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Pediatrician F. Edward Yazbak on Dr. Tom Insel and Autism

Thomas inselNote: Thank you Vaccination News for allowing us to excerpt this article. 

F. Edward Yazbak MD

Many thousands of American children have developed autism. 

The Institute of Medicine’s Immunization Safety Review Committee held its ninth and probably its most important meeting on vaccination and autism on February 9, 2004. The purpose of the meeting was to review all “pro and con research” on the subject.

Relying in part on findings reported in certain Danish studies[1], the committee concluded in its May 14, 2004 report [2] that the “body of epidemiological evidence” favored rejection of a causal relationship between vaccination and autism. It also recommended “that available funding for autism research be channeled to the most promising areas.”

Since then, enormous amounts of money have been poured into “genetic” research.


For some time now, autism and autism research have been the responsibility of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH).[3] [4]

Heading the NIMH since 2002 is Director Thomas R. Insel MD, a psychiatrist and a former Psychiatry Professor at Emory University. Excluding Dr. Robert H. Felix who served as the first Director of NIMH from 1949 to 1964, Director Insel has served longer than anyone else.

In addition to his many Institute activities and responsibilities, Dr. Insel has also been Chairman of the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC) since it was first convened in January 2007.

Dr. Insel regularly attends all full-day IACC meetings including the most recent on July 9, 2013. The next meeting was scheduled for Wednesday October 9, 2013 from 9:00AM to 5:30PM EST but according to a notice[5] on the website on Thursday October 3, 2013: “This meeting will take place as an in-person meeting only if the government reopens by Monday, October 7, 2013. If the government reopens on Tuesday, October 8, 2013, the meeting will be held as a phone meeting only, and public comments will be accepted in writing only and will not be shared with the committee until after the meeting due to lack of time for staff to process the comments. If the government remains closed on October 8, 2013, the meeting will be canceled and will not be rescheduled.”

As NIMH Director, Dr. Insel also regularly attends a multitude of other official hearings, meetings, conferences and activities. He has published [6] “over 250 scientific articles and four books…” including nine publications in 2012 and seven so far in 2013.

Dr. Insel also posts commentaries on mental health issues on his NIMH Blog.

Read the full article at Vaccination News.


Ian Cross

My grand-daughter, Lucy was a perfectly, healthy, happy child at 14 months and then she had the MMR vaccine. The change was not instant, but noticeable that her early development was curtailed and now at 3 years 6 months, she has been diagnosed autistic, has suffered seizures, obstinate constipation, poor appetite and only sleeps for a few hours each night (if that). I have absolutely no doubt that this is due to the vaccine. Her development in the last 2+ years is almost non-existent, but STILL the UK government is in denial. More power to Dr Yazbak if he can get those in authority to accept this catastrophic error of judgement they have made.


Ken Kramer is an RN who has been compiling a state by state database of cases that have been brought against psychiatrists. It can be found on his website It isn't yet complete in that he doesn't have all the cases. He says he wants to be the Angie's List or Better Business Bureau of psychiatry - except he won't recommend any psychiatrists. Kramer states that he doesn't think that psychiatry should be considered a branch of medicine. Since Tom Insel is a psychiatrist, and since individuals with autism are referred to psychiatrists, I thought to post this resource here.

Raymond Gallup

I agree with Dr. Yazbak about what happened to Dr. Singh's research totally. I know the Autism Autoimmunity Project was sabotaged as well over the years because we were the one autism research organization that had the guts to support a researcher like Vijendra Singh and we paid the price. Congressman Henry Waxman (CA) also said at a Dan Burton vaccine hearing that our support for Dr. Wakefield was the same as Merck's connection to Paul Offit which was a travesty at the time. So the cards were stacked against us.

We will be heard from again in 2014. This war against our enemies is not over. Our families and kids will be heard from in 2014 if not sooner. I have plans.

God Bless Dr. Yazbak always. God Bless Dr. Singh always. God Bless Dr. Wakefield always. True Patriots and Heroes all.


Trying to blame the autism epidemic on genetics, is one of the biggest, dumbest, and most insulting conspiracy of all.

