ever heard about 25 years ago but that has always been around? (We do have some nice psychotropic meds for your child, however.)
It's amazing that this same writer shows no concern over the untested toxic ingredients in vaccines.
NBC 4 Washington DC

"The death of a 7-year-old boy who was found dead the day after wandering from his D.C. home in July has been ruled accidental.

"Michael Kingsbury, who had autism, had been playing in the backyard of his family's home July 7 when he disappeared. A day and a half later, his body was discovered in a car parked about 40 yards away on West Virginia Avenue NE.

"Temperatures had been in the mid-80s for several days, and experts say the interior of the car likely exceeded 120 degrees.

"At least six searchers -- both civilians and police officers -- had looked in, but not opened, the car while looking for the boy, said officials."

Too sad for words. Will we just learn to accept stories of children wandering off and dying---as long as they have autism?

More of the mystery. We've learned to accept the horrific rate. We've learned to accept no cause, cure or prevention. I guess we'll just learn to live with autistic kids dying.


Jenny Allan

Dr. Kersti Bitow

It's important to point out here that with the exception of the Miracle Mineral Solution, all of the therapies quoted by Emily Willingham as 'scary' treatments for autism are not 'alternative' treatments at all, but are respected medically endorsed therapies, which have been used for many years to treat other conditions. The use of these therapies in treating autism symptoms, is presently the subject of several clinical trials and in my opinion it is reprehensible of Ms Willingham to condemn them in advance of proper clinical assessments of their effectivemess.

I would not endorse any DIY treatments by unqualified persons, but Willingham also seems to condemn qualified doctors, who have apparently successfully used these therapies to ameliorate autism.

Willingham’s article also has a dig at such innocuous autism therapies as substituting camels’ milk and swimming with dolphins. The use of antifungals, and marijuana are again being presently researched. Cannabis therapy is being considered as an NHS multiple sclerosis therapy in the UK. If implemented for MS, then other neurological conditions such as autism would also be considered. I see no reason at all for Willingham’s contempt and derision for these therapies.

Dr. Kersti Bitowt, Ph.D.

Hi. Keep letting the public know about these alternative ttreatments. It is amazing how the public goes along w/them.

Jenny Allan
The 5 Scariest Autism 'Treatments'

According to Willingham these are:-
(From above)1. "MMS. It stands for Miracle Mineral Solution, but it’s really bleach. I know because I tested it myself, destroying a perfectly good cloth napkin in the process."

2."Chemical castration. Burning off the lining of an autistic child’s intestines might seem pretty horrific, but it can pale in comparison to the tragedy that is chemical castration to “treat” autism"

3. Chelation. "Chelation is the process of using a chemical to strip metal from the blood. It’s a good thing if you have mercury poisoning, which autistic people do not have. Yet, the persistent association in some circles between mercury (as a component of the preservative thimerosal) and autism (a leap from MMR, which never contained thimerosal in the US, to “all vaccines,” most of which also never did) means that many groups still flog chelation as a treatment. It is not one. One of the metals in our bodies that we need to live is calcium–for example, it keeps our hearts beating–and at least one autistic child has died during a chelation “treatment” because it wiped the child’s blood of this life-supporting ion."

4."Hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Also a favorite with many of the alt-med-oriented autism organizations, this therapy has been target of an FDA warning to consumers. The bottom line is, laying down a lot of benjamins to subject an autistic child to ‘oxygen therapy’ is a waste of money, a likely torture to the child, and devoid of effectiveness."

5. Stem cells "Stem cells. Pro tip: If you have to travel outside the FDA purview for a treatment (as people have done for cancer “therapy” outside the US and also do for autism), you might want to think twice about it, or more times if the second thought doesn’t convince you otherwise. There’s not a strong rationale for using stem cells as therapy for autism–what, exactly, would they be compensating for that’s not there?–and although one clinical trial for it is ongoing, as I’ve written here, that trial is strongly redolent of “autism and stem cells?!"

Above - the gospel according to Willingham...or maybe NOT! I had a strange 'deja vu' feeling about the first 3 and realised I had read this stuff before, on Matt Carey's Left Brain/Right Brain blog. Apparently lifted almost word for word, including the bleached cloth which Carey also experimented on with the MMS treatment. Interestingly, Carey and the ubiquitous 'Lilady' both comment below the article.
I have absolutely no knowledge about MMS or so called chemical castration treatments for autism; these treatments are simply unheard of in the UK, but perhaps some US person might like to comment about the supposed used and benefits of these treatments.

Chelation is also unheard of in the UK as an autism treatment, but a couple of years ago one of our medical 'soaps' called Casualty ran a story about a 'mad mother' of an autistic boy. He ended up getting an 'emergency' calcium transfusion. The word 'chelation' was only mentioned in passing, alongside an obscure reference to grapefruit seeds, and the child's calcium deficiency was assumed to be caused by the 'dairy free' diet imposed by his 'mother'. I complained to the BBC programme planners, pointing out that dairy foods are not the sole source of dietary calcium, and milk substitutes are normally Ca fortified anyway. Lot's of children are allergic to milk and this, over the top drama would worry the hell out of their families. I got a fudged reply from the BBC stating these were actors and the story line was fiction anyway!!
Intrigued, I looked up chelation and found it to be a treatment for heavy metal poisoning. The metal ions, mostly lead and mercury, bind to the chelation agents and are excreted. Calcium is NOT a heavy metal and indeed calcium compounds are used in some chelation treatments. Perhaps Willingham watches Casualty too. I refer her to the BBC's 'fiction and actors' explanations.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a well respected medical therapy, commonly used in the UK for multiple scerosis. Its use for autism is presently experimental, but the results are promising. Certainly, this therapy cannot be described as 'torture', for either adults or children.

Stem Cell therapy for autism is admitted by Willingham to be presently undergoing clinical trials, the results of which are yet to be ascertained. However, that did not stop her from pre judging the results as yet another form of quackery. Who needs research and scientists when we have the likes of Ms Willingham!!

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