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Dr. Theo Theoharides and Autism Free Brain at the Possibilities & Potential Autism Asperger's Conference

Are You Reading the Generation Rescue Blog?

Gen Rescue HalloweenOur friends at Generation Rescue have a blog on their website. It's loaded with usable info for autism families from coast to coast.  And there's still time to enter the Halloween costume contest. Be sure to add GR to your favorites. Follow them on Twitter at @GenRescue and on Facebook

Here's an excerpted post on special needs planning - an important topic.

Q&A with Ryan Platt, Founder of A Special Needs Plan

We are proud to highlight Ryan Platt, founder of A Special Needs Plan. In this feature Ryan will discuss Special Needs Planning and will explain how planning for your child’s future does not mean that you are giving up hope or giving up on your vision of your child’s independent future. Parents are the best advocates for their children and work tirelessly to ensure they have the brightest and best possible future. Hope for our children is important to our belief system as parents.

GR:        What is Special Needs Planning and where should I as a parent focus regarding my child’s lifetime needs?

RP:        Special Needs Planning is a process to identify the financial, legal, and lifetime needs for you, your family, and your loved one with special needs. Special needs planning does not end with the identification of these needs, but includes the necessary action steps that you need to take to ensure a bright future for everyone in your family while you’re alive and well, while you’re alive but are no longer able to be your loved one’s primary caregiver because of your own health issues, and when you pass away.

I know this is a lot to think about, and can be very overwhelming, even slowing families down in getting the planning process off the ground. However, if you ask yourself the question, “If I was no longer able to care for my loved one today, would he/she be able to care for themselves?” and the answer is “No,” then you really need to go ahead and take that first step towards the future. I always advise that parents try to find people and professionals who can help guide them in this process, just as they have in their child’s medical care and therapy needs. Financial planning is another critical are of care, and once you take that crucial first step, you’ll be on your way in establishing a more secure future your child. Read more HERE.


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