Like other parents here, I've met an awful lot of autistic-labelled children since my own son was given his label. And like most ( ... actually, I would argue all) parents here, I have yet to meet a single parent of ANY of these kids, who themselves have been labelled as autistic.

Think about that for a second. If 1 in 50 children are being diagnosed with autism, and all of this autism is honestly being caused by genetics.... shouldn't autism be equally as rampant in the parents of these children???

Of course it should, but of course it isn't!

The people who insist on looking only at genetics, are the same people who insist on NOT looking seriously at vaccines. And the reason why they want to limit the search to genetics, is because they God damned well that they're never going to find it there! They know that vaccines are causing autism, and they also know that admitting this truth will put them all in jail. Where some of the meanest people on this planet, are just waiting for the chance to violate them in ways that are too disgusting to describe on this forum.

Isn't it interesting how what goes around, eventually but always comes around?

Ed Yazbak

Following up on Ms Allan's quote re the Warren study:

V K Singh, the lead co-author of that Warren study, further researched the subject for years publishing several excellent reports on autism susceptibility and autoimmunity.

Sadly his funding seemed to magically dry up when he started further investigating measles and MMR antibodies ...


Elevated levels of measles antibodies in children with autism. Singh VK, Jensen RL. Pediatr Neurol. 2003 Apr;28(4):292-4.PMID: 12849883

Abnormal measles-mumps-rubella antibodies and CNS autoimmunity in children with autism. Singh VK, Lin SX, Newell E, Nelson C. J Biomed Sci. 2002 Jul-Aug;9(4):359-64. PMID: 12145534

Jenny Allan

Heidi N says:-
"To be honest, genetics are involved, but only because those of us with certain genetics are more susceptible to falling apart in today's toxic world."

I'm sure this is true, and shamefully, genetic research seems to have concentrated on proving autism is entirely genetically inherited, rather than exploring the possibility of a genetic susceptibility to environmental causes. The following excerpt is taken from the much maligned and now retracted 1998 Lancet Wakefield et al paper:-

"Ileal-lymphoid-nodular hyperplasia, non-specific colitis, and pervasive developmental disorder in children"

"A genetic predisposition to autistic-spectrum disorders is suggested by over-representation in boys and a greater concordance rate in monozygotic than in dizygotic twins.15 In the context of susceptibility to infection, a genetic association with autism, linked to a null allele of the complement (C) 4B gene located in the class III region of the major-histocompatibility complex, has been recorded by Warren and colleagues.24 C4B-gene products are crucial for the activation of the complement pathway and protection against infection: individuals inheriting one or two C4B null alleles may not handle certain viruses appropriately, possibly including attenuated strains."

This paper is now 15 years old and the Warren paper referred to has actually identified a gene which could be involved in the susceptibility of certain children to the live viruses injected via the MMR vaccine.

Heidi N

To be honest, genetics are involved, but only because those of us with certain genetics are more susceptible to falling apart in today's toxic world. The same genetics would likely not be prone to autism 30 years ago (when there were less toxins). Let me add that as the toxins continue to stockpile and pour into us, all will eventually have autism. After all, the rate is going up with no end in sight.

Genetics aren't the cause; but it's the reason that some fall before others. This is simple science. The LD/50 rule is the lethal dose that 50% of the rats die. More of the toxic dose, more die; less of the dose, less die. Why do a certain percentage die at a certain dose? Genetics. I guess a lot of our scientists need to go back to school or rather shouldn't have drank their way through school.


"Since then, enormous amounts of money have been poured into “genetic” research."

It is impossible for genetics to account for ANY epidemic. The vast resources poured into looking for a " genetic cause of autism" is proof positive of the cover up of the cause(s) of autism. End of story.

If you do not want to find something look where it cannot be.

ed yazbak

Thank you AOA for this and past favors

Thank you all for your very kind words. I am only doing what I can for those children and young adults who are unable to fight for themselves.


Ed Y

david burd

Thank you! Dr. Yazbak. Your demolition of Insel's pollyanna pronouncement(s) was/is perfect for passing to parents needing to grasp the dogmatic genetic nonsense (and funded by literally scores of $millions of our tax dollars). Thomas Insel and his allies have simply refused to review the abundant biological/toxicology papers indicting vaccines' horrific damage - it is not likely they will ever open their minds, just as they turn a deaf ear to the real-life accounts of countless parents' testimony, and refuse to ride in an elevator with an autistic-stricken child. It comes down to ordinary citizens such as those here on AoA and Safeminds and Vaccination News and NVIC (National Vaccination Information Center), and VRAN, the Canary Party, Hilary Butler (down in New Zealand), on and on.


Dear Fou-

Since before I even met you at the screening for Hear the Silence, you have been one of the most instrumental individuals who helped drive the evidence based interventions for vaccine injured children.

In my judgement, when the history of this sordid scandal is written, we, the victors, will acknowledge you as one of the seminal influences- up there with Bernie Rimland, AJW, Elizabeth Birt,and that intrepid young lady in England- you know who I mean- who started the original electronic bulletin board for families with MMR injured children.

God Bless you, Dr. Ed Yazbak. You listened and acted when no one else would. Thank you for not quitting!


This is the guy who didn't want to ride in an elevator with an autistic boy. The head of the Inter Agency Autism committee is disgusted by autistic people.


Sorry - got carried away with the article. I know how to spell entire as most words if I take a minute.

I should have said Timothy is a disease and there are two types - and type one is more common -- type two they die of hard attacks.

And the other chromosome they think occurs as 1 out of 4000.

Again hot on those genetic's track --sure glad we spent all that money on a a a genetic epidemic!


So there are genetic diseases of autism.
Timothy -- only 20 people in the intire world have it.
and there is yet another one -- no exactly like autism but some what like autism and it is on chromsome 22

Boy - that Insel and all are hot on the trail now like a 17 year old blood hound.

Anne McElroy Dachel

Thank you, Dr. Yazbak, for your commentary on Dr. Insel. It seems that Insel's main qualifications for the position of director of IACC were that he would look concerned, talk to lots of people, and never know anything for sure about autism.

Thomas Insel treats autism like a medical curiosity he has all the time in the world to guess about. Genetics is safe. It lets the environment off the hook and it sounds like such a deep subject, most of us wouldn't understand it in the first place.

Insel is quoted saying, "Autism is always surprising." It sounds like he's talking about black holes in outer space, not a devastating condition that mainstream medicine is powerless to explain.

The really BIG SURPRISE ABOUT AUTISM is what it's going to cost this country. Hundreds of thousands of these children will be aging out of school in the coming years and the cost of their care will fall on the taxpayers of the states. This is the autism crisis that no one will be able to cover up. All those who spent the last two decades pretending that nothing was wrong should be the first ones we go to find out how we're going to pay for this disaster. Thomas Insel should be at the top of the list.

Anne Dachel, Media

Anne McElroy Dachel

This is chat between Peter Bearman from Columbia University and the NIMH Director in 2009 is my favorite "Insel Moment"

Insel was still asking if there really are more kids with autism. Bearman said old parents are a big factor and mysterious, unknown environmental elements.

Insel: “Any idea about what’s driving that increase?”

Bearman talked about genetics and old parents. It’s going to be hard to figure out what else might be causing autism. He brought the idea that events that might have happened to the moms when they were in utero that might cause them to have autistic children today.

Bearman and Insel ended their chat with this cryptic exchange:

Insel: (Looking slightly amused) “So what do you tell parents who ask about this, when they, if you have friends who have autistic children who say, What’s going on here? Why this epidemic? What do you say in response?”

Bearmann: “Well, I think parents are, you know, they are struggling with just enormous…You know…it’s just enormously difficult to have a child with autism, you know it’s incredible. It’s very hard. And I think parents are naturally searching for explanations. I think that message now is to search for a quick and dirty explanation, might not be advancing science.”

Insel: (Smiling broadly) “Thank you very much. Good discussion.”

The phrase “a quick and dirty explanation” seemed a veiled reference to the claim that vaccines cause autism and it drew an immediate reaction from Insel. Maybe the whole purpose of their talk was to again point out that no one knows anything for sure—except that it’s not vaccines.

Anne Dachel, Media

Louis Conte

Dr. Yazbak:
Well done!


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